The 13 Original Styles of Military Haircut Regulations for Special Force

A military haircut is one of the most favorite haircuts for men. It’s because this hairstyle only requires low maintenance. Lately, this haircut has been reaching a good popularity among guys.

Once, this haircut is very exclusive which is only reserved for military personnel. Today, this haircut has become a hairstyle that makes a statement in fashion.

Quote: Originally, there are 13 styles of military haircut which have been used from the 20th century. All of them has the similar trait which is fight-oriented. It’s a low-maintenance haircut that would never block the visual field. Also, there will be no hair trapped in the helmet and clipped in the collar of the shirt. That’s why this haircut is always very short.

Those 13 hairstyles for the military will be provided in the page to inspire you to cut your hair short, really short.

All of them have been popular at some point since the first world war. In this modern era, all of them are still used to express manly character for men.

1. Flat Top Military Haircut Styles

1. Mens military haircut - Flat Top Military Haircut Styles -
1. Flat Top Military Haircut Styles

Apparently, this diesel haircut isn’t feasible for curly hair. In the video game “Street Fighter”, there’s a character named Guile which represents the military character in the game.

He has a yellow flat top haircut which is quite special for him.

Quote: Getting this haircut on men who loves video game would be something lovely for them. It’s like bringing back some good childhood memories when playing this classic games.

This strict haircut needs to be carefully trimmed, especially on the top. Make sure that hair would form a flat surface when it’s brushed or lifted up.

A high fade is done on the back and sides to highlight the flat top. Another name for a flat-top haircut is the horseshoe flat top.

2. Military Haircut Fade Style

2. Military Haircut Fade Styles -
2. Military Haircut Fade Style

One of the most used military haircuts is this fade style. Typically, this haircut is done on the back and sides of the head to taper with a decreasing in length of the hair.

Then fade could end up at the different heights on the back and sides of the head. Actually, there are three types of fade haircuts:

1. Regular Fade
It’s also called as simple fade in which the hair got tapered right till the end of the hair on the ears and nape.
2. High Fade
Apparently, the hair would be ending only on 1 to 2 inches under the head top.
3. Low Fade
It’s only the lower version of the high fade and the higher version of the regular. It’s between those two fade types.
Quote: For military personnel, having a fade haircut means that the hair on top can’t be longer than two inches. Otherwise, you can’t really call it as fade haircut anymore.

3. High and Tight Military Haircut

3. High and tight military haircut styles -
3. Military Haircut High and Tight

This is such a cool haircut that’s created for the manly person. It’s a haircut that’s close to the characteristic of the military.

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It looks powerful, brave, and strong. I guess the military personnel deserves to be as manly as this haircut.

Basically, the hair is shaved to be very short all over the sides and back of the head while the top hair is cut about one inch or so.

Usually, the top hair is clipped with a guard length of 1 or 2 numbers that are higher than the back and sides of the head.

Quote: The high and tight haircut has no real smoothing of the edges. You need to fade it properly because if it’s not properly faded and smoothed, you’ll probably look like a walking mushroom and that’s far away from “manly”.

4. The Recon Military Haircut for Men

4. Indian military haircut -The Recon Military hairstyles for Men -

This super cool and manly haircut is so ideal for you who look for an extreme version of a military haircut. I call it “extreme” because of its strong look.

I guess, with a strong facial expression you can deliver, this recon haircut would rock appearance in the most powerful way.

Basically, this is a higher version of the high and tight haircut we already explained in the previous section. The difference between the regular high and tight haircut is on the top hair.

In the middle of the top of the head, there’s a mere strip of hair which left all around it shaved. It possibly looks almost bald.

Quote: The recon haircut has a mere strip on the top of the head is actually a military jargon that’s referred to as a “landing strip”. It’s a well-known trait of the recon hair. This haircut is quite popular for Marines too.

5. Military Haircut Regulations

5. Short Military Haircut Regulations -

This is the usual haircut in the military. The regulation cut has the top hair for up to two inches. On the back and sides of the head, the hair is tapered rapidly to the skin.

It would result in the line of hearing to be running across the back and sides of the head and it will be blended to the skin.

Quote: This haircut is quite common in short hairstyle collection for men. What makes this military haircut lovely is that there’s some length of the hair is left on top. So, you can still style it as you want. It would definitely make you look good.

6. Crew Cut for Miltary

6. High and tight military haircut - Crew Cut for Miltary Haircut -
6. Crew Cut for Miltary Haircut

Basically, it’s a conservative haircut that has been used for military men and sportsmen. It’s because this haircut is super comfy to support productive activities that they do every day.

In football or soccer, you may see a lot of athletes wearing a crew haircut. This is a simple cut that’s made especially for military personnel.

Quote: In some region, there’s a slight difference in crew cut version. In the picture, you could see the US version fo crew cut. In some European countries, the version of crew cut is slightly different. It has the top hair left at the same length as the sides and back of the head, not tapered like the US version.

7. Ivy league Military Haircut

7. Ivy league Military Haircut regulations styles -

This haircut is quite similar to the crew cut, only a little bit longer. The name ivy league was originally from the universities of Ivy League.

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It’s very popular with the undergraduates of that university. Although, this haircut has been used a lot by military men alike.

Quote: This haircut is also called as a Princeton Clip, Harvard Clip, or a Brown Clip. It’s more popular with the university names rather than any standardized name for a hairstyle.

Basically, this ivy league is just a crew cut with a long hair. Unlike the crew cut, this ivy league cut is longer on the back and sides even if the hair is still got tapered.

It’s also still finished with a clipper at the line of the hair.

8. Undercut Military Hair

8. Undercut Military Hairstyles mens -

There’s a lot of undercut style for men that you can choose to be on your head.

But when it comes to a military haircut, it’s a different story. If it’s the military version of undercut, you have to keep it short.

Quote: Actually, you can have a medium length hairstyles men hair on top with undercut style, only if you’re already allowed.

Informally, people have known an undercut hairstyle as a Darmody haircut, or an SS haircut. Lately, this haircut is trending all over the world, it’s an attractive choice of a haircut among men.

In the US, every man under 25 years old must be having the undercut hairstyle. It’s like no one knows how it becomes so popular.

9. Brush Cut Military Hairstyle

9. Short military haircut - Brush Cut Military Hairstyle -
9. Brush Cut Military Hairstyle

In some section before this, there’s a flat top haircut that’s quite similar with this brush cut. The difference between those cuts is the non-flat surface. Brush cut won’t give you a flat top when lifted up.

Quote: The goal of this haircut is to get the hair looks neat when it’s brushed up with a brush or comb. So, it’s just simply trimmed.

This haircut is not only designed for men with straight hair. If you have a curly hair, you can also own this hairstyle but do not use a comb or ordinary brush to brush your hair. Instead, you can have a wide-tooth comb.

10. Induction Cut Military

10. Short military haircut - Induction Cut Military -
10. Induction Cut Military

This is the cut that you get the first time you enter the boot camp. It’s called as induction cut because it’s the hair for the new recruits.

Quote: This haircut is the shortest of the classic haircut of the military. Compared to the other military haircuts, the induction cut is the easiest one to do and you don’t need to style or fade your cut.

This haircut is like the basic of the two more military cut I’m about to tell you. There three longer variations of this cut:

  • Burr Cut: It uses guard number 1 or 2.
  • Butch Cut:It uses number 3 or 4.
  • Birch Cut:It uses the number above 4 to 5 and a half.

11. Burr Cut Military Hairstyle

11. High and tight military haircut - Burr Cut Military Hairstyle -

Burr haircut is like one level above the induction cut for the hair length. It’s clipped with number one or two of a guard.

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The guard would leave your hair about 1/8 of an inch. You may wanna read about the lengths of hair clipper.

Quote: Basically, it’s just the same as the induction cut. The hair would be clipped all of the head with same guard number. All plain and basic without styling or fading.

12. Butch Cut Military Style

12. Mens military haircut - Butch Cut Military Style -
12. Butch Cut Military Style

Meanwhile, a butch cut is the longest cut compared to burr and induction cut, in terms of hair length.

You can achieve it easily by clipping the hair all around with higher guard numbers than the burr cut. This hair is apparently just a grown version of induction.

Quote: For the burr cut, you set the guard number 1 or 2. So, the butch cut should be above it. You can choose any guard number three or four. Use the same guard all around the head, do not change it.

13. The Birch Military Haircut

13. Indian military haircut - The Birch Military Haircut -
13. The Birch Military Haircut

This is actually just an additional haircut in the military category. But, it’s quite important to be mentioned in this list, so you can have more ideas to explore.

Compared to the butch cut, the birch cut is one step ahead of it, in terms of hair length.

Quote: You will need guard number 5 to clip this hair all over. In this cut, you are allowed to do a bit of styling and fading but it has to be minimal.

14. Military Haircuts Near Me

14. High and tight military haircut - Army Military Hairstyles Near Me

There must be many barbershops nearby your area to get you the military haircut you want.

You have to consider your face shape or hair type before choosing the right military haircut for your head.

I guess this type of haircut is not only worn by an adult, kids are also allowed to have one.

Quote: I suggest you find a good barbershop that can handle all of the 13 military haircuts with their professional hairstylists. So, you can be easeful to accept their suggestion about what’s the best military haircut for you based on your characteristic.

15. Kids Hairstyles Military Haircut

15. Kids Hairstyles Military Haircut boys -

Of course, some military haircuts would become a nice recommendation for your kids hairstyles.

Some people might think that the super manly cut like military haircut can’t be cute. As you can see, a military haircut could also look so adorable on your kids.

You just need to choose what’s the best cut for your kids.

Quote: The key of styling your kid’s hair is to make it as comfy as possible. According to the kid’s character which must be very active, you need to get them the neat and short hair to support.


It is really clear that a military haircut is short and very short hairstyles. Men really love short hair because it’s really quick to cut and quick to style.

And one thing for sure, even though it’s named as military-style cut, it’s not only for military personnel.

For civilians like us, we’re also allowed to choose one of the haircuts from the military category for our own.

In fact, the military haircut gets so popular in the civilian population. In the military itself, getting a very short haircut is a must, not because they like it.

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