15+ Adorable Bathroom Lighting Ideas (Inspired by Professionals)

Being one of most important parts of a house, bathroom deserves your attention. One of ways to enhance the beauty of your bathroom is by installing appropriate light fixtures. In fact, there are plenty of bathroom lighting ideas to illuminate this area.

Are you looking for the best bathroom lighting ideas to adopt for your bathroom? This is your lucky day as you are going to find immense choices of lighting that will bring your bathroom one level higher!

Only in here, check out the most outstanding lighting ideas with catchy light fixture you have never seen before!

Going Minimalist, Best Choice

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Minimalist concept is timeless, giving you clear and unobstructed view within the room. To make it even better, recessed lighting is the best choice to go. This is what you need to bring into the bathroom, thus you can elevate its value without too much effort.

Here are some tips to take into account when you decide to bring recessed lighting into the bathroom:

  • Consider some strategic spots to locate the light in order to maximize its illumination
  • This works best both for low or high ceiling
  • Combine with ambient lighting for cozy atmosphere

Cove lighting, Look Modern

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Do you ever wonder what can redefine your bathroom? Lighting is the best answer! Fall your decision to this Cove lighting to give dimensional and modern accent to the room. Combined with modern bathroom concept, there is no way to resist this best bathroom lighting Ideas.

This kind of lighting idea suits any spots in your bathroom. Even, you can also make it as a great enhancement for your bathroom floor.

Lighting Under Bathroom Cabinet, Why Not?

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If you are a typical person who spend much time in the bathroom, this lighting idea shall give you cozy feeling. Installing a bathroom cabinet is practical, especially if you have space issue. Do not let it go plain! Transform your plain cabinet into focal point of the room by giving appropriate lighting effect.

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Under cabinet lighting helps you do activities in the bathroom with ease. This can also be best bathroom cabinet ideas you bring inside the bathroom. No need to say, this will make your bathroom the coziest place around the house.

Flying Bathroom Floor, Anyone?

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This anti-mainstream yet beautiful bathroom lighting is worth choosing if you are bored with ordinary bathroom floor. The surrounding Cove lighting gives you different experience when using the room. In addition to floor lighting, your bathroom vanity also deserves highlight.

Installing floor lighting is not without risk. Here are things to consider when having lighting on your floor:

  • Safety is priority, make sure the installation is away from water
  • Combine with the right bathroom concept for perfect result
  • Floor lighting is not enough, make sure you have the main source of lighting.

Light Up Your Shower

img src : Sherry Seamans

Enjoying shower time after a tiring day is heaven! This is true as water helps flex your muscle. What if you give an artistic touch inside the shower cabin? Sure you can!

This is best bathroom lighting to energize yourself after each shower. Combined with subway tiles, it becomes another cozy spot after your bedroom.

Task Lighting Over Bathroom Vanity

img src : tagandtibby

Do your makeup in much convenient way! Having task lighting over vanity is what you need for perfect makeup every day. Industrial light fixture blends well with bordered large mirror and black-white double sink vanity. Worry no more!

This bathroom design idea looks perfect with harmonious feeling coming from each element. To make it better, place some plants for natural touch.

Modern Shower Cabin for Narrow Space

img src : ideas kohler

Having narrow shower cabin is not a problem at all! You can do anything you want, the limit is your mind. Transform your dull narrow cabin into modern one by employing extraordinary bathroom lighting ideas.

Good news, cove lighting around the ceiling gives sufficient illumination for your small cabin. The lighting concept suits best with modern-minimalist cabin. Combine with glass door to create visually larger look.

Pendant in the Bathroom?

img src : Impressive Interior Design

Pendant lighting is not merely for living room or bedroom. Your bathroom also deserves this classy accent that you can take it into consideration. Locating this light fixture over bathroom mirror gives you sufficient lighting to prepare yourself.

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Be Modest with Classic-Modern Lighting

img src : blessed_ranch

White is everywhere and now you can smile. This modern bathroom is even more perfect with classic-modern lighting hanging over wall mirror. Doing activities around vanity is more fun with rail bathroom lighting ideas.

To perfect bathroom interior, you are recommended to choose furniture with the same concept. Make it more artistic with sayings or quotes that you are inspired with.

Ceiling Lights Bring You to the Future

img src : Etelamaki Architecture

This is time to revamp your old bathroom! No need to spend too much effort since a small addition will do. Install this ceiling light to light up your bathroom vanity sink. Coming with crystal-clear shell, the lighting fixture adds futuristic touch to the area.

To make it better, make sure to combine with borderless bathroom mirror. You can either opt for single large mirror or twin mirrors for double vanity.

Directed Down Lighting for Perfect Illumination

img src : Lexy Martoccia, Realtor

If you often spend time in front of bathroom mirror, surely you require proper lighting to support your activity. This directed down lighting works well to light up your morning. The lighting fixture comes with industrial concept, making it blends harmoniously with other elements in the bathroom.

To make a great combination within the area, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose fixture concept that suits the whole bathroom concept. This is the simplest way to please your eyes.
  • Adjust the size with the area you want to illuminate. Small directed down lighting is suitable for single mirror, while you may opt for rail lighting for larger one.

Country-Style Wall Light

img src : Catrina Koleva

“Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?” This quote of Snow White’s step mother is best describing this round wall mirror. Now you can have the same feeling by bringing it home. To make it better, make sure to install double wall light in both sides.

The rounded wall mirror with thick frame suits best for your country bathroom. Combine with white vanity and sink to make it more functional. These small elements combined with perfect bathroom lighting ideas will be great choices for your small bathroom m.

Wishing for Luxurious Bathroom?

img src : cuckoo4design

Do you have a dream to enjoy luxurious bathroom lighting ideas at home? Realize your dream by installing these pendant lightings. The generous number ensures your private bathroom is sufficiently illuminated. Installed in front of wall mirrors, the light is well-reflected to add more luxurious feeling inside the room.

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Pendant lighting is always suitable to evoke classy touch. This can be the best master bathroom lighting that will hypnotize every eye that sees it.

Be Huge, Be Satisfied

img src : farmfreshhomestead

Being a person who are not easily satisfied, this huge lighting fixture will do! The direct down lighting fixture is all you need to make everything visible, even the smallest pimples on your cheek. Installing the vanity lighting is perfect to illuminate the entire room as well as facilitate your activity around the sink.

If you have a problem with space, this kind of light fixture is a great alternative to illuminate small bathroom area. Putting small plants in front of the mirror is a nice way to add fresh touch to the room.

Your Rustic Bathroom Deserves This!

img src : Tumbleweed

Adopting rustic concept is fun! It brings you back to several decades ago without really leaving your modern life. If you are having rustic bathroom ideas, this kind of illumination should be taken into your consideration.

The wall light with direct down structure gives focused lighting, allowing you to see clearly when cleaning your face or brushing your teeth. Single lighting fixture is sufficient to light up a needed spot inside your bathroom.

Shabby Chic Bathroom for the Chic You

Photo Credit: Maddie Richards

Bathroom may reflect your characteristics. Being a tidy person yet loving something different, this shabby chic bathroom idea will suit you best. And you know what? The bathroom gets better with rail lighting over the wall mirror.

This double rail lighting is perfect for either shabby chic or country style you embrace. Combine with all-white vanity and sink, the whole bathroom concept is pleasing to your eyes.

To apply this bathroom design idea into your house, always remember these tips:

  • Mix and match will create extraordinary bathroom. Be creative in finding the right combination in order that your bathroom does not look boring. Complete with bathroom storage ideas that matches the concept.
  • Consider either you choose halogen or LED. For ambient feeling, you may opt for halogen yet it serves as secondary lighting. For more practical reason, LED will do it all.

You have seen wide array of inspiring bathroom lighting ideas to adopt. Overall, bathroom lighting is a key point to define your bathroom. No matter what concept you bring, make sure to choose matching lighting fixture. Happy decorating!

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