20 Best Ideas for Corner Kitchen Cabinet to Help You Optimize the Space

When it comes to kitchen design, space-efficiency is not something that can be bargained. Either yes or no. It is, after all, the room where we spend hours every day. Having a space-efficient layout will be helpful to make navigating around easier. One of the ways to do it is to add a corner kitchen cabinet.

The corners are notoriously difficult to manage due to their angled position. The three characteristics of the corners are dark, inaccessible, and deep. Our corner kitchen cabinet ideas will address all three to help you optimize your kitchen space. Ready? Let’s start.

Sliding Lazy Susan

corner kitchen cabinet ideas
source : Renaissance Remodeling

Let’s start our list of corner kitchen cabinet ideas with something class: lazy susan. Lazy susan is one of the most common solutions used for those dark corners. You don’t need to go with ordinary lazy susan, however. Instead, go for sliding lazy susan like these.

Sliding lazy susan allows you not just to make the most out of your kitchen corners but also make whatever the storage easily accessible. All you need is to pull the tray with the items you need and push it back when you are done. Simple and effective.

Double White Kitchen Cabinet

corner kitchen cabinet storage
source : dswoodscustomcabinets

The next corner kitchen cabinet leaves no space in between the base (the lower half of the space) and the wall (the upper half of the space). Because the cabinet that occupies the corner is white, it blends with the cabinet from both sides, creating an integrated look.

In terms of functionality, you have extra storage in the place of an otherwise empty corner. Quite an efficient way to make use of the corner, isn’t it? The bonus is that the small cabinet in the middle looks cute and very noticeable.

Just like style, cabinets do come in various colors as well. Need some neutral and clean background for your kitchen? In that case, the white kitchen cabinet will be ideal for you. Check them out here and get inspired.

Open Corner Shelves

corner kitchen cabinet
source : homebunch

When it comes to cornering kitchen cabinet design, you are not limited to the regular cabinet. Indeed, you can also go for open shelves as your corner cabinet too. The thing with open shelves is that they are easy to install if you already have a cabinet in place around the corner.

One of the three characteristics of the corner is that it is mostly inaccessible. With open shelves, however, the space becomes narrow which in turn, makes the space easily accessible. No more worrying about not being able to reach your items on the corner.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

corner kitchen cabinet shelves
source : domino

There is no such thing as the best corner kitchen cabinet. That’s correct. You are free to decide what kind of cabinet you should use for the corner. For example, rather than occupying the entire corner from bottom up, you can leave the cabinet on the wall ‘floating.’

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The ‘floating’ cabinet is not only functional as storage, of course. It also provides a unique visual cue in the kitchen. As for the style, create a seamless look by matching the cabinet on the wall with the cabinet on the base.

Just Occupy It

corner kitchen cabinet with sink
source : CK Architects

When you really need corner kitchen cabinet storage, don’t think. Just occupy the space. Indeed, extend the wall cabinet so it touches the kitchen counter. Properly done, you will get good looking for extra storage.

To avoid the cabinet from looking off, paint it with the same color as the other cabinet. In this example here, the cabinet is pale green with a bit of natural brown in the lower part of the cabinet. This makes it as if the cabinet continues from the ceiling and down to the floor.

White Corner Cabinet

corner kitchen cabinet with drawers
source : homedit

Want to go all out with your corner kitchen cabinet? Try this: create a cabinet that stretches from the floor up to the ceiling. While an empty corner results in a strange look (as the design flow is cut short with the corner), this cabinet continues the flow. Of course, that makes the kitchen looks more appealing.

How will you use the cabinet is entirely up to you. If you have decided, then that’s good for you. And in case you haven’t yet, consider adding drawers for the lower half of the cabinet, followed by oven or microwave, then your recipe books. This should help to keep the kitchen tidy and organized.

One-sided Cabinet

corner kitchen cabinet sink
source : domesticimperfection

In some cases, it is better to occupy the corner from one side. Notice how the wall cabinet goes from one edge to the other, occupying the corner from one side only.

This long, one-sided wall cabinet is a great choice if you want to make the other wall open. It also works well if there is a window on the other wall as well. With such a wall cabinet, the kitchen looks sleek, open, and not cramped.

Farmhouse Corner Cabinet

As you have seen from the previous examples of corner kitchen cabinet, there is no single answer to the question “How to build corner kitchen cabinet?”. In other words, you can be as creative as you can with your corner. For instance, installing a diagonal corner cabinet like this one here.

Notice how, unlike most of the previous cabinet examples, this cabinet unashamedly shows its direction: diagonal. This allows it to break the routine and creating an unmissable visual cue in the kitchen. Oh and yes, you get large extra storage as well.

Contrasting Open Shelves

corner kitchen cabinet shelf
source : Kountry Kraft

Can you make corner kitchen cabinet storage different from the other cabinet? The answer is yes. A flowing cabinet that goes around the corner is nice, but that is not the only way to optimize the space. There are viable alternatives well. These contrasting open shelves are examples.

Look at how the open shelves contrast with the gray cabinet on both sides. Since the kitchen is mostly in a white/gray palette, the dark brown shelves stand out. They become the focal points of the kitchen and prevent the kitchen from looking bland and boring.

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There are many kinds of kitchen cabinet. If you want to add warmth and a welcoming vibe, your best option is the kitchen cabinet with rustic tone. Curious about the rustic kitchen cabinet? Find out about it more here.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Pantry

corner kitchen cabinet pantry
source : pinterest

Want a pantry of your own yet seem not to have the space for it? Look around the corner. Yes, literally. Create a pantry in the corner. Creating a corner kitchen cabinet pantry is certainly a clever way to utilize the corner.

The beauty of the corner kitchen cabinet pantry is that it seats nicely in the corner. And since all your ingredients, seasonings and other items necessary for cooking are now within reach and placed in a single spot, cooking and preparing meals will be much easier.

Rustic Corner Cabinet

shelves for corner kitchen cabinet
source : Kountry Kraft

When you look for corner kitchen cabinet plans, you shouldn’t only focus on the functionality. Why? Because looks do matter. We spend hours and hours in the kitchen every day to prepare our meals. There is no reason why not to make it looks good.

For example, if your kitchen already has a rustic theme, then your option will be a kitchen cabinet that has a rustic tone. Notice the shiplap walls, gray cabinets, bits of dark wood and the white countertop. Dark wood kitchen cabinet on the corner complements all those, creating a truly rustic kitchen.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Pantry

corner kitchen cabinet solutions
source : newcastledesign

There is no any homeowner who can say that they have enough storage. We all need extra storage, no matter how large our current storage is. After all, with extra storage, managing and organizing things will be a lot easier. If you are looking for such a large corner kitchen cabinet, consider creating a pantry.

The pantry here is not just an ordinary pantry. This corner kitchen cabinet pantry is large, not only has deep storage with shelves inside but also side containers on its doors. If you want extra, then go for extra.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

corner kitchen cabinet drawers
source : drivenbydecor

We included lots of corner kitchen cabinet upper. What about the lower half? There are so many things you can do with it too. For example, instead of leaving the corner empty, add a custom drawer that occupies the corner.

Since the corner is deep, you will get more storage from it. This corner drawer is quite unusual as well. When not pulled, it looks like two separate drawers. When pulled, you get to see the ‘W’ shape and its true length.

More Corner Drawers

corner kitchen cabinet pull out drawers
source : opentip

Perhaps one corner drawer is not enough as your corner kitchen cabinet? In that case, just add more. Instead of settling with just one, make it three. These three drawers should give you plenty of extra storage. Want to make it a bit fancy? Stack the drawers like this one here.

Speaking of functionality, you can adjust how long each drawer can be retracted. For example, the top drawer is made short, the middle drawer has regular length, while the bottom drawer is the longest. This separation can help to organize items better as you can designate each drawer for given items.

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DIY Tool Organizer

organizer for corner kitchen cabinet
source : thisoldhouse

More of a DIY person yourself? If you are, consider creating this retractable tool organizer. Take advantage of the depth of the corner while at the same time, solving the accessibility issue that it normally has. All you need to do is creating a drawer long and tall drawer to store your kitchen tools.

Stacked Minimalist Drawers

corner kitchen cabinet designs
source : drivenbydecor

When it comes to the corner cabinet, we tend to focus on its functionality. After all, it is all about being space-efficient. The thing is, you can be stylish about it too. So yes, if you can make it stylish, why not? The corner drawers here serve as good examples.

Notice how they complement the minimalist kitchen décor. The drawers’ outer parts are white with the golden accent, while the inner parts are light wood brown. These colors are pleasant to the eye, especially since they blend with the other parts of the kitchen.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Upper

corner kitchen cabinet upper
source : Kitchen Interiors

The corner is often dark as unlike the rest of the kitchen, the light hardly reaches it. If you don’t like the corner to be dark, you can try an open corner kitchen cabinet like this one here. Rather than closing it with doors, the corner shelves are left open in the air.

Since there is nothing blocking the light, now the corner is well-lit. Want to make the open corner better? Just add a living plant, stacks of cooking recipes/books and showcase your favorite items. That will turn the corner into something far more interesting.

Corner Cabinet With Doors

corner kitchen cupboard ideas
source : rebornhomes

You don’t have to deal with corners if there is none. This corner kitchen cabinet is unlike any other. Rather than showing the corner, this one turns the awkward space into a working full-size cabinet. In a way, it solves all the problems that a corner has.

The items stored in the corner are easily accessible, the space is well-lit and leaves no dark spot, and it is deep enough to make room for items. This clever corner kitchen cabinet design makes it as if there is no corner at all.

Elegant Lazy Susan

corner kitchen cabinet lazy susan
source : stylepark

Just because a turnover tray is often called lazy susan, that doesn’t it has to be lazy in terms of design. With creativity, you can create an elegant lazy susan. Instead of using wooden platforms, this one uses metal ones.

The shiny metal surface complements the black cabinet, creating a sophisticated and elegant look. The lazy susan is made even more dramatic with the warm light inside. Notice how the corner is now not only visible but also looks stylish. And it all thanks to the lighting.

Folding Doors, L-platforms

corner kitchen cabinet with lazy susan
source : livesimplybyannie

The last corner kitchen cabinet is something much simpler than the rest. It uses L-shaped platforms to cleverly optimize the deep space within the corner. With the L-shaped platforms, items can now be stored and can be reached easily. A great idea if you want to keep things simple.

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