7 Amazing Small Living Room with TV to Inspire You

Living room with tv becomes pretty common things which can be found nowadays. Modern entertainment surely cannot be separated from modern people. People usually will not involve television in their living room because it is the place for welcoming guest and having a good chat.

However, nowadays people have to deal with the limited space available in the house so instead of using different room for watching television, they just add it in the living room.

In this circumstance, people have to make sure that the television on the living room will not be the focal point. There are some decoration ideas of the living room completed with TV which people can try to create comfortable and presentable living room in the house.

Living Room With TV Frame

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Although many people still want to make sure that the living room can still be a comfortable place to chat, they cannot resist the fact that television can be very interesting focal point in the modern living room.

That is why they want to make sure that the television can also be great complement in the living room decoration. For this purpose, they can try to add the touch of class for their television decoration in the living room.

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They can mount the frame which has sharp looking around the television screen. When the television is turned off, they still need to make sure that the television looks interesting.

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The black screen of the television can be brightened up by coating the fame with paint. For finding the weathered frame, people can go to the antique shop. However, if they want to find the frame with right fit, craft store will be a great place to shop for frame. Building frame can also be a great idea.

Built In Living Room With TV

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There are some people who choose to make the television as the focal point of the living room. However, there are some people who do not want to find domination of television in the living room decoration.

That is why they can consider incorporating the television into the classic built in shelving. It is possible for people to make the television and the fireplace at the front anytime needed by using chair.

There is no need to worry about the size of the built in cabinet and the television because there are various standard sizes which can be found from television products. One thing for sure, with built in cabinet in the living room, there will be other elements which can be used as camouflage including shelving, drawer, as well as basket.

Eclectic Living Room Design

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Nowadays, people can mount the television on the wall for saving space and making it as part of wall decoration. However, there are many people want to also look at other things on their living room wall. In this circumstance, they can consider electric mix for installing television on the living room wall.

Besides the television, people can also mount the shelves as well as prints which are framed on the living room wall. They also brighten up the living room by adding the watercolors frame and even photography frame to the living room wall.

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The television can be additional part of decoration in the mixing square shape decoration in the living room wall.

TV With Fireplace Designs

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There was a time when fireplace becomes the main focal point in the living room. Nowadays, people prefer the television more as focal point in the living room.

However, some people have to combine television and fireplace as big part of their living room decoration. In this circumstance, they can try the popular decoration option for mounting the television over the mantle of the fireplace.

There is no need to worry about the heat of the fireplace because it will not make big difference on the wall above it where they will mount the television. It will be great if people also add the door flair which is hinged and made from the beaded board around the television screen.

Hidden Tv Wall Cabinet

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It is true that modern people will always consider living room with tv but it does not mean that they will use it all the time. Many people rarely watch their television but they still want to add it into their living room.

Some other people just want to make sure that they can create proper conversation in the living room whenever necessary without the disturbance of the television.

In this circumstance, they can try to make their television hidden in the living room. It is easy for hiding the television in the living room because they only need to mount sliding door panel.

The television can also be recessed into the wall and the photo can be mounted on the hinge for hiding it when it is not used. This must be a great idea as well when people think that big black screen on their living room wall does not look great.

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TV Shelving Units Wall Mounts

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People can find a great help from the built in cabinet for placing the television in the living room without making it as focal point. However, create built in cabinet needs a lot of money. In this circumstance, people can consider buying the modular shelving which is sold a lot in the home stores.

They only need to build it around their entertainment center in the living room. It will be great for adding the color as well as personality to the living room by using the shelving for organizing plants, art, books, and even found objects.

Corner Cabinet with TV

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Limited space becomes a big problem in many houses so people make the best decision for using the available space including when they want to install television in the living room.

The corner space in the living room usually will not be used a lot but they can find great idea for using corner cabinet for placing the television in the living room.

Living Room With TV Ideas


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With Fireplace

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Living Room with TV Stand

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Living Room With TV in Wall

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This way the prime area in the living room can be saved not only for warm conversation but also for the fireplace and also books. By adding favorite items, people can create cozy nook with corner cabinet for living room with tv.

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