20 Useful DIY Ladder Shelf Ideas (Good for Upcoming Project)

Thinking about the right storage idea can give you a headache. You might have a lot of things to store but the space seems not friendly for a bulky storage cabinet. You can always count on DIY ladder shelf to offer a clever solution.

Ladder shelf is a sturdy yet stylish option to hold your stuff. This space-saving storage idea comes in handy, allowing you to position the leaning shelf almost anywhere.

If you are looking for DIY ladder shelves inspirations for the upcoming project, take a sneak peek to the following ideas.

Blanket Ladder

diy ladder shelves
source : lifestorage

If you cannot find the right place to hold your blanket, this DIY blanket ladder is worth your thought.

Reclaimed wood that builds this leaning ladder gives a slight rustic touch to complement bedroom interior. It matches the hardwood flooring and terracotta wardrobe that creates a contrast look.

Notice the floor to ceiling window treatment that comes in refreshing blue color scheme. You can also spot a leaves wreath that lends natural accent to the room.

To add visual interest, accessories and collectibles with similar nuance will work great to complement the blanket ladder.

Combine with Drawers

diy ladder shelf ideas
source : houseologie

Narrow space requires more creativities. This DIY toilet ladder shelf with drawers is what you need to hold bathroom essentials.

The mixture of leaning ladder shelf and drawers give a unique look to improve your interior. Unlike conventional cabinets that keeps the stuff out of sight, this DIY ladder comes with open concept.

This furniture piece makes a great complement to the room, thanks to the clean white color that matches its surroundings.

If you want to optimize every inch of the bathroom, simply place the shelf in the corner and you can make the bathroom feel more spacious.

Hang Up

diy ladder shelf plans
source : anikasdiylife

Who says ladder shelf is always leaning? Take a look at this picture and make up your mind.

This hanging ladder gives a new definition of ladder shelf. Much like open shelving, this DIY floating ladder shelf is a great space-saver. You can place it almost anywhere, even above the toilet.

This DIY ladder shelf looks simple but offers many functionalities. Hang your wet towel and let the air dry it out.

Put some aromatherapy candles on the shelf and breathe fresher bathroom air. Or else, place a small planter and gets a little touch of nature. Either way, this DIY hanging ladder shelf is useful.

Good for Work

diy leaning ladder shelf
source : ana white

DIY ladder shelf desk works well for any room, including your home office.

This leaning desk bookshelf offers a nice and creative replacement to your old and boring office desk.

Despite the building process requires much time and energy, the result is worth the effort.

The DIY ladder bookshelf and desk offers ample storage to hold your books, documents, photos, or even holiday souvenirs.

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With a computer desk in the center, the shelf makes everything within your reach. If you adopt a country or farmhouse interior style, this desk and bookshelf idea could be opted.

White and Tall

diy ladder shelf
source : instructables

Some people just don’t have much time to build a creative and unique.

If this is also your problem, a ladder with basic design could be the best choice for the upcoming project.

Combining the idea of conventional ladder and open shelving, this DIY ladder shelf looks just great for any room.

The tall ladder lets you hold more stuff such as books, plants, or collectibles.

The sturdy and stylish ladder design makes it a catchy visual interest to any rooms including the hallways and living rooms. Choose the right paint to fit best with surrounding elements.

Simple Yet Useful

diy wooden ladder shelf
source : handluggageonly

Are you looking for the right storage idea to enhance your farmhouse interior? This wooden ladder shelf could be it.

The tall and slim ladder leaning on the wall look stylish in your farmhouse room. Raw wood material accentuates its simplicity that fits best with blank wall and unfinished hardwood flooring.

This easy DIY ladder shelf is a useful piece to hold your books, family photos, or knick-knacks.

While it is easy to position this shelf, this storage works best for hallways or living room corners. You can also give a touch of nature by putting a small planter on its top.

Corner’s Best Friend

diy corner ladder shelf
source : joyfullygrowingblog

Many people failed to use up their corner space and leave it unoccupied. In fact, corner can be a perfect spot to put your storage.

Take a look at this shelf storage idea. The reclaimed wood DIY ladder shelf sits nicely in the corner of the room, giving you ample space to move freely.

Despite its rustic look, the following DIY ladder shelf plans look great for any room style including farmhouse, industrial, and rustic itself.

Wicker planter that accentuates the rustic look can be a great companion for the ladder. Whether you want to use it for bathroom or bedroom, the shelf is going to do its best function.

Nice for Outdoor

diy decorative ladder shelf
source : makingitinthemountains

This is how you can makeover the porch or backyard patio. A ladder shelf with tray offers a lot of convenience as well as aesthetic touch to your outdoor.

Coming in a slightly wider size, this ladder shelf looks nice to hold your small planters.

The sturdy DIY ladder shelf and organizer can furnish doorways, backyard patios, or porches.

Choose the right color that matches the surrounding elements, or simply make it a focal point by painting the shelf with vibrant colors.

Bedside Table Replacement

diy wood ladder shelf
source : themerrythought

Ladder shelf is undeniably a versatile piece you should have at home.

The multipurpose feature can work well to organize bathroom essentials, on the other hand it can be a clever replacement to bedside table.

In this picture, you can spot a raw wood 3-shelf ladder that complements a bedroom interior.

Replacing bedside table, the following DIY ladder shelf ideas look perfect to hold a bedside lamp, planter, and a pile of books.

While the bulky table can make your bedroom look cramped, this open shelf gives a spacious feeling that you need.

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Bold and Vibrant

diy toilet ladder shelf
source : ana white

Need to add more colors to the guest bathroom ideas? Take this bold and vibrant DIY wood ladder shelf into consideration. Covered in flashy orange color, this storage idea fits best to any bathroom style.

The freestanding shelf features tray in different sizes, allowing you to keep bathroom supplies and personal items securely.

Its moderate size makes it suitable for medium to large bathroom sizes. But with the right arrangement, your narrow bathroom can also benefit from this shelf.

Bookshelf Idea

diy ladder bookshelf
source : fishandbull

Even if you don’t have many book collections, they deserve secure and proper storage.

This DIY ladder shelf is suitable for you who are not avid readers but have some collections to keep.

Ladder bookshelf idea provides sufficient space for books and other collections such as holiday souvenirs or knick-knacks.

The DIY wood leaning ladder shelf is made of raw wood material that gives minimalist nuance.

This 5-shelf storage is a great space-saver since it doesn’t take much of your floor space. Thanks to wide shelves that can hold more stuff.

Unique A-frame

diy a frame ladder shelf
source : vintagerevivals

Add a visual interest to your interior with this DIY A frame ladder shelf. The unique construction combined with perfect arrangement results in an improved interior.

This A-frame ladder shelf is suitable to secure a lot of stuff, ranging from books to planters and collectibles.

The DIY ladder shelf for plants does not make your space look cramped. Thanks to white color choice that blends well with the accent wall ideas, giving a spacious feeling to the room.

If you need a storage with large capacity, this shelf should be listed in your upcoming project.

Full Height

diy ladder shelf for plants
source : brepurposed

Optimizing vertical space is your only choice when dealing with narrow area. If you cannot go wider, just go taller.

This full height ladder shelf offers more storage, allowing you to keep more items on the available shelves. Fortunately, the shelves are designed with borders to prevent your stuff from falling.

This DIY ladder shelf idea does not take much of your time. Start with preparing the tools and materials, cut the wood and assemble the parts.

If you adopt farmhouse or country style, this leaning ladder shelf is going to be a nice focal point. Choose the right stuff to make it more attractive.

Simple and Chic

easy diy ladder shelf
source : HGTV

Inspired by a step ladder, this shelf gives you double functionalities. Despite its small size, the simple storage idea is able to hold more stuff.

Thanks to double-side steps that let you optimize the available space. Either for indoor or outdoor, this shelf is going to be a perfect addition.

If you decide to use this storage for indoor, living room could be the right place for it. Get your books, small planters, and holiday souvenirs then do your best to arrange the stuff.

Or if you plan to have it outdoor, flower planters in various sizes can make your porch and patio look adorable.


diy ladder shelf bookcase
source : collectivegen

While leaning ladder might be not safe for kids, A-frame ladder comes to offer an alternative.

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This ladder shelf is more balance, besides it has more spaces to hold your personal items. Even if your active toddler decides to climb the ladder, he will be safe.

This DIY ladder shelf can be made of raw wood or reclaimed wood material. Adjust with the surrounding elements so that you can make it a center point of the room.

Perfect for Rustic Lovers

diy rustic ladder shelf
source : shanty 2 chic

If you are more into rustic, this shabby chic ladder shelf is worth the effort.

This idea is especially presented to rustic lovers who need to emphasize the interior’s rustic nuance. Made of reclaimed wood, this ladder shelf looks sturdy and stylish at the same time.

Borrowing the versatility of A-frame ladder, this shelf provides extra storage to hold more items.

To accentuate the touch of a real ladder, you can give an accent on its top. This ladder shelf works best for living room or hallways.

Shabby Chic

rustic wooden ladder decor
source : molitsy

You can also build this DIY rustic ladder shelf for your upcoming project.

Much like an upcycled piece, this feature has its own value to emphasize your interior design. You can benefit from its shabby look to create a visual interest in a country or rustic room.

The low height makes it more like a focal point and less like a storage. This DIY ladder shelf can be located almost anywhere but it works best in the corner. Combine with other elements to accentuate its shabby look.

Urban Style

urban ladder shelf
source : Mocka New Zealand

Most urban houses share the similar problem—narrow living space. But it shouldn’t discourage you to locate an organizer to complement the interior.

This ladder shelf offers a clever solution to hold your stuff without consuming much space.

The freestanding ladder with A-frame can improve your interior. The mixture of white frame and brown shelves matches your modern urban house.

This is a ladder to bring a big improvement in your small living room. You can use this organizer hold flower vases, knick-knacks or precious collectibles.

Decorative and Functional

ladder in living room
source : jhalvorson

Do you need a unique storage idea to complement the farmhouse living room? Take a look at this picture and get inspired.

This wood ladder sits nicely in the corner. This DIY ladder shelf provides you with a secure storage, at the same time gives a decorative touch to the room.

A slightly wider size allows you to hold more items on the shelves. This can be a good place to family photos, accessories, or even kid’s favorite toys.

Make the lowest shelves a little higher to conceal magazines or kids’ toys in wicker baskets.

A Bedroom’s Choice

DIY Ladder Shelf Shoe Storage
source : designsponge

Your master bedroom ideas needs a personalized storage idea. For your simple and minimalist bedroom idea, this basic DIY ladder shelf could be the one.

The short but functional shelf offers a versatile organizer to keep your personal items such as shoes, bags, or room accessories.

Raw wood material accentuates its simplicity, making it a perfect complement to your simple bedroom.

You can place this DIY corner ladder shelf in the bedroom corner or next to the wardrobe. It can also be a great addition to your walk-in closet.

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