19 Most Creative Wooden Sign Ideas to Add Charm in the House

Need some wooden sign ideas for your next DIY project? Many homeowners add one, two, or even more of such decorations in their houses. Wooden sign is, after all, a very versatile decoration. It is charming and can be added as either a complementary decoration or a focal point of the room.

Here, we made a list of no less than 19 fun ideas. You’d probably find some ideas to your liking. Some ideas might even inspire you to get started and make a wooden sign or two of your own. Let’s get to them now.

Wood Sign Ideas for Kitchen

wood sign ideas for kitchen
source : pinterest

When we said that a wooden sign is a versatile decoration, we really mean it. You can place it anywhere to make the space more beautiful.

For example, in the kitchen. The kitchen is often seen for its functional purposes only. Adding a charming sign like this can break the routine, improving the kitchen’s looks.

There is no need to make the sign serious. Be playful. Make it fun. Write something funny or quirky like “Eat it or Starve” like this one here. Such a charming decoration will undoubtedly be an excellent addition to the kitchen.

Family ‘Gallery’

wooden sign design ideas
source : qbhome

Want to make a ‘gallery’ for family stuff? Complete the ‘gallery’ by adding a large wooden sign with a nice quote. As seen here, the wooden decoration is paired with shelving which serves as the platform for the family stuff. The result? A warm and welcoming wall decor that swoons over the beholder.

As with other wooden sign ideas on the list, there is a quote or phrase written on the sign. Since this is for the family, a quote or phrase about life and love will be a perfect choice.

Funny Cooking Sign

funny wooden sign ideas
source : etsy

Another example of a wooden sign for kitchen. This time, rather than being hanged on the wall, the sign is laid on it. Notice how the sign here is large enough and surrounded with neutral colors, essentially becoming a focal point.

The size is enough to make the sign noticeable. Want to make it stand out more? Try using white, black and brown to color the wooden sign.

The contrast that black and white have makes the sign more noticeable while the brown accentuates it, making it more pleasing to the eyes.

Reminder for the Kids

wood sign ideas for bathroom
source : pinterest

Kids need to be reminded again and again so they don’t develop bad habits. This is particularly important with the bathroom-related stuff. Since none can supervise and remind their kids 24/7, it is best to use a wooden sign wall decor for that.

Making the warning sign noticeable is a must. For example, the sign here is teal which contrasts with the white wall, thus making it unmissable. With a sign like this hanging on the wall, the kids will remember what they should do and don’t do when they are in the bathroom.

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Family A Little Bit Of Crazy

wood sign ideas family
source : timber gray

Compared to other wooden sign ideas on the list, this one is surely one of the simplest. But, as simple as it is, it is still an impactful decoration. What makes it so? Well, its rustic look is what. Look how the wooden sign nicely complements the shiplap wall behind and the finished wooden flooring under.

A rustic decoration makes a room warmer. As such, it shouldn’t be surprising if such a decoration is used to either complement family-related decorations or be the focal point. Either way, a rustic sign is your best option if you want to add warmth to the space.

Special Dates

diy wood sign ideas
source : scriptnstyle

We included so many ideas for wooden sign family here, for a good reason. After all, isn’t it the most valuable possession in the world? And what better way to remind each other of how important family is than making a wooden sign DIY with special dates written on it?

Writing the dates of birth of each family member makes it very personal. It makes a great decoration for the living room, not just for aesthetical reasons only but also an emotional one as well. Every time you enter the room, you will be reminded of your beloved ones’ birthday. Isn’t that heartwarming?

Wood Sign Ideas for Bedroom

wood sign ideas for bedroom
source : whimsy & weathered

When it comes to wooden sign ideas, there is no off-limit area in the house. Many of the previous examples are placed in the living room.

There are also ones in the bathroom. What about the bedroom? Well, it looks good in the bedroom too. Just take a look at this wooden sign.

Complete the farmhouse look of your bedroom by adding a wooden sign wall décor with a farmhouse touch. You get double benefits from this. First, the bedroom is now filled with a farmhouse vibe. Second, the wooden sign sayings remind you of what you need to do.

The main purpose of the bedroom is to be the place where we can relax and rest. Of course, how it looks will affect the level of comfort it provides. One of the most overlooked aspects is the bedroom wall. Check out these bedroom wall ideas and make your bedroom a place to relax and rest comfortably.

Over the Headboard

wood sign gift ideas
source : aimeeweaverdesigns

The next one on our list is also a wooden sign wall decor for the bedroom. Unlike the previous one, however, this sign doesn’t complement the bedroom’s decor. Rather than being a complementary part of the decor, the sign here is a focal point in and of itself.

Notice how the sign stands out here. The other parts of the room are mostly light or neutral colors. The sign, on the other hand, is black and white. Such contrast brings attention to the sign, making it the center of attention.

Forgiveness Wood Sign

diy wooden sign ideas
source : wildwings

If you want to make a personal statement, this wooden sign DIY is for you. It is true that many unique signs on the market to choose from. But, as good as they are, none can be as personal as a wooden sign DIY that you made on your own.

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And it doesn’t take much to make a personal wooden sign. You can also write whatever words, quotes or phrases that you like as well.

When you make a personal sign, remember that making the interior personal is never a bad idea. It is a way to express yourself, after all.

Wood Sign Ideas for Weddings

wood sign ideas for weddings
source : ohbestdayever

Keep in mind that the wooden sign wall décor is just one among many wooden sign ideas. Our previous ideas involve small signs placed inside of a house.

That is not the only option you have, obviously. Large signs can look just as good. Placing them outside of a house is not a bad idea, either.

For example, the signs here are for occasions like a wedding or a party. The signs make good decorations for both occasions, especially if they have occasion-related words or quotes written on them. Such decorations add beauty and charm to the space.

Outdoor Wood Sign

outdoor wood sign ideas
source : 100layercake

As we have said earlier, there is no off-limit area when it comes to a wooden sign. It is very versatile as it can be used both indoor and outdoor. Not many decorations can be like this. Thus, it is not a surprise if it has become a popular trend right now.

The sign that you see here is a wedding decoration. Notice how the sign is adorned with greenery on it. Such a decoration is not for aesthetic only, of course. You can see the wedding party schedule on it. Aesthetical? Of course. Functional? Absolutely.

Wooden Shutter Sign for Fall

fall wooden sign ideas
source : 1001pallets

If you want to turn a decoration into a focal point, you need to make it noticeable. And what’s a better way to do so than introducing contrast? Adding a wooden sign with a contrasting color is surely among the best wooden sign ideas a focal point is what you are after.

Look at this sign. Very noticeable isn’t it? It is like that thanks to the color it has. While the wall behind it is light brown, it is colored blue. Consequently, the sign turns into a focal point. Yes, a very interesting focal point.

Barn Wood Religious

wood sign design ideas
source : homebnc

A wooden sign decor can be made easily and inexpensively. How so? Well, if you have unused pallet boards sitting around in your house, you can turn it into a beautiful wooden sign like this one here. Even if you don’t, pallet boards are really inexpensive.

One of the best wooden sign ideas you can try with pallet boards is to style it in farmhouse style. This works especially well if the pallet boards already show signs of aging and wear and tear. Don’t believe it? Take a look at how pretty this farmhouse pallet sign is.

No Soliciting Wood Sign

wooden sign ideas
source : etsy

Surprise your guest with a small wooden sign on the doorbell. A doorbell with a sign like this will make a good impression as it shows you how you care about your guests. Not to mention it makes a great icebreaker too, especially for first-time visitors.

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The best thing about such a decoration is that it allows you to add just about any kind of vibe to the entrance. Sure, it might be small but despite its size, it can have such a significant effect on the entrance decor. This one here, for example, makes the entrance more stylish and warmer.

Front Porch Wooden Sign Ideas

wood sign ideas
source : etsy

Don’t let your front porch empty. There are plenty of wooden sign ideas that can make it amazing and inviting. For example, you can put a large black wooden sign with “Home sweet home” written on it on the front porch.

Although such an addition to the porch might seem negligible, it can change the mood of the entrance. Many home entrances are cold, plain, and boring. Adding a cute wooden sign like this changes that. It turns an otherwise cold, plain, and boring front porch into an amazing and inviting one.

Recycled Pallet

wood sign ideas diy
source : aimee weaver

Pallet truly is an amazing material. It can be used for many things. A wooden sign decor is but one of them. This one is a good starter if you want to make your own wooden sign DIY. The design isn’t complex, it requires just a bit of painting, and can be finished within several hours. It’s a must-try.

The living room wall decides the mood of the entire room. Knowing how impactful the wall can be, you need to decor it properly so you get the intended mood. Our living room wall ideas here will make it easier for you to do so.

Welcome Sign Painted

wooden sign craft ideas
source : etsy

Put a smile on your guest’s face by providing a warm welcome with a unique wooden sign. Since many houses’ entrance is often left as-is with no unique decoration whatsoever, adding a simple sign like this surely makes a good impression on your incoming guest.

Don’t go overboard with your wooden sign ideas, though. Sure, go ahead and make a unique and pleasant-to-see sign. But don’t use a very contrasting color or a weird shape. Remember, a simple, white welcome sign like this goes a long way.

Make It Romantic

wood sign decor ideas
source : aimeeweaverdesigns

Are you a newlywed? Or do you want to spice up your marriage and make the bedroom more romantic for both you and your spouse? Try adding wooden sign sayings over the headboard of the bed like this.

Such a wooden sign might be silly for some people. Yet, a simple romantic gesture like this is what makes loving and being loved fun. So, why don’t you try it? This romantic sign reminds you and your spouse of your love each time you two see it.

Bathroom Wooden Sign Ideas

wooden sign ideas for bathroom
source : homenbc

Moving on to the last one in our wooden sign ideas, it is a simple and minimalist wooden sign reminder for kids. It is a perfect example of even a simple sign can add beauty to the bathroom. Better yet, this sign also doubles as a reminder. Notice the “wash, brush, floss, and flush” written on it.

Teaching kids to take care of themselves takes time, effort and patience. Adding a wooden sign to be a reminder certainly makes it easier.

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