20 Exciting Shoes Storage Ideas Keep Your Footwear Safe And Sound!

We all have shoe storage in our homes. Yet, somehow it seems never enough. Whether there is no enough room or that it is difficult to find the shoes we want when we need them the most, it just not sufficient. Don’t worry, our creative and exciting shoes storage ideas here will change that.

From shoe racks on the entryway, a crate shoe storage, storage under a couch to a literally behind the door storage. There are just so myriads of ideas to organize the shoe storage. Let’s get straight to the ideas now, shall we?

Double Shoe Racks

ideas to storage shoes
source : aliexpress

Let’s start with something minimal. A minimalist shoes storage rack like this not just give you the necessary space to organize shoes but also decorates the entryway as well. The shelves are arranged in a zigzag manner, making the rack more interesting and easily accessible.

Since this shoes storage rack is white, the shoes placed on the shelves stand out more. So yes, you can use it as a makeshift gallery for your shoes collection. Adding a piece or two of decoration is not a bad idea, either.

Entryway Shoe Storage

entryway shoe storage
source : etsy

Looking for easy DIY shoes storage ideas instead? Try using crates for that. With crates, you can make a shoe storage box easily.

What you need is to attach a shelf in the crate to divide it into two parts and install the crate on the wall. Yes, as simple as that. Need more storage? Just add another crate.

The beauty of a crate shoe storage box is that they are spacious, look good, and easily manageable. Want to clean the crate? Remove the shoes and the crate and just clean it. Not to mention they are portable too, which is certainly a plus.

Shoe Rack in PVC

shoes storage rack
source : studiobliss

This is another example of DIY shoes storage rack. Unlike the crate one, this one will take time to create. The upside is that each pipe showcases a pair of shoes. This makes finding the shoes that you want at the moment easily.

For this DIY shoes storage rack, you will need a long and large pipe that fits your shoe collections, cut them into smaller parts with appropriate length, and install them on the wall.

If you are into DIY projects, this is certainly among the best shoes storage ideas you should try. So, go ahead and pipe them up!

Pipe Hanging Shoe Rack

shoe storage entry
source : etsy

This one is for those who just can’t do a DIY project or don’t have the time to do make it. Rather than storing the shoes on a shelf or inside a pipe, you hang them up on a shoes storage hanger.

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The good thing about this shoe storage is that it doesn’t eat up a lot of space. The bad thing, however, is that it is not suitable for those who have lots of shoes as the carrying capacity is rather limited.

DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet

shoe storage cabinet
source : shanty 2 chic

A simple rack is enough to keep the entryway more organized. As simple as it is, this shoes storage rack can hold many pairs of shoes and several pairs of boots.

As the shoes and boots are covered on all sides but one, they are protected from the elements, dust, dirt, and debris.

The bonus of this kind of shoe storage is the empty top. You can use the top part of the rack as extra storage or decorate it to make the entryway more beautiful. The choice is yours.

Shoes Storage Box

shoes storage box
source : lushome

Love to showcase your shoes and keep things clean? Consider creating a step/storage like this. The pebbles help to keep the floor clean. At the same time, the storage makes the shoes more noticeable they can even become focal points of the entryway.

This modern entryway storage is also a good option when it is rainy. When a typical shoes storage rack gets wet and moist, this shoe storage modern keeps things dry and easily cleanable. That alone is a reason enough to have this storage.

Ladder Shelf Shoe Storage

shelves for shoes storage

shoes storage shelves
source : designsponge

Even simple shoes storage ideas can work just as good. This ladder shoes storage wood is a good example of such a simple storage idea. It is made of a chopped off a wooden ladder. And that’s all you need to create interesting storage.

The ladder is placed diagonally with the lower part moving away from the wall. This allows the storage to accommodate shoes of any length and size. Since the storage is pale white, it makes a great background for the shoes to shine.

Lack Shelf Shoes

shoe storage ideas
source : apartmenttherapy

Corners are a bit difficult to turn into something useful. Difficult, but not impossible. If your corner is currently empty, turning them into shoe storage vertical racks like this are a good idea.

Notice how the storage occupies the corner space vertically. This makes the most out of the corner and at the same time, makes organizing the shoes a lot easier. Not to mention the shoes are easily accessible too.

Floating shelf is a clever way to store items like shoes as well as interior decorations. Interesting in installing such shelving for your home? If you are, you don’t want to miss these creative ideas.

Shoe Cabinet With Drawer

shoe storage entryway ideas
source : aliexpress

Need shoes storage for small spaces? Look behind the door. Just like corners, the space behind the door is often left unused. Yours need not be like that.

This is especially true if you have a small space. Utilizing the space behind the door is among the best shoes storage ideas for small spaces.

Just add an open shoes storage wood rack like this and there you go. Things will be much easier to manage and clean.

The best thing about this storage is that it occupies the space that is otherwise left empty. In other words, you get extra storage without having to eat up any space.

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Pallet Shoe Storage Ideas

shoe storage entryway bench
source : hometalk

Just because you want shoes storage hallway, doesn’t mean it has to be just shoe storage. Want to make the hallway more beautiful and attractive? Why not! What you need is to add multipurpose storage like this one.

Notice how the storage not only provides the necessary space for shoes, it also allows for stuff like pots of plants to be stored in it as well.

Want to make it more noticeable? Paint the outer part of the storage white and voila! Now your shoes and stuff get showcased.

Shoes Storage Hanging

shoes storage hanging
source : pbteen

Living in a small space shouldn’t be a reason to not try appealing shoes storage ideas. If anything, it should be a motivation instead. Take a good look at this unique shoe storage. Nothing like what you have ever seen before, isn’t it?

Rather than placed on a hard surface, the shoes are stored inside pieces of clothes. This gives you the freedom to style the storage the way you want (using colorful clothes, for example) while keeping the space used minimum.

Shoes Storage Ottoman

shoes storage ideas
source : rowleycompany

Hidden storage is always exciting to have. Of course, hidden shoe storage is not an exception. Whether you have small or large space to spare, keeping your shoes hidden inside a comfy round couch like this will save a lot of space.

Being space-efficient is not the only advantage, though. There are also portability and cleanliness. You can move the storage just about anywhere you want. And since the storage has a cover, the shoes are protected from dust.

Pipe Shoe Organization

shoe storage vertical
source : futuristarchitecture

This one is another example of DIY shoes storage ideas on the list. This one also includes pipes. Unlike the previous shoes storage rack made of pipes, this one has quite unique arrangements. The pipes are arranged similar to a honeycomb.

This ‘honeycomb’ storage certainly looks unusual. If you want a DIY shoes storage rack that steals attention, this is one of the most exciting ideas you can try.

Mudroom Shoe Storage Ideas

Mudroom Shoe Storage
source : Etsy

Perhaps you have a small space and lots of shoes to store? In that case, consider compact shoe storage narrow. As narrow as it seems, the storage can hold lots of shoes, including boots. Most of the racks are for regular-sized shoes while the longer racks are for boots.

The shoes can be reached without any difficulty. Not to mention you can see all of the shoes clearly too. These make things easier when you are in a hurry and need a certain pair of shoes. Having storage with room for many shoes will certainly help on those occasions.

Shoes Storage Cabinet

shoes storage cabinet
Source : Pinterest

The next idea in our shoes storage ideas list is a cabinet. It is not a regular and ordinary cabinet, though. This cabinet is very tall and wide. Because of that, it is the ideal choice for those who have lots of shoes.

Notice how the cabinet blends with the surrounding, making an impression as if it is a part of the wall. Thanks to this impression, the shoes on each shelf are showcased in their entirety. If you want to make some sort of a gallery for your shoes, look no further than a tall cabinet.

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Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

shoes storage for small spaces
source : etsy

Even if you already have shoes storage shelves, having wall-mount shoes storage rack that you can access quickly is a good idea. How could it not? You can just take a pair of the most often used shoes and just go for the occasion.

This wall-mount rack also keeps the floor clean, which is a benefit that no one can deny. If you often go out with a certain pair of shoes, such a rack will be very helpful.

Shoes Storage Under Bed

Shoes Storage Under Bed
source : morningchores

This is another example of unexpected shoes storage ideas to try. Who would guess there is hidden folded storage under the bench? And for those who have small space to spare, having a bench/hidden shoe storage is without a doubt a smart solution to save space.

Also, notice the colors of the shoe storage bench. The bench is in plain white, providing the perfect background that showcases the shoes inside. Want a smart solution and make it stylish? Consider a shoe storage bench.

Want to add a bench in the entryway yet still unsure of what kind of bench to use? Check out our entryway bench ideas here and get inspired.

Under the Stairs

shoe storage under staircase
source : inspirationde

A gallery is a must for people who are shoe aficionado. It is doubly awesome if the gallery can be used as storage that protects the shoes as well. Well, this under the stairs shoes storage shelves does both.

While this under the stairs storage protects the shoes, they also allow them to shine with semi-translucent glass as the cover. Best of all, the storage virtually doesn’t eat up any space in the home. Now that’s awesome!

The space under stairs is seldom filled and more often empty. The thing is you can turn under stair into anything you want. Shoe storage is but one of them. See our ideas here if you want to know more.

Wall Shoe Storage Ideas

shoes storage wood
source : Etsy

While the purpose of shoes storage rack is as a place to store shoes, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t just neglect design elements altogether.

Here’s an idea to try: make a warm entrance with a rustic shoe rack. After all, there is no better welcome than a warm greeting right in front of the entrance.

This rack doesn’t take a lot to make, so you can do it as your DIY project. What you need are wooden boards, preferably finished and/or look aged, nails and other equipment to attach the rack on the wall. One rack is not enough? Just add another above or below.

Shoe Storage Over Door

shoe storage over door
source : besimple.home

The last idea in our shoes storage ideas list is shoes storage rack behind the wall. Yes, literally behind the door. In case you don’t have any space to spare for your shoes, you may want to look at the entrance door and turn it into shoe storage like this one.

It is truly safe-efficient. Not to mention the shoes become much easier to take or put in too. Just make sure that the door is sturdy enough to hold your shoe collections.

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