21 Trendy Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas To Add Elegance To Your Bathroom

Looking for bathroom wall decor ideas for inspiration? We are often busy with what kind of stuff, what color, what shapes and other things we put into our bathroom and just overlook the wall decor. The thing is, the bathroom wall decor is practically a blank canvas, which you can turn into something amazing.

From half-wall wallpaper, full-size wallpaper, shelving, to a gallery. There are just so many decorating ideas for the bathroom wall. Let’s get to them now, shall we?

Tropical Decor Bathroom

ideas for bathroom wall decor
source : shelterness

There is something unique about brick walls. Bricks bring a rustic vibe and make the whole room warmer and relaxing. And these exactly what you want for a bathroom. The contrast between the brick walls and white surfaces here makes a statement, too.

Brick tiles make the bathroom relaxing enough. Want to go for the relaxing vibe further? Adding plants as the bathroom wall decor will certainly help, as seen here. Plants are always good additions to any room as they make the room fresher and relaxing. Yes, including the bathroom.

Bathrooms come in many styles. Of course, each style has its own feels and looks. For example, a rustic style has a warm and calming feels and looks. Need some rustic bathroom ideas? Get your inspiration here.

Wood and Brick

pictures for bathroom wall decor
source : simplesdecoracao

The next in our bathroom wall decor ideas list is to combine wood and brick. Both are excellent choices if you want to go for a unique bathroom wall decor.

With such unique decor, the bathroom makes a great short escape from our daily routines, which often involve us surrounded by concretes.

The beauty of wood and brick walls as seen here is their simplicity. They don’t look obtrusive and complex, let alone superfluous. This makes them the perfect option for people who want to keep their bathroom simple yet beautiful.

Turquoise Nautical

bathroom wall decor pictures
source : beachblissliving

Remember how calming it feels when you are on the beach watching the blue waves? Blue is a calming color. You can recreate that calming feeling in your bathroom by painting the bathroom wall turquoise blue. Adding a circular mirror that looks like a submarine window helps the ocean theme, too.

This bathroom makes you feel as if you are surrounded by the water in the ocean. So if ocean bathroom wall decor is what you want, painting the wall turquoise blue is definitely one of the best ideas for bathroom wall decor to try.

Bathroom Wall Decor

unique bathroom wall decor
source : lemonslavenderandlaundry

One of the most foolproof and time-tested bathroom wall decor ideas is using black and white. How could it not? Black and white are always charming.

It can be used for any room, including the bathroom, regardless of the season. Not to mention they can make a great elegant bathroom wall decor as well.

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The bathroom as seen has only black and white as its main colors. Notice how the walls are black on the upper half and white on the lower half, contrasting with the vanity on the left. This makes the bathroom more appealing. The painting on the wall just makes it even more elegant.

Tape Gallery Wall

bathroom wall decor ideas
source : honestlywtf

When it comes to bathroom wall art and decor, there are limitless options you can try. For example, turning one of the walls into a ‘gallery’ for your favorite artworks. The best thing about such a wall decor is that it applies to both large and small bathrooms.

For a small bathroom, just like the one here, the paintings should be arranged vertically, occupying the middle and upper parts of the wall. This kind of arrangement makes the bathroom appears larger than it is.

Floral Bathroom Wall

elegant bathroom wall decor
source : prettyonfridays

Floral wallpaper is certainly a good addition to any bathroom. Yes, even if it only occupies the upper half of the room. Notice how even without any other additional wall decorations, the wallpaper changes the feels and looks of the room.

Floral wallpaper makes the bathroom feels fresh and livelier even without any living plants present. As such, it is among the best bathroom wall decor ideas if you want a natural touch yet can’t afford to have living plants inside the bathroom.

The powder room shouldn’t just be functional only. It needs to be aesthetical as well. Our ideas here will help you design yours to make it more aesthetic.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

bathroom wall decor modern
source : monikahibbs

What if we told you can have elegant bathroom wall decor without having to showcase it? Rather than showcasing the decorations, go for a subtler touch as seen here.

Notice how the bathroom is mostly in white. The elegance comes from the golden tint of the picture frames. Simple? Yes. Impactful? Also yes.

A subtle touch of elegance here makes a statement but without being a distraction. You can enjoy the elegance in silence, so to speak. So if you want to make your bathroom more elegant without having to showcase it, look for something subtler.

Bring In Nature

guest bathroom wall decor
source : the wheeler house

Adding natural touches in the bathroom is never a bad idea. If anything, we consider it as one of the most versatile bathroom wall decor ideas in the list. To add natural touches, you can add plants, natural-themed decorations, or both. The goal is to make it feels and looks as natural as possible.

This bathroom is an excellent example of bringing nature to the bathroom. Notice how the wallpaper matches the plants on the drawer. The golden lampshade and mirror add accent, complementing the bathroom decor.

Farmhouse Wall

bathroom wall decor diy
source : blessed_ranch

There are lots of bathroom accessories wall mounted out there. But nothing compares to farmhouse floating shelving in terms of functionality and beauty.

The farmhouse floating shelving as seen here not just holds items and bathroom needs, it also makes the bathroom more inviting and warmer as well.

It doesn’t take much, either. A pair of farmhouses shelves on the wall is more than enough to bring the farmhouse vibe. The white walls here give the stage to the shelving to stand out, creating such a nice contrast and balance.

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Minimalist Bathroom Wall

bathroom wall decor farmhouse
source : @blairewilson

Some homeowners just like to keep their bathroom wall decor simple and minimalist. If you are one of these homeowners, you will like this wall decor.

This minimalist decor doesn’t use a stark contrast but rather a subtle one. It also keeps things down to minimal and at the same time, attractive.

Compared to other bathroom wall decor ideas in the list, a minimalist wall decor as seen here is more neutral. As such, it makes great guest bathroom wall decor.

Faux Brick Wall

Sepi Sak Jroning Atiku
source : sammyonstate

Just because you like brick tiles, doesn’t mean you have to go for the real ones. Indeed, there are faux brick tiles that look as if they are real bricks but they really are not. This is a great alternative if you can’t afford to have brick tiles in your bathroom.

How do they look like? As you can see here, they have a similar feel and look like real bricks. They give off the same rustic vibe, making the entire bathroom feels warmer.

Another thing about faux bricks is that they are easy to make. Unsurprisingly, it is among bathroom wall decor DIY that many homeowners try.

Neutral Bathroom Colors

bathroom wall decor
source : blessed_ranch

You can choose a decorative bathroom wall decor. You can choose a functional one. But can you choose both? Well, of course, you can. This wall decor just proves that you can.

To get a bathroom wall decor that is both functional and decorative, you need to divide the bathroom into several parts. As seen here, the leftmost part is for the shelves, next to the shelves there are a mirror and lighting, and on the far right are framed quotes.

If we talk about practicality, storage is an inevitable topic. After all, storage is a crucial part of any room, especially the bathroom. Check out these bathroom storage ideas here to make your storage practical and decorative.

It’s All Green

large bathroom wall decor
source : divinesavages

Using various shades of a color palette is a good idea too. As seen here, the bathroom wall decor is all green. Unlike most bathroom wall decor ideas in the list, this one has an immersive look to it. It feels as if you are in a garden, surrounded by greeneries.

The upper half of the wall is covered in wallpaper, while the lower half is covered with green tiles. On the side, the wall is painted turquoise blue. Playing with shades like this is why the bathroom feels immersive. Adding living greeneries only makes it better.

Colorful Birds

bathroom wall decor stickers
source : divinesavages

A plain white bathroom is boring and plain if there is no bathroom art and decor to complement it. Don’t want to have a boring and plain bathroom? Make your white bathroom lively and exciting with colorful birds and patterns like this.

The colorful birds bring interest to the white bathroom. The black patterns add the illusion of depth and dimension, which makes it an ideal choice for a small bathroom.

The mirror on the wall breaks the pattern and color and shows the outside panorama. Such a wonderful bathroom, isn’t it?

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Sepia and Blue Wallpaper

bathroom wall decor pinterest
source : schumacher1889

Wallpaper and a mirror make a great pair. On one hand, you have wallpaper wrapping the walls, which define the decor of the bathroom. On the other, you have a mirror that reflects light and image, making the bathroom brighter and more unique.

Just notice how the wallpaper image is reflected here. It looks as if the mirror is a part of the wallpaper. Not to mention the room feels larger, too. Such a bathroom wall decor combination is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Unique Mirror

mermaid bathroom wall decor
source : astoriedstyle

Compared to other bathroom wall decor ideas, bathroom wall decor metal adds subtlety best. Look how amazing these wall decorations are.

The natural-themed wallpaper as the background is paired with a metal-framed mirror and decorative candlelight lighting as the focal points.

As seen here, both the unique-shaped mirror and candlelight subtly add beauty. They make the bathroom a lot more interesting while not being obvious about it.

Look Up

bathroom accessories wall mounted
source : sweeten_home

The lower half of this bathroom looks just like a regular bathroom. Things get interesting when you look up. In the upper part, you can see wallpaper with pineapple images covering the wall.

The contrast between the white lower part and the upper pineapples turn a regular bathroom into an extraordinary one.

If you run out of space to decor in your bathroom, just look up. You may have enough space to decorate and change the whole look of the bathroom. Yes, not unlike what you have seen here.

Master Bathroom Wall

master bathroom wall decor
source : mad about the house

While most wallpaper-using bathrooms in our bathroom wall decor ideas list cover only half of the bathroom, this one is a bit different.

It covers all of the walls. With earth-tone flooring, the wallpaper successfully creates a natural look. It makes you feel as if you are outside, surrounded by tall plants.

Dark Floral Wallpaper

bathroom wall decor funny
source : elliecashmandesign

There is no more effective way to add texture and style to a bathroom than incorporating curtains as the bathroom wall decor. Notice how the white bathroom here becomes more inviting thanks to two black, flower-patterned curtains.

As seen here, placement matters a lot. The two curtains occupy two separate spots, divided by a window. This makes the curtains more effective in making a statement and adding texture and style along the way.

Harlow Drawer Pull

bathroom wall decor ideas pinterest
source : karahebertinteriors

Like a hint of minimalism and a touch of nature? Why not use both? This bathroom is the perfect example of combining nature and minimalist style.

You can just feel its freshness. Best of all, it feels open, without any clutter, and still looks amazing. All of that without having to resort to more delicate decorations.

Vinyl Bathroom wallpapers

bathroom wall decor frames
source : theglampad

Beauty doesn’t mean you have to be complicated or superfluous. Even simplicity can exhibit beauty, too. The last in our bathroom wall decor ideas list is simply natural wall decor. While being simple, it is more elaborate than the minimalist example.

The bathroom is decorated with wallpaper depicting plants moving upward as if they are growing. Notice how the tree seen from the window connects with the wallpaper, adding a lively mood to the simple bathroom.

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