20 Magical Murphy Bed Ideas for the Savvy Space Saver

We all need extra space in our homes. Indeed. Doesn’t matter whether our home is large or small, extra space is always welcome. Are you looking for a way to be space-efficient? Consider using a murphy bed. Here, we listed 20 murphy bed ideas that will help you be more space-efficient.

Although all murphy beds share certain characteristics, they surely don’t come in the same size, design, or style. There are plethoras of options available, as our ideas here will show you.

Murphy Bed Cabinet

murphy bed cabinetry
source : freshideen

Let’s start with something really unique. While most murphy beds are, well, beds, that doesn’t have to be the case every time.

There are murphy beds that can serve as extra storage and even couch. This couch murphy bed is a good example of that.

When folded, the bed turns into a comfy couch. When unfolded, you get a bed with good support. On the side, there are simple shelves as well. So, it is basically a murphy bed with storage and a couch. This all in one feature is as space-efficient as it gets.

Murphy Bed in Tiny House

desk murphy bed
source : incredibletinyhomes

The next in our murphy bed ideas list is something unusual. If you can make a nice bed, why not make it ‘hidden’ while you are at it?

A ‘hidden’ something, including a bed, is always interesting due to their mysterious nature. This murphy bed acts as both a bed and a decoration.

When the bed is not used, it is folded up and becomes a part of the décor. No one expects a bed is on the wall. When it is needed, you just pull it down and voila! A comfy bed to rest. Awesome, isn’t it?

Vertical Wall Bed

horizontal murphy bed
source : futonland

Just because you are using a murphy bed to be more space-efficient, doesn’t mean you have to try ordinary murphy bed ideas for the look. Being space-efficient or elegant? Why not both? Yes, you can go for both, as this murphy bed has nicely shown.

Notice how the colors are played here. The bed frame is white, with a cream wall and bed. The contrast between these colors makes the elegant look, while the red pillow accentuates it. The hanging painting with a golden frame on the wall makes the elegant theme whole.

Office Murphy Bed

office murphy bed
source : costco

Want to take a rest in your home office? Go for a murphy bed horizontal with shelving in it. This murphy bed blends with the rest of the office quite well. Nobody knows that the cabinet on the side of the desk can be a comfy bed.

To build such a home office, you need to have enough space for the U shaped desk with ample space in the middle to accommodate the murphy bed. Make it more interesting by painting the desk and bed white.

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Speaking of the home office, are you planning to create one in your home? If you do, our home office ideas here may help you design your dream home office.

Barn Door Murphy Bed

barn door murphy bed ideas

barn door murphy bed
source : thistlewoodfarms

When it comes to a particular theme, there are so many murphy bed ideas to choose from. What theme should you choose? Well, that depends on what kind of vibe you want. For example, if you want a warm vibe, giving the bed a farmhouse touch will be a great idea.

In this example, the farmhouse touch comes from the barn doors enclose the bed on both sides. Notice the light wood of the door and how it mildly contrasts with the bed. The barn doors also serve as the cover for the bed when it is folded. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Being Minimal

murphy bed cabinet
source : amirkdesign

You can find various murphy bed designs on the internet. Many of them are rather delicate. The thing is, not everyone wants or can make such a bed.

Some of us just want something simple yet good-looking. Can you get that? Well of course. This one is a good example of a simple yet good-looking murphy bed horizontal.

There is nothing that stands out too much in this bed design. Only the greenery looks quite bold and makes a statement. The rest is simple and monochromatic thus balancing each other. Simple? Yes. Good-looking? Also yes.

Murphy Wall Beds

plans murphy bed
source : storagebeds

Next in our murphy bed ideas list includes nature. Who doesn’t like a bed with natural touches here and there? Nature brings in freshness and makes any space feel more alive.

Of course, a murphy bed horizontal is not an exception. This murphy bed has several touches of nature. One is above and two are on both sides.

You can just feel how refreshing and lively this bed is. What completes the natural touches is the teal bed cover and pillow. The white and cream surfaces provide the proper background, allowing the greeneries to be the points of interest.

Corner Murphy Bed Ideas

couch murphy bed

couch murphy bed
source : dwelling

What are you doing with your corners? Do you leave them empty? Many homeowners do. Don’t do the same mistake. Rather than leaving it empty and unused, turn it into something useful like a guest bedroom with a murphy bed queen size.

While the corners tend to be awkward space, it shouldn’t be a problem since most murphy bed designs don’t eat up a lot of space.

It just needs enough space for when the bed is folded and unfolded. Use white bed cover and add bright-colored pillows and blankets and you get a nice guest bedroom.

You can just make a bedroom and call it a guest bedroom, though. You need to add some style and design elements so your guest feels welcomed. Don’t know how to do it? We got you covered. We listed guest bedroom ideas that will inspire you.

Murphy Beds For Small Spaces

mattress murphy bed
source : domino

This is another example of simple murphy bed designs. There is no superfluous design element here. What makes the bed looks good is the contrast between gray and white. This contrast doesn’t look obnoxious but they do make a statement.

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The earth-tone color flooring and the shiplap wall make the bed feels and looks warmer and inviting. If you have a small space, want an interesting bed and like to keep things simple, a small and simple murphy bed horizontal like this is for you.

Murphy Bed Shelves

murphy bed shelves
source : Diane Burgio

While most murphy bed ideas involve moving the bed vertically, it is not the only choice you have. That’s right. If you don’t have the space for the bed to fold vertically or want to use the upper half of the wall for floating shelves, a sideways murphy bed is your best choice.

Notice how this sideways murphy bed takes minimal space to fold. As a result, most of the wall is free for you to use. In this case, the wall is decorated with floating shelf. It is definitely a smart and stylish way to utilize the space.

Floating shelf is a great way to utilize the space while being stylish. Need some inspiration? Check out our floating shelf ideas.

Murphy Bed Twin

murphy bed twin size
source : Radius Architectural

Nothing gets more minimalist than a pair of murphy bed twin which can be used as cabinets. Look at this bedroom. Many parts in the bedroom are inside the wall when unused, including the beds. This frees up a lot of space, making the bedroom larger than it already is.

While functionality is the main focus of minimalism, looks shouldn’t be neglected. Notice how the room is divided into two: white upper half and brown lower half. This creates a statement in the minimalist bedroom and becomes more attractive as a result.

Pull Down Murphy Beds

storage murphy bed
source : KELLY + CO DESIGN

Next is also a sideways murphy bed. This time, however, it is a rustic farmhouse. If you want warmth and welcoming vibe in your bedroom, a rustic farmhouse design is your best option. The earth-tone colors bring warmth, while the finished wooden surface brings the familiar vie.

One of the best things about such a bed is that it saves up a lot of space and at the same time, provides extra storage above it. So if you want to save space and make things warm, look no further than a sideways murphy bed with a rustic farmhouse touch.

Bookcase Murphy Bed

bookcase murphy bed
source : Black and Milk

The next idea in our murphy bed ideas list includes simple murphy bed designs with modern touches. You can just feel the modern vibe here. The mirror wall, the simple design elements, the choice of colors, and so on. All screams modernity.

Just like any other modern interior, this one keeps everything tidy and without clutter. There lots of sharp, defining lines as well.

These lines are among the main characteristics of modern design. This bedroom surely is an excellent take of modern design.

Murphy Bed Cabinet Ideas

murphy bed affordable

affordable murphy bed
source : propertybrothers

Sometimes returning to the basic is the best idea. The main idea about the murphy bed designs is to provide a bed that saves space both folded and unfolded. If that is what you want, then consider a basic murphy bed horizontal like this.

This bed is very simple. That doesn’t mean it looks bad or ordinary, though. You can make a basic bed like this more appealing by adding a plant on the side, a terra cotta jar, and a rug, for example.

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Sideways Murphy Bed

sideways murphy bed
source : HGTV

The beauty of a murphy bed is that you can combine it with just about anything. From an office desk, a cabinet, to a bookcase. Just look at this murphy bed bookcase. The bed not just blends so well but also complement the whole room.

The colors of the bed bring a warm and charming vibe. Due to the size, the bed can be used as a makeshift sofa and with the bookcase encasing it, it can even be turned into a simple book nook.

Play with White

murphy bed queen size
source : _wastelandrebel_

Unlike the previous murphy bed ideas, this murphy bed modern is dominated by one color: white. Notice how simple the murphy bed designs are. Nothing looks intrusive, let alone stand out like a sore thumb.

A mostly white bed like this creates a calm, clean, modern and tidy look. Since there isn’t any bold decoration around, it makes a great resting place as there is no distraction.

The beauty of this bed is that a few design elements, like black lines and a plant, make the bed a lot more interesting.

Wall Murphy Bed Ideas

cheap murphy bed alternative
source : gethandsdirty

Not everyone likes to have a bold and daring bed that makes a statement. Some of us just like to have a simple bed to rest on. This one is a good example of such a bed.

Here the light wood bed frame is contrasted with the white surfaces around. This light contrast creates an interesting yet unassuming look with the wooden flooring completes the whole theme. If a simple and attractive bed is what you are after, you are going to love this murphy bed horizontal.

Natural Touch

murphy bed frame queen
source : 600sqftandababy

Bringing in greeneries in the bedroom is rarely a bad choice. If anything, several natural touches here and there make just about any bedroom more interesting and fresh. Who wouldn’t want such a look?

This simple white and gray bed is as simple as a murphy bed goes. But, thanks to the greeneries around it, the bed is far from boring. It looks and feels fresh. If you like simple and natural murphy bed ideas, you want to consider this idea.

Modern Farmhouse

murphy bed cabinet queen

queen murphy bed frame
source : themexicancarpenter101

The farmhouse style is quite versatile. You can combine it with many other styles, including modern ones. These murphy bed designs just prove how good the mix between the farmhouse and modern styles is.

Notice the shiplap wall and barn doors there. These are common design elements in the farmhouse style. Yet, they come with some twists. Rather than dark brown and finished, the barn doors are navy blue and the shiplap has modern lighting on it. Yes, it is a modern farmhouse alright.

Murphy Bed Bookcases

full size murphy bed

murphy bed plans with desk
source : dianaelizabethblog

Last but not least in our murphy bed ideas list is a murphy bed in-between cabinets. What makes murphy beds such a great option is how space-efficient they are. They can be installed on their own or, like in the picture, in-between furniture.

murphy bed vertical
source: dwell

One of the advantages of such a bed is that you can fold it up and free up some space. This makes it the best choice for those who have small space to spare.

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