17 Awesome DIY Barn Door Ideas For Inspiring Your Interior

Are you looking for barn door ideas? Barn doors used to be limited only for country and rustic décor. Nowadays, things are different. Barn doors are not mere barn doors. In fact, barn doors are among the most sought-after décor elements as more and more people see them as attractive and space-effective.

From warm and cozy doors for the living room to amazing room dividers, there are various types of barn doors. All of these barn doors share one thing in common. Namely, they all have both functional and aesthetical value. If you need inspiration about barn doors, read our list of ideas below.

Rustic Barn Door Ideas

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Bring a warm vibe to the room with a polished wood barn door. Although barn doors come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, there is always a special place for the traditional-looking barn door, like one in the picture above.

As you may have known, barn doors are famous for their versatility. Indeed, they can be installed in just about any room, including even the kitchen pantry. If your kitchen pantry needs warmth, installing a polished wood barn door is one of the best barn door ideas for you.

The polished look from the finish makes the door stand out and makes you wonder what’s behind the door. The white wall where the door is installed on only accentuates the door even further.

Vintage Style Barn Door

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Need a versatile room divider? Why not install a pair of vintage barn doors? A pair of vintage barn doors is a good room divider. They conceal what is inside nicely. Not only that, due to their style, they become a point of interest on their own too. Vintage barn doors prove that the saying “old but gold” is true.

Vintage barn doors add a calm and relaxing vibe. To make it warmer, you can add a rug, preferably one that has texture and multiple colors, in front of the doors to bring the warm vibe to the surrounding space.

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The above is an example of how to use the barn doors as a room divider. Of course, that is not the only thing barn doors can do. Barn doors can be used as a front door, too. In case you are looking for inspiration for your front door, be sure to check out our front door ideas here.

White and Rustic

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Don’t want to go for a colored barn door? Go for a white and rustic barn door instead. A white and rustic barn door may not become a focal point for the room. However, it works very well to complement the overall theme of the said room.

Just take a look at the door above. The door in itself does not stand out. Rather, the door complements the neutral color scheme of the room. Unlike the usual doors, however, the barn door doesn’t take as much available space. It is functional, aesthetical, and space-effective.

Barn Door with Ornaments

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There are many kinds of barn doors. If you search long enough, you will eventually find a barn door that fits your taste.

But what if you want something unique like a barn door with ornaments? Well, there are ones like that as well. The barn door in the picture above is a good example of that.

A door with black iron ornaments is certainly unique and unusual. Wherever you install it, it will grab the attention of whoever sees it. Unlike our previous barn door ideas, this door works better as a focal point rather than complementary decoration.

“Junk” Barn Door

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There is no need to spend a lot of money to get an interesting barn door. You can, for example, create a “junk” barn door from used materials.

The barn door in the picture looks very simple. That is because it is made of used materials. To be specific, they are made from three wood boards.

Despite being a “junk” barn door made out of used materials, you can see its appeal. It adds warmth to the room. The contrast of the door’s color with the rest of the room brings balance, thus preventing the room from being dull and boring. Sometimes, less is indeed more.

Modern Farmhouse Style

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The sliding door above proves that the farmhouse décor can be modernized. The warm and comfortable vibe that the farmhouse décor brings is still there. And yet, the door doesn’t have an old, rustic or vintage look. If anything, it looks new, modern, and sophisticated.

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So, if you

  • like the farmhouse décor
  • like the modern décor
  • and want both in your interior

look no further than a modern farmhouse barn door. A black door with glass like the above looks very amazing, especially if the rest of the interior has plenty of farmhouse characteristics as well.

Custom-made Doors

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Whatever items you are looking for, always keep in mind that custom-made items are always an option. Yes, this includes sliding barn door as well. Custom-made doors, unlike premade ones, will fit your taste perfectly.

In the picture, you can see a pair of custom-made sliding doors. What makes these doors unique is their shape and texture. When they are closed together, they appear as if they are one door. When they are separated, they become two again.

The texture, on the other hand, adds depth to the interior as a whole. Albeit texture is not a must, having a pair of doors with texture will certainly make the space more appealing.

Vintage Barn Door

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Next in our barn door ideas list is a large vintage barn door. Nothing makes a more noticeable visual statement than a large vintage barn door. Both the size and style are attention-grabbing. No one can’t just ignore it.

In terms of functionality, a large vintage barn door will completely conceal a room. Due to its size, it is as if the room is not there. Just take a look at the door above. You can’t see what is behind the door. It is a great concealer.

Simple and Minimalist

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Most of the previous barn door ideas include doors with delicate designs. The question is, can a barn door look interesting without having a delicate design? The answer is yes. A simple and minimalist barn door can be as interesting as other barn doors.

The white sliding barn door completes the interior’s décor. Not only that, but it also provides a clean, calm and tidy vibe as well. The bonus is that the door takes very little space in the room, making it a truly minimalist door.

Shabby Chic Style

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white barn door ideas
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Our next idea in the barn door ideas list is a shabby chic door. Shabby chic is a timeless style. Any item with this style brings a timeless beauty to the room. Of course, sliding barn door is no exception. If you style your home in a shabby chic décor, it wouldn’t be complete without a shabby chic door.

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Notice how the barn door completes the shabby chic décor above. The door does not stand out on its own. Instead, it allows other pieces of furniture to stand out. If you want to showcase your pieces of furniture, consider adding a shabby chic door with a neutral color like the above.

Industrial Farmhouse

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No one says that a door must always be functional. In some cases, a door can be a piece of art in its own, too. If that is what you are looking for in a barn door, consider getting a barn door with an industrial farmhouse style.

The above door looks artistic. Acknowledging this, the homeowner even adds two lightings above the sliding rail of the door. This way, the barn door’s aesthetical side can be highlighted regardless of where it is placed. It is a simple yet impactful touch.

Barn Door with Patterns

This one is similar to the previous example. The door is a piece of art in itself. The difference is that this door serves as a room separator, not just a piece of art. If you want a balance between utility and looks, a barn door with patterns is certainly one of your best options.

What is great about patterned barn doors are that you don’t have to buy a premade one to make it appealing. Among the other barn door ideas, this one allows you to add your own personal touches the most. Just go ahead and create your own patterns. Make it personal.

Solid Cypress Barn Doors

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The last example in our barn door ideas list is a pair of solid cypress barn doors. Compared to the other examples, these doors are quite small.

However, being small doesn’t mean they are not attractive. On the contrary, they are attractive, especially if you want to add warmth to the room.

Barn Door in Bathroom

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White Washed Barn Doors

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Sliding Barn Door Style

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Barn Door Laundry room

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Farmhouse Style

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Barn Door Aqua

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Glass Barn Door

Glass Barn Door
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Notice how the doors stand out from the other parts of the room. The floor is also made out of wood but it has a paler color. The wall has a neutral color. All of these enable the doors to be highlighted. Thus, the doors become the point of interest in the room.

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