Stunning Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

Are you looking for some modern living room ideas? You are in the right place. We have selected some of the best modern living room ideas to inspire you.

We all know living rooms are our favorite space in the house. The rooms give comfort and relaxation moment for everyone.

However, if you want to have a modern style to your living room, you need to give more effort to make it looks stunning.

In designing a modern room, don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and colors. Keep true to your style. Let’s get ready and look through these recommended modern living room ideas by Harp Times:

1. Modern Cottage Living Room Ideas

Modern Cottage Living Room Ideas

This house is called Cottage de Bordeaux which is designed by Boom Town. It’s got some actual tree trunks as part of the decoration.

It’s an ideal focal point for this unique living style especially when it’s placed right in the center of the room.

The design of decor is set to be warm and balanced that defines the dining space of this modern living room.

2. All White Living Room with Tropical Accent

All White Modern Living Room Ideas with Tropical Accent

It’s a really simple living room idea. The home decor of this room is somewhat austere but comfortable because of the furniture, colors, and accessories that are chosen strategically.

The choice of the color scheme doesn’t seem to be conceptual but it has its charm.

Combining it with some large glass walls or windows, you can make this room so bright during the day. The potted plant right in front of the wall brings the outside world inside the room.

3. Chic Living Room with Modern Vibes

Chic Living Room with Modern Vibes Ideas

If the space in your living room is not large enough, you can play with the decorative characters.

This living room is filled with a lot of characters that colorize the entire atmosphere. This chic room is part of a house that’s located in New York City which is designed by Casamanara.

It’s a large open room that contains three different space, living, dining, and cooking area.

All of them work well together; each of them has its own special space inside the room. What separates the living room to the other space is the diverse accent colors.

That patterned area rug defines the space of the living room area. It makes a great focal point for space.

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4. Black-White Small Living Room Space

Black-White Modern Small Living Room Space Decor Ideas

For a living room with limited space, you need to simplify the color palette.

As you can see in this Winona House, its small living area features a small black sofa, open shelves, and white walls. The whole space is filled with black and white accents.

The designer of this living room doesn’t even try to add colors or anything stands out inside the area. That’s what makes people so comfortable and relaxed.

5. Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

One of the tricks you can do to achieve a completely modern style to the living room is to add period furniture.

As you can see, this living space has traditionally modern furniture. The wooden furniture is made from natural materials with clean lines.

It gives some functional aesthetic to the scheme. It’s a great way to make sure the room doesn’t feel too dated. To balance the vibe, you need to have all the decor accessories contemporary.

6. Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas
cosy modern living room ideas 2021

Mid-Century modern decor is pretty easy to recognize. That kind of rooms usually has lightweight, thin-framed wooden furniture. That’s the essential thing for mid-century aesthetic.

When choosing furniture and decor, you should aim for simple silhouettes, brown wood with a medium stain, and tapered legs. The design of this living room feels easy and inviting.

7. Boho Modern Living Room Design

Boho Modern Living Room Design Ideas

The concept of this living room design is boho meets modern. It’s a combination of modern furniture with boho decor that looks so trendy and updated.

You don’t need to decorate your modern room like you’re back in the mid-20th century.

You may need to add in fun accents like boho to the modern aesthetic of your living room. That ottoman, colored rug and that strings wall decor represent the defining boho feel.

8. Modern Living Room with Gold Accents

Modern Living Room with Gold Accents Ideas

Adding gold accents into the living room is the easiest way to glam it up. It just needs a little bit of that glam. Don’t go overboard with it. It will make the room feel too gaudy.

In this modern living room, the gold accents are on the mirror frame, cabinet handles, and table light sconces.

It increases the value of this living room. Neutral color with soft hues seems to be the right base for the glamour.

9. Built-in Bookcase in Modern Living Room

Built-in Bookcase in Modern Living Room Decor Ideas


Instead of leaving the wall plain, you can install built-in furniture to make a bold statement to the room. Besides, you can incorporate some wall gallery ideas to be switched with the built-in.

As you can see, this living room has a built-in bookcase on the wall. It’s made from a natural wood coffee table.

That dark hue on the background balances well with the dark-colored chairs. Hanging from the ceiling, there are a couple of metallic light fixtures with unique minimalist design takes over the upper part of the room.

10. Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

The combination of rustic and modern is somewhat weird for some people because it’s so different from each other.

As you can see in this rustic living room, it has a sleek, mid-century modern armchair that stands in the middle.

It defines the combination of the two styles. The armchair is upholstered in velvet material. That’s why it feels trendy.

Why should you choose a rustic?
  • It’s a great way to reconnect with nature’s element.
  • It offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • It’s more than just artistic or aesthetic. It’s also about the texture and natural pattern.
  • It resembles the simplicity and beauty of the outside world.
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11. Modern Living Room with Cool Vibes

Modern Living Room Ideas with Cool Vibes
small modern living room ideas 2021

All of the elements in this modern living room bring in the cool vibes you need. This room has a California-cool vibe with furniture styled with a mid century modern feel. The designer also gives a brass accent above the fireplace.

The mirror with brass frame glam up the white wall. It gets brighter and brighter during the day, thanks to the windows.

12. Eclectic Living Room with Striking Statements

Eclectic Modern Living Room Ideas with Striking Statements

It seems like the owner of this living room likes to play with colors. It’s got bold pops of color all over the space.

That gives a striking statement to this lovely living room. That single bookshelf makes a perfect backdrop for this colorful living room.

Some elements that would catch people’s attention are those bright pink stools, the blue velvet sofa, and that carpet with black-white stripes.

13. Grey Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Grey Living Rooms Decor Ideas

This room has a dark grey color that dominates all the space. It’s on the wall and the flooring. The ceiling is painted differently to provide light and balance to the living room.

The room is filled with luxurious elements that never go out of style. That starburst mirror frame above the fireplace becomes a great focal point for the living room.

The pattern on the flooring can steal attention. Take care of the lightings because this room needs it.

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14. Modern Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Modern Living Room Ideas on a Budget

One thing you learn about this living room, it’s cheap but cheerful. If your space can’t handle a lot of furniture, you can minimize its use.

This living room has a minimal furnishing. You don’t need a sofa when you can enjoy sitting on the floor covered with a comfy rug.


Because of the minimal furnishing, you don’t need to spend money on a sofa set. It’s a nice living room idea on a budget. It’s perfect for you who enjoy living in a minimalist lifestyle.

15. Rustic Modern Living Room Ideas

rustic modern living room ideas
traditional modern living room ideas

This farmhouse living room looks so stunning with those modern touches. It gives the room more character to shine. The first thing that caught attention is the ceiling. It really brightens up the living room.

It increases the coziness of this farmhouse living room ideas. Your guests will feel the inviting atmosphere that this design scheme has to offer.

16. Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas

Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas

Besides being functional, lighting should also be decorative. Take a look at the pendant lighting fixture with the bending stand.

It bends the pendant to space above the couch. It’s a unique touch from lighting to make the living room more attractive.

Apart from lighting, this living room features a couple of floral print armchairs that add instant interest to the room atmosphere.

17. Urban Modern Living Room Design

Urban Modern Living Room Design Ideas

It’s a good idea for small living rooms. This living room is not as large as the others. You have no opportunity to make space for transition in this room. When you open the door, the first thing you see is the living room itself.

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Well, it shouldn’t be a big deal. You need to come up with a creative solution like this one.

As you can see, it has a brown leather sofa to encourage space. That wooden coffee table looks so unique with the round surfaces and Scandinavian legs.

18. Living Room Design with Pasty Scheme

Modern Living Room Design Ideas with Pasty Scheme
industrial modern living room ideas

As you see, this room has a pastel color as the focal point. It’s packed with simple decoration that won’t go overboard into the scheme.

Take a look at that unique bookshelf on the background wall. It’s designed creatively into the modern vibe. It’s perfect for storing books and decorative items.

It consists of a single armchair, a long couch, and a love chair. Those three pieces of seating are enough to maintain the whole space.

On the wall, you can see the white has a slightly brownish hue. It beautifully gives transition from the floor to the ceiling.

19. All White Living Room with Log Cabin Ceiling

All-White Modern Living Room Ideas with Log Cabin Ceiling
white modern living room ideas on a budget

White color becomes to safest choice when it comes to the room’s color scheme. Actually, this blank color has its own risk. One of the weaknesses is being easy to spot stains. In fact, the stains are hard to clean as well.

Having an all-white living room is a little bit risky. However, it represents the cleanliness of mid-century modern design. It features flooring that’s made of excellent reclaimed pine wood. It’s chosen to match the white scheme.

White is a color that represents cleanlinessIt’s easy to get stained
The living room will be bright and soothingThe stains are hard to clean
You can add more colors with furniture and living room decor ideasIt requires high maintenance

20. Modern Living Room with Serene Atmosphere

Modern Living Room Ideas with Serene Atmosphere

An ideal living room should be the one that has a relaxing atmosphere.

You can create it by flipping the entire wall and have it repainted with a clean, white color. In order to support the calmness, you need to incorporate the elements of nature.

That’s the reason why you need to have the plants in the living room. To make it perfect for the style, you need to use the glass pots. The position of the potted plants should also be a consideration to maximize the concept.

21. Modern Glam Living Room Ideas

Modern Glam Living Room Decor Ideas

The modern glam touches in this living room makes some perfect accents to improve the value.

The lighting stand, coffee table legs, and the side table structure are covered with gold-covered material. Don’t add too many glam accents because it will ruin the special touch.


Instead of gold, you can have the brass material for a more affordable option. It offers a similar look but inexpensive price.

22. Modern Living Room Ideas Apartment

Modern Living Room Ideas Apartment

This living room design is perfect for your apartment. It has a minimal approach to luxury furniture pieces.

This set will use the space effectively. That heavy curtain is one of the curtains living room ideas that will cover your privacy and avoid being too bright.

The minimalist chair and coffee table structure complements the space-saving effort you need to have for the room.


The living room is everyone’s favorite room in the house. It’s important to design a living room as comfortable as possible. The modern living room ideas above will bring this timeless style into your favorite space.

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