20 Unbelievable DIY Nightstand Ideas For Creative And Inspired Beginners

Bringing your bedroom to the next level is way easier than you thought. All you need to do is get a simple furniture piece with versatile functions and nightstand is the perfect candidate. Rather than buying ordinary nightstand in the store, you might need to check the following DIY nightstand ideas.

Building your own nightstand is the best way to get a unique, one of a kind nightstand that cannot be found anywhere else.

Especially if you are good at woodworking, feel free to pick the available ideas below for your upcoming DIY projects.

Cement Blocks

diy nightstand cheap
source : dwell

To begin with, take a look at this unexpected nightstand idea that will blow your mind. If you are enough with wooden furniture, this nightstand should be taken into account.

Concretes that are stacked in such a way create a unique and inspirational piece to keep your bedside lamp, books, and even plants.

The fact that concretes are easy to find and much cheaper than store-bought furniture makes it worth choosing.

With a pinch of creativity, you can transform the nearly worthless concrete into a piece of art. If you have an industrial bedroom concept, the unexpected DIY nightstand ideas make a perfect addition.

DIY Small Nightstand

diy floating nightstand with light
source : brettbara

Urban houses and studio apartments really challenge your creativity. While you really need to furnish the dwelling place, the space does not give you many choices.

If you are looking for a nightstand that doesn’t consume much floor space, this hanging nightstand could be the one.

The nightstand hangs nicely on the wall, allowing you to use the lower space for other purposes.

The small nightstand comes with a compartment to hold your books, smartphones, and so much more. Border the glossy nightstand with beads for a stylish accent.

Round and Tall

diy nightstand ideas
source : matsutakeblog

If you need a nightstand and focal point at the same time, why bother bringing two furniture pieces into one room?

One of DIY nightstand ideas is going to inspire you with the power of creativity. Just prepare a bit more space for the following nightstand.

As you see in the picture, this round nightstand comes with a unique design. Combining concrete pillar, vinyl strips and wood pieces, the nightstand looks gorgeous to makeover your bedroom.

This furniture is sturdy enough to keep your night lamp, flower vase, smartphone, and other stuff.

Step Up

diy rustic nightstand plans
source : HGTV

Supposing that you want to reuse the existing stuff around the house, go to the backyard and grab a garden step.

DIY rustic nightstand ideas may be peculiar but garden step can be a perfect nightstand. The wear and tear effect made by nature creates a natural rustic look.

Garden step nightstand is a clever solution if you don’t want to spend a dime for store-bought furniture or you are too busy for a woodworking project.

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Needless to say, make sure to clean the dirt before bringing the step into the room.

Repurposed Suitcase

diy vintage nightstand
source : honorandfolly

Do you have unused suitcases? Don’t throw them to the garbage!

You can repurpose the suitcases and give them a second life. Inspired by retired travelers, DIY nightstand decor from suitcase represents high level creativity.

This signature piece of furniture brings enhancement to your bedroom.

Utilizing suitcase for DIY decor ideas is a piece of cake. Gather your unused suitcases and sort by their sizes.

Place the largest suitcase in the lowest level, followed by the smaller to the smallest one at the top. Voila! Your impressive, one-of-a-kind suitcase nightstand is ready to use.

Floating Nightstand

diy floating nightstand with drawer
source : IKEA

If the previous DIY nightstand ideas don’t meet your preferences, this can be the one you are looking for.

The floating nightstand is an amazing space saver as it takes nothing on your floor space. This nightstand feature boasts secure and sturdy holder for your books, graphics or many others.

As seen in the picture, the cool DIY nightstand ideas look modern with backlight to create a dramatic effect. Simply secure the holder on the wall and you are ready to go.

If you need an easy idea for woodworking project, this wooden floating nightstand is worth a thought.

Reuse the Old Stuff

diy bedroom nightstand
source : theweathereddoor

Another idea for suitcase side table is coming! This is a clever solution if you have only one unused suitcase.

Instead of stacking, lever up the suitcase by giving wooden legs on the four sides. As with other nightstands, the suitcase side table can hold your bedside lamp and other things you will need at night.

Reusing the old stuff is a great way to reduce waste. That become the issue is, some suitcases may dent when you load them.

Alternatively, fill the suitcase with wood pieces or other hard materials to support the surface. This helps keep the suitcase on shape.

Beaded Wood

diy mirrored nightstand
source : HGTV

Among other DIY nightstand ideas, this is the only one that gives you an artsy touch.

The wooden nightstand with drawers is built from reclaimed wood with bead accents to evoke an ethnic touch. You can also feel the sense of rustic that fill up the room.

The brilliant DIY nightstand ideas boast ample storage with ultimate sturdiness.

Not only does it can hold your bedside lamp or flower vase, but it is also a great organizer to keep your personal items out of sight. But this furniture piece may be a bit bulky so you need to spare more space.

Hidden Compartment

diy nightstand bookshelf
source : lovegrowswild

Anytime you have a pile of reclaimed wood around the house, you are ready for a woodworking project.

The following ideas for DIY nightstand are easy and applicable to revamp your bedroom. The affordable nightstand looks stylish, thanks to the humble design that just fits a bedroom corner.

Aside from its inviting look, the hidden compartment is another reason to build this versatile nightstand.

The compartment beneath the drawer enables you to organize book collections and many more items. Meanwhile, a single drawer is ready to conceal your secrets.

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All White

diy nightstand makeover
source : lizmarieblog

What is the perfect match for a farmhouse bedroom? It is surely a farmhouse nightstand with generous drawers.

The white DIY nightstand ideas complement clean and sleek bedroom. This furniture piece also matches the white shiplap walls and off-white headboard.

As with other bulky nightstands, the DIY wood nightstand ideas boast ample storage.

The table top can be a perfect place for bedside lamp, candle holders, family photos, and many others. Meanwhile the three drawers allow you to store more items including book collections, jewelries and so much more.

Matches the Floor

diy nightstand with drawer
source : lizmarieblog

Living in a country house gives you an advantage—you don’t need to worry about the space.

When it comes to building a nightstand for a spacious bedroom, this is a great option for your woodworking project. The bulky nightstand comes in a large size, allowing you to load more items.

But size is not the only reason to choose this nightstand. The sense of rustic and warm color that matches the floor becomes a visual appeal that attracts your attention.

If you are an avid woodworker, you will be challenged to build this piece.

White Washed

diy nightstand easy
source : amy.younng

White can bounce more light. This explains why many people love to bring white furniture into their interior.

How about white washed nightstand for your tiny bedroom? As with other furniture in white color scheme, the nightstand offers a visual interest to create as spacious feeling.

The small nightstand comes with attractive knobs that help you access the drawers. Among other DIY nightstand ideas, this may be the easiest option to do.

But if you want to cut the budget, simply revamp your dresser by painting it white and DIY small nightstand ideas are well executed.

Hang Up

diy nightstand shelf
source : shanty 2 chic

When you don’t have enough space on the floor, go to the walls. According to this quote, this floating nightstand makes a perfect choice to your tiny bedroom.

The furniture piece hangs nicely on the wall, leaving you with empty floor space for other purposes.

The stylish DIY floating nightstand is built with wood-framed compartment to hold your stuff.

The mixture of country and industrial style is so strong—reclaimed wood material and industrial bedside lamp can explain this. If you are a beginner in woodworking project, you can easily handle this nightstand.

DIY Nightstand with Drawer

diy nightstand plans
source : doityourselfdivas

So you just cleaned the basement and found an unused dresser. What should you do? Transform the dresser into a useful and cool nightstand.

The repurposed nightstand ideas come with a drawer and compartments, providing you with convenience to organize your belongings.

The white dresser nightstand really suits your bedroom. You don’t need to make a significant change to the old dresser, especially if it is in a good condition.

Removing the last two drawers offer extra storage. Meanwhile a repainting project will make the furniture look good as new.

Mix and Match

diy small nightstand
source : HGTV

When doing the woodworking project, choosing the right color can give you a headache. It may sound simple but picking the right color to paint the furniture can be overwhelming.

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Hopefully this picture can give you a spark of inspiration—don’t hesitate to mix and match the furniture pieces.

You might be afraid to use some different colors in the same room. In fact, mix-matching colors can be a great idea to add a visual appeal to the room.

In case of DIY nightstand with drawer, you can paint it with vibrant pink color to make it flashy on navy walls.

Upcycled Barks

diy industrial nightstand
source : laxtoyvr

Be creative with barks! If you have decided to use natural materials, the following DIY nightstand ideas are worth trying.

This nightstand delivers a distinct look, thanks to bark material that evokes a sense of nature to the bedroom. Its round shape also gives an additional visual interest.

This bark nightstand that matches the hardwood flooring is made up of processed barks and a base.

The base can be anything in a round shape such as small drum or stool. The base ensures the bark nightstand is always in a good shape.

Stack and Leave

diy nightstand wood
source : jacquelynclark

If you are too busy for a DIY project but don’t want to spend a lot of money for a store-bought nightstand, this is what you are looking for.

A humble nightstand made of stacked boxes are completely easy to make, giving you a 5-minute project and you can leave it.

The DIY nightstand ideas with boxes look simple but it delivers an aesthetic touch to the room.

Get some wooden boxes, stack them next to your bed, put a table lamp, and that’s it. Your DIY nightstand is ready to make your bedroom look more appealing.

A Perfectionist’s Nightstand

diy nightstand paint
source : tommychambersinteriors

A perfectly built nightstand is what you need to level up your perfect bedroom. This red and white nightstand represents your organized and neat personality.

The perfect and clean cut becomes the secret of its visual appeal. Not to mention the unique compartment to conceal your personal items.

This DIY nightstand makeover borrows the unique color of retro style with flashy red and white combination.

The white stripe accents on the compartment just makes the nightstand look impressive.

Be Creative with Luggage

diy nightstand design
source : Scheer & Co

A spark of idea can come up from anything. Thinking about DIY nightstand ideas unleash your wild imagination and your brain starts to find the right thing to repurpose.

And when your eyes see a suitcase, a luggage nightstand is going to be a perfect woodworking project.

This suitcase nightstand is the result of a creative thinking. The unused suitcase is transformed into a stylish, three-legged nightstand to improve your bedroom.

It can be a perfect place for a unique night lamp and tabletop accessories.

Rustic Makeover

DIY X-Stand Nightstands
source : brittanystager

In a condition that you have plenty of wood pallets, you can build this adorable nightstand.

The small furniture is made of reclaimed wood pallets which are arranged into a versatile organizer. The painted cross legs give a distinct appearance, creating a nice contrast look with its rustic top.

Interestingly, the following DIY nightstand ideas have an open compartment that can be a perfect place to hold your books. No more cluttered bedroom, thanks to this humble organizer.

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