21 Marvelous Loft Bed Ideas That Will Inspire You

Whether you want to save space, change the mood or both, choosing a loft bed is a smart choice. Unlike the regular bed, a loft bed uses up more space up while freeing the bottom space, which can be used for whatever you want.  Here we listed 20 loft bed ideas to help you make the most out of your situation.

Speaking of which, there are just so many variations of ideas that you can try.  From making an extra bed, extra playing area for children, study room, home office to a cushy loveseat, as we will show you shortly. Ready? Let’s get into the ideas.

Playing Spot

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If you have a child, this will be one of the best loft bed ideas DIY for you. Give your child a spot to play with their dolls underneath the bed. Since it is a loft bed for children, the elevation shouldn’t be too high for safety reasons. Don’t worry, even a slight elevation will be enough to free up some space.

Under the bed, decorate the space with soft pillows, posters, pictures, and curtains. Don’t forget to add a rug underneath to warm the cold floor.

Similar to the loft bed, there are many variations of bunk beds that you can try. Want to get inspired? You don’t want to miss these inspiring bunk bed ideas then.

Toddler Loft Bed

source : angelabythegreen

Perhaps your child loves to read a book? In that case, one of the best loft bed ideas is to create a small reading nook under the bed like this.

The reading nook needs not to be too decorative as it would be distracting. A soft chair or bean bag and proper lighting are all that will be needed.

Add curtains so that when your child wants some privacy or doesn’t want to be disturbed when they read, they can just close the curtains and return to their favorite book. Creating nearby storage for books wouldn’t be bad under loft bed ideas, too.

Cozy Lounge

source : brit

There are just limitless numbers of creative loft bed ideas one can try it can be confusing. To decide, think about what you want from the space and what is currently lacking in the house. If you want something comfortable and the house doesn’t have a lounge, then a lounge would be a great idea.

The most important thing about a lounge is that it allows you to spend time comfortably in it. This one here is a good example lounge under loft bed ideas. Look how comfy and inviting it is. Want something fancy? Just add greeneries and colorful decorations. The lounge will be even better with those.

More Storage

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Of all loft bed ideas, this one is among the most practical ones. How could it not? It transforms what is an otherwise empty and unused space into something we all need: storage. And let’s be honest. We all need extra storage. Always are, always will be.

The beauty of a loft bed is that it frees up space and virtually doesn’t take any. How large the extra storage you will get will depend on how elevated the loft bed is. The more elevation, the more storage.

Loft Bed with Desk

source : pbteen

If you live in a dorm, your room is probably small. As such, using a loft bed will be a great idea. Since space underneath is freed up, you can turn it into anything you want. For a college student, among the most appropriate under loft bed ideas will be a study room, like the one seen here.

This way, you will have room to study, read, and do any other activity that requires a desk. All that without taking up any space in the room. Neat.

The dorm room requires a different treatment than the usual bedroom. It is often smaller, can’t use long-term design, and some décor styles, like luxurious décor style, are just big no. Our ideas here will help to improve yours.

A Cozy Loft

source : plandrawbuild

We mentioned earlier that there are plenty of variants of loft bed ideas. The most common being using the space above as the bed while freeing up the space below for whatever purpose one wants to. That is very common but by no means the only idea to try.

Take a look at this loft bed design ideas, for example. Look amazing, doesn’t it? The bed is on the ground while the space above is turned into a relaxing spot with a window, some sort of attic, so to speak. Compared to the others, this one is among the most creative loft bedroom ideas.

Speaking of the attic, it is one of the most underutilized parts of the house. The thing is, when properly designed and decorated, it can be a great addition to the house. Check out these attic room ideas if you want to know.

Look Up

source : buzzfeed

Like the previous example, this idea is also among the most creative loft bed ideas as well. This time, however, the space above is turned into large, practical and decorative storage that beautifies the entire room.

Notice at the ground level there is a comfy bed with beautiful paintings as decorations. Up above, there is storage that looks so beautiful from below. It has living plants, which brings an air of freshness, and amazing loft bed lighting ideas, which set the mood.

Relaxing Spot

source : gypsyyaya

Just because we talk about loft bed ideas here, doesn’t mean it has to be limited only to a bed with frame. Sometimes, a hammock can make a great bed too, especially if you want a dreamy and relaxing mood.

Look at this minimalist loft bed design ideas. The room feels so open, there is no clutter present, and there are greeneries all around. This, combined with the large window on the side, creates a dreamy bedroom. The hanging hammock just completes the setting.

Stylish Furniture

source : architectureartdesigns

When it comes to children’s loft bed ideas, we can’t be as strict as we do with loft bed ideas for adults. Nothing is set in stone with children. That is, the loft bed design must be flexible and accommodating for the children.

This loft bed makes a good example of that. With the bed above, the space underneath it is turned into a rest area. This area can be used as a playing spot as well as a study room. Notice there are a set of desk and chair on the right and soft cushion with pillows on the left.

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Convertible Loft Set

source : pbteen

You don’t have room to play games or watch TV? With a loft bed, that wouldn’t be a problem any longer. Just turn the space under the bed into a fun lounge. Add a soft and comfy sofa on one end, and a TV set and game consoles on the other.

If you live in a studio apartment, this would be among the most space-efficient loft bed ideas for small rooms that you can try.

You can sleep comfortably, play games or watch TV when you want, and all that without virtually taking any space available. Now that’s amazing!

Home Office

source : u-home.com

If you work remotely from home, a home office is a must-have. The problem is, not everyone has a spare room to make one.

It just seems there is no space left for a home office. Here’s a great idea to try: replace your regular bed with a loft bed and make your dream home office.

A loft bed as seen here allows you to have both a bedroom and a home office in a single room. It doesn’t look or feel cramped, as the room is divided into two halves: the upper half is for the bed, which is usually empty anyway, and the lower half for the office.

Hanging Loft Bed

source : vintageporch

For a bibliophile, a day without reading a book is not complete. And what accommodates a bibliophile’s reading routine more than a comfy reading nook? Well, nothing can top that for sure. Just like a home office, not everyone has the space for it. That, until the loft bed comes.

Just look at how comfortable this reading nook is. Since it is a reading nook, lighting is a serious matter. If you want a reading nook, one of the best loft bed lighting ideas is to use string lights and attach them to the wall. This way, you can get enough light to read without getting distracted by the string lights.

Dollhouse Loft Bed

source : studiodesignmais

A lot of loft bed ideas here are meant for small spaces. You might get the impression that it is suitable only for small spaces.

That is not true, of course. A loft bed can be used in a large space. In fact, a loft bed can have the same, if not greater, impact on the space’s looks and functions.

Take a look at this ‘all-in-one’ bedroom for example. The loft bed design ideas are there. Here you can see a bed, storage on the left, built-in display for decorations, and above, a playhouse. If a room with so many parts like this is what you want, the loft bed is your best option.

Rustic Loft Bed

source : bloomingdiyer

Speaking of decor style, what kind of decor style you’d like for your bed? There is no single best décor style for everyone. A one-size-fits-all decor style just doesn’t exist. For example, if you want your bed to be warmer visually, the best decor style will be rustic.

This loft bed here shows how amazing rustic loft bed decorating ideas can be. Notice how its old-looking parts bring in the warmth, the ambient lighting sets the mood, and the fabrics and carpet gives additional warmth and texture. You can just feel its warmth.

Children Loft Bed

source : tthese_beautiful_thingss

When it comes to loft bed ideas, we often imagine the use of multiple materials, be it iron, wood, steel, glass, and so on. What if you go for a single main material? Would it look good? The answer is yes and this is an excellent proof of that.

Unfinished wood has a certain charm to it. It gives a simple, clean, and minimalist vibe. Unfinished wood is also neutral in terms of styling, so it is versatile enough to be used for loft bed ideas for adults and children.

Full Loft bed

source : snooze.news

Do you want a bedroom with modern touches to it? A loft bed would make a great one. Notice how stylish this compact modern loft bed looks.

It is straight to the point, without clutter, and just pleasant to the eyes. Not to mention you feel the room larger too. And all it takes is a black iron loft bed frame.

Keep It Playful

source : bloomingdiyer

When it is about loft bed ideas for children, the most important thing is to keep things playful. A child’s bedroom, whether it uses a regular or loft bed, must be interesting and fun for the child.

A loft bed can accommodate that without using more space. As seen here, the space under the bed is turned in to a fun playing spot.

Multipurpose Area

source : stephaniebones_interiores

Making it interesting and fun is very important. But you have to be flexible about the children’s loft bed ideas too. For example, rather than making a room strictly for study under the bed, you should opt for a more relaxed space like this. It can be used for studying as well as playing.  Your child will love it.

Dorm Loft Bed

source : eugenibach

Do you want a lounge? Do you want a reading nook? Why not both? If you have a loft bed, it wouldn’t be an either-or situation.

Use one side as the lounge by adding a sofa, and use the other as the reading nook/studying room by adding a desk and a chair. For the books, use built-in storage.

Loft Bed Twin Baby

source : twinswildlife

The last in our loft bed ideas is a cute décor. If you are blessed with girls, this will be one of the best creative loft bed ideas you can try.

Add loft beds into the bedroom and combine the two to make fun playing houses. Decorate it with lots of fluffy and cute dolls. Your girls will surely love the bedroom.

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