15+ Outstanding Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas (Worth-Trying Inspiration)

To make bathroom a cozy place to re energize your body and mind, even the smallest detail deserves your attention. When it comes to renovation, bathroom shower—both floor and wall—is a spot to receive enhancement. What if you check these bathroom shower tile ideas?

There are more bathroom tile inspirations to blow your mind. Coming with various design concepts, these shower tile ideas are ready to steal. Get ready for bathroom renovation!

Shiplap Wall Tile for Shower

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To begin with, this shiplap porcelain tile is all you need to transform your boring bathroom into an interesting spot to spend time. When you are going to renovate a bathroom, farmhouse is an idea to opt for. Combined with stone flooring tile, this idea will bring your bathroom into the next level.

Complete with rainfall shower head and ambient lighting for more evident farmhouse bathroom. Install huge glass shower door to separate with other section.

Going Modern with Gray Shower Tile

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Give different touch to your bathroom with this gray shower tile! Coming with modern concept, the following shower design ideas suits best with your modern-contemporary bathroom.

Your shower cabin is no longer needed for function, but also for beauty. Now you can please your eyes and relax your mind while having a shower.

To level up the bathroom with gray tile, here are some tips you should know:

  • Choose gray tile with slight pattern to avoid boredom within the room.
  • Combine with mosaic tile flooring.
  • For modern shower cabin, employ rainfall shower head.

Luxurious Shower Wall

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Bring luxury to your shower cabin. The bathroom shower tile ideas suits your master bathroom that requires luxurious design. Wood floors will be a perfect combination for dry area. Do not forget to get a glass door to separate the area.

What is a luxurious bathroom without chandelier? Install a chandelier and bath tub to define your class. The existence of huge wall mirror will also complement the whole concept of your master bathroom.

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Choose Monochrome, Choose Simple!

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Monochrome is a versatile idea for any room including bathroom. Check out this bathroom tile floor ideasand shower to inspire you. Dry zone and wet zone is only separated by half glass door, making it an awesome idea to make your bathroom look roomier.

Stone tiles will be a perfect choice to opt for. The dark shade contrasts with the wall and ceiling, giving a fabulous finish for the entire bathroom appearance.

When you are going to steal this idea, here are some tips to take into account:

  • Choose non-slippery tile that will be safe for wet zone, at the same time looks nice for bathroom.
  • Combine with subway tile for wet zone wall.
  • Install high glass window to add natural lighting into the room.

Vintage Bathroom Shower with Subway Tile

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Subway tile is a versatile option to evoke various design concepts, including vintage. The bathroom tile ideas come with semi-gray color that creates roomier look. Combined with hexagonal tile, the shower nook looks calming.

Oh, wait! It is just getting better with ceiling light over the sink. The bathroom lighting ideas give additional beauty into the room, not to mention it provides ambient illumination as well.

Grey Tile Wall Shower

img src : Amanda Haverdink

This super gorgeous bathroom design is worth-applying. Equipping gray tile in herringbone pattern, it evokes calming ambience to recharge your energy. Perfect the interior with white tub and teak bench. Spending hours inside the bathroom is never enough.

Choose Neutral, Enjoy the Calmness

img src : pinterest

If you are a typical person who loves something neutral, the calming bathroom shower tile ideas are surely for you. Sporting ceramic tile in wood grain combined with mosaic shower floor, this concept will please your eyes.

Not only does it provide calmness, the neutral walk in shower also looks classy that it becomes a recommended choice for master bathroom. Install ceiling light or even chandelier to evoke luxurious feeling!

Master Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

img src : brittanyambridge

Master bathroom owner must consider this bathroom shower tile ideas. Combining dark ceramic tiles and subway tiles for walk in shower, this is an enchanting idea you cannot resist.

The wet zone comes in white color that is contrast with dry zone, giving ultimate experience during your shower time. Half-height glass door adds classy look for this bathroom design. To allow natural illumination, huge glass sliding window will do.

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Walk in Shower Ideas

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Take a look at the following bathroom shower tile ideas and be inspired! This basement bathroom comes in subtle color, combining ceramic and hexagonal tiles. The clear glass door does not obstruct your vision, but effectively avoiding the water from splashing everywhere.

If you have a tiny bathroom space just like this, there are some tips you should consider:

  • Choose subtle or bright color to trick your eyes.
  • Sufficient lighting will create visually roomier bathroom.
  • Install glass windows to bring outdoor view indoor.

Niche with Detail, Of Course!

img src : seminoleheightshomes

What is a bathroom without a bit of decoration? While you cannot have many options for walk in shower, this decorative Moroccan tile is a great option. Combined with plain subway tile, this niche detail will bring a different feeling inside the shower cabin.

As enhancement, employ metal black shower head with ceramic tile for flooring. The whole combination from this bathroom shower tile ideas will give relaxation to your body and mind.

Versatile Bathroom with Storage

img src : NgB Staging Concepts

Surely you need plenty of stuff inside the bathroom. Towels, toiletries, and many others require special place within the room. Good news, this towel storage bathroom is ready to adopt for any bathroom including the tiny one.

This is a savvy storage idea that provides not only function but also beauty. The shelves serve as decoration among the plain bathroom wall. At the time you need to install shelves, here are some tips you should know:

  • Going vertical is helpful when you have narrow bathroom. This allows you to save more space.
  • Optimize every inch of your bathroom including the corner. Corner shelves are also great decoration.

Accented Shower Wall, Adorable!

img src : rai_marble

Patterned tile all over the bathroom is too much. If you have the same opinion, the following bathroom tile ideas will be a smart solution. Make it an accent instead! Yes, this patterned gray tile serves as a focal point in the bathroom.

Small niche on the other side helps organize your stuff. Completed with wall-attached shower head, this bathroom and shower design idea is worth trying. The most important, it is low budget!

Fabulous Subway Tile Shower

img src : Stephanie Doyle

Having subway tiles inside walk in shower is ordinary. If you wish for something extraordinary, a small detail will do. The black and white patterned tile as an accent within your walk in shower is great enough to be combined with subway tiles.

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Guess what! The accents on the shower wall have the same pattern as dry zone flooring. This creates a harmonious bathroom appearance that everyone cannot resist. If you opt for farmhouse bathroom, the trendy idea should be taken into account.

Narrow Bathroom, No Worry

img src : pinterest

Living in an apartment means you have to be creative in transforming the small space into cozy and pleasant area to live in. When it comes to small apartment bathroom, this smart idea will blow your mind.

The narrow bathroom looks roomier with right tile choices that comes with subtle gray color. The long niche serves as versatile storage to organize your stuff. Mosaic tiles give accent within the walk in shower. Do not forget the full glass door that will not disturb your view.

Dare to Be Different? Go Vertical

img src : place architecture

Install your ceramic tile vertically and feel the difference! Horizontal ceramic is just so ordinary that you cannot find something special from it. Meanwhile this vertical gives is a new definition of being creative without too much effort.

In the following bathroom shower tile ideas, the vertical tiles are combined with mosaic tiles for long niches. Not only is it functional, the long niches gives you smart solution for walk in shower storage.

White Bathroom Is Not Always Boring

img src : Alina Chernin

Many people are afraid of having white bathroom because it seems boring. Not for this patterned white bathroom with marble wall. The marble material brings luxurious touch while the cement tiles serve as an accent inside the cabin.

For stunning finish, get recessed light to provide sufficient illumination for your white bathroom. This idea will also be perfect for your master bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

img src : Sarah Jackett

This is a cool idea that will bring your master bathroom to the next level. Employing subtle beige tiles for shower wall combined with ceramic tiles in harmonious color creates cozy ambience inside the room.

The mosaic tiles belt gives a new definition to the bathroom shower. Do not forget to get niches for extra storage.

There is no way not to revamp your old bathroom. Get a new feeling with these bathroom shower tile ideas that you love the most.

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