21 Charming Breakfast Nook Ideas That’ll Make Your Mornings Cozier

Looking for some breakfast nook ideas? It is a fact that breakfast nook is a luxury in a house. The reason is that homeowners who do have a breakfast nook most likely to have a dining room. Unlike a dining room, a breakfast nook is a versatile space. It can be used for various purposes.

Creating a breakfast nook should be a fun process. It is, after all, an extra space where you should enjoy your time. There are many ways you can design your breakfast nook. Still unsure how to design yours? We got your back. Below are some examples that you should try.

Brilliant Breakfast Nook

brilliant breakfast nook
img src : edbdesignssb

If you have several family members, it is best to create a breakfast that can accommodate everyone. It doesn’t have to be a large nook. Sometimes what you need is no more than two benches with a long table in the middle.

As for the style, if you like a classic and timeless look, try the country style. While the breakfast nook is mostly white in the picture, you can just feel how comfortable and inviting it is. The feetless “hanging” table only makes it better.

Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

breakfast nook ideas for small kitchen
img src : cleanlivingcleaneating

A farmhouse breakfast nook is also another example of breakfast nook ideas that has a classic and timeless look. Unlike the previous country style, the farmhouse style involves more color. The most commonly used colors are black, white, and gray.

Notice how the colors are used. The floor is black, the chairs white, and the table white and black. The contrast between these pieces of furniture makes them noticeable, especially when the sunlight hits them. Due to these colors, the nook has a warm vibe too.

Corner Breakfast Nook

breakfast nook ideas with round table
img src : lucywilliamsinteriordesign

Do you have unused corners? The corner is often left unused by many homeowners. This is understandable since it is difficult to deal with the corner’s L-shape. When designed properly, a corner can look great. A properly designed corner also means that there is no space left unused.

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To create a corner breakfast nook, you will need an L-shaped bench. Then, to balance the rectangular shape and straight lines of the corner and the bench, you can add a round table in the middle. The balanced look prevents the nook from looking dull and boring.

Small Breakfast Nook

breakfast nook bench ideas
img src : marshalls’s

Having a small space should not stop you from creating your own breakfast nook. It is true that a small space limits your styling options but it doesn’t mean the nook can’t look good. A bit of creativity is needed to handle that.

In the picture above, the nook is quite small. And yet, it looks very comfortable and inviting. You just want to sit down and spend your time there.

The homeowner plays with colors but in a way that it doesn’t look too crowded. The décor is also minimal but still looks cozy. It is one of the best simple breakfast nook ideas.

Blue and White

breakfast nook decorating ideas
img src : homebunch

Color playing can always make any space looks more noticeable and interesting. Of course, this also applies to breakfast nooks as well. For a breakfast nook, one of the best color combinations is blue and white.

The contrast between blue and white is not as sharp as black and white. Because of this, blue and white bring a calming and relaxing vibe.

What’s more is that natural light highlights the nook, making it even more noticeable and interesting. This is done intentionally. Notice the lack of curtains on the window.

Chalk Paint Table

breakfast nook ideas for small space
img src : iheartnaptime

Can you create a breakfast nook in your kitchen? Yes, you can, even if you already have a dining room. A breakfast nook is a versatile space. Using it to be where you eat your breakfast is, of course, one of its functions.

Notice how the breakfast nook above is not separated from the kitchen in terms of look. If anything, the breakfast nook’s chalk paint table makes the nook as a part of the kitchen.

Notice how the soft blue chairs and the flower on the table become points of interest without being too obvious.

Cozy Nook

breakfast nook ideas small spaces
img src : jsinteriorsboston

What do you think about the breakfast nook above? Looks very cozy, isn’t it? A cozy breakfast nook makes you want to spend and enjoy your time in it. Be it for eating breakfast, drinking the morning coffee to prepare for the day, or even for dining.

Speaking of dining, how does your dining room look like? If you need some inspiration to make it more interesting, check out our dining room ideas here.

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Stylish and Comfortable

small breakfast nook ideas
img src : camillestyles

A breakfast nook should never be dull and boring. If anything, it should be interesting, cozy and most importantly, comfortable. This can be achieved in many ways. One of them is by incorporating several colors and adding uniquely shaped pieces of furniture.

Take a look at the breakfast nook above. There are

  1. colorful pillows, which soften the nook, making it cozy and comfortable
  2. wooden flooring with different shades, bringing contrast to the lighter colors above it
  3. uniquely shaped chairs, which is the main focus of the nook
  4. a unique chandelier to lighten up the nook and the mood

All these work together, creating an interesting, cozy and comfortable breakfast nook that you just saw above.

Nook with Banquette

built in breakfast nook ideas
img src : bhg

If you are dealing with a corner, a banquette is certainly among the best breakfast nook ideas for you. A banquette allows you to make use of the corner, which is often left unused. Not only a banquette is efficient in terms of space, but it is also able to seat several people comfortably, too.

Curved Nook

breakfast nook lighting ideas
img src : luxesource

Some of our previous nook design ideas deal with corners. But, what if you have a curve instead? Can you turn it into a cozy and comfy breakfast nook? The answer is yes, you can. For that, you will need a bench or banquette with a curve.

Notice how the banquette is placed. It fits perfectly with the curved space of the room. For the table, the homeowner added an elliptical table with two chairs around it. The banquette, table, and chairs blend perfectly, as if creating a separate space within the room.

Plum Interiors Nook

breakfast nook furniture ideas
img src : houseofturquoise

Next on our breakfast nook ideas is a beach-themed breakfast nook. The blue and white of the nook brings a calming and soothing vibe.

There is no bright and bold color, making the space less intense and ideal for relaxation. To make it livelier, the homeowner added a single pot on the middle of the table.

Rustic Minimalist Nook

breakfast nook seating ideas
img src : the_cornellranch

A breakfast nook can be warm as well. For that, you will need to design it in a rustic style. Want to make it a nice place to converse? Add a few minimal touches here and there.

Thanks to the minimalist touches, there is less distraction in the room, allowing you to converse with your guest undisturbed.

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A coffee table is always a nice addition to have. Still unsure what kind of coffee table should you get? Our coffee table ideas here can help you decide.

Simple yet Elegant

breakfast nook ideas dining room
img src : ourlifeisblessedbeyondmeasure

If simplicity is what you are after, this one is among breakfast nook ideas. The above is an example of a simple yet elegant breakfast nook.

There are not many pieces of furniture. Yet, the creamy pillows, the delicate table, the simple chair, the wall decors, and even the chandelier are able to bring an elegant vibe.

Rustic Breakfast Nook Ideas

breakfast nook ideas
img src : Nicole Arnold

The rustic style never fails to bring warmth to a breakfast nook. Just take a look at the wooden surfaces, neutral tone, and earth tone colors. All give a warm vibe.

What is unique about the above breakfast nook is that the focal point is the scenery outside, rather than the pieces of furniture in the nook.

Soothing Breakfast Nook

modern breakfast nook ideas
img src : countryhomemagazine

You can also get a soothing vibe from your breakfast nook. To get the vibe, you will need lots of wooden surfaces, black (preferably metal) chairs, and cushions with neutral colors. As for the focal point, you can add bright colored objects in the middle of the table.

Vibrant and Lively

breakfast nook window treatment ideas
img src : completely coastal

Do you want to start your day in your breakfast nook? If you do, here’s a good idea: create a vibrant and lively breakfast nook. A vibrant and lively nook will help you start the day with a good mood.

To brighten up the nook, you need to play with neutral and slightly bright colors. In the example above, the colors are white, light blue, and deep blue. There is also a bright yellow in the middle which is meant to be the focal point.

Modern Minimalist

cute breakfast nook ideas
img src : tgharchitects

Last but not least in our breakfast nook ideas list, a modern and minimalist breakfast nook. The minimalist style can be combined with the modern style.

Just take a look at the breakfast nook above. It looks both simple and sophisticated, which shows the minimalist and modern touches.

Since the breakfast nook is minimalist, all of the elements in the nook have its own purpose, be it functional or aesthetical. Nothing is there without a purpose. Practical? Absolutely. Looks good? Of course.

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