17 Best Above Bed Decor Ideas to Make Your Space Look Expensive

What part is the star in a bedroom? That’s right. The bed. This is why you should decorate it so it looks good. There are many ways to make an otherwise bland and dull bed into an amazing one. Among them is to add above bed decor.

Don’t know how to decorate the empty space above your bed? Worry not. We can help you decorate yours. From paintings, hanging mirrors, murals to adding plants, our ideas here will help you create a beautiful and attention-grabbing bedroom. Ready? Let’s start.

Twig Homemade Wall Art

master bedroom above bed decor

master bedroom above bed decor
source : emoriekidder

Various items can be used as decor for above bed space. For example, dried twigs. Do dried twigs look good as decor? Yes, they do. And what you need to prepare is a built-in frame for the twigs so they can stand.

From afar, these twigs look as if they are painting in a frame. It is a simple, beautiful visual trick that makes your bedroom look a lot more interesting. All that and you only need a built-in frame and dried twigs.

Name on the Wall

above the bed decor ideas
source : lifeofblissblog

Do you have a teenage girl? Among our above bed decor ideas here, adding a name on the wall is without a doubt among the most personalized one. After all, nothing is more personalized than writing a name on it.

To add a more personal touch to it, choose the font and color that your teenage girl likes. Adding a bit of decoration on both sides of the name is a good idea, too.

Above Bed Art Decor

above bed wall ideas
source : pinterest

Want a personalized above the bed decor but don’t like to use your own name? Just hang your favorite quote and use it as the decor. Better yet, get the quote framed and highlighted. Now that is a very personal decor.

The good thing about such decor is that it is very simple yet has a profound impact. The bed looks much more interesting and of course, more personalized as well.

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Layered Art Above Bed

above bed wall decor ideas
source : Bria Hammel Interiors

If the space above your bed is mostly empty, you can create a kind of ‘gallery’ above it. Hang several frames with your favorite pictures or photos in them. Using different-sized frames is a good idea as well, as doing so will make the frames stand out even more.

To get the best effect, paint the wall with a neutral color. For example, gray or pale green. Adding ambient lighting on the ceiling can help as well.

Simple Above Bed Decor

farmhouse above bed decor
source : wolletjebol

It doesn’t require a complex, complicated or refined above bed decor to make a bedroom more interesting. Sometimes, simplicity is the best option. In this case, you can use simple above bed pictures as the decor.

Notice how the wood bed, green pillow and lighting, and white wall blend nicely. To complete the look, the homeowners add two simple natural pictures above the bed. Looks quite pretty, right?

By the way, you can’t help but notice how the headboard also helps in complementing the bedroom’s look. Yes, the headboard is important, too. If you need some DIY headboard ideas for inspiration, you can check them out here.

Hanging Wall Decor

above bed decor diy
source : Pinterest

If we talk about above bed wall ideas, there are just too many of them. Indeed, you can be as creative as you want with the space above the bed. If you

  1. like multi-colored decor for above bed
  2. like to change the decor once in a while
  3. want something simple and customizable

then consider adding hanging wall decor. Unlike framed paintings, quotes or photos, hanging wall decor can be changed easily. There are many options to choose from, allowing you to customize it anytime you want.

Natural Paintings Decor

above bed decor ideas
source : pinterest

The next above bed decor idea is to add natural touches. Adding a few natural touches is never wrong. How could they be? Any room, including the bedroom, that has natural touches in it feels fresher and, well, more natural.

To add natural touches in your bedroom, you can hang natural paintings on the wall. Have more space to spare? If you do, put several pots with greeneries in them above the headboard.

X and O Above Bed Decor

above bed wall decor
source : oncourtlane

If your bedroom is mostly white, it is a good idea to add some accents to it. Adding accents will make it far from boring and dull. Don’t worry. It wouldn’t require anything complex or large as decorations above bed.

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For instance, something as simple as adding frames with a golden accent on a white wall will make the bedroom looks more interesting. This works even better if the bed itself has neutral colors like gray and white.

Framed Typography

above the bed decor
source : etsy

Framed typography can be a good above bed decor, too. Black and white typography may seem simple, but it has a significant effect in changing the mood of the bedroom. So yes, it doesn’t just fill the otherwise empty above bed space.

Notice how the white wall becomes interesting as it now has black lines, thanks to the framed typography. And inside the frame, you can write your favorite words, quotes or pretty much anything you want.

Bold Initials Above the Bed

above master bed decor
source : homedit

Are you a newlywed? Or perhaps want to make the bedroom more romantic? In that case, why not use both of your initials (of course, with heart in the middle) to decorate the above bed space? It looks cute and romantic.

To make the decoration stand out, pick a color that contrasts with the wall’s color. For example, choose a bold color if the wall’s color is neutral.

Wall Decal Large Tree

etsy above bed decor
source : etsy

Paintings, photos, framed typography, initials, a gallery, hanging decors, what else? Here’s another above bed decor alternative: wall mural.

Compared to other decors, wall mural feels more natural. No frame, built-in storage or lace required. It is just there, on the wall.

Notice how the tree almost fills the entire wall. This easily turns the wall mural into the focal point on the room. The best thing about wall mural is that it can be used on just about any wall, regardless of the size.

Other than wall mural, an accent wall is a great idea as well. If you need inspiration on how to make an accent wall, you should check out our accent wall ideas.

Farmhouse Above Bed Decor

above bed farmhouse decor
source : prettyinthepines

Next in the list, farmhouse above bed decor. Having a farmhouse-style bedroom surely is nice. It feels warm, welcoming and comforting. Adding a proper above the bed decor can make it better.

For example, simple decorations like typography with white frames will make the farmhouse bedroom more appealing. This is especially true since the space above bed is often left undecorated.

Black Focus Wall Behind Bed

bedroom above bed decor
source : mydomaine

In terms of above bed decor, there is no absolute rule that limits the number of decors you should use. You can be as creative as you like and you can use as many decorations as you like. The above is a good example of this.

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The various above the bed decor make the space a whole lot more interesting. There is an accent wall, a framed empty white space, and lightings on either side. The black and white provide contrast and balance, while the golden surface accentuates it.

Plant Shelf Above Bed

decor for above bed
source : pinterest

Natural and minimalist decor blend really well. On one hand, the natural decorations make the bedroom fresher. On the other, the minimalist decorations make sure that the space is used efficiently, giving a simple yet attractive look.

Notice how compared to the other above bed decor in our list the natural and minimalist decor doesn’t look as crowded.

It manages to be attractive without having to occupy every single inch in the room. It is a perfect choice if you want a space-efficient, simple and attractive bedroom.

Rustic Above Bed Decor

above king bed decor
source : shanty-2-chic

What does a rustic bedroom need? Well, rustic above bed decor, of course! Rustic decor tends to be simple. So, to complete the rustic vibe of the bedroom, go for something simple like mirrors.

The best things about hanging rustic mirrors are that not only they complete the rustic theme, they also reflect light which makes the bedroom looks brighter and they also make the space appears larger than it is.

Bright and Natural

above bed decor
source : ideiasdiferentes

A bedroom is a place where we rest. As such, comfort is a must. Speaking of comfort, you can combine ambient lighting with greeneries in your bedroom.

This combination gives off an inviting, fresh and comfortable vibe to the space. Just look at the bedroom above. Who wouldn’t want to rest in such a bed?

Any type of bedroom should be decorated nicely. The guest bedroom is not an exception. It should be as comfortable as it is good looking. Check out our guest bedroom ideas for inspiration.

Above Bed Art: World Map

above your bed decor
source : etsy

Do you like to travel a lot? If you do, why not add a world map as your above bed decor? That will surely be nice! It makes the bedroom more interesting and far from boring. And if you like to travel, it will feel very inspiring, too.

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