Small Bedroom Ideas

You should never say impossible to maximize your small bedroom. The main function of a bedroom is to sleep and keep all of your stuffs. Regardless of the size, a very tiny bedroom can be designed to look spacious. A good furniture arrangement will ease you to design storage for small bedroom ideas.

A small bedroom has limited space, but there will be free space available for bedroom decor.

Wall, ceiling, floor, and other parts of the room can be designed with beautiful ornaments without space drain. With the right design, a gorgeous small bedroom can be realized.

There are endless ways to create fascinating small bedroom. Room size won’t be a big problem if you have big creativity.

Just simply choose the right color palette for the base and it will give a big impact to your small space. For more inspiration, let’s check out our brilliant small bedroom ideas below.

1. Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas with Wall Accent

Decorative Small Bedroom Ideas with Wall Accent -
very small bedroom ideas pinterest

An effective way to display decorative details is by hanging them on the wall. Hang the photo frames above the bed.

This decorative wall can be a focal point in a small room. Add wall mounted open shelves to keep books and trinkets. White wall, bedding, and pillows have soothing light shades.

Due to lack of space, you might feel challenging while planning about small bedroom decor. A few tips for small bedroom are:

  • Alleviate with a feature wall.
  • Maximize your storage.
  • Opt for white scheme.
  • Go for bold accents.
  • Let the light in.
  • Place the bed against the wall.
  • Make a creative accent wall ideas.

2. Simple Small Bedroom Ideas with Light Shades

Small Bedroom Ideas with Light Shades -
mens small bedroom ideas ikea 2020

Be creative to realize a small master bedroom ideas into a spacious elegant space. Color scheme selection is the key.

To give a larger effect, light shade hues must be the room color. A white hue is great to paint the wall. The white desk, blanket, shelves, and pillows balance out the wall.

For a contrast look, there are gray carpet and black window frame. Next to the window, there is a black iron ladder which functions to hang the clothes.

A pink knitted quilt and a colorful flower pot create an attractive fresh look to the all-white bedroom.

3. Timber Themed Design

Timber Themed Design for Small Bedroom Ideas -
Wardrobe for Small Bedroom Ideas Japanese Style

Timber themed design is suitable for nature lovers. However, pros and cons provoke your decision to choose this design.

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  • Contain natural wood scent.
  • Balance humidity and temperature.
  • Offer unique tactile texture.


  • Spend high cost design.
  • Ease to prone to bug infestation.

This unique bedroom is designed with wooden floorings and furnishings. Wood planks are creatively built into the raised floor.

The bed is placed on the raised floor for space saving. A cutting log next to the bed functions as a bedside table. Add houseplants to clean the air. The window treatment offers a lighter shade.

4. Simple Small Bedroom Ideas with Door Mounted Racks

Small Bedroom Ideas with Door Mounted Racks -
Single Small Bedroom Ideas with Desk 2020

Women who have small bedroom really need storage solutions since they have huge accessories.

When doors are the only space you have, use hanging racks to keep your collection. Door mounted racks are advantageous. There are some reasons to convince you:

  • Do not damage the finish of door.
  • Can be displaced easily.
  • Save your floor space.
  • Can be maintained and cleaned easily.

No need to add display cases for accessories. The door mounted racks are enough to keep small stuffs like clutches and purses. A drawer can be placed next to the door to store clothes or other big items.

5. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves for Small Bedroom Ideas -
White Small Bedroom Ideas Minimalist 2020

A very narrow bedroom with lack of space still has free functional wall surface. When you cannot add cabinets for storage, floating shelves will be advantageous. Besides saving the floor space, floating shelves make the wall look attractive.

Place the bed against the window area so that is a space for a drawer. Install the floating shelves exactly above the drawer.

Use a wooden ladder stool to grab the stuff on the floating shelves. This stark white bedroom is accomplished by beautiful flowerpots. Patterned rug, blanket, and pillows also add vibrant shades.

6. Smart Design Small Bedroom Ideas Storage

Smart Design for Small Bedroom Ideas -
Apartment Small Bedroom Ideas Storage

Smart furniture arrangement is another way to have space saving bedroom. Use your window area as a prominent element.

Choose semi-custom shelves in window area. Add a single bed between the shelves. The open shelves are function to display books and photo frames. Put some cubbies in the shelves to store small items.

To enhance a visually appealing, install a decorative light on the ceiling. Hang some artwork frames next to the window.

Pattern mixing pillows and potted plant look so fresh and stylish. Furthermore, the window helps to brighten up this tiny bedroom.

7. Natural Themed Design

Natural-Themed Design for Small Bedroom Ideas -

Apply bold color painting to one side of the wall if you get bored of the all-white bedroom. Gray hue is perfectly combined with light colors.

The other wall surfaces are painted in white to match the white bedding. The bold patterned rug on the wooden floor acts as the focal point.

White sheer curtains on the window allow the sun to shine through the room. It providessoft light during the day.

Bring the small bedroom to life by adding some potted plants. A mounted shelf displays beautiful ornaments to decorate the wall.

8. Blue Shades for Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Blue Shades for Small Master Bedroom Ideas -
Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas with Queen Bed

9. Nice Furniture for Small Bedroom Ideas Minimalist

Nice Furniture for Small Bedroom Ideas -

Due to the limited area, the small bedroom needs space-saving furniture. Smart guidelines for choosing the right furniture are:

  • Understand the scale.
  • Choose multi-functional furniture.
  • Think of vertical area.
  • Add furniture with mirrors.

All-white design helps to lighten up a small bedroom. Choose a single-size iron bed with a tufted bedspread. Add necessary furniture such as a bedside table and a plush sofa.

A white chandelier matches the room hue. A white fluffy rug contrasts to the wooden flooring. Arrange some photo frames as a wall gallery. Drape a string of green leaves on the window as a succulent ornament.

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10. Ikea Small Bedroom Ideas Storage under the Bed

Small Bedroom Ideas with Storage under the Bed -

Think about any possible area that can be used as storage solutions in a small room. While adding new organizers seem impossible, try to function the space under the bed. It will be more helpful when there’s no free space on the wall and floor area.

Large area under the bed has untapped storage space. Modify the area beneath the bed into creative organizers to store clothes or books.

Add shelves or drawers under the bed to organize your stuff. To avoid clutter, store them in cubbies or baskets.

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11. Very Small Bedroom Ideas with Bright Tones

White Small Bedroom Ideas with Bright Tones -
White Single Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest 2020 Ikeas

12. Semi Private Small Bedroom Ideas Minimalist

Semi Private Small Bedroom Ideas -

Be creative to decorate a small bedroom. In fact, size won’t be a big problem if a room has good style. You only need to rearrange the furniture to make it more functional. It’s also possible to have a comfortable sitting area in a small space.

Push your bed toward the corner. Place a bookcase near the foot of the bed. The bookcase as a room divider will separate the sleeping space and the sitting area.

Hang a sheer curtain to create a semi private sleeping space. Enjoy reading books while sitting on a comfy longue.

13. Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas with Nightstand

Small Bedroom Ideas with Nightstand -

Pushing a bed against the wall is a wise decision to decorate small space. But, there won’t be an alcove between the bed and the wall.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any recessed floor area to place a bedside table. So, how? Don’t worry. Although you have very limited space, there will be oversized opportunities.

You can have a wall mounted nightstand. Hang a shelf on the corner of the wall as a nightstand. The nightstand is to place your favorite books and a small table lamp. It enables you to review before resting. It’s amazing!

14. Black and White Small Bedroom Ideas Tumblr

Black and White in Small bedroom ideas -
Mens Small Bedroom Ideas Minimalist 2020

15. Unique Display Cases for Small Bedroom Ideas with Desk

Unique Display Cases for Small Bedroom Ideas -

Most boys have huge toys like Lego, minifigures, and Hot Wheels. When there is no playroom, designing space-efficient display cases for boys bedroom ideas is a must. Toys organization is important to avoid cluttering room.

A window area, the only recessed space you have, can be functioned to keep boys’ lovely stuff. Customize a display case with open shelves next to the window.

Keep the books on the shelves and showcase the collection of minifigures under the ceiling.

Quote: “A trick to create a lovely bedroom that is lack of space is by making smart use of the space you have and keep furniture scaled to the room.”

16. Very Small Bedroom Ideas with Desk Study Area

Ikea Small Bedroom Ideas with Study Area -
Apartment Small Bedroom Ideas with Desk and Storage

Designing a study corner is important for the kids’ bedroom ideas. Kids need a dedicated space to do homework and crafty.

Instead of adding a desk and a chair, try to creatively use an untapped space near the window area.This all-white small bedroom has an alcove in the window area next to the wardrobe.

Timber planks are built into the alcove. The choice of timber fits well to the wooden floor. The lower timber plank acts as a desk, while the others as bookshelves. To create a comfortable study corner, simply add a chair, and a study lamp.

17. Futuristic Design Apartment Small Bedroom Ideas Storage

Futuristic Design for Small Bedroom Ideas -
Ikea Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest 2020

18. Modern Single Small Bedroom Ideas Ikea

Modern Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest -
Simple Grey Small Bedroom Ideas 2020 Minimalist

Bring up a modern and elegant design to a small bedroom by providing an entertainment area.

Smart furniture arrangement and creative storage solutions will successfully help you to realize it. Place a bed against the wall. Remove the headboard for free wall surface.

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Built a floating shelf exactly under the ceiling to display books and collectibles. Place a modern LED TV in the recessed area next to the foot of the bed.

Two wicker baskets are for keeping throw blanket and pillows. A white ornamental lamp attains the elegance.

19. White Small Bedroom Ideas in Window Area

Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas in Window Area -
Decorating Single Small Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Having large windows in small bedroom is more beneficial because of:

  • Providing better natural light.
  • Improving energy efficiency.
  • Offering stunning view.
  • Adding aesthetic pleasure.

Recessed window areas are commonly functioned as window seats. Assume beyond window seats, they act as a sleeping area and hidden storage.

Create a raised floor with stairs against the window statement. Feature a bed on it. Add built-in hidden storage drawers next to the bed.

This smart design offers free floor space to the doorway. The white curtains, pendant lamps, bedding, and photo frames look in harmony. While the patterned floor enhances a vibrant touch.

20. Think Vertical for Very Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest

Think Vertical for Small Bedroom Ideas -
Organization Small Bedroom Ideas Tumblr

21. Simple Small Bedroom Ideas Storage

Small Bedroom Ideas with Shelves in Nooks -

A fully-furnished small bedroom doesn’t have any floor space anymore for storage organization. Do not purchase a new organizer, but create DIY shelves instead.

However, every room has nooks, free areas that can be maximized. Build floating shelves to keep precious stuff and showcase beautiful ornaments.

Designing DIY shelves is more budget friendly than purchasing a new display case. A nook beside the door provides a good visual appeal.

Create adorable vertical shelves with timbers. Those offer lots of space to display potted plant, alarm clock, books, and other decorative details.

22. Very Small Bedroom Ideas Storage Compartment

Storage Compartment for Small Bedroom Ideas -

Vertical storage becomes a brilliant solution if the room has a high ceiling. It’s not only unique but also multi-functional.

Built-in storage with dresser won’t spend lots of space. Choose the right place in your bedroom for easy access.

Wall surface near the door is one of the best areas for storage. Create a built-in ceiling storage compartment with a dresser.

It will also function as a clothing area. Keep the clothes on the shelves. Hanging racks for clothes are designed at the top. Use a ladder to get them.

23. Wooden Furnishings

Wooden Furnishings for Small Bedroom Ideas -
White Single Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest Storage

24. Floating Dresser

Floating Dresser for Small bedroom ideas -

A floating dresser really fits small bedroom designs. It’s both functional and attractive, giving an ornamental view to the wall surface.

Importantly, it perfectly saves the floor area. Customize the floating dresser with some shelves for additional storage.

White floating dresser with mirror evokes a great illusion to make the small bedroom look bigger. It has drawers beneath the desk as hidden storage.

White cubbies on the desk are to keep makeup tools and accessories. Additional shelves beside the mirror offer extra space for other makeup items. See all makeup room ideas here or vanity mirror with lights ideas.

25. Built-Ins Decorating Minimalist Bedroom Storage

Small Bedroom Ideas with Built-Ins -
Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

To get a larger space in the middle area of a small bedroom, arrange all furnishings against the wall.

It create sa multi-functional room and free access to walk around the room. All furnishings are customized with a built-in hidden storage.

All built-in hidden organizers have double functions as bedside table, window seat, and amusement spot. A bright window seat with white throw pillows looks so comfortable. Feel amused with an LED TV in the entertainment area.

26. Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips for Small Bedroom Ideas Storage -
Simple Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas Ikea Storage 2020

So, which one caught your attention? Whichever it is, we guarantee that these small bedroom ideas are quite easy to apply.

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