20+ Brilliant Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Boost Your Cooking Mood

What do you think matter in a kitchen? Most of the people will answer kitchen cabinets, or kitchen tables and as the most important parts of the marvelous kitchen. However, you cannot forget the kitchen backsplash ideas.

Kitchen backsplash plays important role in forming the kitchen’s character. It is the first thing that you have to think before building and adding other kitchen elements.

You can easily change your kitchen table when you are bored, or put off the floating shelves and change it to the new one. But, changing the kitchen’s backsplash is in fact quite difficult and will cost you too much.

Even a small drop of water can cause damage to a surface in the kitchen if it continues for a long time. Therefore, kitchen backsplash ideas exist.

Their existence is not only to shield the wall behind the countertops but to adorn the area around the kitchen cabinets.

In this article, you’re going to read some useful ideas on how to minimize problems caused by water and to make an effective backsplash in terms of appearance and functions. You will also know how to decorate the kitchen well.

Still confused on how to decorate your kitchen backsplash? Here are several kitchen backsplash ideas that may amuse you.

1. Attractive Hexagonal Tiles

This one of attractive kitchen backsplash ideas features hexagonal tiles with a dark color that is collaborated with white and glossy countertops.

A wooden shelf divides the wall and it becomes a surface on which glasses and bowls are put.

A backsplash should have a leveled surface so that you can easily clean it by wiping or washing. It’ll be a little bit difficult to clean if it’s uneven.

An even surface would also have a better look, and it can be a proof that the work was done by a pro.

2. Beautiful Backdrop Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

This picture is an example of impressive kitchen backsplash ideas with bricks wall. It has massive white kitchen cabinetry with granite countertops. A time-worn brick backsplash has a historic value as it gets old through time.

The older it gets, the prettier it looks. Exposed brick walls also offer a beautiful backdrop with its inviting look.

It’s become an element of style that isn’t eroded in the modern era when many homeowners tend to apply modern or futuristic stuff for their kitchens.

3. Timeless Style Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Brick walls kitchen backsplash ideas leave a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen.

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Throughout the years, it will become more and more attractive as it gets torn by wind and time. It will remain to be a timeless style of a backsplash.

The tiny kitchen features a black stove and small cabinetry. A smart move of decorating the backsplash is by installing shelves on the wall.

If you’re on budget but feel like remodeling the kitchen, choosing inexpensive material with good or average quality is highly recommended.

4. Protective Wall

You can’t avoid making a mess when cooking, such as spilling liquids from kitchen pots. You don’t even realize they’re spilled all over the kitchen. This is exactly what kitchen backsplash ideas state.

Whether it’s made from cheap or expensive material, it’ll always get your back covered. And that’s why a backsplash is crucial for the kitchen.

And, though the worktop isn’t made of the adorable black granite countertops, it still looks impressive to support the backsplash.

5. Make Your Choice

Kitchen backsplash ideas can have many styles as you fancy. You can apply modern, contemporary, or rustic style for the kitchen.

But, you should ask this question to yourself first: “Does the style I’m going to adopt fit the entire kitchen?”

It’s important to weigh whether or not it will enhance the current look of the kitchen.

The tiny wall backsplash, by the way, go well together with white cabinetry as well as the rest, and it can be a good example when deciding a backsplash for the kitchen.

6. The Material Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

From budget-friendly to costly one, the purpose of kitchen backsplash ideas remains the same. It’s to guard the area against liquids damage and such. However, you won’t get the same features.

You can’t expect something spectacular comes from a low-price material. The quality can also be far different from the one that costs you a fortune.

But, the main point is that you have a kitchen that functions well and you feel comfortable with it.

7. Adorning the Look

This mosaic backsplash in black and white merges with white kitchen cabinets. There’s open storage on the corner that will help you find things as you can palpably see what’s in it. It’s a good notion to be applied in the kitchen if you’re hard at finding things.

It also leaves a nice view and can save some space with its practical design by not including doors on it. Kitchen backsplash ideas can improve the look if it’s executed with the right idea, style, and material.

8. Combine Other Elements

To decorate kitchen backsplash ideas, there are several ways you can consider. You can usetiles with different colors, patterns, and sizes available, and they can give an astonishing backdrop for the kitchen.

Common tiles you can choose from are stone, marble, or glass tiles that would give the kitchen a stunning background if combined with other elements. And this backsplash has a pretty decorative pattern in gray with a pretty herringbone floor.

9. Genuine Character

It seems that kitchen cabinet ideas can’t be separated with kitchen backsplash ideas, and they would always be there working together in the kitchen.

With plenty of types of wood cabinets, it may make you confused to opt which wood cabinet you should use.

You can have maple cabinets, cherry cabinets or oak cabinets the list goes on, and they have their characteristic. They have different natural grain as well that will bring a different beauty to your kitchen cabinetry.

10. Keep It Dry

The kitchen can be considered as a place in which you will highly likely make a mess. You need to clean it regularly or your stove will stain and spoil its look.

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Wet substance from water or oil spills or food can trigger mold to grow, especially in a place with extreme humidity.

That’s why you need to spend some time to clean the kitchen and to keep the kitchen to stay dry by getting rid of all of the spills.

11. Maintain the Equipment

The countertops can be a sticky and sloppy place from oil or similar liquids that are greasy and spill all over the kitchen.

The cooker will likely get tarnished and broken. Maintaining is something you should put on the kitchen list besides cooking the meals.

Although you may use the same material for the backsplash, you can still have a dissimilar result if you arrange it differently.

This one of enticing kitchen backsplash ideas features tiny tiles in a neutral color with subway tiles for the outside line.

12. Subway Tiles Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Subway tiles are one of the many tiles that are commonly employed for kitchen backsplash ideas.

Reminding you of subway stations, subway tiles can make a stunning backsplash. The installment should also be easy as they are short with a rectangular shape.

You can have a herringbone style with subway tiles and combine them with different palettes as well, and there are lots of herringbone styles you can get inspired by. Subway tiles promise a classic and cool backdrop, which will make the kitchen look fashionable.

13. Monochrome Kitchen Idea

Dark cabinets are one of the many popular choices for kitchen cabinetry. It has a timeless look that makes the kitchen feel so special.

This monochrome kitchen features a huge marble hood, which is as the same as its backsplash.

With marble kitchen backsplash ideas, the dark cabinetry looks bold and intimidating as it shows a color contrast, making a splash to the kitchen.

14. Marble Tiles Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen backsplash ideas with subway marble tiles exhibit a lovely view in this kitchen.

With two separated upper cabinets, the space in between is used for installing a small light to illuminate the sink so that you can wash the dishes with a bright vision.

15. Bold in Blue

With a gray backsplash, the kitchen is a combination of deep blue palette creating such a bold view with congruent upper cabinets, making a perfect place for the cooker hood.

Both upper and lower cabinets come in deep blue, which is cool when matched with the gray backsplash.

16. Sweet Mosaic Tiles

Isn’t this mosaic backsplash amazing? It makes a good pair with the reddish kitchen cabinets.

The backsplash and cabinetry don’t have a bold look, which makes this kitchen interesting. Such a color scheme makes a perfect blend when met dark countertops.

17. Marble Touch

Marble tile has a cool surface with a nice pattern that looks like wood grain. For trained eyes, they can know that this is a marble tile if seen from close.

It merges with stainless steel equipment such as the cooker and its hood resulting in an entertaining view.

18. Sensational Hearth

You would certainly love this idea of having a kitchen with a lovely hearth that covers the microwave oven. It makes the kitchen differ with others alike because of its self-improvised hearth.

19. Intimidating Dark Tiles

Herringbone tiles make an impressive backsplash with its dark color scheme in this kitchen. Above the sink is a wooden shelf that leaves a subtle touch of the wood element.

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A luxurious part comes from golden equipment such as the faucet and door handles.

20. Adding Greenery

The backsplash looks pretty with an abstract pattern and a gray shelf on which greenery adorns the area above the cabinetry. There’s also an island with white countertops and wooden stools with a stainless steel finish.

21. Stunning Wall

The backsplash has a unique part with a stunning wall pattern. A subway tiles backsplash with black grout with two electricity socket. The wooden countertop offers a nice spot with an inviting ambiance.

22. Bright Tone Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Consisting of two main colors, the kitchen almost blinds me with its vivid white tone. The upper part has two cabinets with a backsplash that appears in small hexagonal tiles. Not to mention the white globe-shaped light.

White Marble with Silver Splash

White Marble with Silver Splash

Nothing can beat the luxury of marble backsplash. So, if you want the elegant small kitchen ideas, start with a marble table and backsplash in the first place.

As you can see on the picture, the white marble with the silver splash makes the kitchen more compact and more lavish. Hence, there are the advantages of marble material usage in your kitchen backsplash:

  • It reflects the light so that your kitchen looks shinier
  • It is a material with the cool surface since marble can absorb heat from the surrounding
  • It is easy to be cleaned

Wood Mozaic Backsplash

Wood Mozaic Backsplash

A classic touch that makes your kitchen feel homey, you can find it with wood mosaic kitchen. The wood mosaic backsplash is one of the kitchen backsplash ideas that will make your kitchen looks more antique.

As you can see from the picture, the wood mosaic backsplash suits well with other materials. The kitchen table is made of marble. And the floating cabinet, as well as the exhaust fan, are made of steel.

To accentuate the warm nuance, you can use stick LED lamp above the kitchen table.

Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Why many? Because it makes the room warmer. The dull bricks as you can see above will make your kitchen looks more artsy and vintage. You don’t have to add too much decoration.

If you want to enhance the classic look, add woody floating shelves, some vintage-looks glasses, and plates, and combine them all with the dark and white wood cabinets. Feel like back to 60s.

Removable Wallpaper Backsplash

Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Already use that monotone white backsplash? You can decorate it with the wallpaper. One of the great examples of kitchen backsplash ideas with wallpaper is the one that you can see on the picture.

The wallpaper uses the classic concept of big flowers pattern with the blue background. It makes your kitchen looks more feminine and calm. For the types of furniture, choose the monotonous ones to balance the flowers pattern on the wallpaper.

More Brilliant Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas

Tile Traditional Kitchen Backsplash

img src : subwaytileoutlet

Stainless Sink with Green Granite

img src : griffincustom

Antique White Kitchen With Backsplash

img src : prasadakitchens

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Ideas

img src : prasadakitchens

Great Subway Tile Backsplash

img src : Fiorella Design

Gray Subway Tiles

img src : decorpad

White and Gray Kitchen with Red Accents

img src : decorpad

Grey and White Kitchen with White Subway Tile

grey and white kitchen with white subway tile
img src : thesweetestdigs

After reading our list of kitchen backsplash ideas with a plethora of styles, colors, and materials, we hope this can shed a light on your confusion when finding the right idea for a backsplash.

So you can decide to buy the types of furniture in the similar themes with your kitchen backsplash ideas. So that, you can bring the ultimate visual harmony to your kitchen.

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