28 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Style

Some bathroom lighting ideas can really set the mood you want for interior design. Lighting plays an important part in every room of the house. So, you have to be very careful in deciding the right light fixture for your bathroom.

Choosing the proper lighting for the bathroom could be pretty challenging. It should be according to the atmosphere or mood you want to apply in the bathroom.

Whether you want a statement fixture of light or the contemporary one, you would really want a perfectly striking and timeless bathroom. Here are some Must-see bathroom lighting ideas to highlight your bathroom space.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas with Wall Niches

LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas modern for Easy to Clean

1. Lighting Ideas for Easy-To-Clean Bathroom

Check out this simple built-in light fixture that adds a decorative look to your bathroom wall. It is placed on the wall above the bathtub which creates a nice scene you can enjoy while in the bathtub.

The built-in shelves also provide a good amount of light to your bathroom ambiance. You don’t need a lot more from the ceiling.

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2. Yellow Lighting in the Shelves

LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas modern Yellow in the Shelves

It’s one of the bathroom design trends in 2019. Having some wall niches in the bathroom would add more storage space. You can organize your bathroom stuff inside them.

Well, it’s not only considered as the storage of your bathroom. It also has a decorative touch when the lighting is installed.

The shine from the lightings illuminate the bathroom items and it creates some kind of an image. It would look like a framed picture or a painting from far away.

3. LED Indirect Lighting In-Wall Niches

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas modern LED Indirect in Wall Niches

It’s one of the best ways to enlighten your wall niche. You don’t need to enlighten the whole space inside the niche; you just need to focus on the edge. It creates an amazing scene on the wall above your toilet.

The LED lights are installed in the wall niche just because of the concept in this bathroom. As you can see, the LED lights are installed in the whole area of the bathroom. So, I guess that’s the right thing to do for the niches.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas with Pendant Light Fixture

Mid Century Bathroom Lighting Ideas photos Outstanding Black and White

4. Outstanding Black and White Bathroom

It’s one of the best ways to pull off a black and white room. This bathroom features an amazing double sink. It’s now a twin sink it’s really one big sink which has two faucets. That’s why it’s called a double.

However, our focus here is on the light fixture on each side of the mirror. Hanging from the ceiling, these light pendants look appealing.

It matches really well with the black and white ambiance in this bathroom. The amount of light it offers also perfectly brightens the whole area.

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5. Lighting for Mid-Century Bathroom

Houzz Bathroom Lighting Ideas photos Mid-Century

If you have a mid-century style in your bathroom, you may opt to install this lighting.

An industrial style of lighting could bring out the elegance and traditional feelings that a bathroom has. The light bulbs represent your personal style in the bathroom.

From this point of view, the amounts of the bulbs are doubled by the mirror. You can have four extra lights because of the mirror. So, it’s important to decide the position where to hang the light.

Quote. This kind of light fixture won’t be enough to provide proper lighting to the whole bathroom area. So, it’s important to have the main lighting to manage the brightness during the night.

6. Stylish Chandelier for Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Lighting Ideas uk photos Stylish Chandelier

Having chandelier lighting inside a bathroom is not weird. You can have it almost anywhere. But, you have to consider the size of the bathroom before you decide to have a chandelier for a bathroom.

For this bathroom, the chandelier is a good choice since the size of the room is pretty large. It’s also supported by the pendant lights beside the mirrors.

7. Small Bathroom Light Pendants

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas nz photos Pendants

For a small bathroom, light pendants can also be an interesting addition to let the bathroom color ideas inside it shines better.

The beautiful and modern design of this bathroom gets a touch of elegance from the lighting pendant design.

The unique cover of the pendant makes an astonishing scene all around the room. You can just leave the lights turned on even during the day to maximize the concept of this bathroom.

8. Unique Industrial Light Fixture

Mid Century Bathroom Lighting Ideas Australia photos Unique Industrial Light Fixture

Check out the light fixture. Those blow-glass lights have an organic shape. This fixture would surely work really well in your contemporary-style bathroom.

The feeling of cold and hard edges can be all around the space but the round glass around the bulb would add a playfulness touch to balance.

Even more unique, it’s got a hand-shape hook on the wall that you can use to hang your towels or anything. That’s really something that can please your eyes.

9. Light Fixture Stone Wall Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas over mirror Light Fixture Stone Wall

A great option of the light fixture for a bathroom with the stone wall is the combination of wall pendant and metal ceiling lights. For maximizing the texture of the wall, a recessed and wall pendant lights are enough.

But, to brighten the whole bathroom, let the metal ceiling light does the work. This kind of bathroom can’t be found in many places. There are only some people who are fans of rustic bathroom ideas.

The elements that you should note for this bathroom are:
  • The Metal Light Pendant
  • The Rustic Bricked Stone Wall
  • The Vintage Painting beside the toilet.
  • The antique wooden vanity

10. Fabric Light Fixtures

15 Bathroom Lighting Ideas ceiling Fabric Light Fixtures

It can be said that it’s one of the ceiling pendant light you can have in your bathroom.

Even though, the presence of this light fixture in this bathroom is not really important as lighting. It’s quite essential as decoration because it makes the ceiling more interesting than an empty plain ceiling.

A fabric light fixture is quite rare to be placed on a bathroom ceiling.

Some people or bathroom designers think that a light fixture with an interesting design is not needed in the bathroom. It needs something functional, not decorative.

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11. Outdoor Bathroom with Romantic Lanterns

Outdoor Bathroom Lighting Ideas Pinterest Romantic Lanterns

Well, this is something you can’t find in most places. It’s a perfect outdoor bathroom design that a couple use in their honeymoon. It’s also something a resort or hotel can offer for the guest bathroom ideas.

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As you can see, there’s no lighting but the lanterns. That’s where the romantic feeling begins to spread all around the space.

If you have a proper backyard space, you can also set this outdoor bathroom design to have an elegant and romantic bathtub at your own house.

LED Lights for Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Mid Century Bathroom Lighting Ideas pinterest Backlit Mirror Ideas

12. Backlit Bathroom Mirror Ideas

This kind of lighting design would only be looking very impressive when the lighting is minimal. As you can see, this bathroom design is one of a kind. It gets you really close to the nature with that stone-textured background wall.

The backlit mirror does look so impressive. You will be amazed by this bathroom even just by looking at it.

The simple and minimalist design of this bathroom maximizes the unique experience that this bathroom design has to offer.

13. Futuristic Lighting for Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas photos Futuristic

It’s one of the best concepts for a bathroom with LED lights fixture. The futuristic style seems to be the right one for this unique light fixture.

This is a bathroom design like no others. A unique choice of lighting idea deserved to be in this bathroom.

One thing that this bathroom doesn’t have is a cabinet or storage. From this point of view, there’s no place to keep your stuff available in this bathroom.

The patterned wall tall is applied to get this futuristic bathroom more interesting.

14. Cove Light Effect for Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas over mirror Cove Light Effect

This light effect is a very interesting addition you can have for your bathroom. It’s ready to highlight your vanity area since it’s the only important spot in the bathroom.

Toilet, bathtub, and shower are also important in any bathroom. But, people spend more of their time in front of the vanity. So, it can be considered the most important element of the bathroom.

15. Bathroom Lighting For Modern Vibes

DIY Bathroom Lighting Ideas Modern Ceiling Vibes

The texture of the ceiling seems to be the highlight of this bathroom design. When it’s enlightened by the LED light fixture, the texture looks far more impressive.

The look is balanced by other LED lights on the floor. LED light on the floor and under the ceiling makes a great combination to set a positive ambiance to the bathroom.

16. LED Lights on the Wall Edge

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas uk photos LED Lights on the Wall Edge

It’s an interesting way to light a bathroom. Of course, one long LED light fixture on the edge won’t manage to brighten the whole bathroom. It’s used as a decoration for the bathroom.

The light from other light fixtures should also be there to be the main lighting of this bathroom. If one edge with LED lights is enough, you don’t need to add more lights to other edges.

LED lights seem to be the one that makes your bathroom more interesting and decorative.

17. LED Lights for Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling LED Lights

A small narrow bathroom can also be accentuated by an LED light fixture like this one. The LED lights in this bathroom are placed on the ceiling’s edges and flooring’s edges.

All of the sides are lighted with LED lights. For some people, when they walk inside the bathroom, the LED lights create a sense of floating.

The color scheme of the bathroom is also important. You should consider it first before installing the LED lights.

18. Amazing Ceiling Design for Bathroom

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling Design Amazing

LED lights can also be a decoration to support your lighting design. The blue color of the LED lights represents the color of the sky.

It can set a soothing mood for you while enjoying the bathtub. The scene of the ceiling will be very impressive from any side.

The design of the tile pattern doesn’t seem to be matched with the LED lights design. Actually, the designer decided to have those tiles in order to maximize an impression to support the majestic blue LED lights.

Other Stylish Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Master Bathroom Lighting Ideas Modern Pendant Lights Stylish

19. Stylish Bathroom Pendant Lights

The Moroccan patterned tile flooring in this bathroom looks amazing. It’s simply the most interesting element in the bathroom.

Dealing with this kind of bathroom who has one impressive focal point, the lighting shouldn’t be too distracting. It should offer a useful scene for the bathroom. As you can see, this bathroom has some lighting fixtures.

One pair of light pendants is next to the mirror and some others are hidden behind the furniture. It creates a dramatic sense for the bathroom ambiance.

20. Bathroom Lighting Ideas Swing-arm Sconces

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror Swing-arm Sconces

Check out this unique bathroom lighting from Sabbe Design. It’s beautifully combined with the wood framed mirror. The swing-arm sconces would provide enough lighting during the night for a perfect reflection.

The light fixture has a simple industrial design which leads to a great combination with the mirror and white wall.

Another type of lighting such as recessed lights on the ceiling should also be installed to support the bathroom light as the main lighting.

21. Rail Bathroom Lighting Ideas

LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror Rail

The designer of this bathroom chooses to combine the modern style bathroom with an industrial style from the glass frame and rail lighting.

The concept of this bathroom is so minimalist. Even though the size is small, but the elements are complete.

The thin rail lighting makes a great addition to the bathroom vanity. You can enjoy doing your stuff in front of the vanity with proper minimal lights.

22. More Lighting in Beige and Brown Bathroom

Lighting in Beige and Brown Master Bathroom UK Pinterest

This small bathroom has two functional showers that you can enjoy all at once. The small size won’t be a problem when there are two people doing the shower together.

The recessed lightings on the ceiling and the lighted wall niches on the background seems to be making a great connection with the bathroom atmosphere.

23. Dark Cozy Bathroom Idea

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror Dark Cozy

24. Starry LED Lights on the Bathroom Ceiling

DIY Bathroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling Starry LED Lights on the Ceiling

25. Lighting Ideas Farmhouse Bathroom

Houzz Bathroom Lighting Ideas Australia Pinterest Farmhouse

26. Mint Green and Gray Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror Pinterest Mint Green and Gray

27. Beautiful Hanging Light Fixtures for Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas NZ Photos Beautiful Hanging Light Fixtures

28. Romantic Lighting for Bathroom

Romantic Lighting for Master Bathroom Photos Pinterest UK


All 28 Bathroom Lighting Ideas won’t make you confused about deciding what’s going to be your bathroom’s lighting. You have to choose it based on the need of the bathroom and your personal taste.

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