7+ Cozy Screened in Porch Ideas to Help You Build a Great Porch

Getting some Screened in Porch Ideas would not be really difficult since there are lots of ideas which may be really inspiring for you. If you are interested in having your porch screened, it is better to get some ideas first so that you will get the right choice.

Of course, before you decide to screen your porch, it is much better for you to know well about the impacts you may obtain then. That is essential before you take an action to apply the screen to your porch area since actually a porch has a bunch of functions and you have to consider them before making such the great changes there.

About the Screened Porch

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As stated above, you need to know about the screened porch first before deciding to screen your porch and find out some Screened in Porch Ideas. Having a porch means you have an open space at your home to be the place for doing various things.

That can be in front area, back area, or side area of your home building. However, you can improve your porch by installing the screen there.

The screened porch is not a new thing and there are lots of homeowners who are interested in applying the screen to their porch. Perhaps, you are also one of them who are interested in installing the screen but you need to know why you want to install the screen.

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There are of course some pros and cons of screened porch. Here are some of them to know before obtaining some Screened in Porch Ideas.

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Some pros of screened porch:

  1. It offers the better comfort for some areas, as like the areas which often get some attacks of the insects as like mosquitoes or flies.
  2. If your home is located at the hills or even near the mountain, it also gives you the better protection from various things as like raccoon, bear, or even other kinds of animals, including for the home located at the hills.
  3. Offers the better privacy for you, especially if your porch located near the public access or street without sacrificing the supply of fresh air to your porch.
  4. If it is located in the area which is over exposed by the sunlight, the screen will help you dealing with it and of course it gives you comfort enjoying the time there.

Some cons of screened porch:

  1. Installing the screen to your porch means you need spending more
  2. The screen may also obstruct your view
  3. The screened porch also requires the higher maintenance

Various Ideas of the Porch Screen Types

Talking about the Screened in Porch Ideas, means you need to consider some essential points about the porch. If you already decide to enclose your porch by installing the screen there, then it means you have to notice some different types of the screen for the porch.

Sure, there are wide ranges of the screen types which you can choose. That is including the wide ranges of the materials for the porch screen. Some of them are going to be shared here.

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One of the popular materials of the screen for porch is aluminum. This is one of the Screened in Porch Ideas which you can choose. This is also the standard material which you can choose for your porch even though the price is higher especially if compared to fiberglass.

In addition, it is much more rigid and durable even though you may also find bit difficulties in installing it. The visibility is perfect but perhaps you need to deal with the glare.

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Another favorite material for the screen of the porch is fiberglass. This is not really high in price but it offers the good quality of the visibility and also the minimum glare. This material commonly also does not crease and it has the character of good flexibility so that it is easier to be installed. However, the fiberglass screen is easy to tear and stretch.

Another common type of material as the part of Screened in Porch Ideas is called pet resistant or pet screening. This is much stronger and is good for homeowners who own a cat, dog, or even toddler. This has the lower visibility especially if you compare it with the standard one.

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Another common option is called sun control screen which can be applied to your porch. This is totally helpful during the summer since it helps blocking the heat of the sun. It can be reduced about 90% to get inside the porch. In addition, it also helps keeping various insects and bugs out of the porch or home.

The next part of the Screened in Porch Ideas is using the premium metal material, as like copper, stainless steel, and also bronze. They have the durable, tough, elegant look character. These materials will also be suitable for you who live in the area of seaside.

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In dealing with the right type of the screen for your porch, you also need to notice about the weave. There are various sizes of the weave thickness or mesh. The standard one is in the size of about 18×16. This size means it has about 18 stands in one inch in a direction and also 16 strands in others.

In choosing the size, you need to consider your need, for example if you have the large expanse of the screen which is unsupported, then the 18×14 size of mesh is a good idea.

What to Consider in Building a Screened in Porch Ideas

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After you get a bunch of info about the screened in porch, then of course you have made a decision. If you decide to get a screened porch, then you need to consider these points. One of them is considering the design of the porch screen.

There are lots of types of the designs and you can pick one which is suitable to your need and your porch condition.

Then, you also need to deal with your need by noticing your location and the problems which you face, as like about lots of mosquitoes, the bright sunlight and also the sun’s heat, and many more.

Image Screened in Porch Ideas

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Screened-In Lounge

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Southern Porches

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Screened in porch

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You also need to consider about your budget. They will help you to choose the right choice from the Screened in Porch Ideas which will be suitable the most for you.

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