27+ Interesting L Shaped Bunk Beds Design Ideas You’ll Love

L Shaped Bunk Beds – Sleeping is very important to anyone. For parents, in particular, you always want to ensure that your kids get good rest during sleeping hours. Kids or teens have great energy, but they also spend more of it.

Making a bedroom atmosphere that encourages relaxation and is well-functional is very essential, as it will make huge difference for their sleep. Whether it’s a school learning, after or during school activities and sports, you can ensure that they wore well themselves until their bedtime.

That all begins with good quality and comfortable bed where your kids can grow. It must be beneficial to play, with enjoyable or entertaining look and most importantly can help to enhance their creativity.

So, if you’re looking for bed solutions which can give all those things for your kids, bunk beds are the answer! A bunk bed is trending even before and due to the wide variety selection of bunk beds today, finding the right one for your kids may be a bit complicated to you. It is not just easy as purchasing furniture of your home.

When it comes in choosing bunk bed for your child, there are a lot of things to consider such as quality, style and safety as you all want the best for your kids.
To help you out, take a look at these different types of bunk beds that you will truly love!


Low Bunk Bed Twin Over Full

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This type of bunk bed is also known as Wriggle bunk bed. Twin over full bunk bed is naturally shown because of its panel ends and bed woods, with awesome staircase drawers.

It is also great solution to save space in your kids’ bedroom. Whenever you need additional or extra space for your family or sleepovers, you will have some sleeping space.

You can even add trundle beds to set the biggest sleeping space. You will surely love the Wriggle bunk bed as it squeezes much space for your sleeping in your small area. Twin over full bunk bed is really fun, fine and practical.

Twin Loft Bed with Staircase

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Considered as one of the space saving and safest bunk beds for your kids. Wooden L shaped bunk beds comes with wheels and you can use it to support an upper bed.

The wheels are not attached to the bed therefore, you can change or move the position of your lower bed. Apart from that, both sides have storage drawers where you can place books and other reading materials for your kids.

Wooden L-Shaped Bunk Beds

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Another awesome and simple type of bunk bed is the chocolaty twin bunk beds with desk. This L shaped bunk beds is called as chocolaty because of its chocolate-liked color. It has high storage capacity with work table. So, you get advantage of space area of your bedroom.

As it comes with work area for your kids, you will be able to use some of the space for other purposes. Another great thing about this chocolaty twin bunk bed is that, it comes with staircase plus with its bookshelf and you can also make it as regular bed in the future.

So, if you are looking for an L-shaped bunk bed with more storage, chocolaty twin bunk bed is the most appropriate one for you.

Bunk Beds with a Desk

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This type of L-shaped bunk bed is great to place at right angle for storage space & tucked-away some spot for its ladder. That twist can also help your children to have greater connection. Your little ones will be able to chat at night as their beds are closer.

Twin Full Wooden Bunk Bed

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No matter what their age, this type of L-shaped bunk bed is great for your children. You can opt for this type of bunk bed whether for your little boys or little girls as most of the color and design of this type of bunk bed are unisex. The palette designs are ideal and perfect for twin sister or brother.

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L Shaped Triple Bunk Beds

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One of the big advantages of this type of L shaped bunk beds is its variety options. L-shaped twin beds kids beach is great to buy for your twins or triplets. You will not only help your kids to sleep well at night, but also develop closeness and connection between each other.

The ladders & staircases of this bunk bed can be place either right/left side of the bed. You can even add storage under the bed or you can use the allotted space of the bedroom as great spot for studying, reading and playing of your kids.

Bunk Beds With Desk Under

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Most of the designs of this full-size loft bed with desk bunk bed is combine 3 individual bed together. Which means it is perfect to choose if you have three kids, as you can let your two kids to sleep on the upper bed and the other one at the bed below.

Apart from that, it has still a lot of space for the studying area of your children. This bed bunk comes with desk so your kids can study their lessons and do their homework at the bedroom. Full-sized loft bed is very convenient and especially if you’re using it as guest bed or as reading hook of your kids.

8. Quadruple-Corner Bunk Bed

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If you’re trying to look for a bunk bed for your growing family, this type of L-shaped bunk bed is the right one to choose! This is especially great if you have four kids as it is a quadruple corner bunk.

You can now let your four kids to sleep together in one bedroom. The Quadruple corner bunk has 4 separate beds which are combined in order to use every space and to create 4 comfortable sleeping quarters of your lucky kids!

Make sure that you choose the one that has ladders and staircases in order to make sure that your kids are getting into their beds safe. A lot of headboard & stains styles and designs are available, so you can opt for full-sized or twin beds.

Small Bunk Bed with Stairs

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This is another type of bunk beds that you can now purchase for the benefits and more fun bed time of your kids. This is especially great if your ceilings are high and let your two or four children enjoy sleeping in this type of bed.

You can create a mezzanine as it is very unique and great to look at, making your kids feel as if they have their own bedroom.

White Twin over Full Bunk Bed

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This type of L-shaped bunk bed is indeed great and beautiful for your little girls. With this white bunk bed, your bedroom will definitely look extraordinarily lovely and attractive.

The staircases of this bunk bed are drawer-styled so there is no need for parents to worry about safety of their children whenever they climb the stairs. Furthermore, more drawers are installed in this bunk bed that provides maximum storage. All the things of your kids will be properly keep in those cabinet drawers.

One of the most common things that think about by many parents before buying bunk bed is to save more space of the room. So, if you’re one of those parents, this is the best solution for that. Opt this type of bunk bed as it will surely leave you extra space. This is one of the most ideal bunk bed that love by many kids as t is very stylish and colorful!

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Modern Corner Bunk Beds

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Opt for this type of bunk beds as it is the best idea in creating the bedroom of your kids more fantastic and beautiful! This contemporary bunk bed has staircases and ladders which are very easy to clean-up.

It has also another bed that is tucked underneath. There are many different styles, designs and colors available in the market today that you can choose from, depending on the taste of your kids.

L Bunk Bed for Kids

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Most of the types of bunk beds are made of wooden materials, but the modern kids bunk bed is made up of metal, which makes it bright and very stylish. It is not so babyish therefore, your kids can still use it as they grow.

Most of the modern kids bunk beds have clever designs with built-in desk underneath. This type of bunk bed is perfect to buy especially if yo have small space bedroom.

An L-Shaped Bunk Bed Configuration

img src : architecturendesign

This orange-color wood bunk beds with cotton sheets is ideal for your daughter or sister. Most especially if your kids loved orange color, this is probably your first choice!

This type of bunk bed goes pretty and so stylish and it’s all because it has an attractive décor. Although, its storage level is low, you can still enjoy this type of bunk bed as it has staircases and at the same time, cabinet drawers.

Orange-color wood bunk bed with cotton sheets is not like what you usually see in other types of bunk beds, as it has very beautiful stairs. The stairs are double-purpose because you can use it as your cabinet drawers, which will truly love by your daughter or sister. Otherwise, its bed looks awesome.

Full Bunks Beds

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As the name suggests, this is another adorable wooden bunk bed for your little ones. If you’re searching for the most ideal bunk bed, look no further than this one.

Adorable wooden bunk bed will not only provide your child a very cool and comfortable sleep during night time, but also ensure safety because of its great and strong stairs. It also comes with storage below the stairs and plus with drawers. Aside from the small drawer cabinets, you can also enjoy the large cabinet underneath the full-out bed.

Wooden Bunk Beds with Built In Desk

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L-shaped style twin bed is another adjacent loft style with elevated beds that offer more space below. You have a lot of choices when you are buying this type of bunk bed for your kids, perhaps it’s even better if you ask first your children of what style or design they like.

Most of this kind of bunk bed comes with dresser drawers and desk or study table. Aside from that, parents can guarantee safety of their children with this type of bunk bed as it’s made from hardwood with cherry veneer. There is no difficulty for your young ones to climb the stairs as they are easy to access.

Twin Bunk Beds for Girls

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Definitely, most parents with young girls will opt for this type of bunk bed as it’s not just great and colorful to look at, but is it’s also very cool! This colorful bedroom with bunk bed is one of the most ideal type of bed by the young girls.

Make the bedroom of your little ones more comfortable and attractive by purchasing this type of bunk bed. It comes with staircases and ladder that help you to save more space. This type of L-shaped bed is also great for your overnight guest and short-term visitor.

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Gray Bunk bed with wardrobe

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This is one of the very classic type of bunk beds that you can pick for your kids. The classic setup of this bed can be one of the best ways when your kids share their bedroom with their fun sleepover friends.

It has easy access stairs, where parents can assure that their kids are safe while climbing in getting to their beds. Apart from that, it has also many cabinet drawers which help a lot to save more space.

Purple Bunk Beds for Your Teenage Girls

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This is another great type of L shaped bunk beds that will definitely love by your teenage girls. It’s not actually a full bunk bed with higher storage capacity.

Under the bed, you can find the cabinet drawers and attached wardrobe which has ladder. Just like other types of bunk beds, this cute purple-color bed also comes with a desk which can be use by your teenage girl for reading or studying.

Minimalist Quadruple Bunk Bed

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Bunk bed is not only for children. The traditional L-shaped bunk bed is also great for teens or adults. If you are looking for a bunk bed, look no further than this type of bunk bed as it is very stylish, with airy appearance as it’s commonly designed with white linen that creates effortlessly chic looks.

Floating Bunk and Loft Bed

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With this contemporary basement bedroom, you will be able to create a very modern aesthetic room for your kids. This type of L-shaped bunk bed is very typical especially for those parents with little boys. It’s very unique and entertaining to look at, which also help to save more space in the bedroom.

Bunk beds on the inside and outside

img src : decoist

This is really great especially if your children invite guest or sleepovers as this type of L shaped bunk beds can creates the area of your bedroom very entertaining.

The kids will truly feel comfortable and sleep well in this kind of bed. Aside from that, you can’t just use it inside your room, but can also be place in the covered outdoor area of your house.

Ski Lodge Bunk Bed

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You will be able to achieve the different looks of your kids’ bedroom if you opt for dreamy rustic bed. It will not only help your kids to sleep well, but they can also enjoy their playtime and study time with the reading space and playing space. It has also small staircase that is easy access and safe for children.

Boys Room Bunk Beds

Hardcore Leveling Warrior
img src : wiki.ezvid

This is another amazing design of bunk bed that you can choose for the benefit of your little ones. It has a maximum storage with beautiful cabinet staircases & bookshelves.

Another additional thing in this oak bunk bed style is that it has twin bed, which you can use for friends or guest kid.

Double Bunk Bed Ideas

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Perhaps, you always ask your kids what color or style they want before you certainly buy a bed for them. But, with this type of bunk bed, even if you don’t ask your kids if what style or design to choose, they will truly like this type of bunk bed. It comes with a ladder and slide.

Stylish Kids Bedroom

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For single bedroom that is used by two or more kids, Mediterranean bedroom design is the best one to choose. It provides four resting pads and also storage cabinet drawers. It can also make your small room very spacious to look at because of it nice and scheme off design.

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