15+ Irresistible Small Bathroom Storage Ideas (Savvy Solution)

Small bathroom is not always a problem. With a bit of creativity and magic touch, transforming small bathroom into a cozy and organized place is possible. Here, secrets are revealed! You are about to find small bathroom storage ideas as savvy solution for your limited bathroom space.

No matter what concept you are bringing, these bathroom storage ideas are applicable. Ranging from storage with modern design to ones that you have never thought before, check out these inspirations for bathroom storage!

Our Top Storage

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Having a modern gray bathroom cabinet is versatile, especially if you have limited space. Not only does it help organize your toiletries, the furniture gives additional value to the room.

Maximize the cabinet with vertically stacked adjustable shelves. This can be a perfect storage for towel and toiletries. It does not stop there! Door leaf is also a perfect spot to store your personal items. This is a smart solution for less stressful morning.

Wooden Pallet Storage, Clever!

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Unleash your creativity and let the imagination take over you. This creative bathroom storage is suitable for any of you who wish to transform useless thing into useful item. Using cheap wooden pallet, you can change it into priceless and beautiful bathroom storage.

Apart from its function to manage your personal items, pallet storage is perfect to evoke farmhouse nuance within the bathroom.

Are you interested to have one? Here are several tips for small bathroom storage ideas with pallet you need to know:

  • Choose the right size of pallet. You can adjust with available space as well as storage requirement.
  • Paint the pallet to match with the major concept you are bringing to the bathroom.
  • Pay attention to arrangement when attaching to bathroom wall.

Bathroom Storage for Rustic Lovers

img src : diyncrafts

Do you have rustic bathroom ideas? The following storage ideas is absolutely for you. Employing typical rustic appearance, this storage will take you back to some centuries ago. Good news, this jaw dropping storage can be made from wooden pallet!

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This is a truly DIY idea for the next project. Locate it in the corner of your bathroom and let it do its job. Be inspired and make your own bathroom storage with rustic nuance.

Space-Saving Floating Wall Shelves

img src : bobvila

Be creative and make your own DIY wall shelves! This bathroom storage is definitely easy to create with simple materials you can get around the house. Rectangular wall shelves provide storage solution for narrow bathroom.

Creative Spice Rack, Worth Trying!

img src : Alexis Plumley

Spice rack does not always have to be in the kitchen as it can also be useful in the bathroom. This is a smart way to squeeze extra storage out of your tiny bathroom.

Having this rack, no more cluttered personal items. You can say goodbye to stressful morning as everything is easy to find now. Guess what! You can also make it a focal point by choosing contrast color with bathroom wall.

Minimalist Storage Above the toilet

img src : shadesofblueinteriors

More stuff, less space. This is the most common problem for tiny bathroom around the globe. If you think the bathroom cannot accommodate your items, think more! The following small bathroom storage ideas will inspire and blow your mind.

Make use every inch of your bathroom including above the toilet. Wall rack can make a great change as it helps organize your personal items, even accessories. Paint in white to create visually roomier space.

Adorable Ladder Shelf, Anyone?

img src : lovechicliving

This is an ultimate idea you can bring to the bathroom. Ladder shelf provides extra storage while it does not take much space. The simple storage helps organize towel, toiletries, soap, and even small plants! Adjust the color scheme with your bathroom concept for pleasant view.

At the time you are planning to have bathroom ladder shelf, take these into account:

  • Manage the size. Small ladder in medium height is suitable for small bathroom as it does not take much horizontal space.
  • Choose match color scheme so that it does not make the bathroom looks crowded.
  • Decide the best location, either in the corner or between vanities.

Wall Rack for Small Bathroom

img src : lifeofpykes

Having limited budget is not an obstacle to reorganize your bathroom. Take a look at this picture and get the inspiration!

Wall rack is the most affordable option to keep your bathroom tidy at any time. Not only does it save space, vertical rack makes sure your morning routine is problem-free. To enhance its appearance, paint the rack with the same color scheme as the wall.

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The small bathroom storage ideas are applicable for tiny apartment bathroom that does not give you many options. You can decide the right location to install the rack, either above the toilet or the other side of the room.

Mason Jar Bathroom Organization

img src : thediyplaybook

Do you have a lot of mason jars at home? What if bring some to the bathroom and give them a new job? Yes, this is an extraordinary small bathroom storage ideas that no one can resist!

Your counter space is now free from clutter as mason jars come to take it all. Finding Q-tips is never this easy before. Or, you only need to reach out for toothbrush without digging the pile of toiletries. In short, mason jars and wood are perfect combination for storage.

Easy Bathroom Shelving

img src : thehandmadefarmhouse

Do you need easy towel storage bathroom? This shelving idea is going to answer your wishes. The simple wall rack makes reachable storage for any bathroom items including tower, cosmetics, toiletries, and others.

You can even combine the small bathroom storage ideas with indoor plants and graphics to live up the atmosphere. Install the wall rack above the toilet to save more space.

Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet

img src : thehandmadefarmhouse

Maximize space of your bathroom with this slim cabinet organizer. The following bathroom cabinet ideas gives you a tidy bathroom space as it comes with double drawers with open shelf. You can place this slim cabinet in the corner so that your movement will not be disturbed.

The clean white cabinet suits any bathroom concept, either modern, contemporary, or even farmhouse. Coming with drawer, you can hide any personal item to create clean look. Meanwhile the cabinet top allows you to store bathroom accessories or indoor plants.

Storage with Chic Look, Here It Comes!

Remodel your bathroom with this savvy storage. Coming with chic look, organizing your bathroom is getting more fun! Being above the toilet, the small bathroom storage ideas let you maximize every inch of the room.

Here are some tips to employ wall rack above the toilet:

Adjust the height, make sure it can accommodate your personal items even the big one.

  1. Choose sturdy wood to support your stuff.
  2. Consider to place near window for aesthetic purpose.
  3. Ladder behind the Toilet?
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This sounds ridiculous, but installing ladder shelf behind the toilet can be a creative way to add storage inside your tiny bathroom. No more hectic morning because everything you need is organized in the ladder shelf.

Oh, wait! You can also employ wicker basket to combine with the wooden ladder shelf. The basket will be useful to organize cosmetics or towels. On the top, add accessories to decorate the bathroom.

Warm Rustic Wood Shelves

img src: thehandmadefarmhouse

Add aesthetic touch to your bathroom with rustic wood shelves. The following small bathroom storage ideas help organize your personal items, at the same time increase its functionality.

Made from sturdy wood combined with metal holder, the floating shelves is versatile to hold anything ranging from Q-tips jar, towels, cotton balls jar, accessories, plants, and many others. This will be a great beginning for spring cleaning!

Creative Pedestal Sink Storage

img src : thehandmadefarmhouse

When it comes to space saving idea, pedestal sink storage must be on the top of the list. Combining pedestal sink and cabinet, this is what you need to have for DIY small bathroom. Without taking much space on the floor that you can move freely inside the room.

Take a look at this picture and you will find out how versatile the storage is. It also has magazine holder, keeping your bathroom from clutter. You can squeeze almost anything inside this bathroom furniture.

Crowd-Free Ceramic Shelves

img src : thehandmadefarmhouse

In case you need permanent shelves in the bathroom, ceramic shelves is what you need to employ. Providing high functionality, the shelves are also space-efficient that frees your bathroom from crowd and clutter.

Compared to wooden rack, ceramic shelves allow you to organize almost anything even the heavy ones. However, it is quite difficult to customize and change the location.

Farmhouse Bathroom Storage

img src : pinterest

If you happen to have farmhouse bathroom, this minimalist storage is surely for you. Without too much effort, the hanging shelves help organize your personal item. Coming with farmhouse nuance, this can be a great addition for your bathroom.

img src : thehandmadefarmhouse

What makes it better? At the time you want to reorganize or remodel the bathroom, you can simply move the shelves and hang anywhere.

No more cluttered bathroom as these small bathroom storage ideas are ready to blow your mind. Choose one that suits you best and get ready to remodel!

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