20 Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Cuteness Overload

With these little black girl hairstyles, you can give the cutest bonus to your pretty girls’ little faces. There are endless options in term of hairstyles, especially for little girls.

Mothers love to style their daughter’s hair and adorn it with all sorts of accessories like bows, flowers, and headbands.

Mothers think that there’s a whole art behind styling the hair. Whether they do their daughters’ hair by themselves or bring the girls to professional hairdressers, they have to choose the friendly hairdo for the kids.

In this page Harp Times sharing inspiration for your little black girl hairstyles. There are plenty of ideas you can pick as your . The typical thick, curly hair of little black girl will be even more special with these hairstyles.

1. Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Braids

Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Braids


Hairstyles with braids will be the first idea that comes to mind when dealing with black kids’ hairdo, though there are other options to go with. It seems to be the safest and easiest style to do with thick curly hair.

Check out this adorable afro-style hairdo with braids. It’s the retro hairstyle that hasn’t gone anywhere. It will still look stylish forever, depending on how you style it. Change your little black girl hairstyle with this one.

Your little girl will look like a rock star with a full head of braids. Don’t forget to accessorize it using your hair clips.

2. Wild Long Curls Hairstyles

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Wild Long Curls

Without a single braid, you can still make your little ones’ hairdo beautiful. This wild, long curly hair looks perfect on your kids. Look how happy this little girl is. She has a great pride wearing the curls. It looks messy but that’s the beauty of it.

To make the hair bigger, keep the hair dry. After the shower, use a hairdryer to style it and make it looks volumed again.

3. Loose Curly Hair with Funky Hat

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Loose Curly Hair with Funky Hat

An accessory is one essential item to spice things up to the hair. One of them is a hat. With a hat or cap, it’s not just spicing the hair up; it can also cover the flaws. It’s an instant styling you can make for your kid’s hairstyles.

With those loose curls, a hat would be a great accessory. It’s also perfect to protect and to style the hair during summer days.

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  • Wearing a funky hat could rock on the hairstyle.
  • Some hairstyle needs accessories to complete.
  • This loose curly hair looks great when covered with a hat.
  • It helps to cover the flaw.


  • A hat will ruin the curl on the top.
  • It covers the top side which important for some styles.

4. Cute Tiny Buns Hairstyles for Black Girl

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Cute Tiny Buns

This is the style that can make your kids adorable. That cute little face gets emphasized by the cute buns.

It brings out the innocence, the sheer beauty, and the kindness of a little girl. It’s not just one bun in the middle back of the head; it is five buns that look like a little crown on the head.

5. Simple Adorable Puff on the Head

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Simple Adorable Puff on the Head

This cute baby looks so adorable with that puffy hair. It looks stylish and elegant for little girls. It’s the hairstyles of a fashionista. Who knows your little daughter could be a fashionista when she’s grown up. It could be the head start.

For curly hair, this adorable puffy hair is very easy to achieve. You can even add some accessories to make it look fresh every week.

6. Middle-Parting Hairstyle with Side Knots

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Middle-Parting with Side Knots

Take a look at the cross shape on top of little girl’s head. It’s styled using cornrows, braids, and knots.

The entire style is formed with gorgeous two separated braids and two elegant knots. This hairstyle exposes the forehead to give the face more space to impress with expression.

The knots or buns on the head looks like a couple of cute animal’s ears. For this style, the braid is the key to keep it steady and neat.

7. Little Black Girl Hairstyles for School

Little Black Girl Hairstyles for School

There are many choices of back to school hairstyles that your little black girls can wear every day.

Comfort is the key to hairstyles for school because it’s just what she needs. While in school, kids will be very active and they will have a little fun with their friends while learning.

So, you should go with simple hairstyles. You should avoid the style that would get messy easily.

For little girls with frizzy hair, it’s an ideal style to choose. This chic cornrow style will set your girls free. She will be free to move her head however they want. This hairstyle will make the girl beautiful and energized.

8. Natural Side-Pony Hairstyle

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Natural Side-Pony

Some little black girl hairstyles don’t require tons of braiding and twisting. It doesn’t need to be complex too.

Your energetic little girl would love this cute side-pony style with a bow. That pink bow makes the style looks more interesting.


When a little girl is new to braiding and twisting, she will get a headache because of the tight braid. This natural style can be a solution to avoid it. Your kids will feel so comfortable.

9. Half-Bun Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Half Bun Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Styling the little girl’s hair is not complete without the bun. Some mothers would say that because it will add instant cuteness to the hair. The lovely natural hair of little girls would be way better with buns even just a half-bun like this one.

It looks so trendy and adorable. It’s like she’s wearing a little head on top of her head.

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  • It looks so adorable on kids.
  • It’s simple and easy to style.


  • It looks like wearing a funny hat.
  • It’s just looking weird having the bun right on top of the head.

10. Cute Hairstyles for Wedding for Little Girls

Cute Little Black Girl Hairstyles for Wedding for Little Girls
Cute Little Black Girl Hairstyles for Wedding for Little Girls

If you want to bring your little girls to attend a wedding ceremony or party, you should think about how you style the hair. This braided and bun hairstyle gives an unexpected look that fascinates everyone at the wedding.

It’s not the French-braided pigtails, this style takes a different route by creating small, weaving cornrows that goes along the hairline. It’s got two pretty pigtails to complete the style that looks perfect for a wedding.

11. Shirley Temple Curls for Little Black Girls

Shirley Temple Curls for Little Black Girls Hairstyles

It’s an adorable retro hairstyle that your little girl could wear every day. In the front, you can see that the hair is flat twisted. In the back, it has got spiral curled. You can just copy the style you see in the picture.

Or, you can give a ponytail or even two pigtails instead of the flat twisted one. The twist is unlike braid. It can’t be as long-lasting and tight as braids. Your kids need to wear a satin bonnet during sleeping to preserve the style.

12. Big Braided Hairstyles

Big Braided Little Black Girl Hairstyles
Big Braided Little Black Girl Hairstyles

A hair with high braided style is quite famous in the world of high fashion. It will look good on your little girls, just as good as on this little black girl. It’s one of the mother’s favorite hairstyles for their daughter because it’s super easy and quick to make.

There’s no need to go to professional for the braiding. It’s very simple and comfortable for your kids. To make it fancier, let your kids wear headbands or fun scrunchies.

13. Pretty Hairstyles That Looks Like a Flower

Little Black Girl Hairstyles That Looks Like a Flower

This flowing hair comes from the perfect mixture of manageable style and flowing natural hair. This partial Cornrow look will give such beautifully unique look to your girls.

The front braids will keep the hair away from the face to make it shine brighter. The rest of the hair is left loose naturally. For a variation, you can style the back hair with curls, twists, or knots. Then, you can let the back hair loose again at any time.

This hairstyle will only work for an afro type of hair. It can keep the big volume of the hearing.

14. Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Ponytails

Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Ponytails

To enhance the ponytail, use neat cornrows for the hair. You should set the row backward straight to where the ponytail emerges from. It will give a starburst effect to this hairstyle. It looks neat and comfortable for little girls.

You can add some color at the end of the ponytails for an impressive appearance. With this hairstyle, your girls can go on any occasion like school.

15. Little Black Girl Natural Hairstyles with Short Hair

Little Black Girl Natural Hairstyles with Short Hair

It’s an edgy American girl hairstyle for your little girls with short hair. Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t style it. This choppy Mohawk cut will look cute on your little girl’s head.

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It’s such a big step for parents. It’s a good decision to make for girls who hate having long braided hair.

It’s a completely different hairstyle for little back girl. With this hair, your daughter would be a center of attention in the crowd.

16. Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Curls

Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Curls

This little girl’s hair looks flawless. The hair volume and shape is just magnificent. It took some times to style.

But, the texture of the curl looks perfect and quite alluring. What makes it so interesting is the side parting. It balances the delicate features of the face.

Quote: Keeping the volume of this hair is quite challenging. With a great quality product of hair spray, you probably can keep the shape longer than you think.

17. Dual Puffs Hairstyle for Cute Little Girls

Cute Little Girls Little Black Girl Hairstyles Dual Puffs

The puffs on this little girl’s head look so adorable. The frizzy character of the hair helps to make the volume steady. You don’t have to cut her hair when you think it’s too long for frizzy hair. Frizzy hair can be styled into a lot of looks.

These two puffs are made by tying the frizzy locks. She will love the hair that looks like an adorable ear of a cartoon character.

18. Free Flowing Curls with Flower Crown

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Free Flowing Curls with Flower Crown

The first thing people would notice about these girls’ hairstyle is the accessory. This little girl is wearing a sweet flower crown.

They don’t do much to the hair, it flows down freely. The flower accessory is the one that keeps the hairstyle interesting.

It will add instant interest to any kind of hairstyles. That’s why accessories are so important when the hair is not impressive enough to shine. That chunky flower crown would be a fun headwear for the summer.

19. Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Beads

Little Black Girl Hairstyles with Beads

Beads are just what Afro hair needs, especially on little girl’s. The twisted and braid style should be added with colorful beads

Beads are so useful to keep the twists and braids in position. It also becomes the touch to make the hairstyle more attractive. The hair can either have beads with many colors like this one, or beads with the same color.

20. Lemonade Braids Hairstyle

Little Black Girl Hairstyles Lemonade Braids

Make your little girl looking gorgeous with this striking hairstyle. It looks like your girl ready to rock on the stage with that hair. This lemonade braid is so hot and trendy. You can add colored hair strings to jazz up the look.

This kind of hairstyle is great for both kids and adult. The key is to make the braids as neatly as possible. It defines the trendy look of the hair. Instead of braids, you can make that left side of the head like a low fade haircut.

This braided style set the hair flow all to the right side. It’s up to you to decide which side is your kids’ best look.


After all, you can pick any hairstyle that will look good on your little black girls. Make sure you pick the right one according to the size of the hair. Those little black girls hairstyles are all inspirational for everyone. Almost all of those can be styled by you.

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