17 Awesome Closet Door Ideas to Make the Space More Unique

Although it is true that the closet door is mostly functional, choosing the right closet door can make the space more unique. Yet, the closet door is often overlooked as most homeowners don’t think about it often. It is just, a door. With our closet door ideas here, yours will be different. It won’t be just a door.

There are lots of different types of closet doors. Some may fit you, some may not. Below, we listed 17 ideas, so you are likely to find one that fits you the most. Without further ado, let’s see what these ideas are.

Curtains as Closet Doors

curtains as closet doors
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That’s right. Our first idea is a pink curtain closet “door.” Although technically curtains are not doors, they can serve the same purpose as doors do: covering the closet.

With curtains as the doors, you will have more flexibility in design. For example, you can go for pink curtains as the closet door.

When opened, pink curtains allow you to showcase what’s inside your closet and highlight them. When closed, the curtains will complement the overall look of the room.

Stylish White Curtains

closet door ideas curtain
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Like curtains but want a bit different style? Try tying both sides of the curtains and attach them to the walls. This will give you a unique and stylish look for the closet as the closet is neither entirely exposed nor covered.

Better yet, if the area around the closet is mostly white or has a neutral color, the items inside the closet will stand out.

Those items will become the focal point. If you want to showcase what’s inside your closet, this is one of the best closet door ideas for you.

Closet Barn Door Ideas

closet door ideas cheap
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closet barn door ideas
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Just because you want a closet door, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on it. In fact, you can spend little yet still get a closet door that adds uniqueness to the space. A sliding pallet door is a good example of that.

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A sliding pallet door brings a rustic vibe to the space. Even if your closet doesn’t have a rustic design, a rustic door will still look good.

Old Closet Doors

closet doors ideas decorating
sliding door closet organization ideas
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A regular closet door is ordinary. A sliding door made of old shutters? Now that is extraordinary. Do you have unused old shutters?

If you do, consider turning them into sliding doors for your closet.

Adding something unusual, like a sliding door made of repurposed shutters, is a certain way to make the space more interesting.

Better yet, it works with just about any décor style, including even a modern style, and doesn’t cost a lot to make.

Master Closet Reveal

closet door ideas for bedrooms
closet door ideas for large openings
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You don’t have to go overboard just to make your closet more unique and interesting. Sometimes, choosing something simple is the best option.

If you have a large closet, one of the best closet door ideas if you want something simple is to install a single yet large door as the closet door.

Why a single large door? First, it looks very simple, clean, and minimalist. Second, it can cover your closet and protect what’s inside from dust, dirt, insect, and so on. Third, it is definitely a more practical choice than two small doors.

Vertical Split Door

no closet door ideas
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The previous example is a single and large door. This one, however, is the opposite. Rather than a single and large door, this one is half doors.

If you separate the inside of your closet into two parts, a vertical split this fits you well. With such a door, you will be able to access and take what you need without having to open the closet entirely. Practical? Very. Unique? Without a doubt.

Folding Closet Mirror Door

bi fold closet door ideas
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If you need both a mirror and a closet door, installing a folding door with mirror attached is among the best closet door ideas for you.

After you take the clothes you want to try, you can just close the closet and see if the clothes fit you for the occasion.

The bonus is that the mirror makes the room appear larger than it is. A folding door with mirror is certainly a good thing to have.

Sliding Mirror Door

unique closet door ideas
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Let’s say that folding door is not to your liking. Yet, you still want a door with a mirror. If that is the case, we suggest you opt for a sliding door with a mirror instead.

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The two works mostly the same, except that the mirror on a sliding door is not separated, thus making it easier to see the reflection.

To make things better, you can choose a barn sliding door or a farmhouse styled one. These kinds of doors can be an excellent point of interest in the room.

Pretty Small Closet

closet door storage ideas
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Do you like a minimalist design? If you do, you will like this idea. Instead of choosing dramatic and delicate curtains as the closet door, choose white, simple curtains instead.

  • White, simple curtains make the space look
  • tidier
  • clean
  • very interesting

They work even better if the items inside the clothes have various colors. With such curtains, the closet has a dynamic focal point that can be changed easily.

Wardrobe Door

hall closet door ideas
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Monochromatic closet doors bring a cool and stylish vibe. The best thing about monochrome colors is that it looks pleasant to the eyes without looking like a sore thumb.

If you want your closet look more interesting without using bright colors, consider monochromatic colors instead.

Although monochrome sliding closet doors can work with just about any other interior design, it works best if the room has a monochrome color scheme.

Hidden Closet Door Ideas

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Next in our closet door ideas list is a hidden closet door. Like the idea of hidden closet doors? Some homeowners want their closet to be covered, rather than showcased. If you share the same liking, consider hidden closet doors like the above.

Notice how the closet doors have the same color scheme as the wall. So the doors not only hide the closet but also complete the overall look of the room as well.

Rustic Style Door

closet door ideas diy
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When you are looking for a closet door, keep in mind that a DIY closet door is always an option. The best thing about DIY doors is that you can get what you really want for your closet door. If you want a sliding door with a rustic style, the above is a good example of that.

That’s for the closet door. What about the bathroom door? We also have that. Check out our bathroom door ideas here.

Mirror Sliding Door

entry closet door ideas
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This is another example of sliding closet door ideas. This time, however, the sliding door looks delicate and exquisite. It all thanks to the finished surface.

If you want something really useful and beautiful at the same time, look no further than a mirror sliding door with finished wood.

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Pocket Sliding Door

closet door ideas
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Limited space shouldn’t be an excuse not to make a closet unique and interesting. Sure, limited space limits your options. Even with fewer options, you can still make your closet unique and interesting. You just need to be more creative with it.

The above is a good example of being more creative with limited space. Since there is no much space available, the homeowner chose to “hide” the closet door within the walls. There is almost no space used while at the same time, you get a closet door.

Need more hidden door ideas? We have a list of ideas for the hidden door as well. If you are interested, you can check them here.

Sliding Closet Doors

closet door organizer ideas
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There are sliding doors that are flat and there are others that don’t. If your closet has a few interesting objects, then simple doors with texture will fit you best. Thanks to the texture, the closet doesn’t look dull or boring.

As for the color, white is the most versatile for sliding doors with texture. It works with most interior design and colors.

Not only that, but it also gives a simplistic yet stylish touch to the closet, too. It should be one of your go-to options if you are unsure what kind of closet door to use.

Fabric Curtains

laundry closet door ideas
closet door replacement ideas
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Do you want to add a dramatic and elegant vibe to your closet? If you do, consider installing cream fabric curtains. Cream fabric curtains, especially ones that have multiple folds, bring a dramatic and elegant vibe to any room. Yes, including even the closet.

Whatever items that you have in your closet, adding cream fabric curtains will make it far more interesting. Playing with contrast can make the closet even better.

Closet Storage

closet door ideas small space
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The last in our closet door ideas list is a closet door with storage. Extra storage is always welcome. After all, who wouldn’t like to have more room, especially in their closet? A closet with storage is both practical and unique.

You can add extra storage in your closet by attaching several shelves on the closet door. Before you install the shelves, be sure that there is enough space for them when the door is closed.

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