17 Luxury Walk In Closet Ideas to Make Bedroom Interior More Organized!

Having a well-designed walk in closet makes everything easier. Not only you can get everything you need in a closet quickly but also a good-looking space as well. Need ideas for the closet? Check out our walk in closet ideas below.

We listed 17 various ideas, from simple, luxurious to space-efficient closets. You probably find one or two to your liking. Alright, here are our ideas that will inspire you.

Small Walk in Closet

walk in closet organization ideas
Source : Deborah Broockerd

Let’s start with something small first. Do you have a rather small space for your walk in closet? If you do, don’t be disheartened.

A small space shouldn’t prevent you from creating a well-designed walk in closet. You do, however, have to be a bit creative about it.

For example, rather than going for a full-sized cabinet, go for a smaller but taller one with enough space to hang and store your clothes in. Drawer with multiple stacks can work, too.

Looking Elegant

ideas for walk in closet design
Source : masterbedroomideas

Want to create an elegant walk in closet? This idea is among the best walk in closet ideas if you want an elegant vibe for the closet.

Use cabinets with darker colors. For example, black, dark brown and dark gray. These colors give off an elegant vibe, especially if the cabinets are made of solid wood.

Want to make it even more elegant? Paint the walls in the closet with a lighter color and use light-colored lighting. The contrast will make the cabinets stand out even more, giving the elegant vibe that you want.

Feel the Luxury

walk in closet design ideas
Source : arquitetura_urbanismo

A bit of luxury in the small walk in closet won’t hurt. If you love to feel luxurious, you can try combining lighter and darker shades of brown.

For example, cabinets with lighter brown on their exterior and darker brown on their interior. Also, install lighting that is neither too bright nor too dim.

To complement the luxurious feel even further, showcase your shoe collection on the middle cabinet with two wardrobe cabinets flanking the shoe cabinet.

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Less is More

walk in closet ideas small
Source : houzz

Next in our walk in closet ideas is something simple. What if you just want things to be simple? If that is the case, then just go for a simple walk in closet. Sometimes, less is certainly more. This adage, of course, applies to walk in closet design as well.

Notice how simple the closet looks. Nothing looks elaborate or stands out like a sore thumb. The cabinets are white, the floor light brown, and there are occasional colors from the clothes and decorations. A very simple and practical way to design the walk in closet.

Dream Closets For Dudes

ideas for walk in closet
Source : Cabinet Innovations

What is always welcome in a walk in closet? That’s right. Extra storage. Extra storage is always nice to have. How could it not? You can store any excess items that you have, allowing the walk in closet to stay clean and organized.

The above image is a good example of hidden extra storage. Rather than being decorative only, the space in-between the wardrobe shelves are turned into drawn-out storage. This gives you extra storage without having to sacrifice the available space. An awesome idea, isn’t it?

Stylish Walk in Closet Ideas

master walk in closet ideas
Source : decorpad

Have room to spare? The larger the space available, the more walk in closet design options you will have. Here’s a good design idea: create a stylish walk in closet with plenty of space for moving around. Adding a full-size mirror in the closet is a good idea, too.

Since you don’t have to worry about the space, you can be more creative with it. For example, adding a furry rug, a bench, and even a stylish hanging chandelier.

Walk in Closet with Natural Vibe

walk in closet ideas
Source : stylelovely

A natural touch here and there is good. It makes the space feels refreshing. Yes, even in a walk in closet. In most other rooms, you can just a pot or two of greeneries to add freshness to the room. You can’t do the same to the closet, as greeneries may bring moisture, which is not good for the clothes.

To make the closet feels more natural without greeneries, use nature-inspired wallpaper or hanging decorations like the above. The closet feels fresh but without unwanted moisture.

Rustic and Warm

narrow walk in closet ideas
Source : redesignhub

The rustic décor is among the best walk in closet ideas, especially if you want to have a warm closet. The rustic décor has always a unique appeal to it.

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It introduces warmth and class to any room. So, if you want a warm and classy feel, include rustic elements when you are designing a closet.

The above closet is an excellent example of how a rustic walk in closet design looks like. The closet has various shades of dark brown, shades of lighter colors and a rug. All these contribute to bringing the rustic vibe and warmth.

Large Walk in Closet Design

walk in closet storage ideas
Source : decorpad

With a larger space, you have more options. So, why not just showcase your clothing and shoe collection? If your closet is large enough, you can also add items such as

  • a bench with comfy cushion
  • an island in the middle of the closet
  • a stylish chandelier hanging from above

When you are designing walk in closet with such a size, always remember to give enough space in between the furniture. This is to prevent the closet from looking overcrowded and allow enough space for movement.

Walk In Closet with Curtains

walk in closet ideas ikea
Source : mydomaine

Is there any walk in closet ideas for bedroom closet? Here’s one: create an ‘open’ bedroom closet. Unlike previous ideas, this closet requires no door at all. Instead, it has curtains that cover it up. Hence why we call it ‘open.’

With curtains as its doors, the closet can be accessed and hid easily. Want to get dressed for the day? Open the curtains.

Want to turn the room into a bedroom only? Close them. Yes, as simple as that. The curtains are both decorative and functional.

Speaking of closet doors, there are many kinds of closet doors. If you want to know more about them, check out our closet door ideas.

Bookshelf for Shoes

walk in closet color ideas
Source : bobvila

You have a lot of shoes. What can you do with your shoe collection? If you have a lot of shoes, one good way to design your walk in closet is to place them in a separate cabinet. That’s right, a cabinet full of shoes and only shoes.

By creating standalone storage, you make your shoes more organized, easy to access and turn them into the focal points of the closet.

Modern Closet

walk in closet decorating ideas
Source : ipinkfoxy

Compared to most closets in our walk in closet ideas list, a modern closet looks sophisticated yet simple. It looks so in-the-now.

The design involves defined and sharp lines, rectangular shapes, and neutral colors. The closet doesn’t have a focal point. Rather, the items inside become the focal points.

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Elegant Walk in Closet Ideas

walk in closet ideas cheap
Source : Pinterest

If you are a busy person, you’d like a walk in closet that can accommodate your routine. Of course, you don’t need to hire a closet designer to get your ideal walk in closet. The above is a good example of how a walk in closet can be both practical and elegant simultaneously.

Notice how the design is actually very simple. It has two main colors: black and white. The cabinets have defined shapes and are open, allowing you to access the items you need any time.

Chic Walk in Closet

walk in closet ideas do it yourself
Source : bhg

Do you like to add a chic vibe to your closet? If you do, then this will be among the best walk in closet ideas for you. The closet is mostly white, which then balanced by the blue ceiling above. The combination of these two colors, the cabinets shapes, and hanging chandelier, bring the chic vibe to the closet.

Closet Small Space

closet small space
Source : decorpad

You don’t have to involve intricate and complex designs to get a terrific walk in closet. In some cases, simplicity is best.

Look how simple the above closet it. It is more of a practical closet rather than an aesthetical one. Still, being mostly white, the closet allows colored clothing to stand out thus making the closet looks more interesting.

Walk In Wardrobe Rails

Walk In Wardrobe Rails
Source : stylizimoblog

Are you a minimalist? If you are, a simple minimalist closet like above is perfect for you. The clothes and pants are hanged, the shoes are on the floor and other items are on the shelves. Practical? Very. Looks awesome? Without a doubt.

Black and White

walk in closet ideas pinterest
Source : viewfrom5ft2

The last idea in our walk in closet ideas is to play with black and white. Black and white are two colors that can be used for just about any room, including even a small walk in closet. The best thing about a black and white walk in closet is that you can use your clothes and shoes as decorations.

Notice how the closet is fully white while the floor is light brown. In and of itself, the closet looks dull and boring. Now add clothing and shoes with black and you will get a very interesting closet. Other dark colors can work but not as well as black.

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