Master Bathroom Ideas

There are a lot of master bathroom ideas that can give you a calming retreat. For most homeowners, a master bathroom is the main place to find peace and solitude.

Using a lot of consideration before choosing a design for your master bathroom may lead to a comfortable relaxing retreat for you.

Commonly, a master bathroom is the extension of the master bedroom. This kind of bathroom is located within the bedroom.

So, it would be the most private room for your private activities. It’s also become the reason why you should simplify the design of the master bathroom.

Sometimes, the homeowners decide to have the master bathroom separated with the master bedroom. That would give the designer more option to have for the bathroom.

You can try several approaches to design a master bathroom from these master bathroom ideas to find peace and relaxation.

Warm Atmosphere for Master Bathroom Ideas

Romantic Master Bathroom Ideas Design

1. Romantic Bathroom Design

As a master bathroom, it needs to be a special place for the homeowners. The most the master bedroom is used by the couple as well as a master bathroom.

Adding some romantic vibes into the bathroom would be something awesome for the couple.

Some candle lights are ready to accessorize this bathroom in order to get the perfect romantic ambiance.

Because this bathroom is not dominated by white color, the warm feeling spreading all over the bathroom. The spa-like feature is provided in this bathroom, it’s dreamy.

2. Brick Walls Bathroom Design

Brick Walls Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Expand your chic style in this chic master bathroom. The use of brick walls all over the bathroom makes an outstanding interior scene.

When we’re dealing with brick walls, people often think about the red or orange color on the wall. But, this one is different; it’s a soft version of brick walls. It has a neutral color pattern to give an amazing smooth accent to the wall.

3. Antique Chandelier and Triple Mirror Vanity

Antique Chandelier and Triple Mirror Vanity Master Bathroom Ideas

There are two elements that are become the highlight of this master bathroom. It’s the chandelier and bathroom vanity with triple mirrors.

Triple mirror vanity is one of the bathroom mirror ideas something you don’t commonly get in a bathroom. So, this master bathroom is very special.

Each of the mirror sides, there are light pendants to light up the mirror area. Even though it only has two sinks, the mirror in the middle is used as an extra.

Check out the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It suddenly becomes the focal point when you enter this bathroom. It’s hard to look away from this amazing sight.

4. Appealing Bathroom Light Pendant

Appealing Master Bathroom Ideas Light Pendant

Another designed item you can add to your master bathroom for warm feelings is this light pendant.

When I enter this bathroom, that light pendant hanging from the ceiling must be something I see first because the design is so eye-catching and unique.

However, this bathroom is not just about that unique light pendant. This double vanity set is a nice option to add to the bathroom.

This bathroom vanity has a joined cabinet that consists of two tall cabinets on each side. The white sink and countertop accentuated with the black faucet. One wide mirror is enough to cover the two sinks.

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5. See-Through Bathroom Floor

See-Through Master Bathroom Ideas Floor

Having a fish pond below the bathroom flooring is the rarest ideas we could recommend to you.

Using a see-through bathroom floor, you could clearly see what’s below the flooring. The key element of this master bathroom design is that fish pond. So, you need to build it as beautiful as you can.

On the higher part of this bathroom, there’s an Asian style mirror that blends well with the textured wall. You can call this a master bathroom with Zen.

White Master Bathroom Ideas

Woven Baskets to Decorate White Master Bathroom Ideas

6. Woven Baskets to Decorate White Bathroom

There will be nothing wrong with white color when it applies in a bathroom.

This white bathroom is so bright because of the window position that let a lot of lights to get inside the bathroom.

If you don’t like too much brightness, you can add a drape or curtain to cover the light.

As you can see, the bathroom wall decor is dominated by woven baskets. It’s a clever choice to splash color in the bathroom. The natural brown color is chosen in order to keep the bathroom as relaxing as it should be.

7. White Marble Bathroom Design

storaffWhite Marble Master Bathroom Design IdeasFor a master bathroom, a marble concept is highly recommended especially if a large window is included. The size of this bathroom is quite large.

It has both bathtub and walk-in shower. All of them are in white color. The marble pattern accentuates the flooring and the wall tile inside the walk-in shower.

Quote: To keep the minimalism, you can add one framed picture. Or, you can just leave it empty and plain to maximize the white marble concept.

8. Urban Farmhouse Bathroom

Urban Farmhouse Master Bathroom Ideas

Wood ceiling, woven baskets, and a wooden pot are simply decorating this white bathroom.

The subway tile inside the shower area creates its own world apart from the other area. The floor tile uses the Moroccan style which is looking smooth, not obvious.

The woven baskets area is there to store the bathroom items and products. Keep them all away from sight so you can have a neat master bathroom.

9. Bathroom Design with Claw-Foot Tub

Master Bathroom Ideas with Claw-Foot Tub

A claw-foot tub tends to be installed in a vintage or some other old style bathroom. It offers a unique scene for your master bathroom.

This master bathroom is obviously located within the master bedroom. So, the simplicity would be the key.

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There’s a small beautiful chandelier to amaze your eyes when you look up. Some walk in shower ideas can be applied in this small master bathroom. This idea can be included in the most favorite guest bathroom ideas.

10. Classy Farmhouse Master Bathroom Ideas

Classy Farmhouse Master Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse style is not just about distressed natural wood; this bathroom offers a classy version of farmhouse style.

The furniture and walls are painted gray while the white color accentuating the whole bathroom. It’s got a white stand along bathtub by the window with drapes.

The silver faucet is ready to handle the tub and the sink smoothly. For an extra view, while enjoying the bathtub, there’s an antique chandelier light to maximize the experience.

Having the bathtub right beside a large window can be very joyful. During the day, your bathtub joy is lighted by the sun.

11. Large White with Face-To-Face Vanity

Master Bathroom Ideas Large White with Face-To-Face Vanity

Sometimes, people are not comfortable doing their activity in front of the vanity side by side with other people. So, this master bathroom concept can be a solution for that. There are two similar vanities applied in this bathroom.

The wooden flooring doesn’t use white color in order to lower the brightness from white. Hanging from the ceiling, you’ve got around caged chandelier to amaze your eyes while enjoying the bathtub beneath it.

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12. White Master Bathroom Ideas with Walk-In Shower

White Master Bathroom Ideas with Walk-In Shower

Having a walk in shower in a master bathroom instead of a bathtub could be based on your personal style.

If you enjoy cleaning your body by showering, a walk-in shower concept must be your choice. For people who enjoy soaking in the bathtub, they probably need to have both.

A clean white bathroom gives a sense of clean and sterile for some people. But, they would need one element to have a darker color like in this bathroom.

The only main element with a darker color is the aged wood flooring. It helps the low the light in the bathroom made by the reflection of bright white color.

13. Monochromatic Color Scheme For Bathroom

Monochromatic Color Scheme for Master Bathroom Ideas

It’s one of the black-white options for your bathroom. With a walk-in shower having subway tile and a shower high under the ceiling, this master bathroom set the high level of monochromatic design for the bathroom.

The portion of black and white in this master bathroom seems to be even. As you can see, it has black flooring and ceiling that. The rest of the elements appeared to be in clean white shades.

14. White Bathroom with Brass Plumbing

White Master Bathroom Ideas with Brass Plumbing

Plumbing is one of the most important assets in the bathroom. It’s like the soul of the bathroom.

So, you have to take good care of the plumbing and its related bathroom wares. As you can see, this white bathroom with subway tile has all the metal elements covered with brass.

It creates a focal point in the walk-in shower, the free-standing bathtub, and also the accessories.

Having a window inside the walk-in shower is something you rarely see. It would be the right decision if this bathroom located higher from the ground, like the second or third floor up.

15. Modern White Subway Bathroom

Modern White Subway Master Bathroom Ideas

White subway tile with black lines is very popular in the world of bathroom design. Mostly, subway tile is applied only inside the walk-in shower.

This small bathroom applied the subway tile on the whole wall. That’s why there are no more accessories in this bathroom because it would be too much to handle.

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Master Bathroom Ideas with Wooden Flooring

Master Bathroom Ideas Wood Board Flooring

16. Wood Board Flooring

Some people might think having wooden flooring in a bathroom is not recommended. Well, it’s according to the types of wood. Bathroom experts recommend these kinds of wood to be used as bathroom flooring:

  • Engineered hardwood can withstand heat and moisture.
  • Vinyl wood tile or plank flooring
  • Cork flooring, an eco-friendly option

It’s not recommended to use solid wood for the bathroom since it’s not waterproof.

17. A Cast Iron Double-Ended Pedestal Tub in Master Bathroom Ideas

A Cast Iron Double-Ended Pedestal Tub in Master Bathroom Ideas

If you have a large room for the master bathroom, you have to maximize the opportunity to build the bathroom of your dream. The dark wood flooring plays an important part to set the mood of this bathroom interior.

Check out that beautiful chandelier. It really offers an amazing ambiance to your bathtub experience. You can be amazed by the scene while having a relaxing time lying in the pedestal tub.

18. Industrial Farmhouse Master Bathroom

Industrial Farmhouse Master Bathroom Ideas

If you love farmhouse style, this is the master bathroom ideas you can rely on. It’s actually a combination of farmhouse and industrial.

The industrial vibe comes from the black elements inside this bathroom such as the small stool, towel holder, light sconces, faucet, mirror holder, and drawer handles.

The farmhouse style is represented by the distressed wood frame for the mirror vanity and wooden flooring. There are also some farmhouse accessories like those branches in bottles.

19. Dark Wood Floor in Master Bathroom

Dark Wood Floor in Master Bathroom Ideas

With a white marble walk-in shower, the dark wood floor looks separated. The space inside the shower is just like another room. The large-sized of the shower area makes you more freely enjoying your showering.

In the walk-in shower itself, there are three showers set inside one shower room. Each of them is in a different concept of showering. It depends on you how you like to wash your body.

20. Master Bathroom with Wood Grain Floor

Master Bathroom Ideas with Wood Grain Floor

Another wood flooring option for your master bathroom is this wood grain floor tile. It looks like real wood but it’s actually using ceramic material. The pattern offers a wood look for a comfortable bathroom atmosphere.

The size of this bathroom is quite extensive. So, you can enjoy the bathroom more freely in doing your private activities.

21. Fabric Pendant Light for Master Bathroom

Fabric Pendant Light

If you think to have a chandelier in a bathroom a little bit weird, you might need something more elegant like this light pendant.

You can still enjoy the lighting while enjoying the bathtub with a simpler scene. The warm feelings would be all over the ceiling with this light pendant.

22. Walk-In Shower with Modern Appeal

Walk-In Shower with Modern Appeal

23. Fancy Master Bathroom Ideas

Fancy Bathroom

24. Master Bathroom with L-Shaped Vanity

L-Shaped Vanity

25. Tropical Master Bathroom Design

See-Through Bathroom Ideas Floor

Other Master Bathroom Ideas

26. Luxurious Master Bathroom with Electric Fireplace

Luxurious Master Bathroom with Electric Fireplace

27. Big Walk-In Shower

Big Walk-In Shower

28. Master Bathroom with Makeup Vanity

Makeup Vanity


After all, choosing the right idea from those master bathroom ideas is a challenging job. You have to consider a lot of things including your own personal style and needs.

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  • Thank you very much for sharing these bathroom ideas. Many people are only aware of conventional bathroom arrangements. It will guide everyone to design a creative one.

    These designs are simple to implement. The modern white subway bathroom idea is particularly wonderful as we can do it even in small spaces. Thank you.

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