Vanity Mirror with Lights Ideas

Have you ever thought that your vanity mirror has saved your life for countless times? It does not literally save you from danger, though. It prevents you from the makeup fails that can jeopardize your look. Therefore, you need to consider revamping your vanity mirror with lights to get a better view when putting on some makeup.

You may come across a lot of vanity mirror with lights ideas that make you all hyped up since they look pretty.

You need to keep in mind that your vanity mirror has to be functional rather than just aesthetic. What is the point of revamping your vanity mirror if it cannot work like a charm?

Although being pretty is a bonus, it does not mean you cannot have a functional as well as beautiful vanity mirror, right? Keep reading this article to find more than 25 exquisite vanity mirror with lights ideas.

1. Simple Vanity Mirror in an Awkward Space

Simple DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights in an Awkward Space

Instead of investing in a bulky dressing table that takes up a lot of space in your tiny bedroom, you can try hanging a vanity mirror at the corner of your room.

To get a better view when putting on some makeup, install some light bulbs on two bars and place the bars at the right and left side of the mirror.

To make the room look bigger, cover the wall next to the vanity with a huge mirror reflecting the light as well as allowing you to double-check your outfit.

2. Vanity Mirror with Wooden Frame

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights Wooden Frame

Hanging a vanity mirror near the door can be a great idea. Why is it so?

  • The trim of the wooden frame accentuates the classic look of the mirror.
  • Instead of a dressing table with drawers and shelves that tends to be bulky, you can install a wall-mounted shelf to store your makeup and hair dryer.
  • If you think installing some light bulbs around the mirror is arduous, you can place some lights on the ceiling. It will do in a pinch.

3. Vanity Mirror with String Lights

DIY Vanity Mirror with String Lights

Having a vanity mirror as an adornment of your bedroom? Why not?

This mirror is standing on the floor while leaning against the wall. A small white furry rug lies under the mirror, preventing it from slipping on the floor.

Since this mirror is not meant to be your assistance in applying some bronzer on your cheeks, you can just hang a string light around the frame instead of light bulbs to accentuate it.

4. Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

Hollywood Style DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights

Applying some makeupis all about creating a masterpiece. And for an artist who appreciates the arts of makeup like you, you deserve a Hollywood-style vanity mirror.

Hollywood-style vanity mirrors tend to be in the form of a rectangular mirror with some light bulbs attached on it replacing the frame. With these light bulbs, you are going to get a perfect view when working with makeup so you can keep the makeup fails at bay.

5. Round Vanity Mirror with Copper Accent

Round DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights and Copper Accent

This mirror is simple yet elegantwith a little bit copper accent as the frame. A table lamp with copper finish sits on the dressing table, bringing a harmony to this pleasing corner.

Matching is something you usually see in many interior designs as people believe that it can make the décor flows into one being. Therefore, adding some accessories featuring the same color hues as the table lamp and headboard would be nice.

6. Vanity Mirror with Natural Light

DIY Vanity Mirror with Natural Lights

Why do you have to spend more bucks to pay your electricity bill if you can cut down on it by harnessing the power of natural light?

You can just place your vanity mirror along with the table next to the window. You can open the window widely during the day to shade some light when you are preparing yourself to go to work.

Quote: Nothing can beat the power of natural light when it comes to illuminate the room.

7. Modern Vanity Mirror with LED Light

Modern DIY Vanity Mirror with LED Light

If you are a huge fan of modern styles that entail simplicity, you are going to love this LED framed mirror which look simple but fabulous.

To get this mirror, you are going to make a light box where you can attach the LED kits. You may also need to put on several coats of frosted glass spray on the area right over the LED lights before attaching the mirror using special adhesive.

8. Modern and Elegant Vanity Mirror with Lights

Modern and Elegant DIY Mirror Vanity with Lights

You should include this vanity mirror to your master bedroom ideas as it is elegant without being exaggerated. You do not find a dozen of light bulbs here. Also You can just find a huge classy rectangular mirror with LED framed light, instead.

The mirror floats over the sleek white concrete table. It features a thin frame that has the same color as the cabinets standing on the right and left side, making them flow into one being.

9. Funky Vanity Mirror with Blue Light

Funky DIY Vanity Mirror with Blue Lights

Your vanity mirror is not only supposed to help you provide sufficient light during the process of applying makeup. It is also supposed to denote what you love. If you want your vanity mirror to look funky, just do it.

Instead of light bulbs that provide whitish light illuminating your dressing table, you can try something different, just like these bluish LED lights complementing the purple wall well as well as highlighting the funky style of your room.

10. DIY Makeup Vanity

DIY Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Ideas

Having a stylist makeup vanity does not have to make you short on cash. As long as you are used to doing DIY projects, everything will be just under controlled.

This makeup vanity is quite pretty and easy to make. If you have had a table and a mirror already, congratulations!

They will really save a lot of bucks. Now, try to get MUSIK wall lamps from IKEA, 2 extension cords, 3 packs of clear round light bulbs, and wireless remote light switch.

11. Vanity Mirror for Contemporary Bathroom

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights for Contemporary Bathroom

To get a contemporary bathroom, you need to keep everything simple and ditch any accessory that does not feature clean-line edges just like round light bulbs that are usually used to frame a vanity mirror.

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Instead of installing light bulbs mounted on the wall which will ruin the clean-line vanity, you can have LED lights installed behind the mirrors. This will give you a smooth and clean surface on the mirror that complements the vanity perfectly.

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12. Foldable Vanity Mirror

Foldable DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights

A foldable vanity mirror is a great solution if you feel uncomfortable with a huge mirror standing in your room.

This mirror, along with its lights, can be opened up when you need it. And when you have done applying your makeup, you can fold it back so you can get a clean table that you can use to study or even do your homework. You will not be distracted by your reflection in the mirror anymore.

Another brilliant thing of this table is it features spacious storage space that can be accessed when you open up the mirror vanity. It will really help you get rid of clutter.

13. Vanity Mirror for a Diva

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights for a Diva

As a diva on a stage that always presents a spectacular performance, you need some makeup room ideas that help you get ready to rock the show. Well, even if you are not going to go on a stage, at least, you can rock the party, right?

The first thing you need to do with the mirror is framing it with round crystal light bulbs. It would be better if the light is adjustable so you will not be dazzled by the glare. You can also place a statue on the table to store your necklaces so you can grab one of them in no time.

14. Small Vanity Mirror with Geometrical Light

Small DIY Vanity Mirror with Geometrical Lights

If you think a huge vanity mirror is not affordable while DIY-ing it is not your thing, either, you can purchase a portable vanity mirror with light. Since it is portable, it usually comes in a smaller size, just like this mirror.

Here is what you will get when buying this mirror:

  • A round LED light that frame the mirror.
  • Cordless for your ultimate comfort.
  • Copper finish that adds the touch of elegance.

Besides the built-in LED light that you can find in this portable vanity mirror, you can find a light bulb sitting in a geometrical copper lamp shade, providing additional light as well as complementing the gorgeous look of the mirror.

15. Bold Vanity Mirror

DIY Bold Vanity Mirror with Lights

Unlike many other dressing tables that usually come in white sleek finish, this one comes in black. This is a great choice especially if you want to add the touch of boldness to your bedroom.

The vanity mirror features white light bulbs that illuminate the black dressing table well. The combination of round white light bulbs and black matte mirror frame makes the mirror look fashionable with polka dot style.

16. Beauty Vlogger

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights for a Beauty Vlogger

I have always been amazed by beauty vloggers on YouTube and Instagram. They always share useful tips on putting on makeup, making it easier for novices to look as fabulous as a professional.

Quote: The real beauty is when you can share something with others even if it is just a simple tip because sharing is caring.

If you are thinking of becoming a beauty vlogger, you need to consider several things. One of them is the lighting. Make sure you get sufficient lighting when recording your video.

Therefore, installing some LED light bulbs around your vanity mirror is a must. You might also need to invest in a ring light that is usually used by makeup artists.

17. Cute Vanity Mirror with Crystal Pendant Lights

DIY Vanity Mirror Crystal Pendant Lights

If you are looking for some baby room ideas, make sure you include this vanity mirror in your list. Your baby girl who loves cute things will love it. Who wouldn’t?

Just like many other vanity mirrors, it features LED light bulbs that frame the mirror. Besides the LED lights, it also has giant paper flowers that perch on the mirror, making it look more gorgeous.

To kick it up a notch, a crystal pendant light that looks like a disco light hangs right in front of the mirror. To keep the mirror in place, a white furry rug is laid under the mirror.

18. Square on Brown Accent Wall

Square Vanity Mirror with Lights on Brown Accent Wall

Having a large mirror in the bathroom is such a great idea. It enables you to fix your makeup and look as well as expanding the space visually.

Another way to create a sense of a spacious bathroom is by installing sufficient light. And to do this, you can just install LED light to frame your mirror. Not only will it illuminate the bathroom but also make a great centerpiece that highlight the brown accent wall ideas.

19. Oval Vanity Mirror with Wall-Mounted Lights

DIY Oval Vanity Mirror Wall-Mounted Lights

If you think installing light bulbs around the mirror is arduous, you can opt for another way to illuminate the vanity. What about wall-mounted lights? They are easier to install. Besides, they still work like a charm.

This vanity mirror features golden frame that adds the touch of elegance to the bathroom. Next to the mirror are two round lights with golden sconces that complement the mirror frame very well.

20. Vanity Mirror with Dimmable Lamps

DIY Vanity Mirror Dimmable Lamps

Sometimes, the light bulbs installed around the vanity mirror can be too glaring which create an uncomfortable feeling to the eyes. Therefore, you might need to opt for dimmable lamps in place of those glaring LED lights.

These dimmable lamps work as well as the LED lights – even better. They can comfort your eyesight better than what the usual LED lights can do. Just install the lights around the mirror to form a frame, and you are good to go.

Do you want to get more vanity mirror with lights ideas? Check out these pictures for more inspirational vanity mirrors.

21. Simple yet Classy

Simple yet Classy DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights

22. Vanity Mirror for Teenagers

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights for Teenagers

23. Build DIY Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

How to Build DIY Makeup Vanity Mirrir with Lights

24. Luxurious All-White

DIY Luxurious All-White Vanity Mirror with Lights

25. White Makeup

DIY White Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

26. Beautiful White Vanity Mirror

DIY Beauty White Vanity Mirror with Lights

27. Girly White Vanity Mirror

DIY Girly White Vanity Mirror with Lights

28. Cute Egg-Like Light

DIY Vanity Mirror with with Egg-Like Lights

Those are more than 25 vanity mirror with lights ideas that will turn your tedious dressing table into a professional and attractive one. Now, you are ready to apply your best makeup and amaze people with your stunning look.

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