7 Popular Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas for Your Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas – When the hustle and bustle of city life has become so wearisome, the serenity and beauty of a farm life becomes highly coveted. When modern home interior has become so cold and rigid, people start to consider using warmer and purer farmhouse design in their home.

Farmhouse interior design is favored because it brings the peacefulness and quietude of the rural right into your living space. Farmhouse design can be adopted by every part of your home, but kitchen is the most suitable part to apply this design.

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Cooking is something that rural people do more frequently than their urban counterparts do. Cooking and preparing food have always been associated with rural tradition.

This is the reason why farmhouse design works best in the kitchen and also why people are hunting high and low for the best farmhouse kitchen ideas to be applied to their kitchen design.

The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas for Your Kitchen

Here we will show you some great farmhouse kitchen ideas that you can apply when designing a new kitchen or redesigning an old one.

Start with Color

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Farmhouse kitchen design is known for its natural look, so any colors that come from the nature, i.e. earthy colors, are the best colors to be applied to a farmhouse kitchen. Generally speaking, many elements of a farmhouse kitchen don’t actually need paint.

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Stone wall, granite countertop, wood flooring, and wood furniture are generally left with their natural look and texture with no paint covering their natural beauty.

However, if paint is needed for certain elements, such as wrought iron furniture and cabinets, earthy colors should be chosen. Colors like tan, brown, khaki, beige, and sage will appear perfect in a farmhouse kitchen.

Recycle and Reuse Farmhouse Cabinet

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Farmhouse design might be one of the eco-friendliest designs for a kitchen. It effectively makes use of old obsolete items and makes them usable again as both functional objects and decorative elements.

Rustic atmosphere feels dominant in a farmhouse kitchen with vintage kettle and cups lying on its countertop and recycled glass containers for spices and other kitchen paraphernalia.

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It is not uncommon to find racks and hangers made from reused pallets in such kitchen. You can actually incorporate stuff that is not commonly found in kitchen for decoration.

An old wooden cart wheel, for example, can be fixed to a circular window opening to enhance the rustic atmosphere of your kitchen. The best farmhouse kitchen ideas always incorporate recyclable and reusable elements to enhance its functionality, look and atmosphere.

Incorporate Sturdy Handcrafted Furniture

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Although it is not a necessity, a sturdy handcrafted furniture is often present—often as a centerpiece—in a farmhouse kitchen. A large time-tested table often stands in the middle of the kitchen as either a dining table or a kitchen island. The table doesn’t always have to be vintage and intricately decorated.

Although most farmhouse kitchen tables are handcrafted, factory-made table may also find its place in a farmhouse kitchen. Even simple industrial table will work in a farmhouse kitchen.

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Table Farmhouse Kitchen Sets
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The table may be made from durable unfinished wood like birch, oak or acacia. The table often comes with its own dining chairs that together with the table make up a dining set that truly makes a statement.

If the furniture is painted, it mostly adopts neutral colors as mentioned above. Furniture with bold color is rarely conceived by the best farmhouse kitchen ideas, though with slight modification to its look and its surroundings, it is still possible to incorporate the furniture.

Put Priority on Function Above Everything

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Farmhouse kitchen ideas are not about how the kitchen should look, but mostly about how the kitchen functions. You should put function above everything else, including the look. The basic philosophy of a farmhouse kitchen is that everything that the kitchen has must be functional.

In traditional farmhouses, kitchen incorporates fewer decorative elements and more functional items, so function is everything. This, however, doesn’t mean you can leave the look of your kitchen bland and dreary.

Functional items can actually look attractive and take a second role as decorative elements if you know how to choose ones. Pallet racks, for instance, will look amazing if their look complements that of the remaining elements of the kitchen.

Introduce Farmhouse Sink to Your Kitchen

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No farmhouse kitchen is complete without a farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sink is favored because of its large size and because of its exposed front. The front part of this rectangular sink is not concealed by the countertop where it is installed to prevent user from leaning forward when using it, thereby preventing back strain over extended period of usage.

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There are two types of farmhouse sink that you can use, the shallower London type, which is good for preserving water, and the deeper Belfast type, which is good if you are used to washing many utensils.

The Belfast type is so large that you can actually bath your baby there. Either sink is perfect for your kitchen not only if you want to create farmhouse atmosphere there, but also if you want to use more ergonomic sink that doesn’t break your back.

Finish with Decoration

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If you have fulfilled all basic requirements to make your kitchen a farmhouse kitchen, it’s time for you to finish up your remodeling job with decoration. There are many elements of decoration that can greatly enhance the farmhouse atmosphere of your kitchen.

You have read above about recycling and reusing stuff that you can use for functional and decorative purpose, such as wheel cart. In addition, you can also add elements like exposed wood beam, barn board, wicker or rattan accessories, and butcher block.

The more you expose elements with natural look derived from wood and stone, the more the countryside ambience of your kitchen will improve.

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Remodeling a farmhouse kitchen by employing the best farmhouse kitchen ideas works for both traditional and modern kitchen. If you want to add rural atmosphere to your kitchen, remodeling your kitchen in this way is always a good idea.

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