Inspirational Walk in Shower Tile Ideas

If you want your bathroom to have a nice roomy feeling, get inspired with these walk in shower tile ideas. In this page, you will be provided with 28 ideas to let you complete your bathroom design scheme.

A walk-in a shower inside a bathroom would be perfect for you who really want to have a relaxing minimalist style of bathroom. There are some reasons you need to consider having a walk-in shower in your bathroom.

A walk-in shower has a minimalist charm that makes the bathroom modern and stylish. For the cleaning, a walk-in shower is easy to maintain and it also has good durability. This convenient element of the bathroom should be applied in every house.

The wall and floor tile are one of the most important elements in a walk-in shower, besides the shower fixture, of course. If you are confused about choosing the right tiles for your walk-in shower, you should to keep reading this best ideas walk in shower tiles recommended by Harp Times:

White Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas

Large Walk In Tile Shower – Bathtub Conversion – Full Bathroom Remodel Time Lapse

1. Black-White Subway Style Shower Tile

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Black-White Subway Style

It’s one of the most favorite tiles for the shower area. The black lines all over the shower wall offer an outstanding scene from this point of view. The designer chooses black flooring and ceiling in order to manage the brightness in this bathroom. It’s a stunning bathroom design you can have in your apartment.

Back in the walk-in shower, you see a mosaic white pattern on the flooring that gives a sense of emerging to black and white. There’s a bench that you could use to rest a bit while showering. It can also be a space to put your products.

2. Seamlessly Blended Shower Tile

Seamlessly Blended Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

This shower tile idea looks pretty cool. It blends seamlessly unseen to each other. From this angle, it’s like a walk-in shower without a tile. But, when you look closely, there’s a smooth pattern that accentuates the white color of this bathroom.

The window by the shower space looks pretty large for a walk-in shower. So, there will be a lot of lights come inside the shower area. That’s what makes this shower tile idea suitable in this bathroom.

3. Marble Tile for Walk-In Shower

Marble Tile for Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

A mosaic marble tile for a bathroom is quite recommended because it helps to dim the light inside the white bathroom. It also creates a sense of texture to the whole bathroom. Check out the wall tile of this walk-in shower. It’s got a marble pattern that makes the shower area looks luxurious.

On the floor tile, it’s got a hexagonal mosaic design that separates the flooring with the wall. Because, if it has the same tile design, the shower it wouldn’t be as good as it is now.

4. Marble and Stone Inspired Tile for Shower Room

Marble and Stone Inspired Tile for Shower Room Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

A modern walk-in shower won’t be getting stone material inside. It would disturb the modern atmosphere that you built. Well, you can always have something that represents it. This walk-in shower tile idea is inspired by a combination of marble and stone.

So, it’s not like the ordinary marble pattern. It’s a bit different and it offers a different vibe too. The dotted tile on the flooring gives the sense of absorbing even though it’s really not. Nice potted white orchid flowers can be added inside to accompany you.

5. Marble Subway Tile for Shower Area

Marble Subway Tile forWalk In Shower Tile Ideas Area

It’s quite hard to define a marble tile that has a similar pattern with the other marble tile. This one is described as a marble subway tile. This shower area is combined with a bathtub. It’s a cool design for your small bathroom. You can even have both shower and bathtub soaking all at once.

Quote. The subway style marble tile could be a simple choice to make to handle the mood inside the shower area. It can also be perfect for the whole wall in the bathroom.

6. Walk-In Shower Ideas with French Window

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas with French Window

There are three elements in this walk-in shower that would definitely catch your attention.

  • The first one is the French style window. It would be okay if this bathroom located upstairs for your privacy. Well, it’s not one of the outdoor shower ideas.
  • The second element you should notice is the teak bench. That bench adds a touch of traditional style inside this modern bathroom.
  • The third thing you notice is the flooring tile with an interesting mosaic pattern.

7. Beautiful Marble Shower Design

Beautiful Marble Shower Design Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

Marble tile is a tile that has a unique pattern. You won’t get a similar pattern with other marble tiles. This stunning walk-in shower has an appealing marble pattern design.

Obviously, what makes this walk-in shower so interesting is the marble tile. Other than that, everything seems to be ordinary.

8. Simple Narrow Walk-In Shower with Marble Subway Tile

Simple Narrow Walk-In Shower Tiles Ideas with Marble Subway Tile

For simplicity, a designer chooses a shower tile that won’t become a distraction. So, a marble tile is the favorite choice for it.

There’s no question why the marble subway tile is used a lot in many white bathrooms. It’s in white color but it’s got a nice accentuating pattern. And, it also goes well with any flooring, lighting, and shower fixture.

9. Half Bath Half Shower Concept

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Half Bath Half Shower Concept

The concept of having a walk-in shower and bathtub side by side is quite acceptable. You will get a wider space to walk here and there inside the bathroom. To separate the bathtub and shower area, there’s a knee wall in the middle of them.

This subway tile has a nice pattern that blends well with the ambiance set in this bathroom. The low amount of light would result in a cool atmosphere for this bathroom.

10. Pebble Tile Flooring for Shower

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Pebble Tile Flooring for Shower

The clear glass surrounds the walk-in the shower let us see through the shower area. There are several types of glass that can go well with any walk-in shower design.

There is clear glass like this one, a blurred glass for privacy, and patterned glass for privacy and decoration.

For this walk shower, it would be better to leave it that way. The clear glass seems to be matched with the design scheme in this bathroom. The shiplap wall and ceiling offers an extra stunning scene for the shower.

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11. Stunning Contemporary Bathroom

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Stunning Contemporary Bathroom

It’s one of the master bathroom ideas that I would recommend to you. It has anything you need to feel in a master bathroom. The feeling of relaxing and comfortable is what this bathroom design has to offer.

Take a look at the marble shower tile. That’s what makes the shower area more interesting from the outside.

Going out from the walk-in shower, you will be served with nice mahogany wood flooring that could extend your refreshment after the shower.

12. Walk-In Shower with Natural Solid Wood Tub

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas with Natural Solid Wood Tub

The first thing you would see in this small bathroom is that wooden tub in the middle. It’s the focal point of this room. It’s the only element that could make any other things unseen. The traditional rustic wood design fills up the scene for this bathroom.

However, it should be all about the shower tile. But, the shower tile in this bathroom can’t give more than the wooden tub has to offer.

13. Eye-Catchy Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas

Eye-Catchy Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas

This minimalist walk-in shower is breath-taking. It’s got a complete set of shower elements in a small room. The gray marble tile seems to be matching with the flooring tile outside the shower area. But, some small tiles accent is added into the mix. It serves as the background for the shower fixture and its tap.

14. Shower with Wood Grain Tile

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas with Wood Grain Tile

Wood grain pattern can be a clever choice for the walk-in shower if your goal is to add accentuating natural pattern. The light colored wood grain is the right choice for your white bathroom. For the floor tile, a simple white concrete with pebbles might be very supportive of the accentuating wall tile.

Walk-In Shower with Darker Tile

15. Warmer Tile with Industrial Vibe

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Warmer Tile with Industrial Vibe

Adding industrial vibe inside the contemporary walk-in shower is surprisingly impressive for this bathroom. The beige wall tile is called a Fiorentino Wall Shower tile. The darker knee wall tile shade manages the brightness of the bathroom.

If you like a warmer tile design for your walk-in the shower, this could be a good choice. As you can see, even though the window let the sunlight comes in.

The brightness seems to be under controlled. This bathroom design scheme shows us that a modern bathroom is not all about the bright color. There are a bunch of bathroom color ideas to choose, right?

16. Luxurious Tile for Walk-In Shower

Luxurious Tile Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

If you are not into a white bright tile for your modern walk-in shower, probably you like the tile to be in luxurious design. An edgy texture on all over your shower tile wall offers an elegant vibe you can enjoy while showering.

There’s an accentuating tiny tile that got into the mix to give an extra impression. The floor tile is in different pattern design, but it’s still in the same color scheme.

17. Modern Bathroom with Black Subway Shower Tile

Modern Bathroom with Black Subway Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

Black tile might be quite rare to be applied as the main tile inside the walk-in the shower tile. Well, it looks surprisingly stunning. Having some gray lined textures to give accent to black tile make it less boring to enjoy.

The pebble flooring is just what this walk-in shower needs. There’s a bench with granite top suddenly become the focal point inside this shower area.

18. Pretty Accent Tile for Shower

Pretty Accent Tile for Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

This shower is like no others. A shower tile can really make a difference to your walk-in shower. This shower area is so small and narrow. Some people would find it hard to get comfortable inside this walk-in shower.

But, this tile design gives this space hope. A shower tile can really turn it to be comfortable. Maybe, you can add one of the bathroom mirror ideas to support the effort.

19. Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Design with Glass Block

Walk In Shower Tile Design Ideas with Glass Block

Glass blocks wall is a great option to separate the walk-in shower. It offers an artistic look to your shower area and also it gives you privacy while taking a shower.

The shower fixture looks comfortable as usual. The mosaic tile is all over the shower area, making it become a special place in the bathroom. The wood grain floor tile is also something you should notice.

Other Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

20. Full Subway Shower Tile

Full Subway Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

The subway tile is all over the shower area. It’s on the wall, on the ceiling, and the flooring. It looks like a subway box for a shower.

It’s got an interesting shampoo niche that could distract your attention to look straight to those interesting niches, common bathroom wall decor.

The brass shower fixture will add character into this subway walk-in shower. Well, the shower area has got all it needs. There’s no need to add something more.

21. Frameless Shower Area with Brick-Style Tile

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Frameless Shower Area with Brick-Style Tile

Styling a tile can turn the wall into something else. Take a look at this shower tile for example. It looks like the wall is in brick style when it’s actually just a design of the tile. He can get this style of tile through installation.

This frameless shower glass offers an attraction to the space outside the shower area. The see-through glass is applied for the sake of decoration.

22. Royal Walk In Shower Tile Ideas with Chandelier

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Royal Walk-In Shower with Chandelier

23. Marble Shower Niche Idea

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Marble Shower Niche Idea

24. Best Vertical Shower Tile

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Best Vertical Shower Tile

25. Luxury Shower Tile in a Clean White Bathroom

Luxury Shower Tile in a Clean White Bathroom

26. Gray Subway Tile with Hexagonal Marble Accent

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Gray Subway Tile with Hexagonal Marble Accent

27. Modern Walk in Shower Tile Ideas Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern Walk In Shower Tile Ideas Farmhouse Bathroom

28. Stylish Small Bathroom with Shower Tile up to the Ceiling

Stylish Small Bathroom with Shower Tile up to the Ceiling


Get ready to have an amazing walk-in shower design with these inspirational walk in shower tile ideas. Choose one tile design that represents the style and atmosphere you need to have while you are having a shower.

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