20 Inspiring Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Help You Prepare for the Day

Your bathroom vanity should suit not just your lifestyle but also personality. Looking for some bathroom vanity ideas? You came to the right page. Here we have no less than 20 bathroom makeover ideas that will help you redesign your bathroom vanity into something extraordinary.

The bathroom vanity is where you be you. This is the place where you spend your time preparing for the day. You can design it the way you want to. From a luxury and delicate to a simple and practical vanity. Ready to get inspired? Let’s get started now.

Modern, with a Twist

small bathroom vanity ideas
source : Paul Kenning Stewart

The sleekness, floating and clean look of the modern décor certainly has its own charm. This one is here is no doubt a good example of that. So yes, if that is the kind of look that you want, then this one here is among the best bathroom remodel ideas for you.

What makes this bathroom vanity design looks even more appealing is the pot on the counter. This décor twist juxtaposes the modern and natural touch. It is a nice contrast that makes the sophisticated vanity fresher and inviting.

Speaking of the bathroom, do you want to add some bathroom cabinet for extra storage in your bathroom? If you do, then you don’t want to miss these bathroom cabinet ideas here.

Classic Compact Vanity

bathroom vanity ideas for small spaces
source : Wellborn Cabinet

If you don’t have much space left in your bathroom, a classic and compact vanity like this here is among the best bathroom vanity ideas you can try. Notice how the vanity fits the corner nicely. The corner is among the most difficult space to decorate and undoubtedly, having a vanity in it would be nice.

The look is not the only thing about a vanity, though. Practicality is must be put into consideration as well. In this case, the vanity is very practical. There is enough counter for items, with cabinet and extra storage underneath.

‘His and Hers’

decorating bathroom vanity ideas
source : timbertrailsdc

For some homeowners, vanity ideas for bathroom for one is not enough. In such cases, creating a vanity for two will be the solution. Such a vanity allows for separating items and needs. That is practicality. Aesthetically, such a vanity looks amazing. Take a good look at this vanity here.

The two mirrors make the room brighter and seem larger. This ‘His and Hers’ vanity is divided into two, with beautiful lighting in the middle separating the two parts. The dark cabinet contrasts nicely with the wall, making a statement of its own.

Double Sink

bathroom vanity ideas double sink
source : 1111lightlane

A mirror is certainly important for a bathroom vanity, functionally and aesthetically. Not to mention it can affect the mood of the space too.

This is why choosing the right mirror matters. If you want to make your bathroom better, adding one or two mirrors with a thin frame is among the best bathroom vanity ideas.

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Make It Bright and Large

bathroom vanity ideas pinterest
source : livingwithlady

A double mirror is of course not the only choice you have. A large, single mirror works just as well too. This is especially true if you seek to make the bathroom looks brighter and larger. One large mirror will do the job.

Notice how while the vanity is on the corner, it doesn’t look small or feel cramped at all. The best thing about it is that you can change the mood easily using lighting fixtures above the mirror. It is surely one of the best bathroom vanity mirror ideas to try.

A Touch of the Past

master bathroom vanity ideas
source : northcountrynest

Take a step back to the past with this bathroom vanity setup. Look how nostalgic the vintage vanity is. The color makes it as if it is aged. The counter and mirror frame provides a subtle yet complementing contrast.

The lighting above helps to keep things bright and visible at night. It also makes the vintage bathroom vanity even warmer as well. If a warm and inviting bathroom is what you want, adding a touch of the past is among the most effective bathroom remodel ideas.

Glamorous White

double sink bathroom vanity ideas
source : circalighting

There are plenty of bathroom vanity ideas to make a bathroom vanity looks glamorous. This is one of them. The vanity mixes white, gray and a tint of gold. It looks quite simple, isn’t it? Well, that’s because it is.

Notice how the sink, the mirror frames, and the lighting fixture have a gold color. These gold surfaces contrast with the gray vanity and white wall.

The subtle yet beautiful contrast makes the vanity looks simple and glamorous. All that without involving any complex decorations.

Lines and Edges

corner bathroom vanity ideas
source : uptownwithellybrown

Compared to the other bathroom vanity and mirror ideas on the list, this one takes the place among the most unique. How could it not? Just look at how unique the vanity and mirror are. There are lines and edges everywhere, and they are emphasized too.

Of course, thanks to the lines and edges, the vanity stands out more. As good looking as the design is, balance is still needed. To counter the lines and edges, there are several curves coming from the decorations, thus balancing the design elements and keeping them from looking off.

Long Double Vanities

modern bathroom vanity ideas
source : brightgreendoor

Have a long yet not wide room? In that case, making a long bathroom vanity will be one of the best bathroom vanity ideas you can try. A long vanity like this one here provides with lots of usable surface, lots of storage, and of course, an appealing look. Not to mention it can be an amazing powder room, too.

The décor of this bathroom vanity is on the simpler side with mostly white and neutral colors. The vanity is also decorated with a pot in the middle, which also serves as the border between the two sinks, and beautiful lighting fixtures which beautify the space even more.

When it comes to getting prepared for the occasion, besides the bathroom vanity there is also the powder room. Check out these powder room ideas and make your powder room not just practical but also beautiful.

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Fit the Corner

rustic bathroom vanity ideas
source : creekwoodhill

Need some bathroom vanity ideas for small spaces? The key to using small space is creativity. In this case, fitting a vanity into a corner. A bathroom vanity needs not to be large. What matters is how it functions, followed by how it looks.

Notice how the vanity fits neatly in the corner. Functionally, this small vanity is essentially the same with larger vanities. In terms of looks, well, it looks nice with finished wood, a pot of flowers, and golden tint. Practical? Yes. Functional? Also yes.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

antique bathroom vanity ideas
source : myliving interiordesign

This is also another example of unique bathroom vanity ideas modern. However, instead of involving lines and edges, there are curves. Yes, curves everywhere. From the bulbs, mirrors, fixtures, to the basins and toilet.

All these curves give an impression of grace and elegance. With most of the colors being neutral, the curves are even more noticeable as you can’t help but notice these curves.

A simple yet effective way to make a statement with a bathroom vanity. It proves how beauty can come from simplicity.

Vanity in the Center, Cabinet on the Side

unique bathroom vanity ideas
source : HGTV

More furniture may make a bathroom looks busy and cramped if the available space is small. But, if you have the space for it, involving more furniture is one of the best bathroom vanity ideas for you. This one here pairs a vanity with a cabinet.

Look at the arrangement. The vanity is in the middle, becoming the center of attention, while the cabinet is on the side, complementing and completing the dark wood theme of the bathroom. In addition to this attractive look, the setup is very practical as well. After all, who wouldn’t need extra storage?

Coastal Style

bathroom vanity ideas for small bathrooms
source : thestables

Do you want calming and relaxing bathroom vanity remodel ideas? If you do, then try using natural materials and/or soft, neutral color palettes. Look at this sleek bathroom vanity here. It gives you a coastal vibe and reminds you of how relaxing the coast is.

The natural stone wall sets the mood, while the sleek and simplistic bathroom vanity and mirror add style to the space. Notice there is no bold color or intricate shape here. The colors are either light or neutral. The same goes for the shape. Nothing stands out too much, allowing you to enjoy the mood undistracted.

Minimalist yet Stylish

farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas
source : mydomaine

When it comes to bathroom vanity backsplash ideas, you are free to decide what kind of backsplash with your bathroom vanity. There is no right or wrong here. And the best backsplash is one that makes the bathroom vanity looks better. This minimalist yet stylish is a good example of that.

The vanity, basins, fixtures, and mirrors are mostly without visible lines and texture. Even the mirror looks borderless. The backsplash, however, has hexagonal patters, thus not just adding lines and texture to the space but creates a perfect background for the vanity and other items to stand out.

Repurposed Bathroom Vanity

repurposed bathroom vanity ideas
source : jornalminuano

So far, we have ready-made vanity in our bathroom vanity ideas list. What about DIY ones? Can they look good too? The answer is obviously yes. In fact, bathroom vanity ideas DIY are the best if you want to express your style and make it personal. Not to mention they can be cheaper alternatives, too.

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The basins here are repurposed laundry tubs. With such a rustic theme all around, they don’t look misplaced. On the contrary, the repurposed items add another rustic touch to the space. A very simple but beautiful DIY bathroom vanity.

Painting Bathroom Vanity

painting bathroom vanity ideas
source : proverbs31girl

When you think about farmhouse décor, you probably think about finished wood, white and darker shades of brown. Most farmhouse décor do involve those. However, those design elements are not the only way to make it farmhouse. The farmhouse decor is about bringing a warm and familiar feeling.

Just look at how this green bathroom vanity can bring the same warm and familiar feeling. The dark green sets the mood. It also contrasts with the white and brown surroundings, making the vanity the focal point of the room.

Farmhouse and Coastal

small rustic bathroom vanity ideas
source : homebunch

Of all the bathroom vanity ideas, this idea takes the place as among the most foolproof and timeless ideas. Why? Because it combines navy blue and white, a pair of colors that works just about anywhere and anytime. How the mood is set, however, is up to the other items.

This one gives a coastal vibe due to the walls. What makes it unique is that it also looks farmhouse as well, thanks to the rustic vanity. The space just feels relaxing and warm. And you won’t even realize that the space is small, making it one of the must-try bathroom vanity ideas for small spaces.

Single Sink Vanity

bathroom vanity ideas
source : potterybarn

Industrial décor looks handsome and all. The question is, can it be applied to the bathroom vanity? This bathroom vanity should answer the question for you. Notice how the concrete’s industrial looks blend nicely with the rustic consoles underneath, creating a very unique look.

The white wall and dark flooring create the perfect background for the vanity, enabling them to stand out and be the center of attention. If you want beauty in simplicity but don’t want to go the minimalist way, these bathroom vanity ideas will fit you really well.

Warm and Inviting Rustic

remodeling bathroom vanity ideas
source : Erica Lea Design

Should you have bright lighting for your bathroom vanity? The answer is it depends. It might work, it might not work. It all depends on the décor. And remember, the best kind of lighting is the ones that enhance the décor of the space.

Not all bathroom vanity lighting ideas involve bright lighting. Nor they need to. Sometimes, a bathroom vanity looks best when it has dim, ambient lighting. Such lighting gives off a warm and inviting vibe, especially if the vanity has a rustic, neutral, earth color palettes.

Simply Elegant

narrow bathroom vanity ideas
source : thegardeningcook

The last one in our bathroom vanity ideas list is a simple yet elegant bathroom vanity. Notice how the vanity has no bold color.

Rather than bring the elegance with bold color, it has cream, whitish shades with some subtle contrast here and there to do the job.

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