12 Best Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Ideas You’ll See More of This Year

Cherry kitchen cabinets are a great option for an elegant and traditional vibe of a kitchen. Cherry wood material has great quality and it’s also among the most popular options for a kitchen cabinet.

This kitchen cabinet has some warm tones and rich look. It tends to have red undertones but it could range in color from deep brown to pale yellow. That depends on how the Cherry wood is treated. Cherry wood has a great smooth and satiny texture that accepts stain beautifully.

Many homeowners love cherry kitchen cabinets because it gets warmer and richer as it’s exposed to the air. The appearance of cherry wood gives the kitchen cabinet some kind of character and unique personality.

Just for you, we’ve compiled 12 cherry kitchen cabinets to get you ready in choosing which one is suitable for your own kitchen.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinet with Lavish Detail

Source: benimmulku.com

The luxurious attention to detail of this cherry kitchen cabinet defines the high value of this kitchen. As you can see, this lavish kitchen has a dark cherry wood material for the cabinet which brings all the comfortable elegance around the room.

The size of this traditional kitchen is quite small. So, it needs a lot of lights to brighten the ambiance of the area that’s dominated by dark-colored furniture.

Natural Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Source: twimg.com

This kitchen uses all natural cherry wood for the cabinet and island. The pale look of this wood material offers some traditional vibes for the cooking space. The white countertops and backsplash tile give a perfect reflection to the natural light from the outside through windows.

This kitchen concept is allowing a lot of lights to get inside the room. So, there’s no need for lightings during the day.

Modern Cherry Cabinet in Blue Kitchen

Source: pinterest.com

The light hue of blue presents relaxing energy you need while in the kitchen. It resembles the color of the sky which can give a soothing atmosphere all around the room. For a kitchen, it won’t give a really big impact but when it’s combined with furniture in darker colors, the light blue becomes special.

As you see, it makes a perfect background for the cherry kitchen cabinet set. The mosaic backsplash tile is not in line with the wall, it’s specially matched with the cherry cabinet.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Wall Color in Green

Source: mamayinstitute.org

Compared to the previous ideas, Green could offer a completely different charm to your kitchen. With that dark cherry cabinet, both of the elements are so different. That’s what makes them stand on their own stunningly for the entire kitchen.

Honestly, that green hue and dark cherry cabinet can’t get along so well. The white-colored elements are there to balance the scheme and lower the awkwardness of the two elements.

Simple Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Source: designtrends.com

This warm modern kitchen has a simple concept. Well, you don’t have to go with complicated designs of you don’t want to. The cherry cabinet is pretty flexible for any concept of a kitchen.

The dark-stained cherry cabinets offer a traditional look to this modern kitchen. That’s why the designer brings in the clean-lined shaker-style doors of the cabinet to flawlessly become one with this modern kitchen.

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Victorian Kitchen With Cherry Cabinet

Source: pinterest.com

Every Victorian style house will need some traditional furniture to complete its style. This kitchen is designed in Victorian style.

Cherry wood material is perfect for the traditional and classic style of a room like this Victorian, so there’s nothing wrong with this combination.

It’s like the Cherry kitchen cabinet finally finds its home. This Victorian kitchen has that black granite countertop low the brightness that comes from that large classic window in the center.

Dark Cherry Cabinet Accented with Aged Elements

Source: masterbrand.com

This dark cherry cabinet has a black forest finish which makes it close to black color. That’s why this kitchen needs a lot of lights which are provided by that big open windows.

The designer of this kitchen wants to keep the balance between new and old elements in this kitchen. The aged brick wall makes a perfect accent to this dark kitchen. Compared to a plain white wall, that aged wall adds more character to the scheme.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Small Room

Source: baneproject.com

Cherry kitchen cabinet also works well in a limited-space kitchen. This small cooking area looks outstanding with that cabinet set. The wood material in this kitchen has some red undertones which are the typical color of cherry wood.

That beige-colored granite countertop and backsplash blend well with the red tones of cherry wood. That hanging light fixtures above the counter adds a more traditional vibe to the kitchen.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets With Granite Countertops

Source: linuxhub.net

Another key to a beautiful kitchen with cherry cabinet is the granite countertops. Mostly, the color of the granite countertops is in contrast with the cabinet color. It’s done to maximize the charm of the granite pattern.

Also, the granite needs to be in line with the backsplash. Make it as the perfect center of the cherry kitchen cabinet set.

Cherry Wood Cabinet in Farmhouse Kitchen

Source: kraftmaid.com

Wood is a suitable material for farmhouse furniture. Farmhouse style and wood material have a great connection. Choosing cherry wood as the main material of a farmhouse kitchen is the right move you can make in designing your kitchen.

Wood Flooring with Cherry Cabinet

Source: architecturaartdesigns.com

Most of the kitchens with cherry kitchen cabinet have matching wood flooring. It’s like the essential thing to have in a traditional style kitchen. Combining both wood flooring and wood cabinet is the way it should be.

Reddish Cherry Cabinet with Tropical Accents

Source: albraqah.com

It’s another dark wood cherry kitchen cabinet designs that offer some classical elegance into the kitchen. This cherry cabinet’s got a natural reddish hue that serves this classic kitchen a more traditional look of a cabinet set.

On the very top of the cabinet, there are so many greenery decorations. It takes over the whole space on the cabinet which makes this kitchen have more tropical feeling and get closer to nature.


All of those cherry kitchen cabinets you have explored are enough to inspire your kitchen remodeling concept. If you aim to make your kitchen has a traditional look with such comfortable elegance, pick one cabinet from above.

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