13 Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles for Men’s You Must-Try Now

If you’re currently having a problem with your medium hair, maybe you need to look for the best medium length hairstyles men that’s right for you.

Choosing the right type of haircut for men could be a bit of a challenge but you can make it easy by reading this article.

The right haircut for medium length hairstyles men is according to the shape of the face. There is six common face shape of men you may need to know:

1. Oblong Face
It works best with short and medium style.
2. Oval Face
It can work with anything except bangs.
3. Square Face
You have to avoid parting the hair down the center.
4. Round Face
Keep the sides shorter than the top.
5. Triangular Face
The mid-length style works best with this shape.
6. Diamond Face
Swept bangs are the best hairstyle for you.

So, which shape do you have? It’s important to recognize the shape face that we have before choosing the hairstyles we like and taking a step into a barbershop.

In this page, we’d like to focus on the medium length hairstyles for men. For all of you, men who like to have medium hair, these are the hairstyles you probably like to wear.

1. Natural Waves Medium Length Hairstyles Men

1. Natural Medium Length Waves Hairstyle

It’s a classic men’s’ hairstyle that would make you look fashionable. The hair is longer on the top and it’s a shorter cut at the bottom.

For the sides, you don’t have to cut it to the skin because some people won’t be comfortable with that.

Leaving a half inch on the back and sides of the head would give a balancing effect to the whole medium hairstyles.

As you can see, the waves are holding still. It’s supported by a pomade that would style it to the side and back, or anywhere you want.

Quote: The stylish look of this hairstyle really depends on the pomade or hair gel product that you have. It’s recommended to have the quality product,

2. Spiky Low Fade Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

2. Spiky Low Fade Hairstyle for Men

This medium length hairstyle is pretty easy and simple to style. Have the lower sides of the head to be clipped for just a few inches up and add fadings up to the top.

Leave the top hair not longer than a few inches, which we can tell it’s medium.

Quote: In order to achieve spiky looks, you just need one styling trick. First, let the hair dry for a while. Then, you can use some of your pomades on the top hair.

After that, just pull your hair straight up and let them stand just like in the photo. Finally, spray all over the hair with hairspray.

3. Medium Bangs Hairstyle with Fine Undercut

3. Medium Bangs Hairstyle with Fine Undercut

It’s one of the popular medium hairstyles because of the K-pop fever. The combination of bang and fringes in this hairstyle looks perfectly stylish. If you want to impress many girls, I’m pretty sure this hairstyle would strike it.

Quote: This combination has been so popular lately. The charming feature that it has, delivers the beauty of men’s hair. All of the attention would easily focus on the bangs or top hair.

4. Undercut and Slick Back Haircut Medium Length Hairstyles Men

4. Undercut and Slick Back Haircut

The combination of undercut and slick back is an ideal style for medium length hair.

You can say that this hairstyle is the trendiest because you can see this hairstyle in almost all recommended hairstyle collection in every website and magazine. This hairstyle has been worn by many celebrities, too.

Quote: The first times that these hairstyles were released, it looks like there’s something wrong with the hair. It seems to be disconnected between the bottom and top.

The contrast of the hair is too obvious, there’s no fading.  But, look at it now, it’s become one of the trendiest hairstyles for men.

5. Windswept Bro Flow Men’s Hairstyle


Windswept Bro Flow Mens Hairstyle

For a charming look, try out this windswept bro flow as your hairstyle. The charm of the hair seems like it’s ready to win ladies’ hearts.

If you think, a medium hair maintenance would be a problem, well, you are completely wrong. It’s actually so easy to maintain. You can look cool with this hairstyle, effortlessly.

Quote: According to professional hair stylists, this type of men’s hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair, especially if it’s currently in the process of growing out.

Some men who are in the process of growing the hair out to belong will experience the awkward stage in between the long and short hair.

I guess the bro flor hairstyle could be a good solution to throw away the awkwardness and accept the good-looking of the hair.

6. Pompadour to Rock and Roll Hairstyle

Best Medium Length Hairstyles Men

When first you hear the word “Rock and Roll” you might immediately find out whose catchphrase it is. Yeah, I’m talking about the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.

Some people would call it the hair of Elvis which nowadays become so popular again. The standardized term of this hairstyle is a Pompadour style.

Quote: The word “Pompadour” originally comes from the inventor named Madame de Pompadour in the 17th century. Originally, it’s invented for women’s hair.

Up until now, this hairstyle has a lot of variation not only for women, but also men, and children.

If you want to achieve this look, you need to blow-dry your front hair upwards in order to make the volume, shape, and height.

Variations of Pompadour For Men

There some variations of Pompadour for men such as:

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  • Hard Part Pompadour
  • Pompadour Mohawk
  • Cool Waved Pompadour
  • Curled Pompadour Cut
  • Slicked Back Pompadour
  • Flat Top Pompadour, and many more.
  • All of them include a pompadour style on top of the head in their hairstyle design. Some of them are a combination of two hairstyles. There are also some pompadour styles that are originally designed by a certain hairstylist.

You can combine this hairstyle with a big dose of confidence to get the best results. That’s all you need.

7. Casual Blowout Hairstyle

Top Medium Length Hairstyles Men

For your medium length hair, you can just let it blow out. You can see what I’m talking about. This hairstyle is nicknamed as blowout because the top hair seems like it’s got blown by the wind from one side.

This hairstyle is pretty casual and simple. You just need to recreate the wind effect from one side of the head.

The volume and height play an important role in this hairstyle. So, you can create it by blowing the hair upwards with a hairdryer.

Quote: To achieve the look, you are gonna need some pomade. Then, style it through the hair to make texture. Add some hairspray to it and there you have it. Your casual medium length hairstyles men.

8. Messy Tousled Hairstyle for Men

Best Medium Length Hairstyles Men

For skeptic people who don’t know a trendy-looking hairstyle would call it bad bedroom hair.

I agree with this statement but not entirely. I think this mess tousled hairstyle looks like a hair you get when you wake up in the morning.

Actually, you could see it in the photo that this hair is already styled by a professional hairstylist. It’s a simple tousled hairstyle that would be perfect for your go-to hairstyle.

This a solutive idea for you who are quite lazy to style your hair every time.

Quote: With this messy hair, you could get a youthful, fun, and charming look. It seems impossible, but it is what it is.

Tousled Balayage Hair

Medium Length Hairstyles Men

Having a balayage hair on men is not impossible. In fact, it’s recommended by some stylists. Even though it’s originally designed for women’s hair but men with medium hair could also look gorgeous with this.

If you have a thick hair, this hairstyle is a must try. It needs to be done by a hairstylist who knows the importance of toning.

9. Mohawk Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Top Mohawk Medium Length Hairstyles Men

It seems impossible to style a medium length mohawk but you can actually do it. If you’re into the punk rock of the 70s, you would love to revive the chaos and confidence of it with the Mohawk medium hair on your head.

This rockstar cut would definitely rock your world. Everyone would respect you with the hair you have.

You can choose to have a subtle rolling wave or the classic spikes for your top hair. I suggest you should go with subtle rolling wave because it’s a little bit flexible and it’s not too strong.

Quote: Before getting this haircut to be perfect, you have to pass the preliminary stages of growing out the hair to be at the right length before shaving them.

10. Bowl Cut Hairstyle for Adult Male

Top Medium Length Hairstyles Men

Why it’s called ‘for adult male’? Because this kind of hairstyle is designed for kids hairstyles. When they wear this bowl cut, they’ll look cute and funny. What about an adult male?

Will the manly look be turned into cute? Well, you can see for yourself. A man with bowl cut would deliver his own charm of wearing that hairstyle.

Quote: The childish look of bowl cut is suddenly out of sight when it’s worn by the adult male. It looks like, the beard and mustache is the main reason for it.

So, I guess any kind of haircut would look masculine if it’s balanced with beard or mustache.This is a nice addition to Asian hairstyles men collection.

11. Modern Asymmetrical Hairstyles

Best Medium Length Hairstyles Men

If you are into an asymmetrical haircut, this one could be a good recommendation. For men, having an asymmetrical style of hair is also in style.

For women, the result of using asymmetrical haircut would be feminine and beautiful. But for men, you need to get it as masculine as possible in order to look handsome.

Quote: One way to avoid the feminine look, the front hair pieces shouldn’t grow out much longer than the neck.

12. Curly Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

This section is specially added for men with curly hair. You don’t need to do rebounding on your hair to get it straight, you just have to be creative in styling it. Don’t worry we’ll help you with some ideas.

Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

It’s got a tousled head of hair and a pronounced swoop that seem to be ready to stand up from the rest. The center stage is set for the curls to make a point. It just flows downward for a sense of motion to the style.

Messy Curly Quiff

Messy Curly Quiff Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

This hairstyle is quite unique, it doesn’t follow the beaten path. It’s a combination of the short quiff and messy curls. This is perfect for you who like to have a casual look to go having fun with friends.

Quote: The style where the curly shines the best is the messy hairstyle. With curly hair, it seems really easy to get it messy, even without hair gel or pomade.

Curly Heavy Angular

Curly Heavy Angular Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

This angular style is amazing for curly hair. It’s a mix of faded sides to back and an overflowing hair top. This unique hairstyle has a firm presence and heavy volume which makes it really stand out.

13. Ponytail Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men

13. Ponytail Medium-Length Hairstyle for Men

A ponytail is a quick way to style a hair. Your messy hair would suddenly look neat with this styling trick.

I’m sure that it would save you from bad hair day. I guess it would be better to balance the short ponytail with a thick beard on your face. That would prevent the awkward look of the hairstyle.

Quote: If you are not okay with a thick beard on your face, the look of a man on this photo is not as awkward as you think. A thin grown-out beard could also be an alternative option.


If you are looking for the best medium length hairstyles men in this page, you are not gonna get one, but I believe you already have something in mind.

You found out which medium-length haircut that suits you. Remember, choose the hairstyle according to the shape of your face.

Amanda Dandanah

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