Lexapro Withdrawal Syndromes and Other Drugs for Anxiety

Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms list duration

When we want to talk about lexapro withdrawal symptoms, we must begin with the drug itself. What is Lexapro? Just like valium or diazepam, lexapro has also been popular in the US. This drug is also known as Escitalopram, this drug also works as an SRRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. To treat depression, lexapro … Complete Reading

Things You Didn’t Know About Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms

Zoloft withdrawal symptoms

There is a lot of psychiatric disorders in the world. Generally, they come in the forms of anxiety, post traumatic stres disorder, bipolar, schizoprenia, and depression. Moreover, Zoloft is hugely presribed to treat those mental illnesses. But in reality, millions of individual face Zoloft withdrawal symptoms. They usually stop taking Setraline or Zoloft because it … Complete Reading

The 13 Original Styles of Military Haircut Regulations for Special Force

11. Burr Cut Military Hairstyle

A military haircut is one of the most favorite haircuts for men. It’s because this hairstyle only requires low maintenance. Lately, this haircut has been reaching a good popularity among guys. Once, this haircut is very exclusive which is only reserved for military personnel. Today, this haircut has become a hairstyle that makes a statement … Complete Reading