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Makeup Room Ideas

Looking stunning in every occasion is what most women want. To achieve their ultimate goal, they spend a lot of money investing in beautiful outfits, and makeup essentials and tools. This explains why makeup room ideas are important for ladies.

Some people think that having a table and a mirror is just enough. Well, that is not totally true. Consider the storage space to store your makeup tools also needed.

You even need to consider the lighting you get for a perfect result. You do not want such makeup fails ruin your day, do you?

If you are one of those ladies who admire a top-notch look and work with makeup every single day, you definitely need a comfortable place with sufficient lighting to put on the makeup.

Therefore, you need to check out these splendid makeup room ideas that will inspire you to look great and fabulous.

1. Home Makeup Room Ideas in White Walk-In Closet

Home Makeup Room Ideas Ikea in White Walk-In Closet

If you are one of lucky homeowners blessed with a spacious walk-in closet, you can place your dressing table there. Merging your walk-in closet with makeup room provides you several benefits.

  • You have a more private makeup room.
  • It would be better if you have one or two huge mirrors providing a better view from head to toes while checking your makeup.
  • After putting on the makeup, you can grab your dress and shoes fast and easily.

2. Romantic Glam Makeup Room Ideas Ikea

Romantic Glam Makeup Room Ideas Pinterest

Revamping a makeup room is not just about picking the best dressing table or just placing a table and a mirror, and you are good to go. You have to feel comfortable when linger in this room.

Hanging string light on the wall can be a great idea as they produce romantic dim light that soothes the room. Do not forget to install LED lights on the vanity mirror so you can put on makeup flawlessly.

3. Cubical Shelves for Makeup Tools

Cubical Shelves for Makeup Tools

Creating a makeup room is not just about placing a table and mirror with some lights. Adorning it or even make an epic centerpiece is also the case.

There are many things you can do to make your makeup room look more inviting. One of them is by mounting unique shelves to store your brushes and foundation.

Just like these cubical shelves that are meticulously designed to be aesthetical as well as functional to make a good centerpiece.

4. Hair and Makeup Room Ideas On A Budget

Hair and Makeup Room Ideas treatment and Face Wash Storage Rack

When you are taking a shower, do you often find it hard to organize your shampoo and facial foam? If you deal with this problem every day, you can try to make a rack that can organize them all.

This storage rack is made of an unused curtain rod and some rings with clips. Just hang your hair conditioner and facial wash here, and you do not even have to remove them from the clips when you need them.

5. Brush Storage Racks

Brush Storage Racks

6. DIY Nail-Polish Rack

Women’s Makeup Room Ideas DIY Nail-Polish Rack

The best thing of doing DIY projects is you can get the thing that you want in a very affordable price. Besides, by doing a DIY piece of furniture or accessory, you can personalize it to your style.

These nail polishes sit beautifully on two glass racks which are easy to make. You only need to get two unused clear glass plates with different sizes and a decorative tier to connect the bigger plate with the smaller one.

7. Simple White Makeup Room Ideas Ikea

Simple Small Makeup Room Ideas Black and White

A fabulous makeup room does not have to be furnished with cheerful pink hues or furry rug. The way you arrange it matters.

Quote: Sometimes, a real beauty does not have to be fancy. It can be found in simple things that you may not think about.

The absence of the table legs makes the room appear to be visually bigger. Two small boxes and makeup pouches with black and white accents complement it well.

8. Hollywood-Style Vanity Makeup Room Ideas for Small Rooms

Hollywood-Style Vanity Makeup Room Ideas for Small Rooms

Quote: Never underestimate a small room as sizes do not determine quality. Even your small makeup room can pack great creativity.

You can have a cozy Hollywood-style makeup room in this compact space. You only need to decorate it with white furniture and paint the wall light pink to make the room feel less compact.

To add the Hollywood style, install round light bulbs as the frame of the mirror to get a better view when applying makeup.

9. Dressing Table with Glass Tabletop

Dressing Table with Glass Tabletop

10. Professional Makeup Room Decor Ideas for Small Rooms

Professional Makeup Room Ideas Pinterest for Limited Space

Consider ditching the dressing table and replacing it with a big mirror if you are dealing with limited space.

You might be wondering how you would put on some makeup if you do not have any table. Well, you can simply sit on the rug. That is not a big deal.

Since you do not have any dressing table here and the mirror is widely exposed, you can include it to your baby room ideas.

Your baby will love crawling to the mirror. Just make sure you do not store your makeup essentials and tools on the bottom shelves.

11. Glam Makeup Room Ideas for Small Rooms

Glamorous Makeup Room Ideas Pinterest

12. Small Makeup Kit and Essentials Glass Rack

Makeup Kit and Essentials Glass Rack

The best way to make your makeup room feel comfy is by getting rid of clutter. Your lipsticks, foundations, and brushes scattered on the tabletop allow you to grab them in a jiffy. Unfortunately, they create such an unrelenting mess that make you feel uncomfortable.

Try investing in makeup glass storage. This storage features some open shelves that you can use to store your lipsticks, brushes, and eyeliners.

It also has four clear drawers that you can use to store smaller items like false eyelashes and beauty blender.

13. Glam Makeup Room Ideas Ikea with Accent Wall

Glam Makeup Room Ideas Pinterest with Accent Wall

14. Girly Pink Women’s Makeup Room Ideas DIY

Girly Pink Women’s Makeup Room Ideas On a Budget

Pink hues, especially light pink, have never failed to accentuate the feminine traits of a woman. No wonder many makeup rooms are decorated with soft color palette like baby pink or pure white to make them look calmer rather than bold.

This makeup room features a soft pink chair and furry white rug lying under it. An oval vanity mirror with copper finish hangs on the white wall.

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To hold the makeup kits in place, a small copper rack is added on the table top, creating a nice harmony in this room.

15. Vanity Mirror with Hidden LED Light

Vanity Makeup Room Ideas Pinterest with Hidden LED Light

Unlike many vanity mirrors that features mounted light bulbs, this vanity mirror with lights ideas have features hidden LED light to illuminate the area around the dressing table.

You can just ditch the light bulbs since the classic frame of the mirror does not deserve to be covered.

To brighten it up, a portable vanity mirror is added. This mirror is adjustable and rotatable so you can apply your makeup comfortably.

16. Simple Glam Makeup Room Decor Ideas Ikea

Simple Glam Makeup Room Ideas On A Budget

17. Dressing Table with Some Extra Mirrors

Dressing Table with Some Extra Mirrors

A vanity mirror usually sits or hangs above the table top which means it tends to be small. It is really functional and comfortable when it comes to apply your makeup as you can only focus on your face.

But you will find it hard to double-check your look from head to toes. Therefore, it would be a great idea if you had another bigger mirror.

Just place the big mirror next to your dressing table so you can check your look in no time. If you find any mismatch, you can fix it quickly and easily.

18. Cozy White Makeup Room Ideas Pinterest

Cozy White Makeup Room Ideas

19. Cute Makeup Room Ideas Ikea for Teenagers

Cute Makeup Room Ideas for Teenagers

This cute makeup room is suitable for teenagers, and thus it can be included in girls bedroom ideas when you are thinking about revamping your makeup room.

A makeup room for a teenager does not have to be fancy. It is cute and simple, instead. Using the combination of white and bright hues like vibrant pink is the key as a teenager’s room tends to be energetic rather than elegant.

Adding some pretty accessories to jazz the room up is a must. Hang some pictures or quotes above the vanity mirror to create a centerpiece.

20. Hexagonal Vanity Mirror with Wooden Accent

Hexagonal Vanity Mirror with Wooden Accent

21. Modern Cute Makeup Room Ideas On A Budget

Modern White Makeup Room Ideas Pinterest

This makeup room would suit modern master bedroom ideas. It features clean lines and sleek design that denote the modern style.

The vanity mirror features framed LED light rather than some mounted light bulbs to accentuate the modern look. All the makeup tools are neatly stored in some clear glasses so you can find what you need easily.

The only one thing that features curvy line is the portable vanity mirror. But still, the glass stick supporting the mirror complements the makeup tools’ glass and box well.

22. Small Makeup Room Ideas Black and White

Modern Black and White

The power of simplicity is usually represented in black and white. And this makeup room has taken simplicity to the next level.

The white wall-mounted table proves that being simple is not always dull. It even gives you more space by eradicating the table’s legs and drawers, making the room look visually larger.

To add more color, black matte is used. The makeup tools are stored in three black boxes to keep them tidy. A black table lamp sits nicely next to the boxes.

All of them features clean line edges that embody the modern style, but the chair does not. The chair looks classic rather than modern, but it does not ruin the harmony at all.

23. Shabby Chic Women’s Makeup Room Ideas Ikea

Shabby Chic

24. Floating Dressing Table

Floating Dressing Table

If you have to struggle with a very limited space, the best way to tackle this problem is by making everything float, just like this floating table. This table features two drawers that you can use to store your makeup essentials.

The open shelves sticking to the vanity mirror is also floating, allowing the floor to have more space. Under the table is a tissue paper holder that enables you to get the tissue paper in no time.

25. Lighting for Professional Makeup Room Ideas Ikea

Lighting for Makeup Room Decor

26. Tiny Copper Baskets for Compact Powder

Tiny Copper Baskets for Compact Powder

Holding the clutter at bay is a way to make the most of a small dressing table. And to do this, you are going to need some storage racks and boxes.

You might also need to bring harmony by investing in the storage racks and boxes with the same materials or color hues.

This small copper wire basket is a perfect choice to keep your compact powders in place. It is much better than stacking them up or letting them scatter on the dressing table.

27. DIY Makeup Kit Storage

DIY Makeup Kit Storage

Why do you have to spend a fortune on makeup kit storage if you can make a beautiful one with this smart no-cost idea?

If you want to make this makeup kit storage, get some cardboard sheets. It would be better if you can get cardboard tubes so you can just cut and wrap them with fabrics.

To stick the fabric to the cardboard, use hot glue. Once you have wrapped them all, attach the tubes to the base using hot glue.

28. Cute Makeup Room Ideas White with Quotes

Cute Makeup Room Ideas White with Quotes

29. Merging a Makeup Room with Another Room

Merging a Makeup Room with Another Room

If you want to have a more private makeup room, but you lack space to make one, you can just merge it with your bedroom. To make it more private, investing in a room divider will be the best choice.

This pink room divider works like a charm. It separates the makeup room with the bedroom, providing the ultimate privacy that you have always wanted for so long. To make it more attractive, hanging some pictures or photograph would be nice.

30. Women’s Makeup Room Decor Ideas Elegant and Feminine

Women’s Makeup Room Design Elegant and Feminine Makeup Room

31. Glam Makeup Room Ideas DIY Ikea

Glam Makeup Room Design and OOTD Shelves

It is great to have an open shelf for storing purses and shoes next to the vanity mirror so you can grab them in a wink and see whether they can make your OOTD – Outfit of The Day.

You might also consider placing two other open shelves that you can use to store your knick-knacks and accessories that can supplement your look. With these shelves next to your dressing table, you can keep the table clean and neat.

32. Vanity Makeup Room Ideas Ikea with Copper Table Top

Glam Makeup Room Decor with Vanity Mirror Copper Table Top

Those are splendid makeup room ideas that you can try at home. Whatever idea that you are going to include in your revamping project, make sure it can give you the ultimate comfort as well as reflecting your liking well.

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