21 Inspiring Flower Bed Ideas that Will Help You Make a Gorgeous Garden

Who wouldn’t like to have their own flower bed in their garden? Of all the decorations that can be added to the garden, the flower bed is certainly one of the most beautiful. Wanting a flower bed is one thing, designing it, is another. We have collected no less than 20 flower bed ideas to help you make your own.

A flower doesn’t have to be predictable, let alone boring. And all you needed is a bit of imagination and creativity.

Our ideas below vary wildly, so you will find two or more ideas to your liking. Alright, are you ready to get inspired? Here are the ideas.

Cover Both Sides

raised flower bed ideas
source : graceinthisspace

Let’s start with simple flower bed ideas DIY first. Look at this beautiful flower bed. It is a very unique way to create a flower bed.

Rather than creating a designated spot, allow the flower to spread around on both sides like this.

This creates a borderless garden, in which everything mingles with one another.

Remember, there is no rule in making a flower bed. The best flower bed design ideas are the ones that fit your taste and beautify your garden.

If a widespread flower garden bed is what you like, just go for it. It looks great, too.

Floral Passageway

flower bed ideas for front of house
source : cherrrygarden

There are so many flower bed ideas out there. And if flower bed ideas DIY are what you looking for, this one is certainly for you.

It is simple and virtually doesn’t take any space in your garden. Sounds nice, isn’t it? Not only it sounds nice, but it also looks awesome too.

This beautiful floral passageway makes walking to and from the house feels dramatic.

Since the flowers are white while the rest of the front yard landscaping is mostly green, the passageway becomes the focal point. Believe us, nobody can ignore this breathtaking passageway when they see it.

A Flower Bed, Literally

landscape flower bed ideas
source : pixaby

This flower bed is more literal than the other floral bed design ideas on the list. Why? Well, because it uses a bed and lots of flowers on it.

Indeed, it takes the definition of a flower bed to a whole another level.

The beauty of this flower bed is that it allows you to reuse old items that you have. In this picture, not only an old bed is used but also two drawers as well.

Such a flower bed is also a great choice if you want to create a visual cue that is separated from the garden.

Tulips with Annuals and Perennials

flower bed ideas full sun
source : pixabay

Tulips are among the most colorful flowers in the world. There are just so many colors that they have.

And this one here is among the best-looking flower bed ideas on the list. How could it not? Just look at how beautiful this garden is due to the flower bed.

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Adding bright-colored tulips is a surefire and foolproof way to make any garden interesting. All that is needed is a proper arrangement.

For example, the flowers should be arranged based on their color. This will create an extraordinary visual cue while keeping things organized and not obnoxious.

Circular Flower Bed Ideas

circular flower bed ideas
source : publicdomainpictures

Have a long garden? In that case, one of the best flower bed ideas you can try is to create multicolored lines as seen here.

Similar to the previous example, this one is a good way to arrange flowers with various colors.

The thing with a multicolored flower bed is that it can be distracting and unfocused. But that only happens the flowers are not arranged properly.

By creating lines, the flowers still stand out but they don’t become a distraction, let alone look unfocused. It’s quite the opposite: a magnificent focal point in the garden.

Colorful Flower Bed

small flower bed ideas
source : pixabay

Not every homeowner wants or likes to have a large flower bed in their garden.

Some homeowners just want a simple flower bed to make their garden looks more beautiful. Perhaps you want flower bed ideas cheap? If you are, this one is ideal for you.

While most flower bed design ideas here eat up a lot of space in the garden, not so with this one. It is basically a compact flower bed.

And best of all, it is very easy to make. All you need are flowers, a tire or concrete, and plant the flowers in the center of the tire/concrete. All done!

Suitcase Flower Planter

planting a flower bed ideas
source : pixabay

Do you have an unused suitcase? A suitcase is one among a few things that we don’t know what to do other than throwing them out when they are no longer usable.

You probably don’t know what to do with yours. Let us give you a good idea: turn it into a flower bed.

Turning an unused suitcase into something beautiful like a flower bed is surely among the best flower bed ideas cheap you’d want to try.

There is no need to have a designated place for the flowers. Just use the suitcase as a makeshift platform for the flowers and voila! A unique flower bed.

Spilled Flower

flower bed ideas front yard
source : gardenloversclub

When it comes to designing a flower bed, there is no limitation of the shape you should go for. That’s right. You are free to decide the shape.

Be it a square flower bed, a round one, lines, or even ‘flowing’ design like this.

This ‘flowing’ flower bed makes any garden look amazing. It gives an impression of motion. Not to mention it also looks as if milk is pouring and flowing down too.

Notice the white flowers and the iron milk can on the far end. Among the other flower bed ideas on the list, this one is among the most extraordinary.

Hanging Washtub with Flowers

flower bed ideas cheap
source : pinterest

Adding a delicate and intricate decoration for the garden is certainly a good idea. But, it is not a must.

Always remember that it is not what you have but how you use it. In this case, you can make your garden a lot more interesting using a repurposed basin with lively flowers in it.

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A basin for the flower bed is surely among the flower bed ideas cheap to try. It costs little to nothing, doesn’t take much to prepare, and best of all, make the garden a lot more appealing.

Notice how the flowers stand out thanks to the metallic background the basin provides. Simple? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

Edging Flower Bed

edging flower bed ideas
source : Erin Lanigan

How does your lawn edging look like? If it looks plain and boring, you should do something about it. For example, add flowers on for the border.

Using flowers for the border on the lawn edge is not only a good way to separate the lawn and the other areas but also a subtle way to make it more noticeable and attractive.

Look how contrasting the lawn and the areas behind the flowers here. It is an excellent way to add beauty to the lawn, in a subtle way.

The edge of the lawn is often overlooked. Yet, with a bit of imagination and ingenuity, it can become a very interesting visual cue for the garden.

If you want to make your lawn more interesting, you don’t want to miss these lawn edging ideas.

Flower Bed Around Tree

flower bed ideas around tree
source : pexels

The next in our flower bed ideas list is creating a flower bed around the tree.

Yes, instead of creating separate focal points from trees and flower beds, combine the two to make extraordinary and beautiful focal points.

Since both are natural, surrounding a tree with a flower bed doesn’t look off. If anything, they look harmonious and fresh. It looks fitting.

The subtle contrast between the trees and flowers add beauty. If you have a tree or two in your garden, this one is among the best flower bed landscaping ideas for you.

Tree Stump Bed

flower bed ideas front of house
source : thegardeningcook

Have a tree but it is already cut and only the stump is left? Well, you can use that too. Notice how unusual and beautiful this flower bed is.

There are lots of things you can do with a tree stump. Using it as a platform for the flower bed is definitely among the most creative flower bed planting ideas.

Just look at this flower bed. It gives the impression that the garden is teeming with life as even the dead tree can host various flowers.

Have a tree stump in your backyard? Don’t throw them away. Instead, turn them into something beautiful. Check out our tree stump ideas here for inspiration.

Focal Point

flower bed ideas for front yard
source : hermosa nas

There is nothing wrong with implementing mainstream flower bed ideas in your garden.

By mainstream we mean a circular flower bed in the center of the garden. It is certainly not among the bad flower bed design ideas.

However, to keep it from looking usual and boring, you must add something unique to it. Adding your own personal touches won’t hurt, either.

For example, rather than having a full circular flower bed, add a gardening cart in the middle and put flowers on it. It will look unusual, unique, and eye-catching.

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Iron Bed

raised flower bed ideas pictures

An iron bed frame can be a great flower bed, too. This is especially true if you are looking for a rugged and rustic vibe for the garden.

Notice how attractive these fresh and bold-colored flowers are. The iron bed frame here, on the other hand, looks aged and old, thus becoming the exact opposite of the flowers.

This stark contrast makes the flower bed not just more noticeable but also amazing as well.

On the Side

side house flower bed ideas
source : loveoffamilyandhome

As seen in our previous flower bed ideas, a flower bed doesn’t need to eat up space in the garden.

Even with such a small space available, you can still make a good-looking flower bed. This flower bed is an excellent example of that.

While most of flower bed ideas DIY occupy a designated area, this bed flower occupies nothing more than a strip on the side of the house. As simple as it is, it looks quite amazing.

Fairy Garden

raised flower bed ideas front of house
source : craftsbyamanda

As you can see from the previous flower bed design ideas, a flower bed doesn’t have to consist of flowers only.

In some cases, adding other decorations can help to make it more appealing too.

Just imagine how plain and ordinary this flower bed would be if there is no small house, mini terracotta water fountain, and wooden pieces in it.

If your flower bed looks plain and ordinary, consider adding cute decorations. That will surely improve how it looks.

All in One

outdoor flower bed ideas
source : PaveAPatch

What if there are lots of flowers and plants in the garden? Here’s an idea to try: bring it all together.

Yes, bring all the flowers and plants together and create an all in one flower bed like this.

Notice how the focus is now on the flower bed. A garden with a focal point like this looks much, much better than a garden with scattered focal points.

Not to mention this flower bed makes a solid statement in the garden, too.

Like an Artwork

unique flower bed ideas
source : pinterest

What is better than a flower bed garden? A flower bed garden that looks like an artwor.

Unlike most of the flower bed ideas here, this one uses a cello as the platform on which the flowers are placed.

The wooden instrument provides a perfect background for the flowers to stand out as it has a mild contrast to them.

Rely on Hardscaping

front flower bed ideas
source : BHG

A portable flower bed is surely among the most unusual flower bed design ideas there are.

While most of the flower beds are situated on a single spot in a garden, this one can be carried around anywhere.

This flower bed can be used as a focal point not just in the garden but also just about anywhere.

Besides beauty, such an unusual flower bed also gives off a playful vibe, This makes any garden looks and feels better.

Flowers and Woods

flower bed ideas
source : oldworldgardenfarms

The last in our flower bed ideas list incorporate flowers and woods. As seen here, the flower bed is situated between two walls made of wooden branches.

Unlike concrete or bricks, wooden branches blend and mingle well with a flower bed. It looks so natural, fresh, and beautiful.

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