Master Bedroom Ideas

One of the reasons why you need some new master bedroom ideas is because that you might feel bored with your old bedroom design. It’s understandable because the bedroom is the room where you may spend most of your time.

Some of the people may think that a master bedroom should just be an ordinary room. It shouldn’t be designed as beautiful as other rooms because you spend most of your time asleep inside it.

But, that’s not what this is about, it’s about the comforts of the bedroom. For some other people, the master bedroom is a crucial room in the house.

It needs to be special and you should design it based on the owner’s personal taste. You can choose to have your master bedroom as your serene retreat, or any other design style.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the best master bedroom ideas that you’re dreaming of:

1. Luxury Master Bedroom Ideas

1. Tremendous Luxury Master Bedroom Design

Be ready for the next level of luxury in this master bedroom design. Every inch of the design in this master bedroom design is so luxurious. You can call it a master bedroom of your dream.

They’ve got many light settings which are so supportive to add a dramatic effect to the texture of every aspect in this master bedroom.

The designer is very clever to make sure that there’s nothing left without luxury. It’s not just a luxurious master bedroom, it’s a master bedroom full of luxury.

2. Large Master Bedroom Ideas with Traditional Wall Panel

2. Elegant Master Bedroom with Traditional Wall Panel

If you think that previous master bedroom idea is too luxurious for your style, well you might wanna lower it down to this master bedroom. The elegant charm is the main attraction of this master bedroom.

The neutral color combination seems to be the key to its elegance. It’s got a traditional wall paneling ideas that fulfills the bedroom’s wall with its elegant texture.

There’s a beautiful light pendant below the ceiling that makes the ceiling more interesting. The rug’s pattern design is an important addition to accentuate the flooring.

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3. Modern Master Bedroom Ideas 2021

3. Modern Scandinavian Master Bedroom Ideas

For a comfy design, you can have this Scandinavian style for your small master bedroom. It looks so minimalist and also comfortable.

I recommend it to your master bedroom if you want to save a lot of budgets to renovate your bedroom.

White painting on the wall, ceiling, and flooring make a really bright atmosphere. Even though the room is small, but it feels larger because of the domination of the white. It’s not Scandinavian when there’s no wood accent.

4. Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

4. Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

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5. Contemporary Design for Large Bedroom

5. Contemporary Master Bedroom Design

It’s one of the contemporary design ideas to be applied in your master bedroom.

With a high ceiling and earthy color combination, this bedroom has become the relaxing space to stay from escaping the chaos of your daily life.

The right furniture is the key to have a great contemporary bedroom design. You have to consider the bed design.

This master bedroom has a bed without a headboard. The wall behind the bed is intended to use as its head.

6. An Open Window Seating

6. An Open Window Seating for Master Bedroom

This is a non-flexible idea for a master bedroom. You can’t have an open bedroom wall like this one when you’re living in the middle of a busy city or town.

Well, this open window master bedroom with seating should be applied in a house located uphill or in a private area.

The seating beside the window is what makes this master bedroom lovable. You can spend your time enjoying the outdoor sight while reading your book right beside an open window.

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7. Beautiful Master Bedroom for Apartment

7. Beautiful Master Bedroom Ideas for Apartment

This well-designed master bedroom is deserved to be in your apartment.

The most standard apartment has a small space for a bedroom, so you need to be smart to choose the right design to get your bedroom comfortable.

This master bedroom design is compact and easy to apply. The elegant choice of colors would help to ignite the calm atmosphere inside the room.

A little bit decoration on the wall is quite important to bring attention. As you can see, that framed picture of the butterfly is looking nice.

8. Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas with Rustic Ceiling

8. Vintage Master Bedroom Ideas with Rustic Ceiling

9. Dark Grey Master Bedroom Ideas

9. Painted Dark Grey Master Bedroom

People who love an elegant design must love this master bedroom idea too.

The dark grey paint on the wall and the white tray ceiling are the perfect combinations for this bedroom. The white bed is there to balance the color amount.

Dark hues are quite uncommon for a bedroom because a lot of people think that a bright color for a bedroom could be relaxing and comfortable.

Well, if you know how to balance the light to your bedroom, the dark hues like this one would be much more impressive. Basement Bedroom Ideas.

10. Accent Wall Master Bedroom Ideas with Oriental Art

10. Gray and Navy Master Bedroom Ideas with Oriental Art

Some designers also called this bedroom design as Chinese bedroom.

It’s because you can see the oriental art above the headboard that really catches attention immediately. Also, some of the items in this bedroom are purchased from China town.

Navy is a dark color, so the designer adds more white to provide lights all over the bedroom.

That oriental flower painting looks so traditional and beautiful. Grey is also there as a second color of this bedroom painted on the bed structure and the ceiling.

11. Romantic Purple Master Bedroom Ideas

11. Luxurious Decor for Master Bedroom

Even though you don’t have a master bedroom which is designed to be luxurious, you can actually turn your ordinary bedroom into a more majestic space by adding some decoration. What kind of decoration?

Worry not! Here is some decoration that you can apply in your bedroom to make it luxurious:
  1. The glamorous chandelier.
  2. The bed cage with chrome finishes.
  3. The dusky purple accent from the pillows and blanket.
  4. The upholstered headboard.
  5. And, some other additional decoration.

12. Grey and Cream Combination

12. Gray and Cream Combination for Master Bedroom

This neutral combination is pretty flexible for any style of bedroom. You can add some casual, classic decor to raise the taste of this master bedroom design.

If you think the color choice for this master bedroom is pretty pale, you can add some more pattern into the mix. You can play with the rugs, pillow covers, bed covers,  and wall decoration.

For me, this gray and cream combination in this bedroom is enough to give a calm and relaxing nuance to your sleeping activity.

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13. Tufted Wall Above Headboard

13. Tufted Wall Above Headboard in Master Bedroom

14. Black Furniture Decor

14. Black Master Bedroom Furniture Decor

I believe the first time you enter this bedroom, your eyes would automatically catch the design and color of the bed.

So, having a strong bold color for the main furniture in every room would appreciate the identity of the room itself.

Highlight: The power of lighting in this master bedroom is what impresses me the most. It’s even better with that window blinds. It creates a much more interesting atmosphere for your sleep. The light pendant above the bed is also connected with the bed cover pattern.

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15. Fresh Neutral Grey Master Bedroom Ideas

15. Fresh Neutral Master Bedroom Design

A white and gray combination is the right color scheme for this master bedroom. It’s looking so fresh and comfortable.

By applying this design to your own bedroom, you will feel an endless summer atmosphere.

There’s only one wooden material in this bedroom which is used as the headboard.

The wood feels give a sense of contrast in order to strengthen the existence of the headboard as the focal point. While, the rest of the bedroom is filled with the gray and whitecolor.

16. Fascinating White Decoration

16. Fascinating White Decoration for Master Bedroom

In this master bedroom, a white color is used as an accent to the whole design.

It’s in the color of pillows, rugs, table lamps, and framed wall decor. The white color accent is here to provide lights since the color scheme is a bit dark.

As you can see, the color of the rug is white. You’re gonna have a problem keeping it clean and bright.

Well, I recommend you to choose a rug with a darker hue. Or, you can choose the one with the pattern. It would hide some specks of dirt and it makes a great accent for the room decor. Boys Bedroom Ideas.

17. Accent Wall Master Bedroom Ideas

17. Warm Master Bedroom Design

Warm tones seem to be the best color for any bedroom. This is a perfect choice for a master bedroom of a couple.

You both can enjoy the elegance and calmness of this room. The warm atmosphere is supported by a not-so-bright lighting.

During the day, you can let the natural lights enter the bedroom through that window.

You can enjoy the light and outdoor’s view from the window seating. When you don’t need the window, you can just cover it with that curtain you have.

18. Classy Master Bedroom Ideas Modern in Hotel

18. Classy Master Bedroom Design in Hotel

19. Classic Bedroom with Minimal Decor

19. Classic Master Bedroom Minimal Decor

The neutral color is still the most used scheme for the master bedroom. Maybe, it’s because of its flexibility and relaxing feeling.

You can use a neutral color scheme for any style of bedroom. All of the colors in a neutral category provides a relaxation feeling to support your sleep.

The classic style in this master bedroom is a little bit modern. It’s filled with gray and black colors that change the attitude of the style.

The minimal decor above the headboard is important to create interests in your bed design. You won’t need to add more decoration to the rest of the wall.

20. Light Blue Master Bedroom Ideas

20. Light Blue Master Bedroom Ideas

Blue is one of the most versatile colors for the home interior. In this case, you are about to use a light blue tone which is the softest hue in the blue pallet.

Pairing it with white color is just amazing for your bedroom. Brown and beige accent in this light blue bedroom seem to be matching the whole room.

Important decoration to note:

  • That amazing antique light pendants.
  • There’s one bedside table with interesting framed mirror on each side of the bed.
  • The beige colored flooring and headboard is really important to accent this room.

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21. Grey Themed Bedroom Ideas

21. Grey Themed Bedroom Ideas

When you want to go for something airy and relaxing, gray is the perfect color for your bedroom.

Gray would also provide you with a fresh and modern design for your master bedroom. Having a gray themed bedroom seems to be the right choice to make.

A different shade of gray might also give a different feel to your bedroom.

In this case, the master bedroom has a mid-tone gray for the whole scheme. The richness of this shade is lovely and never falls flat.

22. Appealing Pinterest Master Bedroom Ideas

22. Appealing Master Bedroom Ideas

23. Fancy Small Master Bedroom Ideas

23. Fancy Small Master Bedroom Design

Who says a small bedroom couldn’t be the coziest place in your house? Well, you can apply this small master bedroom in order to make your bedroom larger.

Take a look at that interesting pattern on the carpet. I guess it’s the only thing that catches attention.

The fancy color scheme in this master bedroom emphasizes the comfort that you’ll be enjoying.

The Grey, white, and beige color is a completely neutral color scheme for a small bedroom ideas just like showed in the picture.

24. Elegant Decorating with Canopy

24. Elegant Master Bedroom with Canopy

Lately, adding a canopy into the structure of the bed is quite popular. This master bedroom has a black color for the main furniture in the bedroom.

The designer really knows how to match the black furniture with the floor and wall colors.

Highlight: Black can be easily matched with any other color. You can easily change the bedroom look just by changing the sheets, carpet, or curtains.

It can be changed based on the mood or season. Remember, a dark room needs enough light.

25. Antique Decorating Bedroom

25. Antique Decor for Master Bedroom

This master bedroom idea emphasizes the antique decoration. If you are into an antique item or restoration hardware, this could be something inspiring for you. All the antique decors are the attention stealer.

You could feel that it’s full of charm. The first charm is the antique light pendant above the bed which looks like a luxurious orb made of gold.

The next chart is above the tufted headboard. Then, the one on each side of the bed. Those three is more than enough to dominate the whole bedroom.

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26. Stylish Romantic Master Bedroom Ideas Heritage

26. Stylish Master Bedroom Heritage


A master bedroom is like the heart of a house. You need to treat it special by designing it to be a room to spend the most of your time and a serene retreat.

You can get some inspiration from those dreamy master bedroom ideas to make your dream come true.

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