21 Amazing Kitchen Bar Ideas to Beautify the Kitchen

For a modern kitchen, a kitchen bar is a must-have. Yes, regardless of whether the kitchen is small or large, it won’t be complete without a kitchen bar in it. Are you looking forward to making your own kitchen bar? If you are, our kitchen bar ideas will surely help you to get started.

From a compact, simple, minimalist, contemporary, stone, to the rustic kitchen bar. With our collection of 21 ideas here you will surely find several to your liking, at the least. Let’s go straight to the ideas now, shall we?

Half Wall Kitchen

kitchen with bar ideas
source : Klopf Architecture

Suppose your kitchen is already full. In that case, can you make a kitchen with bar? Yes, you still can. What you need to do is to open up the kitchen, add a countertop, table, and several chairs. There you go. A nice kitchen with bar.

A half wall kitchen bar decor like this is the perfect solution for homeowners who have a full kitchen. Since it is still connected to the kitchen, serving and preparing food and drink can be done quickly and easily.


kitchen bar ideas for small spaces
source : dwellingdecor

Mid-century style isn’t going anywhere soon. If anything, this style seems to be more and more popular nowadays. If you’d like to have a kitchen bar with simple forms and is fully functional, a mid-century kitchen bar is the best kitchen bar ideas for you.

While mid-century style emphasizes on simple forms and functions similar to the minimalist style, it offers more freedom in terms of color.

Bright and bold colors are okay in mid-century style. So yes, you can have a vibrant kitchen bar design while focusing on simple forms and functions.

Kitchen Bar with Stools

ideas for kitchen bar counters
source : Camille Roskelley

Going for an elegant kitchen bar decor? No, you don’t have to incorporate delicate and superfluous decorations. Since a kitchen bar is mostly functional, it is better to opt for simple elegance rather than extravagant one, like this kitchen bar here.

Look how elegant the kitchen bar here. It is elegant but in a subtle manner, not showcasing anything and looking like a sore thumb. It shows elegance through its neutral colors, amazing patterns, and unique shapes.

Breakfast Bar Ideas for Kitchen

breakfast bar ideas for kitchen
source : goodhousekeeping

The next example on our kitchen bar ideas list is a rustic kitchen bar. Rustic style is known for its warmth and inviting look. And these make it a great style choice for a kitchen bar design. A kitchen bar is meant to be the a social place. Having a warm and inviting look is befitting for such a place.

Rustic kitchen bar décor isn’t difficult to implement. What you need is to incorporate design elements like white surfaces, wooden surfaces with dark finishes, and leather cushions.

Reclaimed Wood

kitchen bar decorating ideas
source : decoholic

Prefer to do things on your own? In that case, a kitchen bar DIY is for you. Of course, there is no need to build a kitchen bar from scratch. If you already have the platform, you only need to make the countertop on your own.

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What kind of countertop is suitable for kitchen bar DIY? Here is the answer: reclaimed wood. Although reclaimed wood has many imperfections, like nail holes, scarring due to insects, and many others, the same imperfections are what make it so attractive. Look how beautiful this kitchen bare here.

Bohemian Kitchen Bar

kitchen bar stool ideas
source : connieandluna

Of all kitchen bar ideas on our list, the Bohemian kitchen bar decor is surely the freest of them all. What we meant by free is that there is no absolute rule for the decorations. You can juxtapose various decor elements, as seen on the kitchen bar here.

The Bohemian decor was inspired by the Hippie culture in the 60s, which views freedom above all. And you can just feel this sentiment from this kitchen bar.

The intended lack of unifying elements doesn’t become a problem. If anything, that is what makes the Bohemian style unique.

Country Farmhouse

coffee bar ideas for kitchen
source : designsbyashleyknie

Want a kitchen bar design that makes you feel at home? The country farmhouse decor is perfect for that. It has an aged, worn-out look which reminds you of some places in the past. Perhaps your grandparents’ house or the house where you live when you were a little kid.

To create such a vibe, you need to make the kitchen bar looks aged. You can do so via painting it, abrasing some parts of it, maybe even chipping small bits to give the worn-out look. Don’t forget to incorporate finished wooden surfaces, too.

Mini Bar

kitchen coffee bar ideas
source : houseofrumours

Compared to other kitchen bar ideas on the list, this one here is among the smallest. No rule dictates a kitchen bar needs to have such and such length and width. Nope. Not at all. So long as you have enough space for your kitchen bar needs, that will be plenty.

Look how small is this mini kitchen bar. It surely is not sizable but it still enjoyable to spend time in. Not only that, the fact that the kitchen has a mini bar only makes things more interesting. After all, how often do we look such a small yet stylish kitchen bar?

Modern Touch

kitchen wine bar ideas
source : simplerootswellness

Want to make your kitchen bar more modern? There are plenty of ways to incorporate modern touch into the kitchen bar design. One of them is by incorporating a chalkboard wall. A chalkboard wall is not just aesthetical but also practical addition.

Aesthetically, it serves as an excellent backdrop for the bar. Practically, it is easy to manage, clean and is very customizable. You can write or draw whatever you want, be it your secret recipe or do list, allowing you to change the mood of the bar whenever you want.

Compact Bar

coffee bar ideas in kitchen
source : Advance Design Studio

This is another example of small kitchen bar ideas. But this is not just your ordinary small kitchen bar design. This compact bar is so special due to its placement. While other kitchen bars are located on the side of a kitchen, this one occupies the corner.

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Since the corner is often unused and overlooked, making a compact kitchen bar in it turns something otherwise useless into something more, something extraordinary, something useful. So, go check your corners. Who knows you can make a stylish compact kitchen bar like this.

Kitchen Island Bar

kitchen bar countertop ideas
source : homestratosphere

Wood and metals are common. But they are not the only materials that can make a great kitchen bar. Other materials, like stones, can do just the same, too. Just look at how amazing this kitchen bar design is thanks to the stones.

The stones make the bar feels more natural and cozy. They also offer a break from the routine of wood and metal materials, thus giving the kitchen bar a unique and different look.

Kitchen Bar Cabinet Ideas

kitchen bar cabinet ideas
source : athomewiththebarkers

As our ideas have shown, the kitchen bar doesn’t have to have everything in place. Even more so for smaller kitchen bars. Not everyone needs to have a kitchen bar that contains everything, either. Some people just want to make a simple kitchen bar, designating it for beverages only, for example.

Creating a separate area for beverages surely makes everything simpler and easier to manage. If you or your guest wants a cup of something, you just need to go to the bar and prepare it. Adding a refrigerator to store bottles and cans won’t hurt, either.

Buying your favorite coffee is one thing. Brewing it on your own is another. Having a bar coffee helps you get your daily dose of coffee. These bar coffee ideas will help you make your dream bar coffee.

Rustic Minimalist

kitchen bar counter ideas
source : ana white

Love rustic and minimalist? Why not incorporate both styles for your kitchen bar decor. That would be awesome, like this kitchen bar here.

Notice the kitchen has simple forms, full functionality with little to no clutter. Yet, at the same time, it has a warm feel to it. That’s how the minimalist and rustic work together.

Kitchen Bar Wall Ideas

kitchen bar wall ideas
source : thekitchn

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a cup of drink in a warm and inviting kitchen bar like this? Fortunately, such a kitchen bar design is easy to implement.

What you need is to incorporate colors like white, dark finish for the wooden surface, and a few bright accent colors. Adding stone tiles for the backdrop helps, too.

Want to enjoy your time with your guests in the bar? If you do, this one here is among the best kitchen bar ideas for you to try.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

outdoor kitchen bar ideas
source : mydomaine

Many other kitchen with bar ideas on the list look enclosed. For some, the enclosed look is not a problem at all. For some others, especially those who’d like to walk around and enjoy the view, it is a problem. If you are the latter, then we suggest you create an ‘open’ kitchen bar.

As seen here, the kitchen bar looks so ‘open.’ The view around the bar is unobstructed. The upper shelving helps to create an air of openness while the colors make the bar more visually pleasing. It makes you want to sit down and enjoy your time there.

Rustic Kitchen Bar Ideas

rustic kitchen bar ideas
source : meubleenpalette

Although most of kitchen bar ideas on our list incorporate many diverse materials, that doesn’t mean it is the only way to create a kitchen bar.

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That doesn’t mean a kitchen bar design that uses a single type of material will look bad, either. In fact, the opposite is true.

Look how beautiful this wood kitchen bar is. It is almost entirely made of wood. And yet, it doesn’t look plain or boring, let alone bad. If anything, the kitchen bar design looks extraordinary.

Make It Subtle

kitchen bar design ideas
source : etsy

A subtle touch can be just as good as an extravagant one in making a kitchen bar design more appealing. This kitchen bar here employs a subtle contrast between the teal and brown. Although the contrast is not too striking, it successfully turns the bar into an interesting focal point that can’t be ignored.

Farmhouse Kitchen Bar

kitchen bar island ideas
source : theturquoisehome

Not many kitchen bar ideas can beat the farmhouse style in terms of warmth. If you want to turn the kitchen bar into a social place, then you need to make it warm. Incorporating the farmhouse style is a quick shortcut you can try.

Notice how the white parts contrast with the unfinished wood surface. This contrast pulls the attention to the bar while the unfinished surface gives off warmth.

Simple and Clean

kitchen bar ideas
source : meaganraeinteriors

To make a kitchen bar looks good, proper decor is a must. That said, there is no need to include unnecessary decorations that will only clutter the bar. Instead, focus on what really matters. Focus on what items are needed for the bar.

Focusing on what really matters and what is needed will help you create a simple and clean kitchen bar decor. Remember, beauty can come from simplicity. With organized, tidy and no clutter on sight, you (and your guests) will surely have a good time in the bar.

Multipurpose Kitchen Bar

kitchen breakfast bar ideas pictures
source : chango

This kitchen bar design is different from the majority. This one involves a kitchen island that serves as the table/countertop/storage. The kitchen island is among the most versatile parts of the kitchen, so don’t be surprised if it can be used to make a kitchen bar.

The beauty of this bright kitchen bar is that it can be used for many purposes. Want to make a bar? Add several chairs on the side. Want to prepare food or beverages? There is plenty of space to use on the island.

The kitchen island is also a part of the modern kitchen. It has many purposes, practical and aesthetical. Want to add a kitchen island yet still unsure? Check out these kitchen island ideas and get inspired.

Contemporary Style

small kitchen bar table ideas
source : grey_interior__love

The last but not least on our kitchen bar ideas list is a kitchen bar decor with contemporary style. As expected from the contemporary style, it looks sophisticated, sleek, and stylish. Better yet, it doesn’t need any delicate or intricate decorations to achieve its intended look.

The kitchen bar design is so simple as well. There is a pair of chairs and a large wooden board for the countertop. You can’t go simpler that. Yet, despite its apparent simplicity, you can’t deny how amazing the kitchen bar looks.

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