Wood Accent Wall Ideas

A little bit of wood accent wall ideas to a room can completely change how it looks. It can make such a big statement without spending a lot of budgets.

We have some impressive accent wall ideas you can explore below. So, you can begin redecorating your interior design for refreshment.

All of these ideas available here to create such a stunning look to your house. It can completely change how your living room, bedroom, and other room looks.

As we know, the element of wood is found inside every home. It offers natural warmth, appeal, and beauty.

Some types of wood would also bring the rustic charm into the mix. Check out these entire wall accent ideas by Harp Times that you can pick to maximize the style.

1. Wood Grain Veneer

Wood Grain Veneer Accent Wall Ideas

It’s a pretty affordable option of accent wall ideas even though it’s not real wood.

A wood grain veneer material that offers an instant beautiful vintage look to the wall. It’s also cost-effective. You can get it for less than 50 bucks and even less during a weekend.


This living room has got the larger squares of wood that has a dark cherry color. You can go with the lighter one if you want to. It’s not just affordable; it also takes a little time to accomplish.

The orange-colored elements in this living room complement the existence of dark cherry wood veneer wall.

Why choosing wood veneer over solid wood?
  1. It’s far better for the environment because it’s made from solid wood that’s sliced into many pieces.
  2. It will cost more inexpensive than solid wood.
  3. It’s far thinner than solid. So, it’s very lightweight.

2. Stained Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Stained Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Stained wood is guaranteed to give a unique look to your wall. It’s the perfect material to decorate the wall beautifully.

You can add a small wall of stained wood slats instead of adding a chair rail. It’s a great idea for dining room wall because it can give it a warm and inviting feel.

You can just cover this wood accent about halfway up or so, you can make an instant chance to the room feels and looks.

For a more affordable choice, use the salvaged barn wood. After installation, add some wall decor items with the feel of nature to steal attention.

3. Reclaimed Accent Wall with Wood

Reclaimed Wood Wall with Reclaimed Wood Ideas

Having reclaimed wood as the main material for an accent wall is a great way to embrace rustic natural charm into the room.

It adds another richness layer to give more character to the wall. Having a reclaimed accent wall creates an eclectic backdrop which belongs to living rooms.

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This small living space is owned by that wood panel on the wall. The rest of the wall is in white. That makes a great canvas for the rustic wood wall.

4. Modern Wood Accent for Living Room

Modern Wood Accent Wall Ideas for Living Room

If you’re not a fan of such reclaimed and old rustic wood, you might need something that can fill the aesthetics of a modern living room. You will love a faux wood accent wall ideas that has a far more urbane and classic finish.

The redwood, cedar, and some local woods would be some great options, to begin with.

It will help the room to keep the minimal visual appeal of the wood accent wall. It also allows the natural grace of wood material to shine through inside the room.


If you want to make the wood accent more impactful, you need to choose a neutral scheme for the living room.

5. Modern Industrial Living Room

Modern Industrial Living Room with Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Adding some wood accent wall ideas into a room could be based on the style of the room. It could also be the element that emphasizes the style of a room. You should consider about the wood type, hue, and texture that the material has.

This living room is part of an open space. The accent wall acts as a room divider and it’s perfectly suitable for industrial style.

It’s like the backdrop of the industrial elements in this room. The entire white-colored walls and ceilings make a cool base to strengthen the industrial vibe.

6. Wood Accent Wall in Dining Room

Wood Accent Wall Ideas in Dining Room

If you have a plan to change the entire look of your dining room, you can make it with small changes.

You can cover up the wall with the rustic chic wood accent. It becomes the main attraction of this dining room.

Having accent wall ideas in a dining room is quite common. It offers some contrast and visual interest for everyone to enjoy while having dinner. To make the wall more impressive, add a large abstract art on the wood accent wall.

The abstract art will balance the modern look of this dining room. It’s supported by the clear chairs and stark dining table.

7. Pale Wood Plank Accent Wall

Pale Wood Plank Accent Wall Ideas

Instead of going all-natural with the original brown color of wood, you can with these pale-colored wood planks for the accent wall.

It looks like the wood planks have been bleached completely. It creates such a breathtaking scene as a whole.

It’s perfect for your living room to make it more inviting. The cushions color seamlessly blends well together with the wall.

The element of nature is involved in the art image. That nature-inspired art on the wall makes a great impression on the whole scheme.

8. Dark Wood Accent Wall for Kitchen

Dark Wood Accent Wall Ideas for Kitchen

Most kitchens don’t need many things to happen on the wall. It seems to be not the right place to design kitchen wall decor. So, it’s pretty uncommon to have a kitchen storage on accent wall.

However, if you know how to do it and giving it the right portion, you might be able to add some wood accent to the kitchen’s wall. This primitive kitchen decor ideas has some of the wall space installed with wood planks.

It’s a small-scale accent wall that adds just the right amount you need to showcase a farmhouse style into the kitchen.

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Instead of leaving it plain, the owner decided to add floating wood shelves. It gives dimension to the wall and makes it more functional.

9. Elegant Wood Accent Wall for Office

Elegant Wood Accent Wall Ideas for Office

A great way to have a comfortable and elegant office is to install a reclaimed wood accent wall to space behind the main chair.

It can provide a therapeutic ambiance and serenity to the office. Wooden material has a natural warmth and texture to support your work in the office.


You can add another layer of home decor to maximize the charm. You can put one contrast artwork right in the middle of the accent wall. It will draw everyone’s attention directly to the artwork.

10. Striped Wood Accent Wall Bedroom

Striped Wood Accent Wall Bedroom Ideas

It’s a nice decorative touch to the bedroom: the reclaimed wood planks in stripes with the main color of the bedroom.

The combination of navy blue and reclaimed wood spread a unique charm all over the bedroom.

There’re two squared windows with crisp white color added in the middle of the stripes. It prevents the stripes from having a plain and boring pattern. The white windows are matched with the secondary color of this bedroom design.

On the other hand, the reclaimed wood planks get the support from the side table of this bedroom.

11. Accent Wall Ideas with Wood Rings

Accent Wall with Wood Rings Ideas

Instead of planks, you can opt the wood rings to be planted on the wall. It’s a very thoughtful idea to have such wood accent wall in the walkway. It would be the first thing people see when entering the room.

Besides being so decorative, it’s also multi-functional. No need to add some hooks to hang your bags and scarves or jackets, the popped wood rings would do the work.

Add some more natural touches on the wall like that small potted leafy plant that gives the wall another life to impress.

12. Wood Feature in Dining Room

Wood Accent Wall Ideas Feature in Dining Room

Adding such wood accent to the dining room wall will completely change the entire atmosphere.

Pairing the pale blue paint color with accent wall is probably quite brave for homeowners. Luckily, the rustic wood accent on the wall is in small portion and it matches with the wooden flooring.

Slowly, the wooden flooring will bring your heart to the max in loving the rustic wood accent on the wall.

The floor complements the existence of wall space with seating. The seating becomes part of the dining table set. You can enjoy the meal right from the cozy wall corner seating.

13. Wood Accent Ideas Bathroom

Wood Accent Wall Ideas Bathroom

At one point in the bathroom is ideal for a wood accent wall to be involved. The wall space right behind the toilet tends to be filled with some interesting element.

In this bathroom, space is filled with textured wood wall from the floor to the ceiling.

It only takes a narrow space on the wall but it makes such a big statement to dominate the feel in the bathroom.

Because all the things in the room are colored white, the accent wall becomes the focal point of this bathroom.

Wood offers a nice natural texture to the bathroomSome wood material can’t handle moisture
It makes the bathroom less boringIt doesn’t last longer than others
Wood can add warmth to a cool room like a bathroom
You can use wood as a bathroom wall décor.
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14. Wood Accent Wall Ideas Panels

Wood Accent Wall Panels Ideas

Instead of having some space on the wall to decorate the room by installing wood accent ideas, you can have the entire wall is using the paneled wall. This wooden paneled wall seems to be interesting for every room.

Wood paneling is a great option to try in your house. It’s an alternative to paint and drywall.

It gives more character to the wall compared to them. The grey color is chosen to get well-blended with every color. It’s also best-known as square molding.

It gets combined with a floor-to-ceiling open shelf that you can use to cook. The color is still the same as the square molding wall. It makes those two elements become one.

15. Wood Accent behind the TV

Wood Accent Wall behind TV

The wall space behind the TV is probably one of the most favorite spaces to install wood accent. It’s the most strategic scene in the house.

It’s placed in the middle of the living room and it becomes the source of entertainment. There’s nothing better than having an outstanding backdrop for your TV.

In this living room, the owner chooses to have reclaimed wood accent behind the TV to expose its rustic charm. It’s perfect when you have the interior design in country style.

On each side of the accent wall space, there’s a white open cabinet that strengthens the rustic character.

16. Wood Accent around Fireplace

Wood Accent Wall Ideas around Fireplace

In this industrial living room, the fireplace has a wood accent wall ideas around it. It’s attached with a reclaimed wood wall that perfectly complements the exposed brick walls. The wood flooring makes the fireplace wall become one with the entire scheme.

The heavy beam emphasizes the character of this living room really well. All the furniture is well-picked to suit the style.

For a dramatic effect on the accent wall idea, you can give some spotlights on top of it. The texture of reclaimed wood will be clearly seen.

17. Accent Wall in Bedroom behind Bed

Wood Accent Wall Ideas in Bedroom behind Bed

The woodwork on the wall behind the bed is pretty unusual. It offers a lot of texture that would catch your attention.

It’s applied just like a bricked wall. It creates such a secondary headboard for the bed. So, it’s like having two-layer of the headboard in this eclectic bedroom.

Take a look at the window; it has a wood lattice on the outside. It complements the wood accent wall of this master bedroom ideas. More graphic visual interests are added into the mix.

18. Barn Wood Accent Wall in Dining Area

Barn Wood Accent Wall Ideas in Dining Area

It’s a wood accent wall ideas design we take from a rustic industrial restaurant. It’s pretty nice to amp up the mood while having the meal. You can incorporate this barn wood accent on the wall of your dining area.

The accent wall offers a fresh look with textural appearance. The arrangement of the wood planks is not just an ordinary installation. It’s an artwork.


Wood accent wall ideas are just what you need to refresh the entire design scheme of your room.

It’s suitable for any room inside the house, dining room, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Whether it’s reclaimed wood or a more clean-lined one, it’s guaranteed to be impressive.

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