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Steampunk design is defined as the combination of both elegance and machinery. It is usually found in Gothic-Victorian fashion and décor. The steampunk bedroom style is often used in cosplay as well, where a beautiful lady wears a crinoline and leather corset and pairs it with pilot goggles and a barrel gun.

The steampunk design style can create a whole new look in your room. This style has actually inspired a lot of people to create various functional and stylish pieces that would fit well with it. If you are looking into making a steampunk bedroom, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to this design.

Furniture Steampunk Bedroom

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Furniture that’s made from rusted metal as well as salvaged machinery and wood can help you create the steampunk feel and look you want. There are furniture designers who specialize in making pieces of furniture for this kind of design, so you can always find what you need.

If there’s no store in your area that offers what you are looking for, you can go online and order the furniture piece you want.

Steampunk Neutral Colors

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One of the most important things to remember about the steampunk design is the colors scheme. A steampunk-themed interior usually uses metallic tones, bronze, leather, copper and dark wood. For instance, the combination of leather chairs and sofa and other pieces of Victorian furniture would look great.

You can also add cabinets and bookcases in metallic tones to further add to the steampunk appeal.

Accessories Steampunk Bedroom

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Accessories are also used to achieve a steampunk look. One of the most common accessories used is old maps that can be viewed as dated-looking murals when hung on walls. Other common steampunk home décor and accessories include lamps, steam-powered machinery, machine parts and more.

If you really want to make a steampunk room, you need to prepare yourself to be used to stuff like rusted metal and mechanical fixtures. For instance, your living room may have a fireplace with a rough finish. It will emphasize the steampunk theme of the room.

Steampunk Lamp

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Incandescence is another major element of the steampunk design. For instance, incandescent light bulbs work well with roughly finished wood, exposed brick and partly processed and partially polished metal. A steampunk bedroom should definitely have these elements.

Here are some steampunk bedroom decorating ideas and design for your home that you can consider to achieve the look and feel you want.

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Exposed Bricks

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If your home’s interior has exposed breaks, don’t cover them up. Instead, showcase any exposed brick you find. In case the structure of your home does not allow exposed bricks, you can use wallpaper instead.

Use Muted and Neutral Colors

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Some of the most common colors used in a steampunk design style include brown, cream, dark green, sepia, metallic colors, black and dark red. You can use any of these colors or combine them to get your desired look.

Get Refurbished Furniture

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Don’t be afraid of using refurbished furniture. Old furniture has a special charm that you should take advantage of. You want to avoid buying new furniture if you are trying to design a steampunk bedroom. Choose refurbished or old furniture instead.

Aside from achieving the steampunk look you want, you can also save money as you don’t need to purchase new furniture that can be quite expensive. If the furniture pieces are from the Victorian era, you don’t need to do this.

Use Old Maps to Steampunk Bedroom

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If you have old maps, don’t throw them away. Old maps are among the most common accessories used to create a steampunk style bedroom. You can either use the maps as lampshades or create amazing wall murals with your old maps. If you want, you can simply hang the maps on the walls.

If you do use this item to create a steampunk bedroom, it is best that you look for older maps. The older the maps, the better it will make your room great.

Showcase Leather Furniture

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Leather is also among the most common materials used in making a steampunk style. The beauty and elegance of leather is unmatched and this is particularly observed in furniture pieces like chairs and sofas.

Aside from letting your turn an ordinary space into a steampunk bedroom, these pieces of furniture can also enhance the luxury feel of your home. Leather chairs and sofa are a must-have for steampunk enthusiasts. These items are both elegant and comfortable.

Decorate Spaces with Hats

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You can hang fashionable hats in spaces. Hats like top hats and bowlers were very stylish and popular during the Victorian era.

Aside from adding a touch of elegance to your walls, these items will also impress your guests. Since they symbolize the Victorian era, they can become a part of your décor quickly.

Use Steamer Trunks as Tables

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If you don’t have the right table to use for your steampunk design, you can use a steamer trunk instead. In case you can’t find a steamer trunk, you can use an old suitcase as a table.

Sepia Photos are Great Decorations Too

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Antique photos or sepia photos can also serve as excellent decorations to achieve the steampunk atmosphere you want. You can hang the old family photos on your walls or look for sepia photos online and print them.

Unleash your creativity and experiment. You can make a collage of these photos or simply frame and hang them on the walls of your bedroom.

Get a Terrestrial Globe

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If you don’t have a terrestrial globe, make it a point to get one. Terrestrial globes are popular décor options when it comes to steampunk design as they’re antique pieces. If you are looking for a terrestrial globe, make sure that is looks old and used in order to accentuate your space.

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Aside from becoming one of the popular thing sin your house, kids will also love to spin the globe over and over again. They will have fun busying themselves with this item.

Use Exposed Framed Herbariums

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We usually spend a lot of time thinking about how to decorate the living room, bedroom and other areas that we sometimes neglect the entrance.

That is where a framed herbarium can help. It can accentuate the steampunk style you want to achieve. It is also a great way to decorate your wall. You can find framed herbariums online if you can’t find one in your local stores.

Each one is unique, so you are assured that you will not get the same framed herbarium as others. You will find framed herbariums that contain genuine botanical samples from the 19th century and each specimen is enclosed in distressed wood and set in between two glass panes.

Each plant is also labeled with information about the species, the place and date it was found as well as habitat conditions. A description of its special characteristics is included as well. Framed herbariums are not only a lovely décor, but also an excellent educational item.

Try Textural Contrast

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You can also combine a range of textures like lace and leather. Combining masculine and feminine elements will make the space more appealing.

Try to mix a soft material such as lace and a hard material like leather to create your desired steampunk style. Part of the appeal of this style is the contrast of traditionally masculine and feminine elements.

Victorian Sewing Tables

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Victorian sewing tables have a history, so you should consider including these items in your steampunk decorations. Go to the antique stores in your area and if you cannot find one, you can always look for Victorian sewing tables online.

Vintage English School Easel

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Your room can definitely benefit from an accent piece that doesn’t only offer beautify the space. Why don’t you get a Vintage English School Easel? You can find a wood easel with an eraser rest and minor wear that is consistent with its use and age.

One of the best things about this item is that it’s not just for display. You can also use it for the purpose you have in mind such as a standalone piece or as towel or coat rack.

Use Antique Items

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What’s the best way to achieve that steampunk style you have always wanted? Use antique items of course! Victorians loved inventing new gadget sand tools and you can still find these items in antique shops.

Many of them might not be functional, but you can use them as decorative items. Some of these items include typewriters, barometers and telescopes.

Gear Wall Clocks

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Gear wall clocks are an important part of the steampunk culture. Aside from making a statement, a gear wall clock can also be used to make and display amazing industrial pieces of art.

Expose Anatomical and Technical Drawings

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You can also add details to your steampunk design by exposing anatomical and technical drawings. Don’t hesitate to use your old anatomical and technical drawings and hang them on your walls. It’s also a great way to show off your skills.

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Hang Victorian Canes, Helmets or Dresses on the Wall

Put your walls to good use by hanging Victorian canes, dresses or helmets on them. These items are also easy to find in antique shops, so you will not have a hard time locating them.

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Small Wood Jewelry Boxes

Do you have small wood jewelry boxes? Don’t keep them hidden in one place. Visit your local hardware store and purchase small metal pieces such as screws or gears that you can glue to the wooden box.

Wallpapers with Victorian Patterns

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You can also use wallpapers with a Victorian pattern. If you can’t find a pattern you like, you can try making your own. You can paint some mechanical installations or creatures in the books you’ve read before.

Display Old Books

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If you have old books, you can display. It doesn’t matter whether you have paperbacks or hard covered books. In case you have old notebooks with a leather cover, you can also display them.

You can make a metal pipe bookshelf where you can display these books. Steel pipes are easy to handle, so you can create a bookshelf even if you are a beginner. You can also look for instructions online or books.

Chandelier Steampunk Bedroom

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Light fixtures are an important part of any steampunk design. These fixtures allow you to showcase the room’s interior design as well as the furniture. A chandelier is perfect for homes with high ceilings. This fixture brings comfort and luxury at the same time.

Conclusion Steampunk Bedroom


The steampunk style may not be one of the most popular when it comes to interior design, but the appeal of this concept makes it worth trying. Many people still don’t have any idea about the basic details that define this style.

The Victorian era might come to your mind when you hear the word steampunk, but its meaning wouldn’t be complete without the industrial elements. In general, the steampunk style is a blend between strong industrial details and elegant Victorian interior accessories.

One of the best things about the steampunk style is that it is not limited to the bedroom. You can also use elements of the steampunk design style in your kitchen. For instance, you can include metallic hardware and details in your kitchen to make the space more unique and functional.

The steampunk design allows you to implement inspiring and original ideas to create an exceptional space that features the elements of magic and science. The ideas listed here are only some of the things that you can consider for your home. The choice is yours to make.

You are free to create your own steampunk decor to achieve your desired look. What you will like about the steampunk design is that you are not limited to new furniture. You are encouraged to use old and refurbished furniture to decorate your rooms. This means that you can save money and create a look that is exclusive to your home.

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