Boys Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom certainly has many functions in your son’s life. It is the area for sleeping, doing the homework, playing and studying. That means it should provide maximum safety and comfort. To improve its appearance, you must search for boys bedroom ideas.

When it comes to designing his bedroom, be sure it reflects his unique personality. In this case, you have to use your creativity and imagination. Then, choose a specific theme for years to come. By focusing on the future, he will always love his very own sleeping zone.

As a parent, there is nothing more rewarding than surprise him with a cool bedroom. Do not be afraid of your limited space and budget. Because they are not the constraints. The thing that matters is your readiness.

For you who want to decorate his bedchamber, you are in the right place. We have rounded up these amazing boys bedroom ideas. Let’s check these out!

1. Trophies and The Orange Accents

Boys Bedroom Ideas Trophies and The Orange Accents

The homeowner smartly showcases lots of trophies on open black shelves. Moreover, the basketball, hockey helmet, and small baseball statues prove how much he likes sports. There are little guy’s favorite books as well.

You can spot a black bed frame and laptop desk too. However, the white and light grey are the main bedroom paint colors. They work as the backdrop.

Highlight: “While the orange shade stunningly accentuates the whole room. This bright hue creates a playful atmosphere”.

2. Boys Bedroom Ideas Striped Bedding

Boys Bedroom Ideas Striped Bedding

If you think white space scheme would be monotonous, you are wrong. In this chamber, the striped pillow and bed cover add visual interest.

We promise they steal the show in no time. They match well with the brown blanket and dark grey rug.

To make the space kid-friendly, store his playthings in the doorless cabinets. The wall decal, wicker basket, and artwork exude the chicness. And the hot orange items fill the room with pops of color.

3. Custom-Made Bunk Beds

Boys Bedroom Ideas Custom-Made Bunk Beds

Do you have two little men? This idea is the way to go. Instead of buying single beds, you can opt for bunk beds.

So, they are able to sleep in their own beds. Do not forget to build wooden straight staircase for an easier access. It should not be high for sure.

White and blue palette embrace the nautical flair. This bedroom gets more attractive with the bold stripes and polka dots.

Additionally, the large area rug and blankets give awesome textures to the area. And the rattan storage box is used to keep the room clutter-free.

4. The Teenage Boy’s Personal Sanctuary

Boys Bedroom Ideas The Teenage Boy’s Personal Sanctuary

As your son grows up, you must consider his teen years. Like the picture above, the bedchamber features a collection of sport balls.

He will be really proud if you stash his trophies on the wall-mounted shelves. They effortlessly adorn your growing boy’s room.

Moreover, the light green shade produces the youthful vibes. The ball pillows radiate the cheerful ambiance.

On the other hand, the dark grey tone soothes the space. The wood floor, bed frame, and nightstands deliver the warm and welcoming feeling.

5. Touch of Luxury

Boys Bedroom Ideas Touch of Luxury

6. Boys Bedroom Ideas Music Theme

Boys Bedroom Ideas Music Theme

Your teenage boy dreams of an artistic sleepy space. Why don’t you make it comes true? The key here is involving black, army green, and deep grey into the bedroom. These dark shades help you create an ultra-modern, funky, and a serene retreat.

Not only that, this room feels so masculine. To support his passion, you can add his favorite stuff. Interested? Here are our tips:
  • Choose wooden bed frame with under bed storage
  • Hang music-themed artworks on the walls
  • Place the guitar next to the bed
  • Cover the floor with black carpet and zebra print area rug

7. Boys Bedroom Ideas Sporty Playground

Boys Bedroom Ideas Sporty Playground

Since your little one’s bedchamber is tiny, do not waste any space. Make most of the small room by transforming it into a playground for an active soul. As you can see, the hanging snowboard and scuba fins look extremely sophisticated.

The skateboard and surfboard inject the room with sporty aura. We recommend you to attach the yellow net on the ceiling as your teenage boy is very energetic.

Then, baby blue walls and ornate motifs pamper his eyes. Childhood toys are secretly kept in the under bed drawers.

8. Multifunctional Escape

Boys Bedroom Ideas Multifunctional Escape

Small space with high ceiling? Take it as the advantage, not a big issue. Maximize your pocket-sized area by purchasing loft bed.

Your young man surely will get perfect night’s sleep. Replace the ordinary staircase with rock climbing wall. It is so creative, right?

Beneath the loft bed, there is an indoor playroom. His plush lion, photographs and playthings are the great additions.

To hide the unwanted views, you can install the curtains. The desk and chair enhance the coziness. While black and white geometric rug grab the attention.

9.  Antique Industrial Charm

Boys Bedroom Ideas Antique Industrial Charm

10. The Mixing Patterns

Boys Bedroom Ideas The Mixing Patterns

Who says monochrome is equivalent to dull? Even though this room is predominantly black and white, it still lends you perky nuance.

Thanks to the striking patterns. If you like this bedroom, it is the right time to create this one-of-a-kind bedchamber for your two boys or tween bedroom boys idea:
  • First of all, paint the ceiling and walls in white. This color makes the space visually bigger, sunny, and bright
  • Arrange bunk beds as you desire
  • Apply the wall decal and embellish the space with paper pennant flags
  • Fill their room with tartan pillow, plaid bean bag, check storage bag, and leaf motif
  • Place shag rug on the floor

11. Happy Room Boys

Boys Bedroom Ideas Happy Room

If you design a bedchamber for your little man, it is much better to choose less common shade. For instance, this sleeping zone looks eye-catching with the helps of sunny orange, yellow and green. They give the space a lively and fresh atmosphere.

The white ceiling and walls balance the vibrant colors out. And the wooden floor goes harmoniously with the neutral and colorful tones.

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The skateboards are neatly stored on the pegged board. While the frosted glass window provides your boy an extra privacy.

12.  Boys Bedroom Rustic Magnificence

Boys Bedroom Ideas Rustic Magnificence

Is your son a fan of rustic style ? If yes, give it a shot. For a best result, you can combine old and new elements.

In this sleepy space, the iron wire mesh, basketball ring, and steel wall sconce produce the unpretentiously chic look. They are unrefined yet charming.

Moreover the wooden skateboard, wicker window blind, wooden folding stool and artwork frames emanate the rustic luxury. The black bedframe and striped bedding offer the modern and trendy touch. Here, everything is tastefully designed.

13. The French Charm Boys Room Ideas

The French Charm Boys Room Ideas

French country decor absolutely welcomes the distressed woodwork, various patterns, subdued, and bold shades. With timeless combination, the result obviously couldn’t be more alluring and graceful.

To introduce the old-world personality, follow the steps below.
  • Place the tartan bedding under the loft bed and vintage distressed nightstand beside the staircase.
  • Stain the walls in navy blue paint and ceiling in white.
  • Hang the abstract artworks and floral painting on the walls orderly.
  • Install patterned curtain below the ceiling molding.
  • Arrange the armchairs and backless sofa bench near the loft bed.
  • Use an antique steamer trunk suitcase as the table.

14. Go Camping Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas Go Camping

15. A Globe Perspective

Boys Bedroom Ideas A Globe Perspective

Unleash your little man’s adventurous soul by showcasing the globes as many as he wants. We suggest you to buy small, medium, large and extra large-sized globes. After that, place them on industrial-looking open shelves.

Framed world maps are useful to invoke his spirit of adventure. You can also display some old travel books for fuelling his wanderlust. It is gonna be more fabulous, when you add the other worldly ornaments. For the rest of the room, please keep it muted.

16. The Wrought Iron Bed

Boys Bedroom Ideas The Wrought Iron Bed

When you stay at cottage and beach house, you must know that iron bed is its hallmark. So, why don’t you steal this idea for boy bedroom?

You can pair it with iron floor standing shelf. It is great to store wood miniature home, piggy bank, retro table fan and toys.

Then, feature two-tone walls, old-fashioned suitcase, vintage table lamp, plaid bedding, and bedside table. The navy and white space scheme instantly invites the seaside theme to his bedchamber. And the round baseball bean bag aims for ultra comfortable seating.

17. Greeny Sunken Retreat

Boys Bedroom Ideas Greeny Sunken Retreat

18. Bring The Industrial Age Back

Boys Bedroom Ideas Bring The Industrial Age Back

The vintage industrial decor is such the hottest theme for teenage boy’s chamber. In this bedroom, the homeowner involves wrought iron shelves.

The brick wall is colored in white paint to match wonderfully with the white ceiling and the other walls.

The area rug, pillow and blanket add a splash of shades to the entire space. Then, the brushed metal lamp, iron wire mesh basket, wooden floor, and bed frame boost a sense of rusticism. While the globe and alarm clock steal the spotlight. This room is simple yet funky.

19. Stairway to Relaxing Zone

Boys Bedroom Ideas Stairway to Relaxing Zone

20. Full of Powerful Superheroes

Boys Bedroom Ideas Full of Powerful Superheroes

If your boys dream about their favorite superheroes, you should go for this idea. Because it is seriously the popular theme among the little guys. When you successfully finish the project, they will call you their real hero.

Want to suprise them? Try these out:
  • Paint the ceiling and walls in neutral palette as they are the backdrops.
  • Install built-in storage, batman wall lamp and decal.
  • Hang spiderman mask on the window frame.
  • Place beds with floor cabinet in the corner of the room.
  • Display the superhero crafts and their toys on the cabinet.
  • Throw a geometric area rug into the wooden floor.
  • Place the batman and spiderman pillows on the bed.

21. Grand Bedroom for Big Boys

Boys Bedroom Ideas Grand Bedroom for Big Boys

Looking for master bedroom ideas for your teenage boys? It is the answer. The large bed undoubtedly will draw his eyes. Plus, you give your two little men a master sleepy space to share.

Stain the ceiling and walls in neutral colors like white, beige, grey, cream, or tan. Place ginormous area rug on the floor and bed frame in the middle of the room. Layer it with patterned bed cover and pillows.

Then, hang giant artwork and bold name sign on the wall. The tall floor lamp should be positioned next to your extra large bed. That’s all.

22. Boys Bedroom Ideas Maritime Feel

Boys Bedroom Ideas Maritime Feel

23. A True Spiderman Lover

Boys Bedroom Ideas A True Spiderman Lover

We know your little man extremely idolizes his own superheroes. And spiderman is one of them. Incorporate this unique character into the bedroom will make him so happy. First thing first, coat the walls in bold color to energize your boy’s sleepy space.

For the wooden ceiling and window, they are better in neutral tone. Furthermore, you have to apply lifesize spiderman wall decal.

Put the toy storage box in the corner of his room. The giant area rug provides comfort when he plays the spiderman crafts.

24. Boys Bedroom Ideas Fantastic Gaming

Boys Bedroom Ideas Fantastic Gaming

25. Monochrome Dreamscape

Boys Bedroom Ideas Monochrome Dreamscape

Have older boys? The monochrome decor is the right one for them. It turns their bedchamber into chic, clean and classic retreat. Believe us, it won’t get out of trend as well. The basic rule is involving black, grey and white.

Like the picture shown above, there are black and white walls. While the ceiling, bed cover, and the ornamental bird come in white. The pillow, wall decal, and blanket have black and white details too. Wall-mounted shelves and black lamp exude the rustic industrial air.

26. Black and Orange Cubicle

Boys Bedroom Ideas Black and Orange Cubicle

Please remember that a boy bed chamber is not just about blue. You can play with another fun shade like orange. The combination of black and orange evoke the modern and energetic ambiance. When nicely designed, the room will always be his favorite place.

Additionally, the vintage newspaper wallpapered-wall, cat statue, herringbone blanket, throw pillows and hanging artworks are so appealing. As the accent color, orange cubicle wall, mounting lamp, towel, chair and storage box embrace the playfulness.

27. Minecraft Domination

Boys Bedroom Ideas Minecraft Domination

28. Boys Bedroom Ideas Scandinavian’s Elegance

Boys Bedroom Ideas Scandinavian’s Elegance

Nordic design is widely popular for its airy, minimalistic and fresh look. As you can see, the round chair, bedside table and mounting lamp only takes up little space. White, grey and black are the main colors here.

The ceiling pendant lamp gives bright glow in the night. While the knit rug, blanket and throw pillows offer the delightful textures. And potted snake plant adds some life to the whole area. This room blows his mind as he steps into it.

29. Mature Yet Playful

Boys Bedroom Ideas Mature Yet Playful

After you read those boys bedroom ideas, we hope you really get the inspirations to begin the project. If you can excellently do they makeover, he will thoroughly enjoy sleeping in his bedchamber.

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