19 Beautiful Girl Bathroom Ideas for Your Growing Up Girl

When your girl is turning into a teenager, it is time for you to look for girl bathroom ideas. Why is that? Well, the reason is simple: as your girl grows up, her taste also changes. What used to be cute and fun when she was a little girl, now she doesn’t like them.

There is no need to worry about the bathroom décor, however. We are here to help you. Below, we listed no less than 19 bathroom ideas for girl to help you decorate your girl’s bathroom. Since our ideas vary, you can choose some that you think most suitable for her. Ready? Let’s get started.

Modern Mirror Bathroom

bathroom ideas for girl
source : Domino

Let’s start with something unique. Many bathroom ideas for teenage girl tend to use a single dominant color. This bathroom here, however, incorporates three. Dark blue on the sides, pastel purple, and white and gray patterns on the floor. These colors create such gorgeous visual cues that no one can ignore.

Also, these colors distract you from thinking that the bathroom is small. The two slim sinks and oval mirrors only further the impression of a large bathroom further. It also has several shelves for storage, something which teenage girls will always need in their bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom décor, the wall is an important yet often overlooked part. Yet, with proper styling, the wall can turn an ordinary bathroom into something else, something more beautiful and inviting. Curious about how impactful bathroom wall décor can be? Check them out here.

Wallpaper Pink and Green

bathroom ideas for teenage girl
source : homebunch

We all know how fickle teenagers can be. This is particularly true for teenage girls as girls tend to be pickier than boys. If your girl likes to change the bathroom’s style once in a while, one of the best girl bathroom ideas is to install wallpaper.

There are many reasons why. First and foremost, wallpaper is easily changeable. Second, wallpaper has many options when it comes to motifs and patterns. And third, wallpaper is a lot less inexpensive than remodeling. This example here shows how appealing a bathroom can be with full-size wallpaper.

Soft and Subtle Pink

cute girl bathroom ideas
source : hunker

Just because your girl is growing up, doesn’t mean you can try cute girl bathroom ideas. It is true that her taste will be very different from her taste back when she was a little girl. However, some aspects like subtle pink color can still look good for a teenage girl’s bathroom.

Notice the color palette in this bathroom. The white walls and ceiling provide the perfect background for the long pink vanity. The two colors create a subtle contrast. The bathroom looks inviting but does so subtly.

The vanity is important both in terms of practicality and looks. After all, a single well-placed vanity can change the tone of the bathroom. Check out these bathroom vanity ideas and find out about it.

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Nature Inspired Wallpaper

girl bathroom design ideas
source : SHOPHOUSE

The wallpaper is flexible. You can incorporate it in just about any décor. Yes, that includes the farmhouse décor as well. As you can see here, the tree and flower wallpaper occupy the upper half of the bathroom while the lower half is a shiplap wall, which is undoubtedly farmhouse.

The seemingly contrasting duality works really well together. This unique mix of farmhouse and colorful wallpaper results in an unusually beautiful and warm visual cue. If that is what you are looking for, then this farmhouse wallpaper mix is one of the best girl bathroom ideas to try.

Back to Classic

girl bathroom decorating ideas
source : HGTV

With so many bathroom ideas for girl and boy out there, things can get confusing real quick. This is especially true if your girl is fickle when it comes to styling. In that case, the best thing you can do is to go back to classic.

That’s right. Going back with some basic color palette like neutral, earth tone, and pastel colors. While we did say that it is basic, that doesn’t mean it is not appealing. It certainly is. If anything, it has a unique, ageless charm.

Simply Curtain Bathroom

little girl bathroom ideas
source : athomewithashley

The next one on our girl bathroom ideas list is rather simple. Make the girl’s bathroom gorgeous by adding a beautifully embroidered shower curtain. This small yet impactful touch makes the small bathroom gorgeous.

There are also motifs and patterns on the floor, adding an appealing visual statement that prevents the space from looking too plain and boring. With all that it has, you can say that this bathroom is simply gorgeous.

Flowers All-Around

girl bathroom ideas
source : Houzz

This is another example of girl bathroom design ideas that uses wallpaper. And when it comes to wallpaper, your options are virtually limitless. Not only there are myriads of options of the colors, motifs or patterns. You are also free to install the wallpaper partially or fully. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

In this bathroom, the floral wallpaper occupies most of the upper part of the bathroom. This makes an interesting statement and adds a subtle feminine touch. There is a vintage mirror, which contrasts with the wallpaper and stands out, bringing all the attention to it.

Subtle Elegance

american girl ideas bathroom
source : Morning Star Builders

Elegance can be expressed in many ways. There are girl bathroom ideas that express elegance directly, there are ideas that do so subtly. This bathroom here is the latter. Notice how the elegance here can be felt but it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Here in this girl’s bathroom, most of the room is either white or neutral. This serves as a blank canvas for the furniture to stands out. The pieces of furniture also have pastel colors, allowing them to stand out just a bit without being too over dramatic about it. The pink small bench and towels add a feminine touch, too.

Pink and Flowers

teenage girl bathroom paint ideas
source : lessthanperfectlifeofbliss

Two of the most common themes of girl bathroom decorating ideas are the color pink and flowers. In this bathroom here, you can see both. Notice how the pink set a bright and fun vibe to the bathroom. The flowers really stand out here with the bold colors they have.

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One of the best things about the color pink is how compatible it is with many other colors. For example, here you can see how the pink surface highlights the bright red towels, pastel green trash bin, and of course, the flowers.

Girly Touch

girl bathroom paint ideas
source : ccandmike

One of the differences between children’s and teenagers’ bathroom is the color palette. While little girl bathroom décor ideas often involve bold and bright primary colors, teenage girl bathroom décor ideas are a lot subtler, with many kinds of colors involved.

This bathroom here is an excellent example of how subtle teenage girl bathroom ideas can be. Notice how the pink subtly contrasts with the white shiplap wall. There are also tints of golden hue as well, adding more beauty to this modern farmhouse girl bathroom.

Make It Lasting

toddler girl bathroom ideas
source : Houzz

Everyone knows how quickly a little girl grows into a teenager. However, the change in the bathroom layout and design doesn’t happen overnight. There are various little girl bathroom ideas that can accommodate the transition, like this girl bathroom here.

As you can see, the bathroom looks so fun and bright. As your girl grows older, you can remove the flower curtains and change them into something more mature. The light blue wall, on the other hand, works nicely both in a little girl and a teenage girl’s bathroom.

Vintage Girl Bathroom

bathroom ideas for girl and boy
source : Ggem Design Co

Who doesn’t like the beach? If your girl likes the beach, then incorporating elements that remind you of the beach surely is one of the best girl bathroom ideas.

Alright, maybe there is no sand or anything like that, but the color palette, the small decorations, and even the curtain shower makes it beachy.

Notice the elements in this girl bathroom here. There are white shiplap walls, wooden flooring, a cyan vanity with black countertop, a small round lifebuoy, and vibrant orange and blue curtain. All these are the ones that set the beachy vibe.

Pink Bathroom

girl bathroom ideas pinterest
source : holliesplants

Makes the girl’s bathroom fresher and relaxing with a bathtub surrounded with pots and plants. A bathtub, in and of itself, is already relaxing. Imagine relaxing in the tub and being surrounded by greeneries all around you. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

The pink walls and white flooring make the perfect background for the tubs and plants. The window is great as well, as it lets sunlight to flow into the room and make it bright. While the other girl bathrooms include delicate and complex designs, this one is far from those. It is just simple fresh.

‘Compact’ Bathroom

little girl bathroom decorating ideas
source : blesserhouse

The larger a bathroom is, the more girl bathroom ideas you can try. That doesn’t translate to a small bathroom equals a bad-looking bathroom, though. If the bathroom is small, you will need a bit of creativity to optimize the space.

This ‘compact’ bathroom, for example, stacks things vertically. This way, the attention is moved away from the narrow space and into the stacked decorations.

Notice how the toilet, the small aloe vera and the painting above it forms a straight line. The flooring also has recurring motifs as well, a smart choice to divert the attention even further.

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Elegance in Display

teenage girl bathroom decor ideas
source : creativetouchinteriors

Want to try elegant teenage girl bathroom décor ideas? An elegant bathroom is awesome, too. Just like at this bathroom. This bathroom here is not afraid to flaunt its elegance. Notice how the entire walls and ceiling are in soft pink, enabling the other pieces of furniture to take the stage and grab attention.

That’s not all, however, The lighting also adds elegance as well. The fixtures on the mirror and the best one, the gorgeous chandelier up above. And finally, the natural stone flooring completes this luxurious setup. It is an amazing way to display elegance.

Modern with Vibrant Red

small bathroom ideas for teenage girl
source : cre8tivedesignsinc

Bring style to the bathroom with modern touches and vibrant red. The modern touches make the room looks sophisticated while the red brings out the style. The lighting sets the ambient tone while the mirror creates the impression of a larger room. Suffice to say, it is an eye-catching bathroom alright.

Compared to the previous girl bathroom ideas, the red bathroom here makes a suitable place for hanging a favorite painting or two. Girls love to hang images/pictures in their room, so this is certainly a welcome benefit to have.

Pottery Barn Girls Bathroom

boy and girl shared bathroom decorating ideas
source : thesunnysideupblog

Moving on from the vibrant girl bathroom ideas, now it is time for something much less complex and intricate. That’s right. A minimalist bathroom, though. It is a minimalist bathroom with a romantic twist. The beauty of minimalist décor is that a room can look good with fewer things.

In this case, there are only necessary pieces of furniture in this bathroom. It doesn’t mean no decoration is allowed, obviously. Notice the vibrant red flowers in the middle. This small addition adds a subtle, romantic touch. Thus, preventing the minimalist bathroom from looking too cold and serious.

Red and White

bathroom ideas for little girl
source : Younique Designs

Vibrant red can work with another color. In this bathroom, vibrant red works with white. The result? A gorgeous and stylish bathroom. Look at how beautifully placed the red and white items are. The vanity is surely the focal point, while the white complements and allows it to shine bright.

There are also other decorations in the bathroom as well. These cute decorations prevent the red and white combo from being too monotonic and repetitive. In a way, they bring balance to the space but in a covert rather than overt manner.

Vibrant Pink

cute little girl bathroom ideas
source : Holland Rogers

This is another pink bathroom on our girl bathroom ideas list. What differentiates it from the previous pink bathroom is its pink hue.

The pink color is so vibrant and turns the vanity into the focus of the bathroom. It keeps the playfulness and fun of the pink color while looking more mature at the same time.

Notice how the rest of the bathrooms become the perfect background on which the vanity gets highlighted. Other colors, like dark gray from the towels and the slight yellow from the lamp fixtures, accentuate the pink even further. Circle-patterned flooring is a nice touch.

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