19 Amazing Painted Rock Ideas for Kindness Rocks Project

Rock painting is becoming popular now. It is not a surprise. It is simple, cute, and everyone can do it. Did you just discover rock painting recently? If you did, you probably are looking for some painted rock ideas for inspiration. This is your lucky day. Here, we listed lots and lots of rock painting ideas that you can try immediately.

Our ideas here include rocks of many sizes and shapes with various coloring and patterns. With that many ideas, you will find several to your liking. Alright, with no further ado let’s get to these ideas now.

Lively Tanagers

painted rock bird
source : armariannamaria

Let’s start with something cute and lively. Look at these painted rocks. Looks very cute and lively, aren’t they? They look so realistic as if you are staring at real tanagers. Best of all, painting rocks into tanagers is among small painted rock ideas to try too.

Prepare your painting tools and just start painting. Introduce cuteness and make the interior livelier with these tanagers lookalike. If you are good with painting, your guests may think you have real tanagers. h

Mini House

painted rock houses
source : pinterest

Perhaps you want something very simple for your very first painted rock ideas as a start? Why not! These houses look good too.

Grab a clean rock, draw a door, several windows, add greeneries on the door and windows and finally, color them. Voila! Now you have a mini house on a rock.

Painting a rock can be difficult, especially if you are just starting recently. Don’t be discouraged, though. Start with less detailed craft ideas like this one and keep painting. As long as you are consistent, soon enough you will be surprised by how your painting skill is improving.

Painted Rock Garden

painted rock garden ideas
source : aberdeensundaymarket

There are plenty of ways you can make your garden look more awesome. Of course, one of them is to add painted rocks on them. Let’s say you have a garden of vegetables and fruits. Adding paints that resemble vegetable- and fruit-shaped will be a great idea.

Look the carrot, watermelon, pumpkin, eggplant, and potato. The garden feels livelier and awesome, isn’t it? Their expressions make it even more so. It is as if you are seeing cartoon characters. Without them, the garden will feel very empty and boring.

Painted Rock Penguin

painted rock penguin
source : lindseybridgesart

What is your favorite animal again? Is it a penguin? Those flightless birds are just cute. No one can deny that. So if you have lots of black river rocks, you might as well paint and create penguins out of them.

Other colors can work, but the painting will be much easier if you have black rocks. The black serves as the base and you just need to paint the face, body, wings, and foot. If you are looking for easy painting rock ideas, try making penguins.

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M&M Painted Rock Ideas

ideas for painted rocks
source : Shelade

Who can resist chocolate candy? Make your kitchen more delicious and tempting with these ‘chocolate’ candies. These craft ideas are more detailed so they may be a bit difficult. Don’t fret, though. You will have fun painting it. Especially if the end results look realistic like these ones.

When you are done, place them in an appropriate place. Be aware so that your children, pets or guests don’t mistake these as real chocolate candies. Yes, that’s just how tempting these ‘chocolate’ candies are.

Play with Patterns

painted rock ideas
source : colormadehappy

Next idea in our painting rock ideas list is to paint patterns. What if you want patterns rather than clear shapes? Just go for it, then. There are just so many amazing painted rock ideas out there you can try, including patterns.

Say, for example, you want really unique decorations in your house. Try different patterns for each rock that you paint. Use different colors, too. This way each and every of your painted rock will be truly unique.

Painted Fairy Door

painted rocks for kids
source : loveandmarriageblog

Rocks come in various sizes and shapes. If your rocks are mostly flat, you can create adorable doors on them like these. You can add these adorable doors in the living room, in the bedroom, in the backyard, even in the kitchen. Wherever they are, they make the room feels more playful and fun.

Of all craft ideas in our list, this one is certainly one of the simplest and easiest to do. That doesn’t mean they don’t look good, though. Just look how adorable they are.

Using painted rocks is only one among many ways to create unique decorations. Check out our toilet paper roll crafts ideas here for unique decorations for your house.

Painted Rock Cactus

painted rock cactus
source : Stonzie by idilo

Cacti and succulents are great additions to any house. However, not everyone has the room or can take care of them. If you are among these people, you may want to create cacti and succulents out of rocks.

Look how fresh these rocks are. They have a similar look as actual cacti and succulents. They also bring an air of freshness, too, not unlike real cacti and succulents.

Best of all, there is no need to water or maintain them. You get all the benefits but with little to no work for it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Simple Mermaid Stones

painted rock fish
source : naturepluspigment

Do you like marine life and fish? If it is yes, then this idea is among the most fitting painted rock ideas for you. If you have small rocks and pebbles, color them blue and use black lines to make it appear like fish scales.

These fish scale rocks make great decorations inside an aquarium or a beach-themed interior. Of course, you can place them in other places as well. They will bring a unique vibe to the room.

Painting Eyes on Rocks

designs for painted rocks
source : loveandmarriageblog

Our painted rock ideas list is not complete without something unique. Want to add fun to your interior? Take a rock or two and paint an expression on it. The more expressive the painting is, the better.

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Notice how expressive these eyes and eyebrows are. They are also positioned in a way that appears as if they are peeing, adding more fun element to the room. It is among the simplest painted rock design ideas you can try.

Hedgehog Painted Rocks

painted rock images
source : easypeasyandfun

Among the other painted rock ideas, this one is certainly the cutest. There are only a few things in the world that is cuter than a little hedgehog.

Okay, these may not be real hedgehogs but they are still cute, too. If you have kids, they will love to play with these cute little hedgehogs.

Create your own cute little hedgehogs with small rocks, a small brush, brown, yellow, and black paints. Divide each stone into two parts, one part is colored yellow and the other brown. Make eyes, a nose, and spines and there you go. Now you have cute little hedgehogs of your own.

Happy Cactus

painted rock designs
source : yogisowl

Just because they are cacti, doesn’t mean they can’t be adorable. Well, at least for painted cacti like these. Unlike your normal cacti, these cacti have large, dark eyes and smile that make you want to play with them. They are adorable decorations you can place anywhere to brighten the mood.

Make the cacti more adorable by attaching flowers on their heads. Make them stand so they are easily visible. If you need a quick solution to brighten a room, these cacti can help.

Painted Rock Owl

painted rock owl
source : yogisowl

Cute birds with hats? Why not! The cacti may be adorable, but these cute cacti will fit the winter for sure. Notice that each and every bird has a hat on their head.

While the other painting rock ideas tend to use more colors in a single rock, this one uses fewer colors. You just need the color of the wings, hats, eyes, and beaks.

Painted Rock Art

painted rock art
source : hellowonderful_co

No one says that you have to use either abstract or realistic ideas for rock painting. On the contrary, you are free to choose the kinds of craft ideas that you like. That includes combining both abstract and realistic motifs, of course.

Nothing screams you more than your own paintings. This is especially true if you came up with your own painted rock ideas. So, don’t be afraid to experiment. If you have children, involving them for rock painting and place the finished rocks on their playroom isn’t a bad idea, either.

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Deep Blue

painted rock pictures
source : fluidartwork

If you have experience in painting, you may want to go for more complex painted rock craft ideas like this. Notice that the painting makes an otherwise ordinary and boring rock into something more, something extraordinary. You can say it is an artwork.

Just look at this deep blue rock. Who wouldn’t like to have it in their interior? It can be placed just about anywhere and will make the room looks more special and amazing. If you want a decoration that is portable and versatile, you may want to create this deep blue rock.

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Creating an artwork like this is of course not easy. However, the time and effort you are putting in to make it will certainly worth it. Not to mention creating such artwork is incredibly fun, too.

Angry Birds

painted rock inspiration
source : artistro artsupplies

If you have a kid, they probably know what Angry Birds are. They probably like them, too. There are lots of creative things you can do with a kid, including painting rocks. You will need painted rock ideas that look cute and easy to try for them. Drawing Angry Birds is a good start.

First, paint the rocks with a neutral color. This should serve as the background color that allows the birds to take shape and stand out.

Second, paint each bird on the first layer of paint. For the birds, you can draw them using colored paint markers to make it easier. Finally, let them dry. There you go.

The painting process can be done using only brushes. However, for a more detailed painting, paint markers are the better option as they are easier to control than brushes.

Painted Rock Animals

painted rock animals
source : colormadehappy

The next idea in our craft ideas list is for those who love the beach. What is more fun than to paint something that you like? In this case, beach themed painted rock ideas will be very fun to paint for beach lovers.

For example, you can draw a whale with beautiful patterns on a river rock. With the rock being unpainted, it allows the painting to stand out. At the same time, as the rock retains its look, the rock as a whole looks and feels more natural.

If you have a beach-inspired interior, adding beach-themed decorations will complete the look. So, take your time and draw some things that remind you of the beach. That will be fun.

Add Rainbow

painted rock patterns
source : colormadehappy

Ordinary rocks don’t look interesting on their own. Rocks painted with a rainbow? Now that is a different thing. The rainbow is always interesting to look at.

Everyone likes a rainbow. Why not include it as a decoration in your interior? That will make the interior more colorful. Not to mention it will brighten the mood, too.

To add the rainbow, get a small rock and paint it with the colors of the rainbow. Of course, you are not limited to the original seven.

Including other colors is a good idea as well. Just look how beautiful this painted rock is. Break the rock into two if you want to make it stand or leave it as it is if you don’t.

Looney Tunes and Tiny Tunes

painted rock easy
source : bilskirocks

The last idea in our painted rock ideas involves characters from a cartoon show. While these painted rocks can be used as decorations on all season, they work especially well during Halloween since everyone wears a costume to celebrate the day.

Since the characters tend to be detailed, find rocks that have a flat surface. Or if you have the necessary tools, make them as flat as possible.

A flat surface will make the painting process a whole lot easier. To make each character stands out paint each rock with a bright color to be the background.

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