21 Inspiring Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas That You Want to Try

Need some dining room wall decor ideas for inspiration? When we decorate our dining room, we often put our whole focus on the table and chairs and overlook the dining room wall decor. That has to be changed. The wall is basically a blank canvas on which you can make a statement and more personal.

The best thing about it is that there are just limitless ways to decorate the dining room wall. From mirrors, wallpaper, artwork gallery to a chalkboard, you get the idea. Below, we listed no less than 20 inspiring ideas that you can try to make your dining room more interesting.

Full Length Mirror!

dining room wall decor with mirror
source : hanty 2 chic

Let’s start with something simple decor for dining room wall. Not having wall decorations or beautiful artwork pieces shouldn’t deter you from decorating the dining room wall.

Have several full-length mirrors unused? Hang them out in the dining room. They add value to the room and make it more interesting, as seen here.

Mirrors reflect light, making the dining room not just brighter but also appear larger than it is. If you have a small dining room, putting mirrors on the wall is absolutely dining room wall decor ideas you should try.

Make It More ‘You’

modern dining room wall decor ideas
source : homeonstephens

You don’t have to hang colorful paintings or other fancy wall decorations to make the dining room more ‘you.’ That’s right. A single frame of your favorite quote will suffice and make the dining room more personal.

Notice how the dining room wall here is mostly empty. That makes it the perfect background for whatever wall decoration you want to hang up.

In this case, a quote. Another great thing about this dining room wall decor is that it can be changed easily, allowing you to hang up your current favorite inspiring quote.

Photos Look Printed

farmhouse dining room wall decor
source : mtnsidehome

Look at this farmhouse-styled dining room. What makes it a complete farmhouse dining room? The answer is the wall decor, of course. Nothing screams farmhouse more than a shiplap wall. And on the wall, you can find beautiful artworks hanging.

The white shiplap wall here becomes a stage upon which the artworks get highlighted. The artworks have jet black, thin frames that contrast with the wall.

The very same frames steal the attention away and put the pictures inside into the spotlight. It is a simple and beautiful farmhouse gallery that nobody can miss.

Gallery Family Photo

modern farmhouse dining room wall decor
source : bourbonandblonderoast

The dining room has always been among the most important spaces in the house. How could it not? It is the room where family and friends gather to eat together.

And eating surely is an intimate moment. So, why not make it more intimate with dining room wall pictures and photos that tell stories?

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Among the other dining room wall decor ideas in the list, putting family photos on the wall is definitely one of the most personal ideas you can try. These are wall decorations that make you remember those exciting memories and feel the warmth.

Rustic Wood Shutters

rustic dining room wall decor ideas
source : littleyellowwheelbarrow

There are surely lots of ideas for dining room wall out there. But, just because you want to make your dining room look better that doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard. Remember, sometimes even simple dining room wall decor can make a huge difference.

Just look at this dining room wall decor. The dining room is decorated with three rustic wooden boards with a green wreath in the center. These wall decorations, as simple as they may be, give off a warm, inviting and fresh vibe to the dining room.

Chalkboard Art

dining room wall decor ideas
source : homeremediesrx

What if you live in a small apartment? What kind of dining room ideas for small apartments that suits you best? There are many of those ideas. One of them is to add a blackboard in the dining room as seen here.

A blackboard is a good choice for many reasons. First, it is easily customizable as it is practically a blank canvas. You can write your favorite quote or draw something on it.

Second, the black and wooden surfaces make the dining room wall more interesting. Third, a blackboard brings a rustic vibe to the room.

Frameless Round Wall Mirror

dining room wall decor pictures
source : leclairdecor

Introducing contrast to the dining room is certainly not a bad idea. A well-placed contrast will only make the dining room more appealing and inviting, just like this dining room. Notice how one of the walls is painted black while the other walls are white, which puts the attention on the black wall.

The black dining room wall design also complements the black seats in the center, which are placed on a grayish rug. The color scheme may include only a few colors but they all make the dining room looks fantastic. We can say introducing contrast is one of the most foolproof dining room wall decor ideas.

Bohemian Style

country dining room wall decor
source : jungalow

Although there are various ideas for dining room wall decor, most of them follow certain rules and patterns to get the vibe. The bohemian decor is the exact opposite of that: lack of restraints. As seen here, the freestyle decor makes the room look gorgeous without any certain rules and patterns to follow.

Notice how the wall decorations on the wall have only one thing in common: their shape. Other than that, there is no unifying element between them. Yet, they succeed in bringing a fun and exciting mood to the whole dining room.

Hang the Artworks

large dining room wall decor
source : theeffortlesschic

Have lots of beautiful artworks yet don’t know where to hang them? Why not just showcase them in your dining room? This dining room shows how a dining room can also be a great makeshift gallery for artworks. It definitely is one of the best dining room wall decor ideas if you love artworks.

The best thing about this is that you don’t even have to hang artworks that have a similar size. Small, medium, large, whatever, you can hang them up and they will look good. All it requires is a nice background, like the navy blue wall here.

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Simple Gallery

dining room wall decor
source : hellofashionblog

If you have a simple dining room, you need at least an equally simple decor for dining room wall so the room looks whole.

That doesn’t mean you can make a gallery for your favorite photos or pictures, though. You can, but do go for a simpler gallery like this one.

The gallery here doesn’t stand out too much. Neither is it distracting. It keeps the dining room simple while still making a statement, a simple yet beautiful statement.

Cute Room Separator

elegant dining room wall decor
source : theeverygirl

You probably don’t expect a room separator is one of the dining room wall decor ideas on our list. That’s understandable.

A room separator is mostly seen for its function. But separating the space is not the only thing a separator can do. It can make a dining room more intimate and inviting, too.

The separator here creates a border between the dining room and the other rooms, making it less distracting and putting the focus back on the dining table. The cute motifs separator only makes things better.

Speaking of the dining room, how does your dining room look like? If you are planning to change it, be it small layout changes or a total renovation, our dining room ideas can help.

Welcome the Season

source : brittanyork

There are so many ways to decorate the dining room wall, including welcoming the season. As seen here, the dining room wall decor is focused on the fall season. The color scheme, the materials, and the plants work together to bring the fall vibe to the dining room.

The decor for dining room wall also has a subtle rustic touch to it, adding even more warmth to the dining room. Welcoming the season doesn’t require a total renovation. Sometimes, adding simple bits of decorations like these is more than enough to welcome the season.

Kitchen Dining Room Wall Decor

kitchen dining room wall decor
source : cleanlivingcleaneating

Many of the dining room wall decor ideas here have shown how simplicity can elicit beauty. Just look at how simple and gorgeous the dining room wall design is.

The homeowner hangs eating-themed decorations, like the word ‘eat,’ spoon, fork, gray and white curtains, and others.

The wall decorations not just contrast with the wall but also complement the color scheme of the dining room, bringing harmony. And what is more enjoyable than eating in a dining room with harmonious decor?

Look Up

contemporary dining room wall decor
source : thechicagolifeblog

Working with a small dining room? Look up and put the decor there. With less space, you need to shift the decor focus. As seen here, the lower half of the dining room is used for a cushioned bench, which can accommodate more people when the need arises. The dining room wall decor occupies the upper half.

Decorating the upper part of a dining room is certainly among the best dining room ideas for small spaces. This way, the dining room is made more beautiful and attractive while at the same time make it appears larger than it is.

Decorative Clock

french country dining room wall decor
source : homemadelovely

Want a decorative and functional addition for the wall? Consider dining room wall decor clock. Functionally, you can know the passage of time. Aesthetically, a large black and white clock like this surely will grab the attention of your guests.

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Compared to most dining room wall decor ideas in the list, a dining room wall decor clock is among the most intrusive and distractive. It makes the dining room a lot more appealing but without robbing any of its intimacy.

A Large Painting

small dining room wall decor ideas
source : Anthropologie

Sometimes, all it takes to change the mood a dining room is a large painting on the wall. Notice how the painting here not just fill up the empty wall but also make it more pleasing to the eyes.

An empty wall, if left alone, looks boring and rather plain. Being boring and plain are the least things you want for a dining room. So if your dining room wall is empty, try to hang up a large painting on the wall.

Comfy Bench and Art

dining room wall decor ideas pinterest
source : architecturaldigest

Make your dining room more comfy and attractive by adding a bench with soft cushion and pillows and wall art. We often don’t know whether our dining room can accommodate all of our guests comfortably. To prepare for such situations, just add a bench on the corner.

Want to make it comfier? Add a wall art above the bench. The combination between the bench and dining room wall art gives off a more relaxed atmosphere, making it the ideal space to converse with your family and friends. These dining room wall decor ideas apply to both large and small dining rooms.

Artistic Wallpaper

formal dining room wall decor
source : thedecorholic

Perhaps a large painting is not large enough for your liking? Consider dining room wallpaper then. Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to set the mood of the dining room. Here, the dining room has artistic wallpaper on one of the walls.

Such wallpaper makes the dining room feels artsy and livelier. It also completes the unique decor of the dining room, too.

Navy Blue and White

traditional dining room wall decor ideas
source : homedecorpassions

You just can’t go wrong with navy blue and white. Just look how magnificent this dining room wall decor is. The accent wall is painted navy blue, contrast with the rest of the room which is painted white. The contrast alone already makes the dining room a lot more inviting.

To top the beautiful accent wall, the homeowner added two connecting paintings. The result? A dining room wall decor so beautiful that nobody can ignore it.

Accent walls help to define how a room looks like and what mood does it bring. Don’t know how to decor your accent wall? Check out our accent wall ideas and get inspired.

Wall Painting

vintage dining room wall decor
source : swatchpop

The last in our dining room wall decor ideas list is a stylish minimalist dining room wall decor. Rather than hanging the decorations on the wall, the decorations are placed on top of an unfinished wooden cupboard. This frees up the upper part of the wall, creating an air of openness.

The core of the minimalist decor style is to keep stuff down to the minimum while still retaining functionality and aesthetic. And this dining room wall decor just proves that sometimes, less decoration makes the dining room more attractive.

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