17+ Intriguing Bathroom Door Ideas (Eye-catching Designs)

How important is bathroom door to you? When it comes to washroom entrance, many people failed to pay attention to this part. In fact, bathroom door ideas contribute to give first impression for the whole interior.

With intriguing door ideas, you will be able to offer clue for visitors related to the concept of your bathroom.

Are you in the middle of bathroom remodel project? It is not too late to get amazing idea to remodel your door design. Be inspired and steal some inspiration in here!

Rustic Barn Door for Any Bathroom

barn door ideas for bathroom
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Do you have master or minimalist bathroom? No matter what bathroom you have, rustic sliding door will serve its best for dramatic entrance to the room. Sliding door is also versatile to save space when you do not have enough space for hinged door.

Guess what! This rustic door can be combined with matched ornaments to accentuate the rustic style you adopt. You can place almost anywhere, but always remember to leave sufficient space to slide the door.

Clever Bathroom Remodel with Copper Panels

bathroom barn door ideas
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This bathroom door is what you need to bring style inside the washroom. Designed with bordered copper panel, it creates warm ambience for any bathroom. You can combine with laminated wood floor and white wall for contrast interior.

You know what? The bathroom door material will glow as you turn on the light! This creates stunning view inside the bathroom.

Cathedral Mirror Barn Door

sliding bathroom door ideas
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You can get inspiration from anywhere including worship place. Bring the inspiring cathedral door to your bathroom with this glass barn door! Not only does it upgrade your personal area, the door also gives easy access to the bathroom.

This can be a great choice for any bathroom including the tiny ones. It saves much space and highly accessible! Combine with minimalist bathroom design for maximum result.

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With this door type, you can choose any bathroom cabinet ideas and place near the door. Thus your tiny bathroom will be organized.

Mirror Sliding Door

bathroom door ideas for small spaces
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It is important to create visually larger effect if you have narrow bathroom. Apply this concept and get mirror sliding door!

These bathroom door ideas provide unobstructed view, thanks to the wide glass. Bordered in white color scheme, this door looks contrast with beige wall paint.

The sliding door is easier to install compared to pocket door that is why it can be a solution for practical bathroom remodel.

Rustic Barn Door Bathroom

bathroom door ideas small
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Sometimes you just cannot decide which door will suit best to separate your bathroom and bedroom. Dare to be different and get this barn door idea!

Sliding barn door comes with country style, allowing you to combine with rustic or minimalist concept. Accessing your bathroom is far easier because you only need to slide.

To get rustic door ideas, here are few tips to apply:

  • Get the right combination. Rustic suits best with country, shabby chic, or industrial room design.
  • Make it dramatic with decorative touch. You can either choose barn door with natural wood grain or finish with rustic paint.

Make Farmhouse Bathroom Down to Earth

small bathroom entry door ideas
img src : Down to Earth Style Blog

It is always great to choose classy décor to revamp your bathroom, but down to earth style is even better. Take a look at the door design photos and you will instantly fall in love with it!

The farmhouse bathroom door ideas work best to provide awesome impression before entering the washroom. Decorated with wreath, warmth and friendliness is in the air.

Keep your privacy with door treatment. Shabby chic curtain will work best to complement the whole concept you are adopting.

Washed Out Wood Pallet Takes You to the Past

bathroom closet door ideas
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Give distinct nuance to your bathroom with wood pallet door. The double sliding doors come with washed out color scheme to accentuate the rustic style. Going to the ceiling, this door design is great to make your small bathroom feels wider.

Providing overhead rail, your movement will not be disturbed. Get this traditional bathroom door to upgrade your personal area.

Pocket Door, Why Not?

bathroom entry door ideas
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Pocket door offers a nice experience of accessing bathroom. This is a new way of improvement, offering not only function but also style.

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This versatile pocket door comes in white color scheme, giving a contrast look to bathroom tile ideas in earth tone. Just like sliding door, it is also applicable for small bathroom as it does not take up much floor space.

Bathroom Pocket Door Ideas

bathroom pocket door ideas
img src : BHG

Privacy is a priority in every bathroom and door will do. There are many bathroom door ideas to ensure your privacy, one of which is frosted glass door.

It is not only beautiful to upgrade your minimalist bathroom but also versatile to hide yourself. In this picture, the sliding frosted glass door blends well with whole white bathroom.

Sliding door lets you move freely. Even better, you can have double sink vanity within the small bathroom. Matching towel bathroom storage will bring perfection.

Dark & White Sliding Door with Subway Tile

bathroom shower door ideas
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master bathroom door ideas
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This is a new definition of barn door! The huge sliding door in dark color will be a great complement for farmhouse bathroom.

Subway tile creates a magnificent contrast with barn door that matches the unfinished shiplap floor. Combined with industrial lighting, this bathroom idea is a great treat for each morning and night.

You can add more functional items and decorative touch to the washroom by placing rustic cabinet near the door. Rustic ornament will also serve a nice addition into the room.

Old Fashioned Door on Rail, So Practical

unique bathroom door ideas
img src : shadesofblueinteriors

Rather than hinged door, sliding door is much more versatile! It saves space, decorative, and highly practical. Take a look at this small bathroom with rustic farmhouse door that will accentuate your rustic washroom.

Combined with cement tile, the old fashioned door is going to be a focal point inside the room. Not to mention the warm nuance that nobody can resist. These bathroom door ideas are worth trying to evoke distinct nuance.

Modern Country Door for Farmhouse Bathroom

bathroom door ideas for small bathrooms
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Country style is not always shabby. You can also make it clean, just like this country sliding door that looks so modern in white color scheme.

The sliding door provides versatility for small bathroom, blend harmoniously with patterned ceramic tile and laminated wood flooring on the other side. This is a new definition of country farmhouse bathroom.

Rustic Mirror Door to Reflect Your World

bathroom door mirror ideas
img src : ezraleedesignbuild

Why choose single function while you can have double? Yes, this is what you can get from rustic mirror door that separate your bathroom and bedroom. Not only does it divide between rooms, the huge mirror also helps check your whole appearance.

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These bathroom door ideas just makes everything easier. Only with a slight touch, you can open the door without too much effort.

Gray Barn Door with Iron Track

bathroom door decoration ideas
img src : BHG

Get a new look of your bathroom with this gray sliding barn door with iron track. If you are planning to have minor bathroom remodel, changing your old door will be adequate.

The gray color scheme brings perfection to white bathroom wall and laminated wood flooring. Even if you have small space issue, this bathroom door is a savvy solution.

Adorable Glossy Rustic Barn Door

master bedroom bathroom door ideas
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Your farmhouse bathroom deserves awesome door as a perfection. This door design is quite simple with barn look and metal handle. Completed with metal track, sliding the door is not a problem at all.

What makes it special is glossy look that elevate the value of farmhouse bathroom. It blends well with laminated flooring and rustic bathroom. There is no way to resist the temptation of these bathroom door ideas!

Farmhouse Bathroom Door Ideas

bathroom door ideas
img src : Sarah Greenman

Classic is the new classy. It is proven by white sliding door with classic shabby look to complement your rustic bathroom. The half frosted glass takes it to a higher level of appearance.

The white color scheme creates harmonious look with the whole bathroom element including tub and cabinet. Do not like the scheme? Choose washed out gray as alternative!

Double Hinged Door, Master Bathroom Perfection

bathroom shower ideas no door
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This is a distinctive door model for your bathroom. Before, you have found various ideas of sliding door but now, hinged door comes to catch your attention.

The double hinged door with glass evokes calming nuance inside your bathroom. This is the best treat for master bathroom, combined with chandelier in subtle color. It is irresistible!

bathroom cabinet door ideas

Here are few tips to revamp your bathroom with double hinged door:

  1. Get more space to let the door leaf move freely. Make sure not to locate any furniture near the door.
  2. To add dramatic effect, place bath tub in the other side of the wall.
  3. Choose harmonious color that blends with other bathroom elements.

What is on your mind after witnessing those bathroom door ideas? There are too many inspirations in one place. Now, it is time to shortlist the best possibility for upcoming bathroom remodel and be ready to welcome the new atmosphere!

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