17 Terrific DIY Headboard Wood to Add Style in Your Bedroom

The headboard of a bed is often overlooked. Most people think it is only a functional part of a bed. This, however, is not true. The headboard can be aesthetical as well. In fact, changing the headboard can add style in the bedroom. And here, we will give you some terrific DIY headboard wood examples to inspire you.

When it comes to DIY headboards, there are many ways you can design it. From the rustic, farmhouse, reclaimed to minimalist, there are just so many designs to choose from. Let’s start with our examples now, shall we?

Headboard Dark Wood

headboard wooden
source : bloglovin

Is your bedroom mostly in white or gray? If it is, consider playing with contrast by adding a headboard dark wood in it. The dark color of the wood brings contrast and balance, making the bedroom looks more interesting.

You can add a decoration that contrasts with the headboard as well. For example, hanging white lighting atop the headboard.

Such a small addition complements the bedroom’s look without being obnoxious. Playing with contrast may sound simple but it surely does have a significant effect on the interior.

Wood Headboard and Frame

wood headboard and frame
source : etsy

When it is a DIY headboard wood, no one says that you should go for something ordinary. I mean, if you can go for something extraordinary, then why not do so? Rather than going for an ordinary headboard, turn it into a ‘gallery’ and hang your favorite painting on it.

Such a headboard feels personalized. Not to mention it adds value and beauty to the bedroom as well. For this, you need to create a tall and wide headboard so it has enough space for the painting while not looking overcrowded.

DIY Headboard Wooden

diy wooden headboard with lights
Source : shophesby

Minimalists pride themselves in having a simple yet beautiful decor. Are you a minimalist yourself? Or perhaps want a bit of minimalist touch for your bedroom? Either way, you can add a simple headboard wooden to make your bed interesting.

Notice how the headboard becomes the focal point in the mostly white bedroom. While it is the focal point of the room, it does so without standing out like a sore thumb.

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It is simple yet beautiful. A truly minimalist way to decorate the bedroom. There are also greeneries which add freshness and liveliness as well.

As you can see, above bed decor can make a significant impact on the feels and looks of a bedroom. If you need some idea on how to decorate the space above decor, check out our ideas here.

DIY Pallet Headboard with Lights

wood headboard with lights
source : pinterest

Our next DIY headboard wood is something that adds warmth. Just look how warm and comfortable the bed above looks. It looks so inviting. You just want to rest and lie down on it.

Warmth and comfort are important for a bedroom. There are myriad of ways to introduce warmth and comfort into the bedroom.

One of them is to add wood headboard with lights. The lighting is there not just for the functional purpose only. It is also there to make the headboard more appealing.

Barn Door Headboard Wooden

headboard pallet wood
source : pinterest

Barn door decors are trending right now. It shouldn’t be surprising. They are versatile. They can be use used for just about anything. From front doors, hidden doors, to decors. On top of that, they give off a welcoming and relaxing vibe too.

Can you use a barn door as a headboard wooden? Well, yes. It is a great idea if you want to make your bedroom more welcoming and relaxing.

Wood Headboard Wall

wood headboard wall
source : manmadediy

Do you have unused wood boards in your house? If you do, here is an idea: create a headboard reclaimed wood. Sticking unused wood boards into the wall and creating a headboard wooden from it is an inexpensive way to change the look of the bedroom.

Does it look good? Yes, it does. Reclaimed wood boards have different shades of colors but they are mostly neutral. As such, you can play with it and add other colors to complement. For example, creating a bedroom with a monochromatic vibe like the above.

Shiplap Headboard Wall

reclaimed wood headboard
source : designmom

An accent wall makes any room more appealing. Of course, this applies to the bedroom as well. You can try to create a DIY headboard wood and use it as an accent wall in the bedroom.

The different looks, the texture, and the colors turn what is otherwise an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary and exciting one.

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Another great thing about this headboard/accent wall is that you can modify it easily, be it repainting or replacing. If you want a good-looking and flexible decor, this idea is for you.

Modern Wood Headboard

diy headboard reclaimed wood
source : organiclifestyle

A headboard wooden can complement an urban and modern decor as well. It requires a few changes, though. The headboard should have clear, defined lines and rectangle shape, just like any other urban and modern decorations are.

Since urban and modern decor tend to use contrast, the best thing you can do is to color the headboard in a neutral color. For example, light brown or brown. Making the lines visible between the wooden boards is a good idea too.

Railway Crate Headboard

wood headboard rustic
source : owecraft

There is something unique about country-style headboard. It makes you feel comfortable and at home, even if it is not. There is warmth in them. This is especially true if the bedroom has ambient lighting, which makes you feel even more relaxed.

You can create your own DIY headboard wood in country-style. While it may look old and worn out, this very look is what makes it interesting.

Of course, you don’t have to use old wooden boards to create this kind of headboard. You can just modify new wooden boards and make it look old and worn out.

Planning to create a welcoming and warm guest bedroom? If so, using a country-style headboard like the above is among many other ways to warmly welcome your guest. For more inspiration, you can check out our guest bedroom ideas here.

Vertical Headboard

diy headboard wood
source : appycouple

A horizontal headboard is common and standard. A vertical headboard, on the other hand, is

  • unique
  • extraordinary
  • attention-grabbing
  • and most importantly, far from boring

If you want all of these, just create a vertical headboard. It doesn’t take much to create. Just prepare several large wooden boards, cut them so they fit the width of the bed and finish them.

There you go, now you got a unique, extraordinary, and attention-grabbing headboard wooden that makes the bedroom much, much more interesting.

Pallet Wood Headboard

diy headboard wood planks
source : trendenser

Many materials, including wooden pallets, can be turned into a terrific wood headboard on wall. What you need is a bit of ingenuity and creativity. Just look at the DIY headboard wood above.

The wooden pallets are stacked horizontally, side by side. They have different sizes, creating an asymmetrical look. Despite its asymmetry and simplicity, the headboard makes the bedroom far more interesting. Simple? Yes? Effective? Also yes.

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DIY Rustic Wood Headboard

headboard wood diy
source : songbirdblog

A rustic headboard is what you need if you want to create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. To create such a headboard, you just need to stack several thick wooden boards on top of another. Then, apply a dark finish on the headboard. Voila! A rustic headboard that makes the bedroom warm.

Farmhouse Wood Headboard

wood headboard bed
source : sewcraftyfarmhouse

Take a good look of the bed frame above. Feel familiar, doesn’t it? Compared to the other DIY headboard wood examples here, nothing beats a farmhouse wood headboard bed frame in bringing a sense of familiarity in the bedroom.

A farmhouse headboard bed frame can be used in most bedroom decors. However, it works best if the bedroom decor is styled in a farmhouse decor as well.

Unfinished Headboard Wooden

diy wood panel headboard
source : beachblissliving

While a finished headboard wooden looks classy, an unfinished headboard wooden looks more natural. Due to this, an unfinished headboard can be fitted in many decor styles like minimalist or modern. If flexibility is what you want, an unfinished headboard wooden is for you.

DIY Rustic Wood Headboard

white wood headboard queen
source : lindsaymarcella

The adage ‘less is more’ is true in some situations. A wooden headboard, even if it has a simple design, makes the space more appealing. A mostly white bedroom will surely benefit from a simple headboard wooden like the above.

Notice how the simple headboard becomes a focal point of the bedroom. Not to mention it becomes a focal point without requiring intricate designs or coloring. It is a fitting example of the adage.

DIY Headboard Wood

diy wood headboard king size
source : homedit

The rustic, farmhouse, chic and vintage decors have similarities in terms of looking old and worn out. The difference is that chic and vintage decors show aging more explicitly.

For example, a headboard with chic and vintage style has a pale, white and scratched look. You can’t help but feel nostalgic when you look at it.

White Wood Headboard Queen

diy wood headboards for beds
source : currentlychicboutique

Last but not least is a white DIY headboard wood with the farmhouse style. The farmhouse style typically involves dark-colored wooden surfaces, but it is not a must.

The headboard blends nicely with the rest of the room. If anything, it complements the bedroom’s decor and allows for other decorations, like pillows, lighting and even the framed typography, to stand out and make a statement.

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