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Best Curtains Living Room Ideas

Draperies or curtains living room ideas are some the easiest ways to update your living space design. You can change your curtains regularly to refresh the atmosphere of your living room.

Fresh curtains can revitalize the accents of your living room design.

Some curtains design can even make the living room seems more open and larger. Functionally, curtains are used to give privacy to the indoor.

It’s also good at preventing heat loss of the outside world. Moreover, it offers a pretty layered look for your window design.

There are three things you can do in choosing the right curtains for your living room windows. First, you should choose insulated curtains for efficiency.

For an elegant look, you can have the curtains made of luxurious fabrics.

Also, you should go with sheer curtains to soften the heavy ones. Here are some curtains living room ideas we’ve compiled to inspire you:

1. Simple Curtains for Living Room Window Ideas

Pictures cream curtains living room ideas Pinterest

To minimize the confusion about what are the most suitable curtains for your living room, you can choose the simplest one among other ideas.

Check out this simple and curtain in the modern living room ideas. It has an attractive pattern on the upper side which makes this curtain less plain.

It’s an ideal curtain design for any living room with a neutral scheme. The elegant look of this window curtain makes it also suitable for an office room.

You don’t have to worry about choosing this curtain for your living room windows because of its design flexibility.

2. Curtain with Two-Toned Chevron Patterns

Pictures Teal Drapes Living Room Ideas Ikea

A fabric with this pattern is quite popular this day. It offers the simplicity of a design that still looks quite attractive.

The dynamic visual that it’s got will bring calmness and sooth into the living room area. The color scheme of this chevron pattern blends with the living room atmosphere.

When the natural lights from the outside shoot the windows, the simple chevron pattern shines stunningly.

3. Red Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pictures Red Curtains Living Room Ideas Ikea

When you decide to have a red color for your window curtain fabric, you may already realize that red is a strong color.

It will give a big impact on the scheme. In this living room, red color is part of the scheme, so it won’t be too powerful.

Red is not the only color of the curtain. It’s combined with beige fabric which gives a great contrast to the red. It serves as the accent of the curtain design.

There’s a little bit flowery accent on the beige fabric of the curtain. That’s why it blends so well to each other even though it’s so different.

4. Trendy Retro Floral-Patterned Curtain

Pictures Green Curtains Living Room Ideas

Such floral pattern would look so beautiful when it’s applied on curtains in the right living room style.

For example, a living room filled with rich and natural wood furniture will be an elegant and warm pair for this kind of curtain.

This attractive curtain offers a stylish boho-chic vibe in a living room that’s filled with various textures and patterns. The floral-pattern curtain will look completed when there are some real potted plants nearby.

5. Grey Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pictures Black Drapes Ideas Ikea

When choosing the right curtains for your living room, you also have to consider the weight of the fabric. Since it can be changed regularly, you should change the curtains with a heavier fabric when the weather is cold.

Heavier fabric for curtain will give enough warmth you need during cold weather because of its thicknessSometimes it looks too heavy for a simple or small window
It’s a great curtain to protect you from the summer heat of the outsideIt will cost more than the lighter curtain
It works well for all year round

6. Gold Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pictures Gold Curtains Living Room Ideas Pinterest

Besides the weight, the other important things to consider when choosing a curtain for living room are the size and shape. You need to find out the right shape and size to cover the windows properly.

These grey living room ideas seem so inviting. It has a beautiful set of comfy sofa that blends well with the neutral scheme in this living room.

It has tall windows that set up to the ceiling height that have covered with a heavy curtain.

The fabric is in a perfect size for the windows and it comes with a pale shade of yellow color called Goldenrod. Choosing that yellow shade is the right decision since it doesn’t distract the eye for being too bright.

7. White and Purple Curtains Living Room Ideas with a Parisian Feel

Pictures Purple and White Drapes Living Room Ideas Ikea

The glamorous decor that this living room has to offer is just amazing.

Take a look at that handsome sash window that glimmers with the romance and opulence of the 19th Century. The Parisian feel is applied all over the living room.

It could be the most glamorous living room design in this list. To balance the glamour, that curtain is installed. It has a color gradation of white and purple which matches the other purple elements in this room.

8. Sweet Pink Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pictures Sweet Pink Checkered Curtain Design Living Room Ideas

To add a feminine touch to this fun, whimsical living room, a curtain in sweet pink color would be a great option. It has the contrast patterns when paired with the floral valance above it.

However, it doesn’t affect badly. The contrasting pair offers an astounding look to the window area. That swing couch becomes the center of attention since it’s so unique for a living room.

9. Sheer White Curtains Living Room Ideas

White Curtains Living Room Ideas Pictures

For small-sized windows, this type of curtain would do the trick. The maximum amount of lights will enter the living room with sheer panels.

Instead of having an ordinary curtain with the matching size to the window, sheer curtains can be expanded as wide as you want to cover windows and the wall space around it. These sheer white curtains can be paired with many styles and colors.


As a recommendation, the living room with this type of curtain should be the one with a calming or natural color scheme.

10. Lattice-Patterned Cream Curtains Living Room

Pictures Modern Drapes Living Room Ideas Pinterest

This cozy living room has the two-tone curtain that’s designed to be matched with the main scheme.

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Even the pattern is matched with that rug. Having a matching curtain will make the living room space seem bigger and more relaxing.

Some homeowner decided to have the curtain to be blended with the primary color in the scheme. It doesn’t have to be always standing out in every living room you see.

However, choosing an interesting pattern for the curtain fabric is highly recommended since it could be a great decor for windows.

11. Impressive Pattern on Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pictures Yellow Curtains Living Room Ideas Pinterest

This living room has curtains with a vintage pattern. That window curtain is custom made which uses pure petals pomegranate fabric. The impressive design of the curtain pattern looks so striking in this room.

It goes in line with the pillows on the couch. All the colors in the pattern are spreading all over the room.

The curtain is an attention stealer of this living room. The outdoor lights will brighten up the colorful patterns which make it more impressive than ever.

12. Curtains and Drapes Ideas Living Room

Pictures purple curtains living room ideas


Drapes and curtains are the same. Those elements will be so useful to decorate any room with windows. It helps you gain more privacy and more accents to the wall space.

Furthermore, in choosing the ideal curtain for your window, consider the measurements, material, and style the curtain has to offer.

The living room is a large room that contains most windows in the house. So, you have to make sure that this room gets the best curtain design of all.

13. Having Curtain Scarves for Window Decor

Navy Blue Curtains Living Room Ideas Pictures Pinterest

For a sweet addition to your window design, you can use fabric and hang it like scarves around the window.

It could make your living room feel like a million dollars without wasting your money. Draping any lightweight fabric to become the window scarves is a very simple concept to try.

To achieve this look, you still need a curtain rod to hang the fabric. The function of privacy using this kind of idea is less important. So, it’s for a living room that has an open space concept.

14. Cream Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pictures cream curtains living room ideas ikea

Combining curtain with blinds will add more character to the window. Two-layered window treatment could make the window of your living room even more stunning.

Some living room might already have shades of blinds to cover the outside lights and give more privacy to the room.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t add another treatment like a curtain on it. Creativity has no limit when it comes to window treatment.

In this case, this living room design scheme was fine without the curtain. It’s because the blinds already blended well with the color scheme of the living room.

Adding another treatment that’s in line with the room’s color gives more texture into the mix.

15. Gold Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pictures Gold Curtains Living Room Ideas Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to make an ordinary room luxurious is to play with the colors of gold.

Those gold curtains give the touches of luxury to any living room. In this case, that attractive sofa in the center defines the luxurious style of this living room.

It’s got supported by the gold-colored curtains that hang from the black rod. The shade of the gold blends perfectly with the wall and flooring of this living room design.

16. Pink and White Curtains Living Room Ideas

Pink and White Curtains Living Room Ideas Pictures

This interesting curtain design is for you who are afraid of overdoing your window treatment. On the other hand, you want to add a little pop to the living room. You can go with the curtains with a neutral color but with colorful trim.

That sweet pink trim makes that white curtain more attractive. It only has a little bit of color line but the impact is big enough to your room.

In this living room, the trim color is in the same tone with the carpet. From this view, the white room is just like a canvas for the carpet and curtain trim.

17. Stripe Patterns Curtains Ideas

Pictures Teal Curtains Living Room Ideas Pinterest

Another good idea for your living room is to have this classic curtain design. Stripe patterns are easy to match with other patterns for a layered scheme.

The size of the stripes will affect the style it has to offer:
  • When the stripes are wider in the pattern, it will create a finish with a more traditional feeling
  • The thinner stripes in the pattern will offer a more contemporary look to the curtain
  • In the picture, it has the multi-colored stripes design which you can coordinate with the color scheme of the living room

18. Pinch Pleat Living Room Curtains

Pictures Semi Navy Curtains Living Room Ideas Ikea

This kind of curtain has a very decorative heading that has elegant folds flowing from top to the bottom. The living room with chic or formal environments will work great with pinch pleat curtains because of its crispness.

This type of curtain is unfussy which is suitable for relaxed settings of the living room. Be it for the living room, master bedroom , or dining room wall decor, you need to make sure that it suits the entire decor of yours.

19. Curtains for Farmhouse Living Room

Pictures cream curtains living room ideas

Are you looking for a stylish window treatment for your farmhouse living room? This one is an attractive choice you can have. The pattern of the curtain looks so interesting for this living room.

The color combination blends with the entire scheme. It’s also combined with the wooden window blinds.

20. Floor to Ceiling Curtains

Pictures navy blue curtains living room ideas


Despite the size of the window, you can always choose to have a floor-to-ceiling curtain for your living room. It’s a simple and classic choice for any room that would give a more sophisticated look to the scheme.

If your window is so large that covers the whole space of the wall, having floor-to-ceiling curtains is a must. Take a look at this living room.

It has a lot of windows on the wall space which best to have large curtains that cover the whole area.


After exploring many curtains living room ideas above, hopefully, you will find out which kind of curtain that goes well in your living room.

The key to having the right curtain design: always configure what you need in the room. The curtain will do its magic.

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