17 Mind-Blowing Bathroom Cabinet Ideas (Professional’s Choices)

Who says cabinet is never fitted for bathroom? There are plenty of bathroom cabinet ideas that will be suitable for any kind of bathroom including the tiny ones.

Are you looking for high-level inspiration for bathroom cabinets? Here, you are about to find professional’s choice that there is no way to miss it.

Check out these mind-blowing cabinet ideas to revamp your bathroom without too much effort and be ready for bathroom renovations!

Bathroom With Smart Storage

img src : homefrontloans

Handy choice comes to upgrade your dull and unorganized bathroom. Bathroom cabinet from Martha will be the best option for spring cleaning.

This cabinet is so practical that it allows you to organize piles of personal items ranging from bathroom towels, cosmetics, soaps, toilet paper and many others.

Being attached with vanity and sink, the bathroom cabinet ideas do not take up much space within your washroom. Choose match color scheme to please your eyes!

High Cabinet for Extra Storage

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Some people have too many personal items in their bathroom. Do you? Don’t worry, this high cabinet is all you need to hide those stuff so that no one will notice.

The cabinet goes up to the ceiling, giving you extra space for extra storage. Guess what! The door can also be maximized for organizer, too. Get some wire racks and your cosmetic will be securely organized.

French Country Cabinet

img src : Collaborative Design

Having a bathroom with country style? This is your best day as the following French country cabinet will be a suitable complement for your washroom.

The gray washed cabinet will elevate the value of your bathroom when combined with mirrors and sinks. No more hectic morning and indulge your eyes inside this country bathroom idea.

There are some more details that need to be considered whenever you opt for these bathroom vanity ideas, such as:

  • French style wall lighting will define the country nuance inside your bathroom.
  • Country towel holder as savvy towel storage bathroom will give you convenience when using the sinks.
  • Get some ornaments or indoor plants to live up the atmosphere.
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Ranch Style Cabinet for Coastal Bathroom

img src : onekindesign

The following bathroom cabinet ideas will be suitable for bathroom with coastal concept. Not only does wooden cabinet with drawers provide sufficient storage for your personal items, it also becomes focal point for the bathroom.

Combine with white bathroom sinks to create contrast look. Not to mention the large bordered mirror that accentuate the Ranch style you are using.

Bathroom Cabinet for Towels

img src : pinterest

Upgrade your tiny bathroom into a functional and cozy space! This minimalist cabinet provides extra storage without taking up much space within the room.

Designed with shelves and drawers, the bathroom cabinet ideas help organize your linens, towels, and toiletries. Instead of going horizontally, the cabinet goes vertically that it maximizes bathroom space up to the ceiling. What can be better than this?

Bathroom Cabinetry in Luxury? Yes, Please!

img src : creeklinehouse

Your master bathroom deserves luxurious cabinet that will define your style. The following cabinetry comes with elegant yet classy design. The tall cabinet provides extra storage, combined with bathroom vanity and generous drawers that make it a suitable choice for entire family.

Combined with marble sink top and bordered wall mirror in gray, this is a complete package to perfect your master bathroom idea. Do not forget rail lighting for additional illumination.

Master Cabinet with Chandelier

img src : crookedoak

These bathroom cabinet ideas are jaw dropping! The vanity and cabinet work best to upgrade your bathroom, providing classy design with solid white color scheme.

What makes it better? Surely the chandelier will complete the entire luxury brought by this bathroom cabinet and vanity. Not to mention the sconces that provide ambient lighting for dramatic effect.

Hidden Laundry Hamper Is What You Really Need!

img src : Kitty Deschanel

The most common problem of every bathroom is scattered laundry. Or, the piling laundry basket just hurts your eyes! Don’t worry, the cabinet idea from Houzz is ready to level up your bathroom.

The bathroom cabinet with hidden laundry hamper works best to please your eyes. No more scattered laundry since everyone knows where to hide it.

Above the hidden hamper, this cabinet provides drawers and closed shelves that allows you to organize personal items.

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Farmhouse Cabinet in Brown Looks Fabulous

img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

This cabinet is a perfection for farmhouse bathroom ideas. The tall cabinet combined with vanity provides great function for your bathroom, not only for storage but also style. No more messy area since you have drawers and vanity that will keep them in place.

The brown farmhouse cabinet will be best combined with these:

  • Rail light fixture placed in front of the mirror for task lighting.
  • Graphic with farmhouse nuance to accentuate the concept.
  • Towel holder allows to dry your face after each washing.

Luxurious Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

The following bathroom storage ideas will suits best your master bathroom. At glance, the wooden cabinet looks classy as it is designed with crown molding that reaches bathroom ceiling. On both sides, you can find vanity and sink with accented mirror to pronounce its grandeur.

Combine with chandelier for more dramatic effect within your master bathroom. Area rug will also complement the whole concept of this royal bathroom idea.

Clever with Storage

img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

The next bathroom cabinet ideas are for those having small bathroom. The cabinet comes in minimalist design combining wood and marble top with slot to organize your electronics and other personal items, giving you clutter-free bathroom.

The solid white vanity top makes it a perfect addition for white bathroom. Combined with large bordered mirror and task lighting, your morning routine will be much more fun. Get a towel holder to rub your face after using bathroom sink.

Peaceful Bathroom Is No Longer A Dream

img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

Bathroom should be your sanctuary. After a stressing day, bathroom should be able to recharge your body and mind. Realize your dream with this calming cabinet that comes with subtle color scheme.

The cabinet is designed with four small drawers and two large drawers to keep toiletries. The cabinet makes sure your bathroom stuffs are well hidden.

Double sinks and double mirrors allow you to share with other family member, giving better experience of morning routine. Between the mirrors, open shelves provides space to organize your personal items or bathroom accessories.

Country Cabinet with Round Mirror and Rug

img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

The country style bathroom cabinet ideas provide warm atmosphere, suitable for any of you who wish for something energizing inside the washroom.

This wooden bathroom cabinet suits well with glossy vanity top and round mirror, giving harmonious appearance with white bathroom wall. The area rug levels up the value of your bathroom. This can be an inspiring idea for upcoming renovations!

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Treat Your Towels Like Collectibles

img src :farmhouse bathroom ideas

Having glass display in living room or hallway is ordinary. What if you have on in the bathroom? Sure you can! This cabinet idea is mind blowing as it treats your towels and toiletries just like collectibles.

The wood and glass showcase allows you to find the toilets and toiletries without digging. It provides storage function as well as decoration for your bathroom. Coming with medieval nuance, this showcase will take you back to centuries ago.

Chic Farmhouse Storage, Of Course!

img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

Bathroom storage with farmhouse concept is always interesting. Take a look at this cabinet and you will be inspired to renovate the bathroom.

The one-sided door with open shelving allows you to hide some bathroom items and showcase the others. Its medium size will not take much space, making it a good choice for small bathroom. Good news, the cabinet is also suitable for dining room or even living room!

Contemporary Cabinet in Black and White

img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

Contemporary concept is timeless and applicable almost anywhere including bathroom. If you have a washroom with contemporary design, this black and white cabinet will be a perfect complement.

The black cabinet and vanity combined with sink and countertops in solid white scheme creates stunning contrast in your white bathroom. Between cabinets, large bathroom mirror with light fixture allows you to do makeup in convenience.

Custom Bathroom Storage for Upcoming DIY Project

img src : livingwithlady
img src : farmhouse bathroom ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for DIY project? This bathroom storage is what you need to turn on the light of idea. The custom storage comes with grayish blue vanity with permanent countertop and sink. Combined with bordered wall mirror, this storage idea is worth trying!

Patterned ceramic tiles gives accent to the white bathroom. For natural touch, you can place some small plants either near the sink or on the wall.

Get these tips to create DIY custom cabinet:

  • Measure the right size for available bathroom space.
  • Choose appropriate color scheme that creates harmony inside the room.
  • Customize according to your need. You can add extra rack or holders for more functions.

Which inspiration you love the most? Bathroom cabinet ideas vary, giving you abundant choices to renovate the washroom. Ranging from minimalist to luxury cabinet, the choice is in your hand!

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