17 Exclusive DIY Floating Shelf Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Looking for some floating shelf ideas? When it comes to the interior, not many people think about the floating shelf. The thing is, something as simple as a floating shelf can have significant impacts on how the interior looks.

To help you beautify the interior, we listed 17 inspiring ideas that you can try. From simple DIY floating shelf decor, layered floating shelf, unique shaped floating shelf to bathroom floating shelf. Let’s get to these ideas.

DIY Corner Floating Shelf

floating shelves ideas decorating
source : shanty-2-chic

Making something yourself is always the best way to customize it the way you like it to the minute details. Yes, this includes floating shelf wood as well.

The floating shelf contrasts with the wall. As a result, not just the shelves are highlighted but also the decorations on them as well.

The best thing about this floating shelf DIY is that it doesn’t take a lot of materials and effort to make. You need thick wooden boards, dark-colored paint, and nails, that’s all.

Create a playful display

floating shelf decor ideas
source : bijoulovelydesigns

The next in our floating shelf ideas is rather unique floating shelf. Just because they are shelves, doesn’t mean they have to be parallel to each other. Add your own style to the them. Arrange them the way you like it.

The shelves here are all white. White is a nice option as this allows the decorations that the shelves hold to stand out and make a statement.

Floating Shelf Wood in Bathroom

floating shelves ideas bathroom
source : thriftyandchic

When it comes to floating shelf decor, it is up to you where to install it. Need extra storage in the bathroom? Why not add a floating shelf or two? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

There is a bit difference between a floating shelf on other rooms and the bathroom. Unlike the mostly decorative floating shelf on other rooms, a floating shelf in the bathroom must be functional. It has to be

  • easily reachable
  • have enough space
  • strong enough to hold items and decorations

Rustic Floating Shelf Ideas

floating wall shelf decorating ideas
source : shanty-2-chic

Perhaps you want to add a bit rustic touch to your interior? In that case, floating shelf rustic is one of the best floating shelf ideas for you. It doesn’t take much to bring a rustic vibe to the interior. A few layers of rustic shelves will be enough.

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You can make complement the rustic vibe further with other rustic accessories on top of each shelf. Just be sure that the shelves are not overcrowded.

Floating Shelves Ideas for Bedroom

floating shelves placement ideas
source : welshdesignstudio

Is that empty space above the cabinet? Everyone likes to have extra storage, wherever it is. Rather than leaving the space empty, you can install one or two shelves on it.

Having a floating shelf occupying what is otherwise empty space is no doubt a clever and efficient way to use available space.  Best of all, you can make it more attractive by painting or finishing it and place decorations on it.

Bookshelves come in various shapes and sizes. Need some insight to make your own bookshelf? Read our bookshelf decor ideas and get an insight or two.

Unique Floating Shelves

floating shelf ideas for living room
source : shopstyle

There is also a floating shelf modern. If you can have something extraordinary, why settle for the ordinary? This floating shelf is a good example of extraordinary decor.

Not only it holds decorations that make the interior more interesting, but it is also a decoration in and of itself too. From afar, the shelves look like an incomplete circle. It is an amazing focal point that your guests can’t just ignore.

Floating Shelves with Clavos

floating shelves ideas living room
source : shanty-2-chic

Not every homeowner has a large interior space to spare. Many have a rather small interior space. If your interior space is limited, you can still install a floating shelf. But, rather than going full-size, opt for floating shelf small.

If you are creative with your floating shelf decor, you can make it as beautiful as their full-size counterpart. Here’s a good idea to start: stack the small shelves vertically and leave enough and not too much space in-between them.

Farmhouse Floating Shelves Ideas

floating shelves ideas for living room
source : themodestfarmhouse

There is something interesting about the farmhouse decor. It makes you feel welcomed and warm. If you want to add a welcoming and warm vibe to the room, installing a farmhouse-style floating shelf is your best options.

Don’t worry, you can get the vibe even if the decor is simple. Notice how the shelves are contrasted with the lined wall.  The natural-look of the shelves brings a welcoming and warm vibe. Even more so if the shelves are stained dark brown.

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DIY Wall Shelf Decor

floating shelf ideas for bathroom
source : shadesofblueinteriors

While the previous floating shelf ideas involve contrasting the wall with the shelves, it is not a strict rule you must follow. Rather, you can also go ‘invisible’ with floating shelf decor that has the same color as the wall.

Look how blurry the line between the shelves and the wall is. From afar, you may not even notice there are shelves there. The white color also gives off a clean and tidy vibe, making it a perfect choice for the bathroom storage.

Floating Shelf Ideas for Kitchen

floating shelf ideas for kitchen
source : jennasuedesign

Extra storage is welcome in just about any room. Be it the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, and of course, the kitchen.

No one can just say no if they are offered with extra storage in the kitchen. Yes, you can install floating shelf for kitchen.

The floating shelf will be a bit different compared to, say, floating shelf living room. A floating shelf on the kitchen must be able to hold small kitchen equipment, seasonings, and other kitchen needs. Yes, it should be more practical and less decoration.

Minimalist Floating Shelves Decor

floating shelves wall ideas
source : domino

Most of our floating shelf ideas are elaborate and involve intricate design. Many of them are thick shelves with bold colors. What if you are a minimalist? Well, worry not. There is also minimalist alternative as well.

Notice how the shelves are relatively thinner and smaller. Not only that, but the color is also less bold and more natural as well. It uses minimal space while being functional, truly minimalist to the core.

DIY Floating Ladder Shelf

floating shelf design ideas
source : anikasdiylife

A straight line floating shelf is common. A ladder-like one, on the other hand, is quite unusual. This floating shelf wood is unlike the others. It is a perfect combination between functions and looks.

The color of the floating shelf increases its presence. It also provides balance and contrast to the white room, too. The best thing about this floating shelf is that you can create it easily.

You just need to cut a section of the unused ladder, pant it and install it on the wall. Voila! A unique ladder floating shelf wood.

Proper organization is important, especially when it comes to the pantry. Looking for some inspiration for pantry organization? If it is a yes, you want to read our pantry shelving ideas.

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Geometric Floating Shelf

floating shelves design ideas
source : Jane

Have you ever seen a floating shelf as good-looking as this? We don’t think so. We can even say that it is the best looking example in our floating shelf ideas. It is not just a floating shelf. It is more than that.

The floating shelf consists of three wooden boards. The top and the bottom boards have the same length while the middle one is longer. These boars are connected by two steel diamonds, which stand in the middle of the boards. Very beautiful, isn’t it?

DIY Floating Shelves

floating shelf ideas
source : fivelittlebears

Nothing makes feel at ease and at home more than country decor. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to have a full country-style interior. Just a bit of it can make you feel the same.

Just look at this floating shelf wood.  The old, worn-out looks remind you of the good old times. It has a countryside vibe to which the decorations on the shelves amplify.

Floating Shelf Modern

floating shelf display ideas
source : homebunch

Nothing makes feel at ease and at home more than country decor. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to have a full country-style interior. Just a bit of it can make you feel the same.

Just look at this floating shelf wood.  The old, worn-out looks remind you of the good old times. It has a countryside vibe to which the decorations on the shelves amplify. Pots of plants are your shortcut if you want to add freshness to the interior.

Cube Wall Floating Shelves

floating shelves arrangement ideas
source : finnteriordesigner

Don’t be afraid of adding floating shelf decor with an unusual shape. Especially, if it is to your liking and very personal. Here’s a good example: boxes floating shelves. These shelves are mostly for decor purposes and less practical.

If you want something that grabs the attention of your guests, these boxes are certainly a good choice. You can also place more decorations in and on top of these boxes. If you want that, be sure that the boxes can support them.

Wood Floating Shelf

floating shelves display ideas
source : etsy

The last in our floating shelf ideas list is an all-natural floating shelf. Notice how each shelf look as if it is a living log. It all thanks to the stain on the boards.

Unstained and unfinished boards can’t have the same effect as they look pale, not fresh. The plants on top of the shelves are nice touches that make the shelves feel more natural.

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