Bedroom Paint Colors

Bedroom is a great place to relax and be yourself. It is like your very personal cave in which you can work on your project, listen to music, or even read a romance while lounging on the bed. Therefore, you need to pick the best bedroom paint colors to boost the positive vibes.

Some people think choosing the color schemes for their bedroom is merely a breeze. Well, the truth is it still requires meticulous care and plan.

Coloring up your bedroom is not just about choosing all of your favorite colors and throwing them all together. You still have to combine the colors with the utmost care. Paying attention to the balance and layout is the key.

Check out these alluring bedroom paint colors that will give you some ideas in applying your favorite colors to your bedroom so you can get the good vibes rather than solely a haphazard look.


1. The Joy of Modern Farmhouse

Bedroom Paint Colors The Joy of Modern Farmhouse

With a little bit touch of yellow and pink, this white modern-farmhouse bedroom provides the positive vibes that can boost your mood. Why is it so?

  1. Yellow is the color of joy and optimism. It will banish your sadness and insecurity.
  2. Pink adds the touch of romantic and cheerful ambience.

Therefore, you should add a few tints of yellow and pink in your basement bedroom ideas. Just make sure you do not go overboard with it as too many yellows can ruin your sleep.

2. Soothing and Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colors Soft Grey and White

Soothing and Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colors Soft Grey and White

If you have to deal with a small bedroom, sticking to light hues will be your best bet. It would be better if you use white as it is the most versatile color and can be paired with any colors that you like.

It is said that white can trick eyes so your bedroom will appear to be larger. The combination of white and a huge glass window that allows natural light to get into the room can perfectly combat the cramped feeling in a compact bedroom.

If you want to add another neutral color scheme, you can go with light grey. Grey is a unique color. It denotes masculinity or femininity depending on what hue you are using. And if you want your bedroom to be less bold, light grey would be the best.

3. Tints of Yellow in Geometric Style

Tints of Yellow in Geometric Style

Choosing the colors meticulously is not only done in your bedroom but also bathroom. Applying the same colors and patterns can make them look inseparable.

For a modern look, you can go with simple patterns and bold colors like this geometric wallpaper. Some tints of yellow and black can perk your bedroom and bathroom up.

If you are thinking about installing vanity mirror with lights, make sure that the lights are simple. Try installing hidden LED lights behind the mirror or in the gap between the wall and ceiling instead of bulky light bulbs mounted on the mirror.

4. A Few Shades of  Popular Bedroom Paint Colors Soft Grey

Mens Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas A Few Shades of Grey

Grey is one of neutral colors that you can rely on. It is as versatile as white so you can pair it with your favorite colors. Grey embodies intelligence and luxury.

Therefore, you can make your bedroom look luxurious although it does not encompass various adornments.

Quote: Decorating your bedroom with as many accessories as possible does not guarantee your ultimate comfort because less is more.

The homeowners deliberately keep adornment to a minimum so the bedroom remains simple. Two other colors that you can find here are just the brown chair compact chair and the green Aloe Vera on the black table.

5. An Elegant Bedroom with Black and Beige

An Elegant Bedroom with Black and Beige

6. Romantic and Modern Master Bedroom Paint Colors Calming

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Calming Romantic and Modern

When it comes to a modern bedroom, grey can always be your go-to color schemes. Grey color palettes suit the modern styles that tend to be simple yet attractive. Besides, they empower you to explore your limitless creativity, just like what you can see in this bedroom.

Quote: A comfortable bedroom is not the one with many accessories, but the one that ensures your safety and privacy despite being simple.

All you can see in this bedroom is just grey and white. But you can also find a few of pale pinks that add a romantic ambience to the bedroom.

7. I Feel Popular Bedroom Paint Colors Blue

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Relaxing I Feel Blue

Do you feel blue? Please, don’t! Nobody wants to feel blue. But in this bedroom, you would wish you were literally overwhelmed with blue.

Experts say that blue is good for your body and mind as it can slow your metabolism and provide a calming effect. Therefore, it is very suitable for your bedroom because you will feel more relaxed. As a result, you will get a better sleep every night.

In addition to blue, you can also find some other colors like white and stripped white and black. The white pillow, blanket, and table lamp complement the trims well while the stripped centerpiece balance the patterned pillow and bed cover.

8. White and Pink Warm Bedroom Paint Colors Combination for Girls

White and Pink Bedroom for Girls

9. Purple in Beige Master Bedroom Paint Colors Design

Bedroom Paint Colors Purple in Beige Bedroom

Rules for decorating a bedroom do exist. But why bother? This is your bedroom. You can do anything with it as long as you feel comfortable. If you want to tweak the rules a little bit so they fit to your liking, just do it.

This beige bedroom loos elegant. Embossed beige carpet is tacked down to the floor, covering it from wall to wall. The dim light accentuates the elegance of beige hues that you find in this bedroom.

In addition to the beige colors, a conspicuous purple bench stands by the bed. You may think it is such a mismatch. But breaking the habit and try new thing is necessary sometimes.

10. Luxurious Master Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas of Gold and Turquoise

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas The Luxurious of Gold and Turquoise

When stepping into this bedroom, you will be amazed by its luxurious look, thanks to the golden bed and pendant light that lend the touch of glam. A beige Persian rug with distinctive patterns lies under the bed nicely, accentuating the lavish look.

To lessen the glam, turquoise and navy blue are used in this bedroom as turquoise is usually associated with serenity. The base color of this bedroom, white helps you to make this room look clean and airy.

11. Master Bedroom Paint Colors with Dark Funiture

Popular Bedroom Paint Colors Sift Grey and Black

12. The Power of Sun and Earth

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Design The Power of Sun and Earth

The sun will never get together with the earth. If they did it, it would be the end of the world. However, you can see the sun get along well with the earth in this bedroom. They create a sweet harmony that spreads happiness and calmness at once.

The mocha accent wall holds the yellow picture frames nicely. You can also find mocha color in the headboard along with yellowish patterns that matches the blinds well. A mustard carpet is tacked down to the floor to bind together all the color elements.

13. The Romantic Baby Pink

Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas The Romantic Baby Pink

Are you looking for bedroom color ideas for your little girl? This romantic baby pink bedroom will be a top-notch choice that can make your daughter smile exuberantly.

A little girl usually like anything cute and romantic just like the story of a prince and a princess in a fairy tale. Every girl always dreams to be a princess. Therefore, this bedroom will suit her well.

Your eyes will be instantly drawn to the white wall with some big pink printed roses. A baby pink ottoman sits under the vanity, complementing the roses perfectly. Do not forget to invest in some white furniture and accessories to complement the wall and balance the look.

14. Add a Lemon among The Turquoise

Add a Lemon among The Turquoise

15. Glamorous Master Bedroom Paint Colors Design

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If you are thinking about revamping your bedroom, but have no idea what color that will beef it up, let’s take a closer look at these master bedroom ideas.

Grey, silver, and gold are often associated with elegance and luxury. And for a master bedroom ideas, it deserves this look.

You can begin with painting the wall light grey with white trims. Bring more greys by investing in grey bed with silver accent that can emphasize the deluxe look. A few tints of gold will take your fancy master bedroom to the next level.

16. Warm Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas The Incredible of Thulian Pink

Calm Bedroom Paint Colors Calming The Incredible of Thulian Pink

Pink is the color of affection and often used girl bedroom ideas. No wonder you can see pinks everywhere when Valentine Day is coming. However, some shades of pink provide different ambience, just like this thulian pink.

Thulian pink is the concoction of pink and light grey, and thus it brings some of the characteristics of grey. One of which is the simplicity and elegance of grey. So, even if you do not add many embellishments, the thulian pink will still make your bedroom look incredible.

If you want to add an adornment on the wall, you can go with cork board ideas. You can just hang a brown corkboard or paint it the same color as the wall to make it flow into one being.

17. Popular Bedroom Paint Colors Combination of Grey and Copper

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Combination of Grey and Copper

18. Bold and Masculine Mens Bedroom Paint Colors Grey

Mens Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas Bold and Masculine Grey

This bedroom will make a man’s dream come true. The masculine look that he has been longing for is finally here – in this bedroom.

The use of black and grey hues is clearly seen from the accent wall behind the headboard, rug, pillows, and blanket. Even a huge abstract painting comprises grey hues hangs beautifully on the accent wall ideas.

A large round white pendant lamp hangs above the bed, complementing the white bed cover, pillows, and ceiling.

19. Dynamic Master Bedroom Paint Colors Blue and Yellow

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Blue and Yellow

Add more joy and energy to your bedroom by painting your wall yellow. To make it look more dynamic, combine it with blue. The benefits of this combo are:

  • As the color of joy and optimism, yellow can make you stay happy and positive.
  • Blue is the color of depth, confidence, and intelligence that will add nuance to this room.

Although vivid yellow and blue can lend positive vibes, you might not want to go overboard with it when it comes to bedroom décor because:

  • Too much blue can trigger sadness and melancholy feelings.
  • Too much yellow can have a disturbing effect that ruin your perfect sleep.

So, try blending them with white to weaken the uncomfortable feel that you might get when you are trying to sleep.

20. Elegant Grey Bedroom Paint Colors 2020 with White Vaulted Ceiling

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Soft  Grey with White Vaulted Ceiling

21. Rainbow in a Small Bedroom Paint Colors Combination

Bedroom Paint Colors Rainbow in a Bedroom

Rainbow is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena happening in the earth. A wide array of colors shown by the rainbow can cheer your day up.

Instead of waiting for the rainbow appearing in the sky, why don’t you make your own rainbow in your bedroom? It will be more fun.

To bring a rainbow in your bedroom, you do not have to mix various colors and paint the walls carelessly. Focus on a certain spot to be the focal point of your bedroom would be much better.

The area above the headboard is a common focal point of a bedroom as this is what you will notice first when you enter the room.

Therefore, creating an abstract painting comprising the colors of a rainbow right above the headboard would be a terrific idea.

22. Warm Bedroom Paint Colors Soft Grey with Yellow

Small Bedroom Paint Colors Soft Grey with The Warmth of Yellow

23. Modern Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors Calming with Yellow

Bedroom Paint Colors Modern Bedroom with Yellow

If you are a big fan of modern style that entails simple decoration with clean-line edges, you are going to love this idea.

As a modern bedroom, it does not use many different colors. Even the furniture is white because it denotes simplicity and purity.

Besides, it can also make the bedroom look hygienic. Since white is a neutral color, it will not overlap the other colors. In fact, it helps to highlight the focal point.

As you can see here, the focal point of this bedroom is in the form of yellow and grey geometric patterns that show clean lines. Therefore, this accent wall would fit a modern bedroom well.

24. The Black Triangles Master Bedroom Paint Colors Design

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Design The Black Triangles

This design look neat and clean, yet attractive at the same time. The black triangle pattern on the wall does plays the biggest role to scale-up the look of the whole room.

You can paint the pattern onto the wall as a background or simply put a pattern-wallpaper. To avoid a boring accent of the room, just add some color from the furniture. You can choose any color since white is the dominant color of the room.

25. Warm Bedroom Paint Colors Soft Grey and Yellow

Grey Bedroom Paint Colors Combination Contemporary and Yellow

26. Small Bedroom Paint Color Soft Grey

Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors Soft Grey Wall with White Arrows

Another choice to the all-white room is this arrow pattern wall. The grey color, as always, can fit any kinds of room style.

Add a wooden desk, turquoise chair, and rug basket. This background paint will look best for your working space at the corner of your bedroom or even your study room. You can also add a carpet to give more colors and style to the room.

27. Classic Turquoise Patterned Wall

Popular Bedroom Paint Colors calming Classic Turquoise Patterned Wall

The classic style will never go old, they say. The truth is some people really adore this kind of style. Just like this bedroom paint on the picture. You can see the details of the pattern looks lavish and attractive.

The soft turquoise color also can give you a calming effect. Maybe that is the main reason why this background paint fit best on your bed room or perhaps a guest room. 

28. Glittering Golden Web on The Wall

Warm Bedroom Paint Colors 2020 Glittering Golden Web on The Wall

Do you want to have an elegant and luxurious look on your bedroom? Well then, perhaps this bedroom paint is the one that you have been looking for.

The golden color along with white background will make the room looks brighter. While the abstract pattern can brings out your sense of creativity.

You can see that this background wall goes really well with the wooden floor and furniture for your bedroom.

29. The Bold of Navy Blue with The Touch of Nature

Master Bedroom Paint Colors Blue The Bold of Navy Blue with The Touch of Nature

Those are some alluring ideas for your bedroom paint colors. Now, you know what to do with your bedroom.

If you are into bright color, do not forget to alleviate the brightness by combining it with white just like what you can learn from those ideas.

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