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Basement Storage Ideas for Any Houses

Living in a house, regardless of the location, should be both comfortable and homey. The fact is that most households own an underground room, so they may require some great basement storage ideas to achieve that quality. The information below would be useful, for sure.

1. Alternative Basement Storage Ideas

Alternative Best Basement Storage Ideas Ikea Images

As time goes by, a house would store more items and belongings. Due to the reason, it would be hard to find places to put these things aside from shelving, closets, and garages. In this case, basement storage becomes the best alternative.

2. Stairwell Storage

Finished Basement Storage Ideas DIY Pinterest

Stairs or a stairwell is the right place to install an extension or basement storage. It even provides room for several hooks and floating shelves. As a result, it gives more storage to store items.

3. Basement Storage Closet

Best Small Basement Storage Ideas Closet Ikea Photos Pinterest

This is, perhaps, the most common choice for those who live in big cities or apartment. As the name suggests, the items would be stored in an organized manner inside a closet on the basement.

In many cases, using a bedroom closet is suitable to store belongings long-term.

4. Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas DIY Images Pinterest On a budget

It is like the name describes. The concept is to apply an unfinished basement design and turns it into storage. It looks both traditional and simple! Plus, the materials are easy to get including local woods and planks.

5. Cubbies Basement Storage

Cubbies Basement Storage Ideas Photos Pinterest

This next idea is indeed perfect for parents who have many kids. The cubbies are meant to store items like toys, cables, and other small items.

Somehow, this storage is suitable to contain a media console and bigger items, too, depending on the size of the boxes. What a nice concept!

6. Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas On a Budget

Some people have an unfinished basement and they often use it as extra storage for their belongings.

Even though the design is too simple and looks abandoned, it doesn’t cost much money to set up the room. Basement wall ideas and other features don’t apply in it!

  • To Get Rid Unused Belongings

The first step to manage an unfinished basement for storage is indeed to remove anything useless. For example, they are old furniture, old clothing, broken toys, broken electronics, and other similar items. These things can be either sold or donated.

  • Zoning

Well, it is also important to manage items inside the unfinished basement. The best thing is to categorize belongings into weight and size. The fact is that several things are too heavy to move around, so it is better to get help from someone.

  • Many Ideas to Apply

Those who have unfinished basement storage can choose a certain idea or concept that matches their preferences and the size of the room. These include wooden crates, plastic cubbies, wire basket, pegboards, and many more! 

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7. Basement under Stairs Storage Ideas

Finished Storage Ideas Pinterest Under Stairs

It is a common idea to use stairs as a storage room. Even though this has become old news, the ideas keep coming and people can decorate their stairs better these days. These include multiple vertical shelves and cubbies! As for the reference, here are some examples.

8. Dark and Bright Combination

Finished Basement Storage Ideas On A Budget

The dark stairs and white under stair storage are a perfect combination, as it creates a soothing ambiance. The room looks more spacious, beautiful, and cleaner, as well.  Basement floor paint can be applied, too, somehow.

9. Simple under Stair Storage with Plastic Containers and Hangers

Simple Finished Storage Ideas On A Budget Under Stair

Inserting some plastic containers under the stair is a good idea, as these can store various things depending on the size. The hangers become a good feature, too, installed on the sides.

10. Basement Organization Storage Ideas

Organizing basement storage is not for everyone, but it can be done efficiently by paying attention to several things. These include creativity, size of the room, and the number of items stored.

11. PVC Storage

Customizing PVC pipes into basement storage is a wonderful idea. These are useful to store belongings like craft supplies, small toys, wrapping papers, even shoes!


The real beauty won’t occur without order and neatness (according to Julia Mcnair Wright’s), so it is important to manage and utilize basement storage, as it makes the house cleaner and more comfortable.

12. Basement Storage Closet Ideas

Basement bedroom ideas are more complex than this one. It only requires good imagination to set up an amazing space. For instance, the best ideas are portable closet and old cabinets. Both the size and concept vary, so everyone can explore this well.


To sum up, many basement storage ideas are available to use depending on one’s preferences and budget. It can be either done alone or with the help of professionals. The purpose is to manage belongings efficiently, after all.

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